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Free responsive WordPress themes to create any type of blog website

The high-quality, responsive, faster, features themes make a big role in your WordPress blog website success. In this post, I am sharing Best Free WordPress themes for your blog that I have used also. These free WordPress themes are responsive, easy to customize, fast, beautiful, coded with quality and these themes helped me so far to get 100000+ visitors per month on this blog. I have used these all one by one on this blog website for the last 7+ years.

So, if you’re a beginner or not have the technical knowledge, starting your first blog and want a theme that helps your visitors to learn easily, load quickly on any device, and also help you to expand the features and functions through customization then this post and following themes are for you.

Not only you can use these themes for the blog but you can also use them to create any website by using Elementor Page Builder and site origin CSS (to customize design/CSS). And you can also purchase these themes after using them as a trial for 3-4 months.

My goals in this post are not to compare and show you 20, 50, or 100 WordPress themes for your blog. That just will waste your time. For example, to check and test one theme in which you’re spending 10 minutes then testing 50 themes will cost you 500 minutes. At that time, you can write your next blog post.

So that’s why I am sharing with only those themes that I have used and experienced personally.

1. Sparkling

Best Free WordPress themes

In the first year of blogging, I used a lot of themes. And I used to change the WordPress theme almost every month. After lots of research and testing, I found a Sparkling WordPress theme. And after that for more than a year, I used this WordPress theme.

Before that, I was not able to get SEO friendly WordPress theme in which I can also use google display advertising effectively.

I was just looking for a theme that I can customize and that is easy to use, faster in loading, and have some basic and important functions such as the sidebar, social media, author bio display.

But after installing this theme, I have changed and customized many things as per my interest. I was just a full-time learner and who want good looking and high traffic website.

And luckily in this WordPress theme, I was able to change the layout, colors, fonts, slider, recent posts with images, author bio, and almost everything. And it worked great for me.

After the Sparkling WordPress theme, I got more traffic from the search engines (Google/Bing) and grown my revenue from display advertising.

While I writing this post, this theme has installed and active on 40,000+ domains or website and rated 5 Star by 123 people. Due to their loyalty and great features, people are using it for blogging.

So, don’t just rely on my words, please see, install, and test the free version. And if you liked it and solve your problems then use it as long as you want.



best free wordpress themes pytheas

After using sparkling WordPress theme for a year, I have found another WordPress theme that is Pytheas free WordPress theme in which you can customize almost everything through a custom CSS plugin.  It’s responsive and has a box layout.

During this change, I was looking to share the services that I was providing locally. Even I was doing that in the sparkling theme. But this time, I was looking for a website that doesn’t look only a blog. The reason for doing that are many such as:

Before this, I was using the right menu bar in a sparkling theme. But in this theme, I was able to use the menu bar below the logo section area so that it increases page views and people click on more options and it has the feature to use icons on the menu.

I was also looking to display sidebar advertising as beautiful and responsive to the readers.

And this Pytheas WordPress theme just did that for me. And I have used it for more than a year. And I am still using its free version in many of my client’s WordPress websites and also used it in my first portfolio website or before this website.

In this theme, you can use almost all popular plugins such as custom CSS, Yoast SEO, and page builder plugins.


Best Free WordPress themes

After using Pytheas I think for 1+ years, I move to a revenue WordPress theme. And I used it for more than 2+ years. And it’s similar to the sparkling WordPress theme.

This time I was only looking for a fast WordPress theme and in which I can display advertising below the header, in the sidebar, and between the posts. This time I was not looking to showcase any services, I just want to have a blog that has higher traffic.

You don’t believe but this was a really great deal for me when I compared the traffic and the revenue. I know it’s also about the content. But WordPress themes matter so much when you want to grow your blog traffic and especially when you have a lack of advanced web knowledge and at the same time want to earn some money from advertising.

Thanks for theme developer they have done a great job.

I liked this theme due to many reasons:

I was looking to showcase the navbar very close to the logo so that the reader or website visitors can see the other menus and more deals for them on the website.

