How to handle tough situations in business?

Handling tough situations in business is a turning point for many and failure for others. Handling tough situations in business and life is a skill or a talent. Tough situations are different in every business. But the troubleshooting process is similar.
Business life is all about success and failures. Managers and employees left companies in tough situations. Situations in small business are more stressful then big companies. In the small business, there are few people or entrepreneurs only who handle and bearing the pressure. The small business failure rate is very high, only 10% of businesses are growing after 5 years as written on many websites on the internet.
According to the Google keyword planner more than 1, 00,000 monthly Google users are searching on the internet “how to start a business.” Ideas, help and for support.

I had written in the draft of this post with 43 tough situations. But I remove those because of the length of this post and because the situations are different for all. Without knowing about the person or there situation it is not good to give suggestions.

So, I am just sharing my experiences.

Why business come in tough situations?

Any situation in business depends on the decisions making. If you’re successful or seeing failures today it is because of your decision in the past. We are seeing tough situations in business because What we did? Maybe we didn’t deal best with clients. We didn’t provide the results that we promised. We didn’t save the money for future business requirements Etc. We all have to collect facts and needs to analyze. In business, sometimes success takes thousands of mistakes. It hurts – but that’s the way to be listed on top 10 businesses of the world. You earn more by learning quickly from mistakes.
In simple words, difficult situations are coming because we are doing experiments. We are learning, and every learner does mistakes. The more mistake you do, the greater your chances of success. That’s simple. But the important point is that we have to recognize what are our mistakes. Make a list your mistakes you think you did and analyze every point deeply.

How to handle tough situations in business?

No one can help you in your difficult situations in business without knowing and feeling about it. The help is not always in the way of fund it is also a moral/inspirations/true guide from the heart also. You can share your difficult situations with me in below comments. But let’s see the creative ways to manage difficult situations in business. I hope it would be helpful.
Nothing is impossible! Situations in life and business come and go. Every dark night ends with a pleasant morning. It is our pattern of thinking, how we think in particular situations. If we think it is difficult, then it is.
Business and life is a journey that is started by us. Ups and downs are parts of life. When you’re up then you forget about the downs. I mean when we achieved success we forget about the failure and we think we are master, we are genius, and we are most powerful. And it is dangerous for personal development. Big companies fail, masters and genius also failed. But think you are long life learner when you are always moving; learning from one object to other then every situation is the same for you.
We have to make balance, when you’re achieving success, never forget about the failures and sacrifices you did for your business. And when you fail, never forget about the success. Play to win.
Situations come to make you stronger, harder and successful. It is essential for success. Successes want compromises and sacrifices. Let’s see what possible solutions we can try in tough situations are.

1)Visit holy places

A holy place, visit for peace of mind. To see you in reflection (holy places are like a mirror). To meet with yourself. To listen to what your heart is telling to you. No matter it is popular or not, your village temple, gurudwara, masjid, church although every place is beautiful and holy on this planet we are living. These places are very strong. Use the positive powers of holy places to recharge your battery.

2)Wait and watch

Do not try anything emotionally in the tough situation nor by following others, watch the situation and wait till it goes away. If you’re without an umbrella, wait until it stopped raining. When the situation left, walk again with more energy and power. Learn this thing from nature and climates. Tough and easy situations are like the cycle of seasons. It comes and goes.

3)Stop thinking about future or past and do Karma

Think about the success you achieved in the past, and hope for a better future. But if you think negative about your past and future then it will ruin your present.
So friends, just do the possible karma. Use the available resources. There is always a solution, see again, think again, and try again. Solutions are very near to you.

4)Consult with experts

Before quitting, share your business statistics and fears with experts. Maybe it is charted accountant, business consultants, business analyst, financial adviser. If you didn’t find or unable to search more on the internet then you can email me about your situations or ask in comments, do comments on the other websites too about your situations.
Treat your business like a child, garden. You’re running business not business is running you. You are the o2 (oxygen) of your business. So, sometimes it is important to take the help of business doctors. No matter it is going to help you or not, just try this option.

