How has the Internet Changed Our Lives

Internet is like an artificial universe created by humans through computers. The creation was not the plan but an adventure. And this adventure of few people transformed our communication and behavior. The more people use it, the more it will impact our lives. Internet is not only changing the lives of its regular users and but other people too, who are not using it.

Actually, we are changing ourselves, not the Internet is changing us. When the first person used it and saw that it was working, he changed himself to move forward. It means we make changes according to the output that we got from inputs in our daily life. Similarly, innovation (Internet, Computers, IOT’s, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence is the output of technological creativity. Creativity is the input that we use to invent anything.

When creativity is from a negative mindset then it can be destructive for self and others. And when creativity is from a positive mindset then it can be innovative and entertaining. One person’s negativity can be positive for others, and one person’s positivism can be negative for others. It all depends on the user who is giving input and receiving outputs. How he/she use it will impact the world around him. And in this article, we will talk about what is happening between inputs and outputs when we use the internet. How it is changing our lives. And in the end, you will be able to analyze and thinkable how has the internet changed our lives.  

Let’s start: How has the Internet Changed Our Lives

1. Changed the local customs and traditions:-

In old times we invite pundit to find out the best name for a baby as per his/her horoscope and stars position. It takes many rituals before setting up the final name for the baby. Today, due to the internet we just search on the internet and select already existed names. Even pundits motivate to search on the Internet.  It means the internet changed our creative capacities. But the change here is to know more options for the baby’s name.

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2. Overflow of guidance and knowledge:

We get knowledge on the internet from experts and experienced mothers to take care of babies’ health and child development. Before it, it was the job of grandma and granny of the baby. Today grandmother and grandmother live in the village due to the job/business duties of the baby’s parents. Now the internet helping to get similar options. Now the change here is in taking care of a baby, if a single mother doing a job, parents often take child care services during working hours. Child care management of baby is different than grandma and granny.

The Internet changed the way woman’s works. Today’s mother doing online business from home while taking care of a child. She doesn’t need to visit the office daily. And she doesn’t need to hire childcare services during working hours.

3. Doubtful Extreme Development in a new generation:

Today’s mothers don’t know much about old songs that were mostly sung by grandma and granny. Such songs are available on the internet. And kids stop crying after watching those animated poems, videos on the internet. This is how it is changing the behaviors of kids.

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4. Falsehood is being served with the name of truth: झूठ को सच बनाकर परोसा जा रहा है :

People accepting the half-truth. They don’t care about the source of information. They just eat the information and react. The truth is decided in the top 10 search results. Top trending items. This was not the case before the internet, today people react more and act less.

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5. Thousand speakers on 1 listener:

The Internet changed the way we do good works. Most people feel it good to share good things artificially. But most of them ignore to do good works and good things in real life. This means the show has increased.

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6. Aggressive competition:

The Internet has connected the world and culture to a single line. It has created competition among job seekers. Local companies are in a position to attract top talents and expertise online.

And it’s challenging for local job candidates to compete with other countries’ or cities’ candidates. It’s becoming toughest each day for job seekers and fresher to acquire such skills faster.

This competition is increasing the confusion about the selection of profession in students. And due to this confusion, it’s disturbing the innovation and creativity of students and fresh minds. They search on the Internet to solve the confusion. But in the end, they are not able to execute the suggestions they find online.

It’s because everyone’s life experience and daily activities and elements of production are different. It’s making students and job seekers helpless and it was not the case before the internet. it’s creating mental depression, an unstable career, low salary, and limiting the expectation of one’s mind.

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7. Limitless potential for capitalism:-

The Internet has changed business ethics. Today it’s more about hype, #tag, and viral content. Even millions of people becoming fools each day and start doing the things they were never thought about. Such as thousands of websites telling you that invest $100 or $1000 such amounts and earn money online. You will see that popup ad when you visit the website.

You will see that you will be getting unnecessary notifications.  You will see that everyone is suggesting you become successful entrepreneurs.  You will see that at the end of the day less productive work and more reactions. Even you forget what is productive and unproductive.

And the race for lead generation on the Internet reducing the values of business ethics and integrity. Due to these unethical practices and competitiveness, small business owners are not able to win the race.

And many don’t even able to think to participate in the race. And this lack of practical confidence not developing and inspiring new generation entrepreneurship. It means the internet is increasing the wealth of a few companies, people, and countries.

In-ground zero, only a few people are getting the benefits. For example, many Indian bloggers earning less Google Adsense CPC for a per-click than American bloggers. There is much reason but it’s because in India only a few businesses and companies are able to use Google Adwords or Online Advertising. And I think half of the small business owners even don’t know about it. It means only a few Indian companies who have top quality men power covering more revenue in the market. And it’s tough for Indian publishers and small businesses to continue on the mission statement.

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8. फेकूँ समाज (Hypocritical Socialites):

The Internet changed society. Today’s societies are online. You will see that today’s societies react immediately to bad things and react less on good things. Even I can say that today’s societies and cultures are manipulated by a few people and celebrities. Societies have no voice. They have closed their ideologies, culture, trust and development methods. It’s a little negative but it’s the truth. 

9. Misgiving:-

Most of the uses of the Internet has generated a strange suspicion inside humans. If we are doing something good then the other person thinks that something will be wrong. Most people will be misleading you, and very few are going to support is not only due to the internet uses, but it was also from centuries. But the internet spread it widely.  

Today’s person does not want to understand the fact of another. He does not want to listen. Every man has started to tell himself very great, truthful, honest. There is no bad thing about this. But if we do not give importance to each other’s matter then we will never develop. And it was not the case between 1950 to 2000, as I read and learned in many books. It’s because people were not connected to a wider level and culture. Today we know what someone is doing. And we try to stop that person before even he/she invent something. That’s stopping the innovation and development in small cities, villages, countries.

10. Excessive dependence on others (internet) for development:-

From learning to execution, we’re in the trap of perfection. When nothing is perfect then why we demand from others to be perfect. And this demand for perfection increases the fear of rejection. And it’s not good for a small village, cities, and developing countries students. It happened after the use of the internet. Students are challenging teachers, even parents are challenging teachers, everyone is challenging each other to be perfect. And it is destroying relationships, trust, honesty.

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I have written many times about how beneficial is the internet for humans. I am personally not negative about the internet. And here is the article that explains the positive uses of the Internet in our daily life that changed our lives. But I am just worried, that we don’t know how to use it for collective and national goals.