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Hosting Guide: Website hosting plays a big role in the success of the website, especially in security, backup, SEO, and speed. There are many hosting sites with feature-rich plans. And in this post, I will share with you which hosting sites and plans are best for your business website.

So far, I have experienced 5 hosting sites or companies. GoDaddy Single Domain Hosting, HostGator India (shared hosting, VPS), Baby Plan, Siteground Shared Hosting, and Bluehost. I have used some of them for my own websites and I also found it on clients’ projects.  And I will explain each and everything related to hosting a business website in this post that I know so far. And I am sure that this post will clear your all hosting-related confusions:

So, let’s start:

1. GoDaddy Starter Plan:

My first web hosting company. I hosted my 1st business website on GoDaddy 8 years ago. I purchased the starter plan in which I hosted one website. I don’t remember exactly but I bought it between 5000 to 6000 rupees ($70 to $85) for a year.

I bought GoDaddy starter hosting plan due to top 3 reasons:

  1. I also bought the domain from GoDaddy. And in that time, I didn’t have much knowledge about hosting, websites, and many other technical things. It looked good to me to host the website with the same company, from which I bought the domain. So, without getting more confused, I hosted my website on GoDaddy.
  2. The website was small and I didn’t know at that time how big it will be going. I was getting 10 to 20 people per day. So, it looked good for me to go with the starter plan.
  3. The third reason, I was not able to pay other companies through net banking for hosting. My 2nd choice was HostGator.

So, if you have a basic business website, blog, and in which you think the maximum traffic in upcoming days will be 1 to 1000 daily visitors and you just want to host only 1 website then GoDaddy starter plan will be good for your business website. It’s cheap, easy to configure. And it’s best suited for those who also purchased the domain from GoDaddy and so that they can manage all things from a single place.

2. HostGator Baby Plan

One a half year later I was working as a freelancer for the client as WordPress website manager and technical support. The client had 4 to 5 WordPress websites. During that time, I got a chance to manage their hosting panel. And I found that they have a HostGator baby plan. I learned at that time about shared hosting. Before that, I also created a WordPress website for my friend’s company. But I hosted that on another GoDaddy starter plan for a single website. But If I had a shared hosting plan then I was able to host many websites.

I hadn’t changed the hosting immediately. At that time, I was getting 1000+ visitors per day. I was doing lots of editing and CSS customization and also learning a lot. It was my first website that I hosted on GoDaddy. I was doing blogging on that website. I also added Google AdSense.

But later I found that my website speed was slow. I was getting errors. It was due to my customization or experiments or server that I was learning while working for clients.

Now at the same time, I got another local project to create a WordPress eCommerce website and it was another friend’s business website.

So now at that time, I had 3 websites to manage. So, I planned to switch the hosting from GoDaddy to HostGator. For me, it was difficult to transfer hosting from one company to another. But I bought a baby plan from HostGator India.

And I hosted the third WordPress eCommerce business website and two others on there. Now it was a shared hosting plan. In which you can host as many websites as you can.

Top things to learn:

  • If your plan is a little big and you want to have 4-5 websites in the future and want to manage all of them from a single place then you can start with shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting is faster than a single website plan.
  • Today, in shared hosting you can host unlimited domains.
  • You will get cPanel in which you can install WordPress just with one click, you can create email accounts, you create and manage databases and many other.
  • You will get free SSL
  • Free domain and many others.

After that, I had created 20+ WordPress websites for local businesses and I hosted all of them in a HostGator India shared hosting plan. It’s still working well and fine.

3. Hostgator VPS:

Few months ago, I purchased VPS hosting from HostGator India. It’s because I was getting 9000 to 10000 readers per day. And the website was slow. So I found VPS will be good for me. I talked with the HostGator team. The answers were convincing. Hostgator VPS plan is also recommended for a business website. In which you can host unlimited websites, separate Cpanel for each website, you can host as many websites of your own and clients. You will get full root access, High-Speed SSD Storage for website data, and many other things.

So, I purchased 3 months plan and paid 4000+ rupees. Now the real conflicts start:

I moved my WordPress business website from shared hosting to VPS server. I moved only 1 website that was getting more traffic. It took 7+ days to make it public. And my 50% of traffic was gone down. I talked with support staff. But I got nothing that can do it fast. After 20 days, I checked the speed. And you won’t believe it but it was slower than before.

Before that, page load speed was 10 – 12 per second. I was looking for 2 to 3 seconds page load speed. That’s why I moved the website from shared hosting to VPS.

I talked the same with the HostGator support team, learned various posts, reviews, and many other things. I also optimized images, error and external JavaScript files but still no change.

I was not happy with the website speed. I was getting a loss. But the other website was working fine with HostGator shared hosting. The problem was in only 1 website that was getting 10000+ visitors per day and now it was on VPS.

Now I was confused, what to do?

During that time, I got 2 new projects related to WordPress. One is for design updates in personal travel blog and other for an eCommerce site. Both are from USA. Now I got the chance to see the Bluehost hosting site in a personal travel blog and siteground hosting an eCommerce website. I was aware of that. But I was not experienced or hadn’t looked inside the control panel or dashboard. I finished both projects successfully. I learned many things in that.

And now it was the time to take action on my own website. I was still getting less traffic, low speed and I was getting slow speed errors, my 300 URLs are affected due to low speed and I found it on Google Search Console or Google Website Tools.

4. Siteground Shared Hosting:

Now I planned to move my website from Hostgator VPS to Siteground Shared Hosting. I talked with siteground team. They tested my website. They are getting the same error. I told them the whole story. In the end, I purchased siteground go geek plan. It is a shared hosting plan. The servers are in USA, UK, and Singapore.

Now at this time, website page loading speed is 2 to 3 seconds. And I am also getting 50% growth (recovering from -50%) in website traffic.

What I did:

The website was transferred by the siteground team in a quick time.

I installed the website with SG optimizer plugin that is I think only available for siteground hosted WordPress websites.

Now so far, I am happy with the speed and hosting. And I am sure now that in the future If I will get 30,000+ traffic per day then siteground go geek plan can support it.

Top things to learn:

  • Changing hosting from small to a big plan is not a guarantee that your website will get high speed. It also depends on your optimization techniques, plugins, images, CSS, and external JavaScript files and animations of the website.
  • If there is an option for free migration then it’s a good idea to take the help of those already working inside the hosting company. They will configure it much better.
  • If you think your website will get 10000+ visitors per day or you want to get that then gogeek siteground hosting plan is good. If your website page loads in 0.2 seconds in the beginning, when your website is new, in that Google will consider it to rank high and more.
  • Not only test homepage/landing page but also test each page/post of the website. Many times, the home page load fast, but posts pages load slow.
  • The fewer external sources you use the better it will.
  • Ads also reduce post-loading speed.

So now after using GoDaddy, HostGator, siteground, I found that all these companies are good hosting services providers. The selection of a hosting company, hosting plans depends on our business goals and situation.

If you want to pay less and just want to have a website and not have bigger plans then single domain hosting or starter plans are good with any of these companies.

If you’re working as a freelancer, and you want to host your own multiple websites or low traffic websites of clients then HostGator shared hosting is also good.

If you’re serious to earn money from your website or business website then you have to think big and have to pay a little more. It’s because it’s business then siteground gogeek hosting plan is the best. It’s also recommended by WordPress. In siteground gogeek plan, you will get many extra premium features such as free site builder, free SSL, free CDN, free site transfer, and many others.

As per the above explanation, I am sure you have got many tips and suggestions and I hope that will help you to select the best hosting site for your small business website especially if it’s in WordPress.


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