How teachers can make a big difference in the world

Teachers can make a big positive difference and contribution to the development of students, society, country, and the world by using creativity, use of spare time, and technology. But it’s challenging and tough to make a difference in the world, where most of the things are for marketing and advertising. But if the focus is on the process then it’s easier to do.

Almost all teachers already helping the country by educating students and working in colleges, schools, and universities. There are still lots of people who want to be teachers and looking to contribute but at the same time, there are fewer opportunities for jobs.  But still with the help of technologies they can not only become a teacher but earn a good income and financial stability as a teacher.

So I am using my personal point of view and experiences in writing this article. It’s very challenging for me too but that’s the process that I am following for years. I hope it will help you to find the development path that you’re looking for yourself, your students, and your country.

I hope this article solves your various questions/confusions such as how you can contribute as a teacher for the development of society. How can you inspire students for learning? How can you improve the employment rate in your country? How can you help to reduce the corruption rate, how can you build next-generation leaders who support nature, employment, education, and human development? And how to become financially stable or grow income as a teacher without a government or private job.  The article focuses on government, private, and all kinds of people involved in the teaching profession.

1. Build/improve your own information technology skills:

Technology is impacting education positively and negatively. There are various uses of technology in education. It can be smart classes, online tests/exams, online research, assignments, etc. Almost every student today, using a mobile phone and the internet for various things. It can be more games, social media, chatting, and video sites. While many are using it for learning. In these digital trends, it’s very important for teachers to update their own technical skills to their best so that they can lead students in the right direction.

Students know how to search, how to watch, how to do things on the internet but they don’t know, what to search on google, what to watch on youtube, how to use social media etc. and what are things that is important and negative for their career and life. They don’t know what is fake, what is true. They even don’t know why something exists.

The Internet is the sea of facts, data, information, and knowledge. But that sea is making students confused, distracted, depressed, and many other things. I hope you can understand, what do I mean.

So how we can make them aware and informed?

The answer is simple, we need to learn, filter, and analyze what is useful for students and what’s not, and then we need to share that with them.

Not only that if teachers have technical skills they can educate students on many things practically about the subject by using a computer/internet. And students will learn faster, it’s because they are attached to the technology and related things.

But for that, it’s important that you have at least basic skills of computer and internet.


What things teachers need to learn about computers and the internet

Following are examples in which teachers can use computer/internet and technical skills to educate students:

  • Document writing and editing: Teachers can use document writing and editing applications such as MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Drive (docs, sheets, slides, drawing tools)online to educate students. For example, I have created a document in which the title is “How to use social media for knowledge” Now I am sharing it with my students by using their email account. Now it’s open to all the students to write any point or paragraph on their own. And I can track how many and who contributed to the topic. Now students can do that by using their Android phone, iPhone or laptop.

Now I will check that and learn the points the next day in the class or at the same time while they are writing and I will discuss it. In this process, there are many things that students learned:

  • They learned that we can use google docs/Microsoft word online for writing assignments and questions & answers and we can share it in real-time with the teachers or teachers can watch and correct the things in real-time.
  • They learned they we can use technology for education and development.
  • They learned that what has written by other students and what is that appreciated by teachers.


While each student learns from the process by their own mind and creativity. That’s why the duty of a teacher is to explore the creativity in a student’s mind and unlock their behaviors from freezing the information.

  • Data calculation and analysis: There are various tools and applications to perform data calculation and analysis. And one the popular is Microsoft Excel. Math, economics, e-commerce teachers can use Microsoft Excel to showcase the ability to perform the calculation, analyze information, and visualize data.

Charts, filters, formulas, and data management features make Microsoft excel as an important application for learning.

Following are the articles that you can learn to understand the uses of Microsoft Excel in details:

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  • Presentation and communication:

Presentation and communication skills matter the most in students’ careers. Not only for students but everyone including teachers. Here you can learn more: Top 6 Uses of MS PowerPoint in Our Daily Life

For the presentation of the subject, objects teachers can use PowerPoint slide shows while delivering a lecture. There are various applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Each application has there own features and advantages.

Visualization of lecture with videos, images, text content help to imagine the points of the lecture. But it works only with effective presentation. And for that, it’s very important that teachers learn presentation or PowerPoint skills.

Learn more:

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  • Internet research skills:

There are many ways to use the internet for learning. But the most important is research. Personally, I think research should be the first skill that needs to teach students on the internet.

