Essential Things you need to know about website builders

Website builder: A website builder is an internet application or software or website that is used to create static websites. You can create personal, business, blog, portfolio, and all kinds of static websites by using website builders.

In website building software the drag and drop functionality is used. You don’t need to have knowledge of coding and programming skills. But if you have basic computer and internet skills then you can easily use to create your own website.

Website builders are all in one solution especially for those who don’t want to learn and use more technical things such as the domain, hosting, theme, design, responsiveness, speed and SEO, and many other things. All the things work step by step like filling the bank account opening form.

The easiest example to understand website builder:

Website builder software is pre-made software with design, templates, tools, and website features.

Building a website is like building a home. To build a home, you use pre-created raw materials such as Rebars, cement, sand, gravel, bricks, windows, doors, sanitary items, wallpaper, colors, and various other interior and exterior items.

Now in website building by using website builder you will get pre-designed templates, color schemes, fonts sizes, menus, navigation bar, website widths, menu locations, banners, content position, font family, and many other things. Now you just have to place/adjust/decorate/design them correctly for best user experiences. The user interface is pre-designed and you have to use that interface to provide good experiences for the website visitors. And with basic knowledge of computers, you can build a website by using a website builder.

What is the difference between Website Builder, WordPress, and Self Coded website?

1. Website Builder: A website builder is a pre-designed software in which you will get all in one solution at one dashboard (place)to create a static person and business website. Including domain, hosting, theme, and marketing. You can choose free and paid plans.

But if everything is available in the website builder then why people use WordPress?

2. WordPress:

WordPress is a content management software. Content is all the things that you see on the internet such as text, images, videos, animation, podcasts, advertisements are all are the content. So to create and distribute that content dynamically on the internet people use WordPress.

In simple words, WordPress is an open-source (social work) software that is used to create dynamic websites that produce regular content dynamically and has more features and functions with the use of free and paid plugins.

It’s not all in one solution. You have to buy your own domain on the domain service provider website. You have to buy hosting. And when you hosted your domain (mean created the folder with the website name (domain)) then you will install the WordPress open-source software (WordPress is provided by almost all the hosting services providers these days through cPanel to install). It’s as easy as you install the mobile apps in your android play store.

The biggest difference between WordPress and website builder is that you will get more freedom, flexibility, features to create a website. There are millions of websites created by using WordPress. And it’s best in all the classes. Even if you can create custom-designed websites.

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3. Self-Code/from zero:

A self-coded website on your own (through web developer) is a fully dynamic website in which each functionality, feature, color, fonts are used as per the website plan/business/idea/ the services that you want to provide to people and its creation, features are not get updated automatically until you don’t code them.

How to choose the best website building method or Is a website builder best to create your 1st personal or business website?

 If you want to create a static website, if you want to have all the solutions in one place, if don’t have the knowledge of computer/internet but want to have a website, and if the website goal is to provide information about you or your business then use website builder. It’s less time consuming and lower in cost. But you have to renew your plan.

  • But if you good basic computer and internet knowledge, if you want to produce the content regularly from your mobile and computer, if you want to interact with users, if you want to use more functions and features, if you want more freedom, control, flexibility and want to use to earn money or profit to your business then use WordPress.
  • If you have the next innovative business idea, if you want to replace the current problem with your idea, if you want that your website will solve the problem when people use it such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Gmail, travel portals, directories or you want to do something unique that never happened yet, then you have to code it by yourself or hire a web developer or web development agencies.


What you will get in website builder plans?

The features and functionality depend on the website builder software and company. But commonly you will get the following things:

  • You will get pre-made or designed website templates to create any type of business and personal website.
  • You can make changes just by dragging the widget or feature to the visual structure and customize as many things as you want.
  • You will get responsively designed templates so that the website looks good on desktop/laptop computers as well as on mobile phones. It’s important that there are more people using the internet through mobile phones.
  • You will get a custom or a free domain as well as per the name of your business.
  • You can start free and later you can update to a paid plan for more premium features.
  • You can create any kind of static personal, business, and online store or eCommerce website.
  • You will get or you can use SSL, hosting, domain, templates, SEO (marketing) features, payment options, and many other things in paid or free website builder plans.

While many website builder promotion materials promise that you don’t computer/internet/website knowledge to use the website builder but then it’s a higher chance that you will spend extra money or the website builder charges more money from you. It’s because you’re not knowledgeable. So, I advised learning the basics of websites. Even you can do online courses or watch video tutorials related to website builders and how you can use them.

 Who is behind the website builder?

The website builder is an automatic website building software. It’s a Software As Service Business Model (Cloud Computing). And mostly it is started or provided by those who sell domains, hosting, marketing services, and tools. It’s an add-on product/service from these types of companies to retain their current customers and also to get new customers. So that single customer gets all the solutions in one shop.

For example, this is similar to do shopping from one showroom and shop, where you buy clothes, shoes, and a makeup kit from one shopkeeper without changing the shop.

Now if you’re smart about shopping. You know what is important. Having a website, domain, hosting is not a big deal and it’s not tougher than buying clothes and making food. It’s easy to learn. It takes time. But yes, everything has its own importance and complexity.

How to determine which one website builder is best?

You can take a look at various website builder plans, go with the best that you think it’s good for you to start. Even you can try a free plan of 3-4 website builders. And then select the best one that is less costly, more effective, and easier to use.

What are the ways to learn to create your first website?

  • Start from free website builder packages.
  • Then buy your own domain and hosting – use WordPress
  • After creating your own, then create your friend’s websites.
  • Once you got all these basic ideas, then start learning to program and creating dynamic websites from scratch.

Another way is that you can do online website development courses to do it fast. Else to learn randomly you can use free video tutorials on website development. Even free tutorials are also more effective than paid courses.

So, follow all of these. Each one will teach you their own effectiveness and knowledge. And to become an expert or even to get basic knowledge, you have to learn.

But in the long run or if you’re just a student and your age is between 18 to 25, then can you can also start learning everything from scratch.

But if you don’t want to become an expert but want to have a website, then just learn to use a website builder or WordPress.

While there are many free online video tutorials on YouTube and there are thousands of websites teaching you free to build your website by using website builders.

 How much time does it take to build a website through website builders?

I think if you follow the video tutorials then it will take 50 to 60 minutes but if everything is ready then it can take 20 to 30 minutes. But time also depends on how big, pages, and designs you want on your website when building it by using a website builder.

 Why website building software exist?

The biggest reason behind the innovation and technology trends is in the habits, lack of knowledge, and problems that people are facing:

If someone can’t learn or not able to have much technical knowledge or computer knowledge to build a website then the website builder is the easiest option. If someone wants to build a website from just one place including domain, hosting, templates, SEO, payment then they will use website builders.

So now I think you learned the basics of Website Builder and I hope I’ve answered many of your confusion as best as possible.

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