How to improve concentration and focus while studying

Focus and concentration are very important in the studies, class and in competitive exam preparations.  But it’s more important while studying for exams, tests or for skills development. Concentration and focus are important not only in offline studies but also while you’re studying online on mobiles, computers and doing online courses or degrees.  

While many students using the internet for study. And our lifestyle is now changed and it is not the same as it was 20 years ago. So that’s why today’s students facing more concentration problems in the studies.

A focused mind is able to learn and save more for the exam. But there are various things that distract students from studying and learning.  And in this article, I will try to share my personal experiences and creative ideas with you so that they will help you study faster, accurately with improved focus and concentration.

To improve focus and concentration on studies, we need to find out the reasons behind the distraction. And I think the following are the reasons behind lack of focus, concentration, and motivation for study:

Reasons behind the lack of focus and concentration in studies:

Almost all students facing at least one and more of the following problems:

  1. Lack of self-belief. Most students comparing own materials, time, facilities, skills, environment with other students. They are not focusing on doing their best. They want to do more than others but that’s the problem.
  2. Lack of interest in the subject. It’s possible due to the difficult concepts and negative information about the subject. And also due to the lack of vision and knowledge about uses of the subject in daily life. It can be due to a lack of study in previous classes or not taught by teachers about the vision or not in the syllabus.
  3. Fear of failure. And it’s the biggest reason why students are unable to focus. It’s possible due to too much thinking, negative conversations, pressure from society or family.
  4. Lack of time for study. It’s possible that students are unable to study the topics in advance. And now due to lack of time, it’s looking like a mountain.
  5. Bad habits, it’s possible that students are following bad sleeping, eating, and social media habits.
  6. Overload of information. It’s possible that students are unable to focus due to the overload of information from TV, advertisements, social media, political debates. It’s hard for them to find a space in the brain to think and filter the information.
  7. Lack of employment opportunities. It’s possible that students are thinking right now more about future employment and jobs.
  8. Higher competition. It’s possible that students are thinking that it’s very tough, competitive, to get a pass an exam and test.
  9. Lack of beliefs and appreciation from family members: It’s possible, that parents, and other family members not supporting and believing in them in their decisions.  
  10. Too much pressure from the school and parents to get good grades.


But all the above challenges have great opportunities for students and I know they can do it by proper planning and discipline.

“Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career.” A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Get back your concentration and focus on the studies:

If you’re a student and fighting with such problems then the following are the best possible solutions that will help you to get back your concentration and focus on the studies.

  • Believe in yourself and just try to do your best:

Do your best. Your best can be 90% or 99% or 50%. But whatever it was, don’t compare yourself with other students, your friends, and relatives. You’re a unique creation of God, you have your own talent. You can’t be the same as other people. You think differently than others. So then why you’re comparing yourself and your situation with others. Instead believe in yourself that you can do your best, and let the examiner decide who is the best and topper.

  • Get interested in the subject and objects:

If you’re not interested in the subject but have to learn to get a pass then learn. You can’t get everything based on your likes and desires later in your career. You have to compromise on some points. Businessmen have to compromise for a stable income. Doctors have to compromise their time for others. Teachers have to compromise on their salary and appreciation for students’ success. Similarly, you have to compromise to get passed. And think practically.

If it’s important to subject, then study it. If it’s difficult, then think about the person who has written and created it. For example, if you’re thinking that learning JAVA Script or Computer Science or anything is hard, then think about the person who has created it or invented it. Did they give up?

Everyone gets difficulties on various levels. But that’s how you will become future leaders and the future of the nation.

It’s easy to like other people’s posts on social media, but it’s difficult to get liked by people. But that’s the way of growth and learning. Every difficulty is a milestone. Just try to do it.

Learn about the uses of the subject. For example, if you’re learning to program but finding Javascript difficult to learn than HTML then think about it’s used in daily life and web/software development. Think how powerful you will become after learning this subject. Many students have given up on this, and that’s why there is a space for you. There is an opportunity and the fruits are still waiting for you. It’s because most of the students have given up. And now you have the opportunity. If you do it, then you will get it.

  • Don’t think about success and failure:

Too much thinking on success and failure will pressurize you. You will try to do study in the rush. But that will not good. Possible, that you will forget in the exam about the content. So it’s better to think about doing your best with a cool mind. Do and learn one by one. Set your timings, study daily 2 – 3 questions as per your idea or plan.  And in a month, you will be able to learn 60+ questions without pressure. And it’s easier to concentrate on 2-3 questions once or per hour or per day than concentrating on 60 questions once.

  • Manage your time effectively:

If you have to study 2-3 subjects in a day then it’s really important for you to manage your time. You can create 3 study session. It can be like the following:

Morning Hours – 4 AM to 7 AM – Studying JAVA Script or Chemistry.

Afternoon – 10 AM to 1 PM – Studying GK

Evening Hours – 6 PM to 9 PM – Studying Design or Math.

