Difference Between Web Design vs Web Development Skills

Both website design and web development skills are essential for a successful website. One person can be a web designer and developer. Web design skills help and responsible to imagine the header, body, footer, and other functionality and present it as a design. And web development skills help to make that thing possible that was the creativity of a web designer.

In bigger projects, clients and companies prefer an expert in each area of the project. For example, an expert in branding, an expert in java, an expert in python, an expert in SEO and an expert in marketing, etc.

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Let’s understand in more details about how web design/development skills/ works and what are differences in between:

As per the uses of web development and design skills. There are 2 types of experts. One is a web developer who has web development skills. And one who has design skills called a web designer. Both are part of the team. Both work for the same goals. Clients don’t care much about what kind of skills is important and what kind of people needs to be hired. But at least, clients want to confirm that you can design or develop the website, apps, or not. 

  • Website Designer will understand the project/client/company details, goals, solutions, and demands. After that he/she will think about what can be possible and how it can be possible. How it looks, how it will work. The goal of the design is the design of the functionality and process.
  • For example, the client wants the website in which the people can create their investment plans. Now website designer understands and communicates with the client. And many times sales team pitch/understands and set the prices.
  • After that designer creates wireframes, steps, menus, and every visual thing that needs to be displayed. And web developers understand the demand for design. After that he/she selects, the technology, programming languages, frameworks to create it. For example: After getting the design of the investment plan website, developers create it by using programming languages and frameworks.
  • The tools and methods used by a web designer to create the design of the investment planning website can be following such as affinity designer, sketch, Adobe products, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Web developer uses PHP/Java/Python/SQL/mongo to create functionality and data storage connectivity and accessibility on the website.
  • Logo Design, banners, fonts selections, screen resolutions, user experiences and user interface, etc. are think and created by a web designer. And a web developer creates the functionality for people to input, processing, and output.
  • For example, the human body, arms, and all parts and functionality, process, input, output, birth, and the end is designed by the human designer (God). (Web Designer) And the soul in the body and the power to think, communicate, and walk, etc. is created by the human developer (God). (Web Developer)
  • For example, the Google page is designed by a web designer. But the ability to search is created by web developers.
  • A web developer can be a designer. And a designer can be a developer. The whole project can be done by one person or 10 people. It depends on the project scope or how bigger is the project. So that it needs to have experts on each point.

Challenges as a freelance web designer and web developer:

  • Communication with clients. Sometimes it becomes tough to explain to clients what we’re up to. And At other times, it tough to understand clients’ details.
  • Lack of regular payments
  • The difference in technologies.
  • Consistent learning and updated skills
  • Higher competition for the projects.
  • Missguided clients by many web development companies for self profit in every city.
  • The higher cost of web design tools.


    • Clear cut communication with the clients about what we do and how we do it.
    • Clarification of the payment terms.
    • 2 hours daily for learning and marketing.
    • Uses and development of open source tools.
    • Educational methods for clients

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