I was also looking for the featured posts on the home page. And you can set up and set any post as a featured post.

I was also looking for the features in which the theme automatically optimizes the size of the image.

And also have other features as well that I got in previous WordPress themes. Revenue WordPress theme has all in one. And you can modify all of its parts, structure, fonts, colors, sidebar and many other things.

It’s responsive, fast, SEO friendly and anyone with basic WordPress knowledge can use it to build their blog and business website.

And you can also use the bootstrap grid, custom CSS plugin, element or page builder, and many other important plugins in this theme.


Best Free WordPress themes

I have used this for 3-4 months. And it’s all in one package if you’re looking to create service + portfolio + blog + eCommerce site or want to have all of these in one WordPress theme then go with the customizer.

It’s responsive, SEO friendly and you can use all kinds of plugins in this. As well as customize it according to your design experiences.

This theme has got so many positive 5-star reviews and it’s active on 800000+ domains or people are using it. And it’s rated 5 stars by 883 people.  (When I was writing this post). And if you see it’s download per day, it’s still growing and maintaining its user base. So, it’s good to use it as a trial version on your website. And once you’re satisfied with the features and functionality it provides, you can also use it it’s premium.


Best Free WordPress themes

My all-time favorite WordPress blog theme. This is the theme that I am using currently on this blog and it’s the same blog in which I have used all the above themes. The design of blocksy is not based on how it looks, but how it works.

And I am sure it is based on Steve job’s famous quote “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. by the Great Steve Jobs (Apple Founder).

And you don’t believe this theme provides so many premium features in a trial version. I also suggested this theme for one of my travel clients and they are very satisfied. Almost anyone can use to create any kind of blog by using this blocksy WordPress theme and it’s just working in a great way.

Some of the top feature that you will like in this theme:

  • You can customize the site width, content area, and background.
  • You can set different header options and menu bar designs for mobile and desktop.
  • You can showcase the footer widget area in 6 different types of layout or structure.
  • You can change modify sidebar widget, spacing.
  • There 5 types of blog structure that you can use. And you have lots of options to edit/modify title, featured image, excerpt, read more button, post meta, and many other things.
  • In a single post, you can structure your post to full width, boxed layout, with left sidebar, right sidebar. You can also edit feature image size, post tags, share box, author box, and many more things.

In a word, it’s a superb theme for all kinds of bloggers and blogging websites. Even you can create many pages inside it for your business and as per need by using. Just use for a test, And I am 100% sure that you will be amazed.

I haven’t found such features in even premium WordPress blog themes that I got in this WordPress theme. It’s superb and amazing. Just go for it, without 2nd thought. Just believe in me, it will work for your blog in a great way. It’s also fast and very good for display advertising.


Best Free WordPress themes

This is the current theme that I am using on my portfolio blog website. I liked it because of its simplicity and rich editing options. I can say there is big competition in both blocksy and Neve like its competition between Apple and Microsoft.

I haven’t modified anything that big so far in this, and but it helped me to do what I want to do. That is to provide the best reading experiences for people on this website without any disturbance. It’s loading fast, responsive, and that what I was looking in the theme to create a personal blog website.

You can customize the design and output for each separately in post settings you will get the option to the width of the post, header, sidebar, title, footer.

So, friends, all the above WordPress themes just brilliantly designed. And I switch my website to each theme many times and without any doubt, I am 100% sure that all themes will be great for you. I hope the above WordPress themes and explanations of reviews are helpful to you to make a good decision.

But also remember that blogging is not just about WordPress themes. It’s really more than this. I know I have spent or invested more than 200+ hours so far from the last 7+ years to find good themes. And the above-shared WordPress themes are based on my experiences and personal point of view.

I am not saying all the above are perfect. But I am saying that if you test 100000+ WordPress themes then you will find that each theme has some lack of feature. So, the suggestion for you or especially if you’re new to blogging that select any good theme and focus more on writing and publishing on your blog.


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