5)Admit your mistakes

This is a difficult thing for humans, people do not admit mistakes and it is common nowadays. We are human and mistakes are the part of our life. We are not god nor to be. If you did mistakes, admit it and quickly learn from it.
Do promise to God, and commitment to yourself that you’re not going to repeat it in future. Learning starts after mistakes. There are thousands of successful people who said do mistake often and then learn from it and then implement the learnings.

6)Cry frankly!

It is easy is in a difficult situation. But not for all of us. But it is important to cry when you fail. It is good for health and for strong commitments. It is emotional but does this when you are alone. Feel the movement and get back strongly. Hit again, try again. It will make you a hard working person you know ever.

7)Laugh and dance!

The last one is a little easy but this one is the toughest while when you are in a negative state of mind about your business. But try this formula: – Play a motivational song you understand the lyrics and dance in front of the mirror while you’re alone. It will back your smile in your face, tears, sorrows, and most important commitments. When you’re committed to yourself, you start believing in yourself. Invest your time on this and share the experiences later with me.

8)Learn from your mistakes!

It is obvious if you’re not able to do it. Then remember your school days, how teachers marked mistakes in your notes, and how they guided you to improve. So, what to do? Just write your feelings, decisions, current state of your mind, now take a break for 10 minutes and look on that again like a trouble-shooter. Underline the negatives, things that you want to change. This exercise teaches you the lessons and stays motivated in difficult times. It is to make you successful.

We face a difficult situation because of the lack of knowledge. Increase your knowledge.

9)Clear you’re Mind

“If the road is clear we can drive fast. But when the road is not clear we drive accurately.” Yes, imagine or think like you’re a driver and business is your vehicle and the road is difficult, what you can do? If you want to understand this deeply, see the driver while you’re traveling in the bus, truck or even you are driving your vehicle. But it is important that you’re driving to reach the destination. Your destination is your goal or targets. Change the gear when it is required.

10)Believe in yourself

You know this. If you do not believe in yourself then who? I believe in myself because I know I am the gift of God. I am on this earth for a reason. I am the smallest unit of God. I am a soul. I have powers (like a talent, we all are multi-talented and our talents are same) But we all have our 1 master talent or skill or power that is different. That talent is installed by God in us. That talent is like a (applications or software). So, believe in yourself, increase your capacity, expand of thinking, explore your creativity and do the hard work. God is seeing you, he is testing you and when you’re passed in the test. Then he installs new software, an attractive body, and higher prices.
Just believe! Send a message to God, that you’re ready for the test and please enroll me. And my friends you’re all are amazed after seeing the results.

11)Look forward: –

If the driver does not look forward, then the possibility of an accident. Don’t do the accident with your business. Look forward and you will see how amazing the next curve is.

12)Make a commitment to yourself

Yes, fix your next target – destination. Do the commitment with yourself. For example: Set what is your “A”, what is the “B” what after A and B. Luck is neither software nor physical components. It is just the state of mind. So, then create your state of mind. Create your own luck. Create the alphabets of your success.
And A for = Apple for the world. But in your business alphabets, it is like A = Goal 1, B = Goal 2.

13)Change the way you deal with the people

Communication is the key. It is your output after the processing. If you’re ruining others day, then change it. Respect the views of others but if they are doing something wrong, and then lead them by example not by using angry words. Change your output and receive better input. Improve your communication skills. Learn from behaviors, expressions of their words. But if some people, friends are not like you, find out the reasons for you. If you are correct then change your friends. This world is full of selfish people but not all are the same. No doubt we all are doing things for selfish reasons but who is not? If you are helping others they will help you. Simple! Life is all about given and takes. One hand forgive, one hand to take.

14)Focus on important things

Important things are those small things in business which help to move your business from point A to B., In other words, complete the pending task, research to start new. You can’t move all the things at once, but you can move it one by one.

15)Start helping people

It is great that your products and services for helping people. But if not find the problems people are facing and then provide the solutions. Create products and services that are easy to use and beneficial. People pay you for the benefits. Help and guide your teammates for personal development. Motivate and inspire your employees in their difficult times. Their development is your development.

