How long does it take to learn WordPress Skills?

WordPress CMS management software is used to create blog and business websites. It will take 3 to 6 months to learn website creation and management skills. But the total learning time depends on the following things and it can be different for everyone:

  1. If you have basic computer and internet knowledge then you will be able to learn the basics of WordPress within 1 month. If you don’t know the basics of the computer then it will take 6 months.
  2. If you learning WordPress without clear goals from Free sources or random videos or you’re also confused to use WordPress for a website or not then it can take more time.
  3. If you’re not investing a minimum of 3 hours daily for the next 3 months then it will take more time to learn.
  4. If you have goals for example, if you want to build a basic website for your business + you have basic knowledge of computers and the internet then it can take 10 to 15 days, after investing 2 hours daily.
  5. If you want to work as a WordPress Admin/Technical Support freelancer + you can spend 3 hours daily then it will take a minimum of 6 months.
  6. If you already good in basic admin tasks in WordPress such as plugin installation, theme customization, custom CSS, hosting transfer and technical SEO, Speed and now you want to become a WordPress developer to do more bigger projects or to build plugins, themes then it will take you minimum 6 months from this point.
  7. If you do more exercises or work on your project while learning, I mean you’re creating, managing, and editing WordPress websites daily for 2 to 3 hours + you already have basic knowledge of computer + internet then it will take you a minimum 1 month to learn WordPress or to work as a freelancer.

How you can learn WordPress Development, Admin, Management, and maintenance skills Fast?

1.) Clear goals, what you want to accomplish such as if you want to build your own blog website then it can take you to 1 day or a maximum of 10 days.

  1. If you work on your own website you will learn fast. The goal here is to create a website similar to inspirations or competitors. In this case, you will learn fast.
  2. If you know what you need to search on Google when you get problems in WordPress then it will help to learn even faster.
  3. Discipline. It means you should give each day minimum of 2 hours for learning and practice.
  4. You can do online WordPress courses if you don’t have much time to spend to daily. For example, if you just want a blog website and you don’t have much technical knowledge then an online WordPress course is best for you. You just need to search for WordPress Blogging Course or basics of WordPress Blog Website.
  5. If you want to become an expert in WordPress Development then you have to learn from all kinds of sources such as free WordPress video tutorials on YouTube, Online Courses related to eCommerce, Online courses/videos related to Themes, Plugin development. You have to read WordPress blogs. You have to follow existed WordPress developers on the web. And you have to start building your own themes, plugins, and websites. Not only that you can also contribute to WordPress related communities and forums and help people to solve their problems. You can do freelance WordPress projects. And all these will help you to become an expert WordPress Developer within 1 year.

While there are 4 hours or 10 hours of WordPress online courses, that promise amazingly.  but it doesn’t mean you will become an expert or even in good in 8 hours. It’s because you need time and problems to solve to learn WordPress. And it will not come very less when you do an online course or offline course but it comes daily when you run your own website or blog. And you learn fast.


I think the following things are very important to learn consistently for any WordPress Website Owner or developer or Design or Admin. No matter it will take 2 years from now. You just have to schedule 2 hours daily for learning:

  1. Basics of the Internet such as Uses of Internet
  2. Basic of Computer such as Uses of Computer
  3. Basics of WordPress: Themes, Plugins, Customization, custom CSS, Google Analytics Integration, New page/post creation, header/footer editing, permalinks, post categorization, sidebar/widgets editing, contact/service page creation, page builder, slider, and customization, import and export, landing page or sales funnels page creation and Yoast SEO and the basics Search engine optimization.
  4. Basics of Domain, hosting such as WordPress hosting transfer, SSL integration, Database transfer or addition, post table import and export, server management, phpMyAdmin, email accounts, Google webmaster tool or search console basics and many others.
  5. Theme and plugin development and customization or editing.
  6. HTML/PHP/MySQL and JavaScript programming languages.
  7. Themes/plugins/designs Sell and purchase the business.
  8. Tools creations for WordPress or own plugin startup or own project as a SaaS (software as a service).

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