Build a business website on your own or hire someone: Detailed Guide

A website is an essential communication tool and technology to use in business. There are various ways to build a business website. You can build a website for the business on your own. And you can also hire a website designer/developer to create it.

To find out which option is good to go with to create a website, you have to read this post and that will answer all of your questions and solve your doubts.

But to start analyzing which one is the best method, let’s find out what are the basic works included in creating a basic or simple or informational website. It will help you understand, what you have to learn and how much time it will take. And it will also help you decide which method is best, to build a website on your own or hire someone to do it:

  1. Online marketing plan and Goals: The first and most important thing is an Online marketing plan and goals. For example, your goal can be to get more customers to your offline business. In that case, you have to create social media pages, list your business on google, and creation of a website and display your products and services. And then promotion and marketing including SEO and advertising to get customers or clients to your business website. An online marketing plan is very important so that you are clear about what you want and how do you want it.

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  1. Domain and Hosting: You have to buy a domain and hosting. There are various tutorials that you can watch and understand which hosting plan is good. And how to find a good domain name. For example, your business name or shop name is the best name for the domain.

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  1. Website Builder or CMS or Coding: Now you have to decide the best technology and website building options. For example, you can use WordPress.

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  1. Installation: You have to install WordPress on your hosting server. You will get a hosting server when you buy a hosting plan for the website. It’s like a remote computer connected with an internet network 24/7. Your website will run 24/7 from this server. You will access and use this computer through the hosting control panel. And to access it you will get a user id or log in or credentials when you buy a plan.

There are various tutorials that you can follow to learn to install WordPress step by step effectively.

  1. Themes: After the installation of WordPress, you have to research WordPress Themes. Themes are pre-designed or created website templates. You have to install these templates or themes from the WordPress Dashboard Themes option. There are thousands of free and paid business website themes that you can use. You just have to replace the templates or theme content through your business content.
  2. Responsive and easy to use theme: While selecting the WordPress theme for your business website, you can consider a simple, easy to use WordPress theme with good features that you want in your business website. In themes, you also check that it is responsive and have good UI or layout or structure. Don’t buy or use a theme just because someone is recommending it. Test many themes as per your business goals before you finally buy or download or install.
  3. Content Design and Creation: Now you need to work on a few basic things such as logo design, navigation bar adjustment, home page banner, sidebar, footer text and design, services or products page, about us page, and contact page. To do in the particular WordPress theme, you have to find the documentation of that WordPress theme on the website where you have downloaded. You can also search the documentation or tutorials of any particular theme on YouTube.
  4. Plugins: You also need to install a few plugins to make your business website feature-rich and professional. There are various plugins almost for any kind of business activity or goal. Plugins are pre-designed or programmed featured rich application that is used to create a website in WordPress. Most of the plugins are free. But you have to pay for specific services such as payment gateway integration. And plugins also help you to create or present the things or features on a website without programming knowledge. For example, you don’t know about SEO (search engine optimization) then you can use SEO plugins. SEO plugins in WordPress website help to optimize the website for search engine crawls or technologies and people.
  5. SEO: After doing all of the above, you also have to add your website to Google Search Console. You also have to add a website in Google Analytics and then you have to place the Google Analytics tracking code in your website footer. You can also use the Header and footer plugin to do that more effectively. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are free services by Google for website owners. The goal of the search console is to identify, read (crawl) the content, services, products, solutions on your website and then present them when someone searches on google. If it’s relevant, optimized, and unique then you will get more visitors or potential customers to your business website.

Similarly, there are various search engines such as Bing. In the search console, you have to add your website sitemap.xml file and it will automatically identify and connect. Do similarly this in the Bing. For this, you can also use the Yoast SEO plugin for sitemap and keywords optimizations.

When you install Google Analytics tracking code on your website then you can use to check or analyze your website traffic status, reports, audience, and behaviors in the Google Analytics app.

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  1. Tracking and Analysis: Share and Add your website URL in various other channels such as Facebook business page, Google business listing page, Twitter profile, your business card, banners, poster, and almost every place where do you think will be good to make people aware about your business, products, and services.