Set your timings and then be disciplined to follow that time.

Getting up early will also help in many things. You can also do yoga and meditation. And it will also reduce the pressure and make your mind in normal conditions to focus.

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  • Stop yourself from doing these things:

You have to stop watching political debates and news for a few days so that you will not get stressed and emotional from the news.

You also have to stop using social media if possible for a few days, so that you will not able to compare yourself with others.

You have to stop debating and questions your parents and family members for the lack of focus. Instead, talk less and perform more.

Don’t watch too many motivational videos. Instead, follow the tips of 1-2 speakers or coach and then work on them.

  • Set up the creative environment for study and that you like:

You can create by your own and you can also use already existed environment for the studies. The goal here is to get refreshed and happy. Here are my tips if you’re getting bored or not getting focus and concentration at home for longer,  and If you’re living around the village or in the village then take a book and sit down in an appropriate place in the field.

Now study there. There will not be any distraction for you. Instead, when you sit close to the earth, you will become more focused. That’s how 100 years ago, our Vedic or Rishi Muni do that. Be creative.

Visit the temple in your nearest and find a place and study there for 2-3 hours. In temple or around the temple you will find positive vibes and spiritual environment. And that’s the best place outside the home to study.

Study while walking in the garden or in your home backyard.

Feel the environment.  Take fresh Oxygen.

I have experienced these while I was studying in school and live in the village.

When I went to graze the cow near the forest along with the village, at that time the book was accompanied by me and I studied there. It was very difficult for me to study once. But I was comfortable with the creative methods.

  • Focus on your dreams and desires:

You have to think practically about your dreams and desires. You know that without studying it’s not possible. And you already created the plan for study. Now you just have to follow. Try to take small steps. Start for 10 minutes, then again for 20 minutes and after that for 2 hours. And within a few days, you will be able to study 4-5 hours non-stop.

When you try to focus each day on the study then soon it will become your habit. And habits of learning is the biggest habit of most successful people in the world. But it was not built from birth. It’s from daily practice and interest.

So get interested in your study. It’s your Karma in this age and situation. You have worked hard today, you will be confident about your future. And it’s the biggest secret behind the positive frame of mind. The daily study, learning, and skills development make you confident. And your confidence boosts the power of your brain and make it sharper for studying, exams, and test.

Even don’t think, what distract you. But focus on what makes you concentrated. When you try to focus on the study, then it will remove all the stress and distractions.

  • High competition is beneficial for you:

If there is a competition then it’s good for your career development. Without competition, you can’t enjoy growth and success. Without fights, you will not become a fighter. You have to fight and need to show how powerful, skilled, informational, knowledgeable you’re.

But remember, you don’t have to fight with others to win. You have to fight with your own limitations. You have to fight with your laziness, you have to fight with your indiscipline, you have to fight with your own past records, and you need to make a new mark.

Never think, that there are only 2 posts and 1000 people applying. Instead think, you’re one of them who will be selected for that. And you will do your best without thinking about how many players are running. You just have to focus on your own steps.

And also if you have certain strategies then it’s will be helpful too.

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  • Don’t chase appreciation and don’t study based on other beliefs:

Parents, family members appreciation is very helpful to increase confidence. And the belief they show in the abilities of their kids and spouse make changes in the results.

But still, it’s not that much important, that you get stress or feel bad about it. Instead, get up and stand for your own.

There are many reasons why someone is not appreciating you. There are many reasons why others not believing in you. But it’s not the right time to focus on that. Instead, focus on the goal you believe you can achieve. And once you believe you can do it, thousands of other people will follow you.

The tendency of societies is to laugh on others. They don’t like to change. They can’t see that you will make the change in their beliefs. So just learn from the good arguments and criticism and keep moving on. Everyone will believe in you. But first, believe in yourself and work hard to make that possible.

  • Create a Plan and execute:

To reduce the pressure you need to create a plan. And after that, you have to believe in that plan while executing. if you think it’s important to get 90% marks then great, go with it. But it’s not that easy as it looks. To get 90% marks or more, you have to create a plan or you should have some ideas, about how you will get 90% marks.

For example,

You need to write all 10 questions, which 10 marks each.

You have to study and proficient in all those 10 questions.

After that, you have to research. But if in the book there are 100 questions, then at least you have to study 90% of the questions. But then it’s too much hard work. But it’s the example.

You can make your plan easy.

Such as

1 question each day.

After that, you can take your own test. and then keep improving.

What do I mean to tell you is that, first try to create the method or plan which you can follow to compete or achieve 90% marks or higher grades.

Remember, each student have their own plans. But the winners are who stick and execute the plan with required hard work and disciplined.

That’s it.

There are various kinds of problem for each student. It’s not easy to handle or answer each possible solution. But I hope the above explanations and ideas will be helpful for you to increase focus and concentration on studies. If you want to know more, then tell me.