How important is a bachelor’s degree in today’s society

In this competitive world, every degree has its own importance. It’s better to pursue a bachelor’s degree rather than ending up your studies after your higher school. Bachelor’s degrees are also called baccalaureate degrees. Earning a bachelor’s degree is important because it will help you to get a job and to earn money. It widens your knowledge base. A student can do his/her bachelor’s by doing it from a regular college or from distance education.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

The focus of the bachelor’s degree is to increase the knowledge base of one. A student can choose the subject of his interest to complete his bachelor’s, which in return gives him/her to explore more about the concerned subject.

Doing a bachelor’s degree helps to get an in-depth knowledge of the subject. So while enrolling in a bachelor’s degree a student must be very particular about the selection of the subject. The subject selection must be on the basis of the area of interest. It will in-returns become a career opportunity for you in the approaching future.

One mistake in choosing your subject to do your bachelor can become a regret for the rest of your life. It becomes essential to pick out a degree, though it payback as rewards or risks, for the investment. While pursuing your degree don’t just concentrate only on grades, study hard to be proficient in the concerned subject.

Once you will be proficient in your field the success will follow itself.

A famous dialogue of Amir Khan’s movie 3 idiots justify here: “Kabil bano kamyaabi jhak maar ke piche aayegi”

A Bachelor’s degree took three or four years to complete it. These years are the most important for the students as these develop the student as the whole personality for the whole life. The activities performed apart from the study build the qualities in students like leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, positivity, communication skills, time management, creativity, etc. in the college.

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1. Creates more Job opportunities: 

It has become compulsory to be graduate to get a job whether it is the job of the clerk or office boy. There are various jobs that required a bachelor’s degree. There are many things you can do after graduation such as you can apply for a job based on your bachelor’s degree. Or you can prepare for competitive exams. It’s because before applying to competition one must be graduate. You can enroll in post-graduation courses. Bachelor’s degree has become the eligibility criteria for most of the govt. and private jobs.

There are many millionaires or billionaires who dropped out of their bachelor’s degree in between to do their own business or innovations like Mark Zuckerberg is known for co-founding and leading Facebook as its chairman and chief executive officer. Dropping his studies in between worked for him at that time but it will not work for everyone.

Consider your country, culture or society, and political leadership while dropping or even doing a degree.

In the early seventies people who only matriculated get a reputed job but now the scenario has changed after qualifying various exams one can not get the job of his choice.

Many universities provide distance learning programs and courses that you can do from home. Nowadays the technology has developed so much the students who are busy in their schedule for any reason, can opt for you can get admission in online degree programs offered by various colleges. Best performance in the college for theoretically and practically the more job opportunities are available for talented and hardworking students online and offline.

2. Improve interpersonal skills:

Interpersonal skills are a must because it helps the students to connect with people and benefits their personality development too. Interpersonal skills developed in students themselves while they are in school by interacting with the teachers and classmates.

But there are few students who lack interpersonal skills due to their shy nature. While students pursuing their bachelor’s degree, during their college time their interpersonal skills developed the most as they get the opportunity to interact with many people.

Though there are some students who lack interpersonal skills due to their introvert nature. It stops them ask their doubts from teachers but with the passage of time, their introvert nature changes, and they become extroverted.

Interpersonal skills help in building good relationships with a peer group, teachers, family members, and society. Improves social status as they interact and entertain their friends and acquaintances.

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3. Learning skills before job:

A bachelor’s degree in the concerned subject before your prospective job, and help you to know the subject thoroughly. There are many courses which give you the actual direction to get ready for the future job. While pursuing your bachelor’s you get the chance to go for the Industrial Training or internship which creates the actual scenario, which you are going to face in the approaching job. This helps the students to attain practical knowledge and skills required for the job and helps to make them more competent.

4. Leadership Skills development:

A Bachelor’s degree helps to grow the leadership quality in an individual. During college, a student gets the chance to perform so many activities which helps them to move the crowd in a new direction.

For instance, our great constitution is written by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar if would have not to be enrolled in the college we might have not to get our great constitution.

Summing up in this regard we can say that, a bachelor’s degree is required in every facet of life it helps you to grow a versatile personality. A Bachelor’s degree facilitates you with a more upward career opportunity and helps to learn more things for the professionally, or a better life for the family. But if you’re in the IT field, then yes, we can say that you can do a 6 months programming course or learn to program online for a few months and you will get the job.

In the IT field, you’re hired by your talent and skills mostly, but in other fields, it’s not done yet. It takes time. But if you have time, parents telling you to do the degree, and there is no money problem, then it’s good to go for the degree. But remember, you can be hired by degree, but you’ve paid for your expertise, skills. So try to learn practical skills in the free time.