In simple terms teachers have to learn the answers to the following questions to use the internet effectively for students:

– Uses of social media for students

– Uses of the internet for students

– Uses of a computer for students

– Importance of technology in education

– How social media impact students positively and negatively


If you want to learn from me, then read the following articles: 

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Let’s learn in the example, what students can research on the internet after learning or attending a microeconomics lecture in the college:

– Related queries of microeconomics

– Latest News on the Micro-Economics

– The latest study on the microeconomics

– Impact of microeconomics in our life

Now, they can watch youtube videos, they can search for images related to microeconomics, they can contact and communicate with other experts of economics.

The goal is to improve the thinking power of students on the subject.

Some other things that students can research:

  • Use of social media and it’s disadvantages
  • What is innovation and why it’s important
  • How technology can help in the development of the environment
  • How to consume data, information, and knowledge on the internet
  • What is privacy and why it’s a matter?
  • Online courses and degree programs

But before students, if teachers know about such things as the internet and how technology works then I am 200% sure that they can guide/align students in the right direction.

What do I think that today that students are feeling following problems?

– Overload of information

– Comparison

– Lack of support for an interesting career

– Lack of support from society

– Lack of job opportunities

– Depression and anxiety


What do I mean?

I mean, students spend most of the time in schools and colleges in front of teachers for many years. In that time they not only follow teachers but they also follow thousands of other things. the most part of the internet is used for business. That is not bad. But few things are really waste the time, resources, peace of mind of students. So it’s always great if teachers can share the tips with students in real-time. And teachers can do it effectively if they know how things work on the internet.

In conclusion: Students need to research what information, tips, links, notifications, friends requests, emails, apps, and applications are effective. They need to filter what they are consuming. And for that, they need research skills, but before that, it’s important that teachers can filter that.

  • Programming and web application, website development skills:

Technical skills are not only useful for technology professionals but it’s also for non-IT professionals. If you’re a teacher then learning programming and web development skills provide you the extra edge to help students.

Learning web development skills will help you to create a new app, website, portal, and solutions for students related to your subjects.

If you have 30 students in the class, then those are your users for the app. The app can be related to economics, English, Hindi, and anything in which you’re confident and want to teach students that.

It can take 2 hours daily for learning web development within 6 months. But at the same time, you can develop something that is really helpful.

And having such skills not only makes you smarter but you will be the first choice of students to follow and it’s based on your expertise and skills. And the more students follow you on social media or anywhere you will be successful to help them or deliver the educational content.

Here you can learn more about web development:

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  • Problem-solving skills:

Problem-solving is a leadership skill. But having the problem-solving skills in teachers makes teaching and lesson more effective for students. They can present real examples and solutions based on current problems that impacting society, trade, humans, and the environment.

Such as it’s a problem that someone has a degree in economics, but not have a job or no opportunity from the government. So what the degree holders can do in this situation?

According to my, there are two solutions?

– Create opportunities by own and become an example of thousands and million of other students.

– Capture the opportunities on the internet.

But to succeed in the above two options it’s important that students know about the importance and uses of economics in our life.


Now economics teachers have to show the path for students to build a career. It can be by school, college, university, and teachers. It’s the duty of the school, college, university to show the path for students and use of the subjects in career development and employment.

In simple words, If I teach you something it’s my duty to show you the uses of that. So that you can get benefits from learning. It’s because you’re learning to live a happy and prosperous life. And it’s not possible without proper employment and income sources.

So my point here for the teachers is that they need to do a little more hard work. They have to dedicate a few hours to find out the career options for students.

If a school, college, university, and principal is not accepting your proposal or anything then no problem, do it solely. And be the leader along with teaching.

There are hundreds of skills and methods that I can share with you. But all means that if you have technical and trending technology skills you can help students more than your imagination.

The above points are more in detail, it’s because they are very important to execute the following methods for the development of their own and students.


How has technology improved education?

2. Focus on more practical examples:

I don’t know how to teach. Nor I am a government certified teacher. I am just a student who likes to learn, lead, and share. But what I feel to help students is that teach them with an example.

Use real-life, career, business, politics, environment, science, technology examples to point out the topic in the class. Use them so that students can understand how something is affecting us and how things work. I am 200% sure that students will get attracted to learn more.

Following are the examples, what do I mean?

