How the computers works here is the easiest ways to understand

Let’s understand: Computers work on the commands & instructions given by users. A user is the person who is using computers to convert data into meaningful information. User give instruction to computers by keyboard and mouse (input devices). There are various input devices such as microphone, scanner, light pen, digitizing pad, web camera, touch screen, touch pad, bar code reader etc.. Here you can learn more list of input devices.

The results of inputs are called output. Users can see, touch, and get results of all instructions in output devices. There are various output devices we use in a pc to get results such as Monitor (LCD, LED, CRT), Printer, Speakers etc. Here you can learn more about output devices.

Computer is a result of integration and interface of software and hardware parts. The body of computer is connected internally and externally with input & output devices. CPU is the brain of computer. Operating system is the soul of computers. Win XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, Max OS, and Linux etc. are types of souls. In human body is a physical component in which we can see, touch, decorate or clean. Inside the body there is soul (AATMA) in which we can’t see and touch, but we can feel and that it is working. Because of Soul or operating system computers receive commands and CPU converts those into meaningful results and show on the output devices. That’s simple!

CPU is a combination of control unit and arithmetic logic unit. You can say, CU+ALU = CPU. ALU understand the inputs of users and convert it into output and CU controls the behavior or process. User text is understand or processed by CPU in Binary Language. The entire text and click signal understand by computer in binary language. Binary is the language of computer. Computers don’t understand English, Punjabi and Hindi they only understand binary. Here you can learn more about Binary.

When we give commands and instruction by input devices to computer it first received by Operating System with the help of RAM. Ram is most powerful and one of the most important component of computers. This is one of the type’s of computer memories. Generally there are two types of Memory: Random access Memory and Read only memory. When we press power button on computers you can saw or see computer start, we can hear the sound of fan in cpu cabinet and it start loading windows and show welcome screen and all input and output device start working immediately after we power on. How this work? This is because of RAM. Ram is like supervisor or project manager in computers.

So, when users give instruction or type or click on something on computer by input devices then it goes first to windows then to CPU. CPU process the inputs and convert it into output then produce it to windows and windows then produce and show it into output devices. Remember CPU not only works on inputs but it starts working from when we press power button. For example when we sleep our body is in the working and CPU too. But when we get up we start working on other task it means again that CPU is working. So, don’t miss judged that CPU only work when we are doing something on computers.

Note: If user has not given the instruction to computer it doesn’t mean that CPU, RAM, Operating system is not working. It is working. The CPU, RAM, Everything is in working when we power on no matter that we give instruction after that to do something or not.

Let’s understand how to the computers works in creative words

Computer is Like a Body. The body is physical component for both computer and humans. Inside human body there is SOUL (AATMA), similarly in computer the AATAMA is Operating system. Soul is interface between body and External (self, family members, friend’s) world. We are living because of AATMA (Soul). There is less use of body if it is not working – only you can donate the eyes or working parts of body. This is similar in the computer. If computer is not showing anything after power on, Is there any use? No! But when we install operating system and applications etc. then computer become powerful tool that help. This is simple.

But only difference in Computer and human is that Soul (operating system) will be installed in computer various time when it is corrupted. And in human we can’t install Soul once it’s gone. We can update but we can’t install again. Only God can reinstall the soul in the body. Another difference in human and computers that computer can’t think itself – No IQ but human have!

That’s all! What I understand and think about computer so far!  Hope you enjoyed the explanations & examples, what you think? Just share in comments!

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