Future of Computers & Internet Technologies


Computer & Internet Technology is increase so fast in last 3 years. In the present time whole world is happy with the trends of technologies. But some of us are facing challenges over the internet everyday. We have to work in new ways every day, and our brains are not so flexible. But the big fishes of internet can do it all.

Most difficult it is for them who want to make money using the Internet. Many middle-class people are striving to take advantage of the Internet. Lower level internet users even don’t know about the benefits of internet.  But now it is happening, all people are connected to the Internet. Belatedly but will definitely use. Humans look handicapped without technologies.

Future of Computers & Internet Technologies

  • Neuroscientists are trying to build machines of thinking.
  • Dream is being recorded in internet devices. In the future you can program your dreams and dreaming of the way you want will appear.
  • In future you can prepare lunch or dinner from computers. And you can share on the internet.
  • In future you will not receive the money in hand. The future of currency is kind of bit coins. In which you can control all your money from computers and internet.
  • The data will be transferred from one human brain to brain.
  • Children in future like Google Girl (Meghali)
  • According the Bill Gates, In the future everyone would be rich.

That seems to be working on things like this. Human being looks helpless in front of the societies of the internet & the speed of technologies.

So what can we do?

The man is a machine and in present we have to think and act like a machines. But it will take time to be practical. The development of science is important, but the authority is necessary for all humans. Every person should have authority to move forward. We must think for everybody, not just for Google.

I’m beginning to use my imagination that I was not able yet in my blogs. My aim is to motivate you towards the right mindset. I hope you will be able to take advantages of my efforts. Remember to visit this website and keep analyze my imagination.

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