16)Invest time and money in your personal development

It’s good that you’re helping others by providing services or guiding people when they asked. But the first and most important is your personal development as a human being. Learn new things daily, such as people skills, management, communication, financial skills, designing skills. I know there is a point, that business people are busy, they don’t have time but my point is why then we are doing business? For money. Yes, for money, but I believe we have to do it for freedom, flexibility and wealth.
And the more you learn the more you will earn. Devote your 10% time and income for your personal development it is important. Strong personalities can deal easily with a tough situation. So, be strong by learning new things.

17)Get up early

Health is wealth. Early birds are happiest, positive, passionate, hardworking people. Success starts when you leave your comfort zone. Do exercise meditation daily. Morning hours are precious hours of the day, without any distractions. All the successful people get up early in the morning. So, why not you can try this. Learn from the people who achieved success in tough times. You can learn from their success stories to run your business in tough times. For example Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs.

18)Decision-making process

Never change your decision until you reached the destination. There are thousands of links that distract you from your target. Decide what you want, and then stick with that. The decisions based on intuition and experiences are more beneficial in tough situations in business.

19)Be original

You’re what you are now. Original things stay longer than duplicates. Duplicating or copying others is not a good choice. You can learn from others mistakes. But duplicating only makes you successful for a shorter time. But if you live the life with your own principles, believes, interests then you’re the happiest human on this planet. Don’t live a life based on other people negatives. Live what you suggest to yourself.

20)Think Big and do small things

Do small things consistently. Create big by doing small things. A small step daily for your bigger dream. Achieve small dreams one by one. A thousand miles journey start with one step.

21)See Options

When we are in tough situations in business it is difficult to see the positive things. We don’t like alternatives but we need to act according to the situation, stubbornness is the greatest quality to achieve goals but sometimes it good to do things that the brain tell to you. But there are always options. We just need a full focused approach to find out the option that is available to us, no matter it is risk-free or not.

22)Stop worrying about others thoughts

Analysis of the suggestion of others before execution. Implement good things in tough situations in business and avoid bad ones. No one knows what is happening with you, what are your feelings. They just serve according to their experiences and beliefs. But act on your own. Sometimes people said about us thousands of things, they are always. People do not stop telling to you, if you become prime minister tomorrow, they keep telling. It is better to avoid the negative thoughts of others about you and keep doing hard work because you living the life that you dreamed.

23)Remember your last achieved goal

Remember and think about what you did for past achieved goals. How much hard work you did, how was the schedule, how did you implemented the plans. Remembering the days of struggles are amazing feelings. I do it often to move further. This will give you the power again to do things that matter to you.

24)Act fearlessly

Why do you fear? Don’t think about the negatives. Think about what is positive and beneficial. Fear is just a state of mind, it restricts you potentially and it is the most dangerous things for human development.
Control and manage your fear. List your fear on white paper, think negative as much as possible. Write all kind of causes that will fail you, that will create a tough environment. Then leave it and take a break. During the break think about your dreams, your goals, the pleasure you will get, the prizes you will get if you become successful. Now see the written items, and work on every fear. Convert the weaknesses of your plan into strengths. Yes, only you can do this.

25)Don’t’ change the world change yourself

I know that I am not an expert, nor I am in your situation and every situation and experience is different. I just shared what I believe, what helps me, when I am in tough situations in business. I only change myself, my thinking, my actions and I am doing what I have, what I can, how much I can. Not a matter it is perfect or imperfect but I am trying and I am learning.
I believe that everything that is happening with us in life is for change. We have to change with time. There are only two ways, one is that you plan everything and then execute. Second act and play according to the situation, for example, MS Dhoni (ever successful captain of Indian cricket)

(That’s the way. If you didn’t learn this, please learn before you face a tough time.
Humans are gifts of god for nature. Don’t convert this into a killer for nature. Be with the god, accept the situation and act.
Note: – If you want to ask me something similar that you’re facing in your business or if you want to give suggestions how we can handle tough situations in business please comments and share your greatness with all of us.

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