The work on the Business website is a never-ending process. It will keep growing as per your demand and success. But the above are basic technical or business things that are used by most of the WordPress website designers or builders or users to build a business website. You also have to follow the same or similar techniques to build the website on your own.

So, if you think, you can do the above things on your own, then it’s great. Else if you think it’s good to pay someone else to design my business website then it’s also good. It just depends on you. If you have money then invest it. But if you don’t have the money or more money to build a website then build on your own.

So now, let’s start and find out which website building method is best for you and your business.

1. Build a website on your own:

Saving money from unnecessary costs and liabilities is good business practice. But the website is not an unnecessary cost. It’s an investment in the business. Yes, initially you have to invest your time and money and it can be liabilities until it’s not contributing to sales and business profit.

Most business owners are ready to put effort to learn and build their own websites. But they don’t want to pay someone to build a website for their business. And many of them are able to build a website on their own.

But not all are able to build a website on their own. Even those who have created the website on their own are not able to make that successful or not able to generate sales and new business from the website as per expectations.

So, let’s find out what are the advantages and disadvantages if you create a business website on your own.

  • Advantages of building a website on your own:

  1. You will learn new digital skills and techniques while creating a website that is important to understand for business owners in this new technology era.
  1. You don’t have to pay for website designers or developers. You only have to pay for the website domain name and hosting plan. You will save (approximately, $200 to $1000) rupees. The website cost depends on your business goals. And also depends on the technology and methods that you use. But a basic or simple or informational website can cost between $100 to $1000). You can use this money to buy new stock or use this amount to paint or decorate your office and just save it.
  1. There are various free and paid online courses and YouTube tutorials that teach you how to create a business website step by step. When you start creating a website. You will learn about digital marketing, keywords, search engine optimization, website content, and social media marketing. These skills and knowledge will help you in the future to hire digital marketers or build your technical team for the business.
  2. You can build a website on your own by utilizing the free time. I know most of the business owners are busy with management and working on daily activities. But everyone has 2 to 3 hours’ time that they can invest in doing something creative such as creating a business website on their own.
  3. You understand your business goals and customers more than someone else. You can take advantage of this understanding to put effort to promote your business online and building a website on your own.


  • Disadvantages of building a website on your own:

    1. It will take you more time to build a business website while running the business. You have to invest 2 to 3 hours daily for a minimum of 6 months. You will be able to create it within 6 months if you have a good basic computer and internet knowledge. Your time will be used to learn and in solving the website errors or to make changes in the designs and content.
    2. If you have the budget for the website or money to invest in someone to build a business website then you can use your time in marketing or getting more business instead of learning to build a website. For example, if you’re making $30 per hour from your active presence in the business, but not paying someone $20 per hour or $500 who will build a website for your business within a month then you’re doing a loss. Because the value of your time in your business is more important than the time you put in learning and building your own business website. And you will not be going to build it within 30 days even after 6 months, you still don’t feel confident about the website.
    3. I think as business owners your goals are to build a team and automate the daily activities. But instead of working and thinking about growing your business, you’re thinking or learning about Which hosting company is good. This is not your work, it’s the work of professionals. You have to trust them or I mean you trust the person you will hire to build your business website. But I don’t mean you can trust anyone. Contact with trustworthy and skilled people. They will research, learn, and then tell you which is the best hosting company and why?
    4. Learning about technologies is not a bad thing, but when you can hire people why to do it on your own. And focus yourself more on the marketing and selling department than technical.
    5. Business website and digital marketing is an investment. It can be risky (wrong investment of time) or return you less when you do it without knowledge and skills. Many business owners start investing time and money on the business website, online advertising just after getting influenced on the internet. If someone is getting business from the website then it doesn’t mean you will get the same. You need your own strategy and you can build this strategy along with someone who has the technical skill or experience about that.

So, the disadvantages of creating a website on your own, are that you invest your time and money repeatedly on the things that are not part of a plan or not productive. But you do them because you’re influenced by someone’s advice. It means you losing money and wasting your precious time in thinking or learning about how to get rank higher on google search engine. Instead of thinking about how to hire someone who can help you to get ranked on the search engines.

