How blogging will increase sales on your eCommerce website

Blogging is a great way to attract loyal and genuine people to your website. Investment in blogging will give your business longer times returns every day despite the one-time cost.

Write in a blog post about the benefits, information, and data related to your products that you’re selling on your eCommerce website or WordPress WooCommerce website. After that link to the product page from the blog post. When the people reading the post, they will get a link to your product page, or even they will see the products on the sidebar. And if they are interested, they will buy it. It means blogging created the chances of a sale.

The product page also gets a sales support link from the post and it’s will also become the factor to rank product pages higher on the search engine.

For example, if you’re selling health care products on your WordPress eCommerce website then you can write about the importance of physical fitness and wellness. Similarly, how to reduce blood pressure naturally without medicines. The goals are here to write and publish articles that help people to get awareness, information, and knowledge.

It’s also important that you use relevant keywords in the posts that are related to the products. If you optimize the blog post genuinely for search engines then you will get it ranked higher in search engines.

If you want to operate your eCommerce website on your own then use and follow the Yoast SEO Plugin and its recommendations by many for search engine optimization. You can also do many online courses to learn SEO, Product Page optimization.

Blogging is best due to the longer duration. For example, one good engaging, and high-quality article can cost you $50 to write and publish. But if it gets ranked and you will able to get a minimum of 5-10 people to the post then there are chances that min. 2 will be converted into a paid customer each day.

It means 1 blog post can get you 2 customer day, and it will cost you only $50 one time. And I don’t’ think you mind $50 if you’re getting 60 customers or leads per month.

And if you’re consistent with blogging and publish 25 to 30 posts then I am 100% sure that within 3 to 6 months, you will be able to get 40 to 50 people per day, and with a 5% conversion rate, you will be in the profit. And each blog post will keep giving you the return for the next minimum 2 years and sometimes 4 years.

Things to remember: No one can give you the guarantee that your website/product page will be ranked on number 1 by spending $50 or even $10000. It all depends on the creativity, expertise, passion, and mood of your content writer + SEO experts. And also, how well you deal and communicate with them.

Else you can do it by yourself. There are online courses on copywriting, content writing, and SEO that you can do to reduce the cost of bogging and SEO. If you invest your 1 hour daily on learning these skills, you will be an expert within a month.

In conclusion, I will say that blogging increases your sales, it’s because of people and search engine trust on the website due to the information and helpful articles:

When you publish consistently, it will indicate google about the new information on your website. And due to its quality and best SEO practices, Google will rank it higher. Yes, it’s difficult to rank higher on google due to big eCommerce companies. But it’s not impossible. It can be done through a team or by your own creativity.

In a blog post, when you are focused on helping people not on selling products then it will work. People can identify these days that you’re writing for selling or you’re writing for helping. And if you write for helping and educating people about the problem and solutions through the blog post on your eCommerce website or WordPress online store website then it will build trust and long-term relationships. And that’s the way blogging will increase sales on your eCommerce website.

If you’re getting difficulties to grow your eCommerce website then consult with me or let me know so that I can write more useful and practical posts to help you to get sustainable growth.

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