Digital marketing strategy that will enhance your creativity & knowledge

Digital marketing strategies with Examples: Thousands of small and midsize business are achieving their business goals by using digital marketing skills, platforms, and increasing revenue. But many are just getting average benefits and many unable to compete with other brands.

There are many reasons behind the failure and success in digital marketing for businesses. And one of the reasons is the “strategy”.

Digital marketing strategy ensures you about your plans and makes you confident to execute. While a poor digital marketing strategy makes you doubtful, unconfident, passionless. Execution is everything, but you can’t get results by executing a poor strategy. That’s why it’s important to have a digital marketing strategy for a business to achieve business goals.

There is not a single business in the world that is popular, successful and growing without a marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategy is important to grow the business from point A to point B.

So what is digital marketing strategy?

In this article, you will learn the digital marketing strategy that will enhance your creativity, knowledge. I hope at the end of this article you will be able to build and think strategically to market and grow your business.

Marketing Strategy or a digital marketing strategy is a group of methods, executable steps, results of data analysis, use of problem-solving tools/platforms, great customer experience, partnerships, product pricing and distribution techniques that ensure business to generate more revenue and help people in the same time.

You can also understand that digital marketing strategy is the group of social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and search engine optimization strategies.

Let’s learn in details: What is digital marketing strategy?

You have created the facebook page for your business. Your goals are to get more likes, traffic to the website, awareness in society and more customers.

Now listen.

The way you use it, the post you publish, the message in the status update and the people you have invited to like your Facebook business is a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Now your Facebook marketing strategy can be helpful to get more likes, it can be helpful to get more traffic to the website and it’s possible that you’re executing it, but failed to achieve the business goals.

When any toy store publishes a blog post such as “Top 10 Toys to enhance the creativity of kids” is called content marketing strategy. The heading of this post is strategically defined by the toy store. It is defined after finding keywords that what people are searching on google related to toys.

If they write it effectively then next time, when people search “top toys for kids creativity” their post will appear in top 10 search results. It’s also a search engine optimization strategy”. If in any case, the post will not appear in search results, it’s still effective. It’s effective to share on social media to get more potential visitors to the website. And if it’s not shared on social media, then still its effective for website visitors looking to buy toys for kids.

Now, this is the combination of search engine optimization strategy + content marketing strategy + social media marketing strategy. The results can be the following:

1.) People will be excited to knows about what kind of toys will be good for kids.

2.) It can encourage visitors to subscribe and get emails for future updates (email marketing strategy).

3). It can increase sales if the post is convincing and toys explanations in the post is satisfying the people.

This is one of the examples of digital marketing strategy to grow sales, build long term relationship and customers email database and it can lower down the bounce rate, increase website traffic etc.

When you list your business on Google My Business, it is a digital marketing strategy. It’s a digital marketing strategy because you’re listing your business products/services/category/opening-closing hours/posting products updates/listing on the map that is online. Google map is also a marketing tool.

You’re doing it to help people nearby you to find the location of your store, business. You’re using it to appear in local search results by posting products/services details. You’re using it so that customers can give reviews and feedback.

Reviews and feedback build trust in your business. And the way you use and communicate with the people through google my business is the digital marketing strategy. It can be effective or it won’t works depends on how effective it is.

When you optimize your business website/ecommerce store/online shop with targeted searched queries it’s called search engine optimization strategy. Optimization means you’re adding keywords, writing meta descriptions, adding keywords in images and using keywords like a tree in the website is a search engine optimization.

The goal here is to get more website visitors to your business website from google and other search engines. It’s because there are thousands/millions of people searching daily on the internet for certain products/services and businesses. If you have the right keywords optimized in the website, you will allow those people to find you and visit your website. This is an another example of a digital marketing strategy.

When you use & market products/services on a search engine for specific search queries to get more sales and leads. It’s called search engine marketing.

For example, you are selling clothes for housewives. Now in your Google Ads, if it’s around festivals then you can use the title – Best suits to wear in Karwa Chauth for womens. This is an SEM strategy and it’s a part of your digital marketing strategy.

When small business use/record a video about their business process. I mean about the way they satisfy customers and advertise it on youtube by uploading the videos then it is a video marketing. Marketing products/services on the popular and specific video is a part of digital marketing strategy.

What else?

Watch/see/analyse the above things next time when you use the internet in the mobile/computer. How things work digitally for all kind of businesses. How small and big brands using the power of the internet to grow the business. Also analyze, what is the best possible methods that you can use in your business and career right now.

But also remember, digital marketing is complex and competitive. You have to think differently and creatively to get the attention of people. Start small and simple. Keep increase the creativity and execution each day.

If digital marketing can work for others, it can work for you too. Just join the digital marketing adventure and see the positive difference that it can makes to your business within a few days/months.


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