It’s not bad to learn. Learn from everyone. Especially those who have a good track record will guide you much better.

Whenever you learn or get influenced on the internet for investment, then understand and learn about that thing on your own. Don’t make an investment decision, because someone is telling you to do it. Observe, understand, analyzed, discuss, and then do it.


If you don’t have the time to build a business website on your own, you have to analyze where you spend your 24 hours. You have to use every hour in business as an investment. If you’re spending time but not investing then you have to think about it. But if you invest your time in building a website for your business then you’re investing the time in your own skills, business development and to take online business opportunities. It’s a very good investment of your time. But when you think you have time and you can do it, no matter if it will take time.

2. Hire a Website Designer:

Many business owners know about business websites and online marketing. Some of them try to do it on their own by learning and following online marketing tutorials or website building online courses. These types of business owners have a basic understanding of technologies. And they don’t feel confused while learning and using it.

But some of them don’t take initiative to learn and build a business website on their own. But they find someone good, trustworthy, money saver, a skilled person to build a business website. They do everything to negotiate the price and they try to pay as little as possible.

They consult, ask questions, understand the plans, and almost all kinds of details that are related to the business website before they pay or invest money.

They follow a similar pattern with other 2-3 website designer or website builder. So that they can compare the promises, initial investment, and trustworthiness. And they take 10 to 15 or even 2 months to think and research on this. After that, they select the best candidate and hire them to build a website. They pay on time and try to implement their own ideas, that they got while discussing the website with other people.

These are actually clever businessmen or I can say, smart business owners. They value their money and use their networking, communication, and business skills to find a good person. Later you will find that the business owner and website designer now have strong bonding and loyalty for each other. And both are making a profit or able to achieve their business goals.

This happens in the website design field more often while dealing with local clients.

But what you learn from the above scenario.

You learned many things.

But the top things are:

  1. It’s not impossible to find a good website designer or developer or consultant to discuss your business goals and build the website.
  2. The 2nd thing you learned that it’s so much important to research and analyze 2-3 website designers and their offerings for you.
  3. Most of the individual website designer or freelance web developer is very hard working. They need work, money to achieve their own family dreams and essentials things. If you find that type of person, they will do more for you and build a great website and that makes you more profit. But you have to pay good money for their hard work and knowledge. You have to praise and appreciate their hard work and knowledge. And they will be able to do it, whatever you want to achieve. It’s because they want to grow and you also want to grow. You just have to combine or plan your goals with the website designers’ goals. And both of you will be happy.

I know that so far, you have learned and understood various points. And you’re very near to make your decision. So, before we go to the conclusion of this post, let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a website designer or developer to build a business website.

Advantages of hiring a website designer to build your business website:

  • A website designer or developer is a professional. He knows what needs to be done. I mean he/she will handle all the technical details related to your business website. But you have to share your business goals or the reasons with them such as Why do you want to build a website. You can talk to them clearly and also understand what they will tell you to do or understand.
  • As a business owner, if you’re seeing the business opportunities online then it’s important to get them or reach them as soon as possible. So that you don’t get out of the competition. To win in business you have to do business. The speed of executing ideas is the most important factor for success in business. And in this case, if you hire a website designer or someone else to build your business website, then he/she will do it faster than you.
  • A website designer or developer or technology consultant is similar to the accountant and lawyer of your business. Every business owner needs a digital marketer in their team. No matter your business is small or big. It’s about who captures the opportunity. So, to plan and use technology effectively, it’s good to hire a website designer to build a website.
  • When you hire a website designer, he/she will give ideas to promote your business online. Not only ideas but they are ready to do it. This way not only you will implement suggested plans, but you can also add your own ideas to the plan to implement. But you have to work with the person as a team member. Never show off your ownership.
  • As I told above if you building a website or paying someone to build your online presence is a digital investment to grow your business. If implemented creatively and effectively it can give you a 70% to 200% return. It can take 1 to 2 years but if you have a strong plan then you will get it.
  • You will be able to save your time and effort that you can invest in the things that you know the best and take interest such as selling, dealing with clients or customers, retailers, or wholesalers. Or you can think to expand your business or think to execute your digital marketing plan effectively.
  • It’s possible that even after investing good money in the business you will not get the result. You have audited your website or business plan with the consultant or someone more experienced to find out the reasons for failures. But even if you don’t do it, try to find out the reasons behind the failure with the person you have hired to build a website or promote your business online.
  • If you hire a and website design agency or company, they will do more to grow your business online. It’s because they have a team of SEO, Website Designers, and Marketers. But an agency is a little more costly than an individual designer or marketer when you just starting out.