If you’re teaching about monopoly then explain how to google, Amazon, reliance JIO is creating a monopoly in the market. And how it’s good or bad for the country.

If you’re teaching about chemicals or chemistry then showcase the example such as how and why people’s behavior change during summers, winters, snow time. How chemistry is working here.

If you’re teaching about Microsoft word then explain and showcase the real documents that are created by using Microsoft Word.

If you’re teaching about politics then showcase and explain the real example and activities of current political parties.

If you’re teaching the powers of the president then showcase and explain the activities, decisions of the current president.

If you’re teaching about trees then you must do it near the tree or by sitting under the tree. So that students not only understand but feel. It’s more realistic. And it’s not effective to learn about trees by sitting in a class where there are no trees and no feeling of trees.

Students learn in class and forget after class. It’s because they haven’t interacted with the subject in reality and they haven’t felt.


To do this effectively, you can work on the following questions about the subjects/objects:  

What is this? Why it is used? Why it’s introduced? Why it’s important. Why it’s important for students? How it can change the current problems? + Add appropriate current example.  

Now to do this more effectively, you can use the following methods:

  • Videos
  • Presentation
  • Images
  • Visit the exact place
  • Touch of thing that you’re teaching
  • Use of the subject that you’re teaching.


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3. Research and reproduce old theories:

I do not disagree with any theory and research that is happened so far that I learned in school, college, and interacted in professional life. But I disagree is that there is no newer research, a new report, a new philosophy that can replace or innovate the old theories according to the current situation.

It’s not bad that students are learning from the books that were written and published in the ’80s. But it’s more helpful for them if they are learning from current incidents, current theories. More often shared on this website. 

But who will produce new theories, research, books on the subject?

Obviously, it will be subject to experts and teachers. You know that you don’t need a Ph.D. degree in research and writing.  If you disagree with anything and then reproduce new theories and present that in front of the world. You can challenge the traditional concept of politics, economics, technology or any field.

But can you challenge me? Can you questions? Can you investigate and represent new ideas? Can you lead the students in the right direction?

We or you’re as the teacher not only teach the subject but align the world and society in the right direction. Your success is not in the results and awards but it is in the process of doing it.

More info: Powerful importance of leadership development

4. Write a Blog and connect with students

If no one is supporting you for your ideas, philosophies, subjects and everyone disagrees then don’t worry, it’s the process to change the world. It happened with every change-maker in the past.

If you think you’re right if you’re doing good works if you think your ideas will work and if you think it’s helpful for students then write them in a blog post or write regularly on the blog.

The right people will find it at the right time. When you write and publish it’s a chance for students to connect with you on your blog. You’re a subject expert, and students want to be the next expert and leader in that subject. Now you need to help them with your ideas, experiences, and skills.

You already know that students use the internet for learning, So it’s better than they learn from you or the right resources. It will take 2-3 hours to set up the blog and technical things. And learning to build a blog is not that much difficult than you think. The difficult part is that can you write? Can you help longer? Can you have time?

But if you’re willing to help students and really want to make a difference in the world, then nothing is tough for you. But everything and everyone will reject you at the start. But be prepared for failure and rejection and keep improving and focused on helping.


Importance of Blogging in our daily life

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5. Create a YouTube Channel and inspire students:

To change the world and to make a difference in the world you need to connect and attract more students. You can’t make a big change by teaching 30 students or 100 students. So you need to connect and attract millions of students worldwide. And most of the students watch youtube channels for various academics, career, technological concepts.

So create your youtube channels and start producing videos. But for that first, you need to learn the basics of youtube video channels and the basics of online marketing.

After that create a complete syllabus that you want to teach in the next 30 days. It can be about the subject or non-subject.

The only compromise is that you will be in front of thousands of people who’re not students and can disagree with you and troll you. But to change the world without compromisation of the comfort zone is not possible. Be prepared to fight.


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6. Run Facebook pages and groups and encourage discussion:

Similar to YouTube, Facebook is another platform where students spend their remaining time after school, college, and study. Be there and connect with students and invite them for discussion and create trends and cultures for the subject locally and globally.

It can be by Facebook page, personal post, groups.

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7. Lead by example:

You need to lead by example. If you’re teaching students to spend time wisely then you must do it for yourself too. It’s best to teach those things that you’re following and using and helpful, useful for students. If you want to attract students to study, first you need to focus on study. You need to learn not only from the subject book but also from leadership books.

