Find out the impactful advantages of cloud storage

Advantages of using cloud storage: Cloud storage is online data and information storage services in which data is accessible for users with an internet connection anywhere in the world on any device. Users can update, manage, maintain and backup images, customer’s data, songs, applications, videos and almost all types of data using Cloud storage.

In simple words, cloud storage is like your hard drive, in which you can create a folder, you can install applications, etc. and now the same thing you can do using Cloud storage or cloud computing.

Applications, images, customer data, business data, personal data is stored on the third party or your own server using already installed applications by cloud storage services provider.

When you use that application your data automatically will be saved. Such as using Microsoft Office online, the data is automatically saved in one drive. No matter it is MS Excel or Word. That’s how cloud storage is a new way of data storage.

You can also copy the data from the computer and paste it into cloud storage applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. There are many cloud storage services in which you get around 15GB data storage without any cost.

Cloud storage is a part of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a process in which you can command, store, access, manipulate, analyze data and information with higher speed and accuracy using 2nd and 3rd  party applications and storage space.

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Now cloud storage is used by small business owners, students, professional and big companies in their daily life. But what kind of data you can store on the clouds: Here you can learn complete article:- What kind of data you can store in cloud storage.

But now let’s talk about the advantages of using cloud storage in your daily life.

Advantages of using cloud storage to store your business, professional and personal life data.

  1. In One drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and box, you can access and store these files such as images, videos, songs, written documents, agreements, scanned files, etc. from anywhere in the world on any device.
  2. The 2nd advantage of using cloud storage is to store your data and information so that you can save your data safely on clouds on the 2nd party, 3rd party server instead of using a pen drive, external hard disk. It will save and protect data from virus and any accidental damages in internal hard drives.
  3. The third most important advantage of using cloud storage that saves money. You don’t need to buy a pen drive, an external hard drive that is costly and often it’s gone away from pockets.
  4. The 4th advantage especially for business owners that they can share data and information (including image, screenshots, documents, application access, audio, videos, database, websites or marketing content) with remote staff without any problem with simple access control.
  5. Anyone can just share the Google Drive, Dropbox or one drive folder or any kind of data with a link using email id and no need to open or attach files in emails.
  6. When you use email to send more 25 MB files it will give you error in Gmail, but you can send and share more than 25 MB files using Cloud Storage.
  7. Companies can use Cloud storage that can reduce the cost of maintenance, upgrades, and backup of their business data.
  8. If you want to install software or want to move data from one computer to another and you do not have a pen drive or any other sources to transfer data, you can also use Cloud storage. You can upload the data from computer A and then download it from Computer B.

Thant’s it Friends, What I know so far about Cloud Storage and its advantages in our daily life.

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