eCommerce Website Introduction with easy examples

An eCommerce website is an information technology method in which trader, businesses/distributor/marketers can sell products/services and the customer can purchase on that website electronically by using internet on the mobile and computer. It means an e-commerce website is an online shop. e means electronic. Commerce mean business. Website means the group of HTML web pages and that is created to market/sell information/product/services.

In a bigger perspective, every website on the internet is the eCommerce Website. It can be the platform, it can be a marketplace, it can be portal, it can be apps, it can be an entertainment website, shopping website, online courses website and online degree college. 

Examples of Ecommerce Website and business:

  • When you purchase a mobile phone /shoes/software/ flowers on any website such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. and pay through credit/debit card and then seller deliver the product through courier or post mail on your location then it’s called e-commerce. In this case, Flipkart is an online store website or an e-commerce website.  
  • When you subscribe to watch a cricket match, movies, and shows on any website such as hotstar through debit card and credit card it is called e-commerce. And in this way, hotstar is a digital and mobile entertainment e-commerce website.  
  • When you rent or buy movies on YouTube and pay to watch by using the mobile/computer and internet it’s called e-commerce. In this method, you have used computer/mobile and internet through electricity and visited youtube website to watch/buy/rent the movie and paid through debit card/credit card/ net banking/payment wallet etc. It means youtube is an eCommerce website in which you can buy/watch/rent the latest movies and shows.
  • When you use Google Ads or Facebook Advertising etc. to promote and advertise your products/services online and pay Google and Facebook to use the services and platforms then it’s e-commerce. In this case Google / Facebook etc. are e-commerce companies that provide you platform and tools to advertise and promote your business/products/services online.
  • When you launch your apps on the Google Play store, you pay Google to use their platform to connect with your customers/target audience then it’s e-commerce and google play store is an eCommerce platform in which apps developer or apps launcher or owners have to pay Google. And all these transactions are online. It’s e-commerce.
  • When you recharge your mobile phone/dish tv/internet data pack by using the internet and the website such as paytm, mobiwiki, JIO etc. and pay through debit/credit card, wallet, and net banking then it’s e-commerce and PayTM, Mobiwiki, Jio apps or websites are e-commerce websites. In which they are doing customers recharge online and getting paid directly to their bank account.
  • When you purchase software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as service for your business from cloud computing service providers such as Alibaba, Amazon web service, Microsoft, google cloud etc. on their website then these are the e-commerce websites.
  • When you use internet banking then it is e-commerce. You pay bills, transfer money, open RD/FD account, pay installments online, pay for offline products from payment wallets etc. are e-commerce.
  • When political parties, government or non-government organizations received funds or donations online then it is e-commerce.  

Examples of e-commerce website:

While there are every website is an e-commerce website and platform. But following are well known or those are considered e-commerce websites.

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. Shopclues

Etc. For me, every website is an e-commerce website and platform on the Internet. And even the rise of the internet is only because of e-commerce. It’s impossible to imagine the internet without e-commerce. E-Commerce is the main source of wealth for internet companies and online business. If there is no commerce then there is no internet. eCommerce is now the part of our daily life.

How E-commerce Websites Works:

Almost all E-Commerce website works similarly. Following is the process of e-commerce website/eCommerce business/online transactions.

Internet – Connecting the people through computers/mobiles and internet.  

User – Searching on Google and other search engines for products/services and daily life solutions. Website – After search or research user visits the website that is in top 10 search results.

Products / Services – User (customer) find the product and select it and add it to cart.

Purchased  – Now user purchases it through debit and credit card by using third-party payment gateway such as ccavenue, payubiz etc.

Payment Gateway – (Payment Gateway, Merchant Accounts, and Online Credit Card Processing Service provider)  – Received the payment and transfer it into website owner or sellers accounts after 1 week or later.

Bank Account – Customer can pay using the debit/credit card and net banking/merchant receive money in the bank account from payment gateway service provider.

Delivery  – on spot,  While many deliver the product within 8 days after receiving the payment. Some only receive cash on the delivery.

The above are general explanations of the e-commerce website and online store. If you want technical part then please comment. I will cover it in the next article.

Here you can learn more technical parts: What is an eCommerce Website? How you can start eCommerce Store?

Economic benefits:

  • Banks earning the money due to the increased use of debit/credit cards.
  • The government can use that money for the development of own machinery or citizens development.

Business benefits:

  • Less costly to sell products and services.
  • Wide variety of customers on the internet than offline store/shop.
  • No credits  or Udhar
  • Easy to manage transactions
  • Easy to market/sell

Consumer Benefits:

  • Getting product/service at door.
  • Saves time
  • Less costly than offline
  • To showcase modernism

Who can start ecommerce store: Anyone can start or build an ecommerce website. Shopkeepers, handmade items manufactures, small and medium domestic product manufacturers etc.

Business Scope: Unlimited. More than half of the population on the earth is on the Internet intentionally and unintentionally. People are looking for the best quality and organic products, they want to feel vow at less cost without wasting time on offline shopping. So if someone think that they can sell online or have any thing that people needs then they can start.  

Job scope: E Commerce created and increasing the Information Technology related jobs scopes worldwide. More and more people trying to build and run an online store and due to that there is a demand for the following experts:

  • Ecommerce or online store builder or ecommerce website designer
  • Content writer to write product description and website content.
  • Search Engine Optimizer to rank the website higher on the google.
  • Graphics Designer to create high quality images.
  • Digital Marketer who handle or manage from search engine marketing, social media marketing and video marketing etc.
  • Data analyst who can help ecommerce store owner to make a decision based on customer behaviour and data analytics. Such as what kind of products they can sell more, which page on the ecommerce website need to update, what customers are looking for and which landing page is working better than other.


The purpose of an e-commerce website is to sell more and earn a profit. Here you can learn How eCommerce has changed business


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