If you want your student’s speech on the economics topic in the morning prayer then you must train students and also do it by yourself once.


Introduction of Leadership with examples

Why it’s important to build your leadership skills

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8. Manage your time:

To contribute to the development of society and students from your knowledge, it’s important for you to manage time wisely. Time management is an important leadership skill that helps you to do more in less time. You need time to write a blog post, you need time for research, you need time to create a video, you need time to learn new skills, etc.

But to these all tasks you have to use your time on one most important thing at one time.

For example, if you’re working as a government and private teacher then you can manage your time in the following ways:

Use 2 hours in the Morning from 4 am to 6 am and 2 Hours in the Evening from 9 pm to 11 pm. But if you’re living alone then you can have more time than those who are living with family.

But if you’re unemployed yet, then from 4 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm and then from 8 pm to 11 pm can be suitable.

In these hours you can do the following works for the development of your own, students, society:

– Learning new and improving old skills.

– Creation of educational content for students such as YouTube videos, social media images, blog posts.

– Answering student’s questions on online forums such as Quora.

– Connectivity with students, schools, and other teachers offline or through Facebook/Whatsapp groups

– Sharing the written content of other teachers/leaders with students and teachers on social media and offline.


9. Think like students are your team:

As I mentioned above no one can support you, in the beginning, it’s because no one is aware of your ideas. And also they don’t have time to think about others. Even they don’t think about themselves too. So you need to communicate your ideas and plan with related and eligible people. You have to build a network of people and a team that supports your ideas. It’s important to have positive people in your network.

But earlier no one is with you. In that time, think that all the students are your team. They are your first follower. Make them strong. Make them intelligent. Make them dedicated and hardworking for the subject with appropriate methods.

You need to explore creativity in the mind of students. Try to make them leaders so that they can support you in this mission. The example is “The Great Chanakya – who trained Chandragupta and Ashoka” to make a difference in the society, and country.

But one thing is to remember, you need a backup plan if in case no students can work with or support you for longer. But you need to make them they want to become and you will become what you want to become.

10. Do your best with the available sources:

Don’t stop because you don’t have a website, laptop, internet, and skills. Whatever you have and whatever you can do, do with that. When you walk towards the goals then you will get everything on the way.

I mean before buying a new book, finish reading the book that you have already brought.

So start with small steps. The small steps can be the following:

  1. Getting up early and improving your own skills by learning from books and videos.
  2. Creation of Facebook pages and WhatsApp groups to share good thoughts and ideas with students.
  3. Writing books and articles even before you don’t have a blog so that when you have you can publish.


11. Forget the appreciations and negatives:

The two things that you need to be careful about the art of appreciation and negatives. Appreciation is a by-product and negatives are from obstacles.

When you do good works you will get appreciated by students, teachers, society, and authorities. At the same time, when you get failed in something then the same or similar people argument and criticize you. In that time, you have to control your mind and body to control and manage the vision and goals.

Take appreciation and thanks and then forget and keep doing good work. Take criticism as a lesson, learn from it, and then move.  Appreciations and awards are important especially for those working for something great. But don’t work for appreciation. Even don’t expect it. You’re on the journey, your goals are to keep walking without staying. You’re the water and you have to focus on serving more people that need you especially students.

Water is not here for appreciation, the sun doesn’t’ rise to get appreciation and they do it, no matter what others say. It’s true that you can’t make all of them happy. You need to do what’s important to do, instead of what you want to do. But if need/want is equal then it’s great.

You’re not in the teaching field for your own employment you’re here to develop and grow more leaders and talents who will create employment of millions of people.

I hope you got my point.

12. Be the teacher that you imagine:

Teachers, schools, colleges, training courses, and blogs play an important role in our life. Without education and teachers, it’s not possible to develop big corporations and companies. It’s not possible to produce good leaders in politics and organizations without proper education.

That’s why to make the change in the world, you need to start from you. You have to be a teacher, that you also want to learn.

And if you do the above works, what do you think, you can’t earn money, or you can’t grow your own career?

Yes, you can do it. Even more than your imagination. So plan and execute. And if have any query, then I am here to talk.

So friends, this all that I think can be possible to make the contribution as a teacher in the world and at the same time to earn money and financial stability or income as a teacher.  

Best Wishes!

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