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Disadvantages of hiring a website designer or agency to build your business website:

  • It’s possible, that due to your lack of knowledge about websites people can charges you more or over-promise.
  • Building a website is not the final goal. The goal is to get customers or sales or revenue. It’s a step-wise process. The money $100 or $500 you invest in building a website is not enough. You also have to invest in its marketing. It means you have to keep paying until you start getting the results.
  • It’s a disadvantage if you don’t have control over your investment. I mean it’s possible that your website designer hasn’t done anything transparently. They booked domain from their own email ID, they just added the content from copying other websites on your website, they provided you fake traffic data statics. Not only that, you want to make certain changes to the website, you always have to contact them. And it’s possible that sometimes they don’t have time for 2 to 3 days.
  • If they don’t tell you or you haven’t asked then you don’t know what technology they using to build their website. Mostly no one tells you about their business methods. Even when you buy a TV, you don’t ask the Sellers, how this TV was built. We all don’t go into so many details. We see the output and trust on the sellers and brand. And it does also not look important. But when you build it on your own, you will learn every detail. Yes, it’s important to know each detail. So that if you want to update it or delegate the management work to another company or individual you can give that or discuss that.
  • It’s highly possible, the person you hire is also busy on other projects as well. So it’s tough to get their full attention and focus on your business goals without paying them more.
  • It’s also possible, that the person just uses the same design, theme or technology from their last client. If they use it, then the cost has to be less.


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Ways to hire a website designer/developer to create your business website:

  • You can search on Google and contact the local website designer. A local website designer or developer is good if your project or business is local. And also, you can communicate and visit the designer for changes or the designer can come to your office frequently as per need.
  • You can also use your business network to find out someone in relatives who works in digital marketing or website design field or build websites. It will help you to reduce costs.
  • If you want professional and more expert then you can hire them on a freelance website such as Upwork, freelance, or you can search on Google “hire website designer” you will get plenty of options to choose and select.

Conclusion: The following are the top 5 conclusions of this post that you can think about and take a wise decision on your own.

  1. If you want to have a business website, but the budget is low and you want to learn website building and digital marketing skills then you can do it on your own. It will take you 2 to 3 hours daily for 6 months.

As a business owner, if you have marketing, selling, and technical skills, you will be in a more powerful and controlled situation in your business than those who depend on others.

  1. If your time is more valuable and you’re busy handling other parts of the business then obviously it’s good to hire someone to build your business website.
  2. If you don’t want to build a website on your own and not you want to hire someone else to do it, then you can discuss this with your spouse or friend or kids. For example, if your teenage kids are free these days, then approach them to help you in building a website. It’s because most of the students or youth are aware of online marketing and selling. It will also help them to learn a new skill. And later they can also help you with your business.
  3. You can also hire any trustworthy youth who needs money and work. And then you can invest in their training and learning digital marketing and website building skills. While learning he/she can work to build and run your business website for years to come.
  4. If you find it difficult to learn technical skills to build and run your business website then no problem just invests in someone and plan to get a return from this investment.

So, friends, I hope that no longer confused about: Building a business website on your own or hire a website designer to create it. Now you can try to go with one decision.

Things to remember:

  • Building a website is one thing, but making it successful or achieving your end goal is more important.
  • In the beginning when you start building it on your own, then it will look difficult and time-consuming. But when you do it and work on this regularly you will start learning it fast.
  • Before hiring a website designer, it’s important to discuss your business goals. It means you have to talk about the end goals such as you want to generate more sales or you want to bring more customers to your offline store through the website. If you do it, it will help you both to plan website, content, and marketing strategy effectively and also budget.