How to increase views on YouTube videos – Ideas to Follow

To get more video views there are many things that you need to be considered before uploading the video on YouTube. Such as the content in the video, appropriate title, Description, tags, keywords, and social targeting. These are the basics of SEO or YouTube marketing to get 20000+ views and 1000+ likes for each video series.

If you agree on that let’s talk about how to execute. (Note: – I believe that the quality of your video (audio+ video) is above or average so then following ideas will boost it further).

Remember, I don’t have a magic stick to enable your videos to get more likes and views within one hour. But definitely, there are certain things that need to be done to get videos popular on YouTube.

Here are the top 6 basics of YouTube video optimization to increase views:-

1. Content in the video

A practical explanation of any idea, tips in the video will love by the users. Even they don’t care about the quality of the content in the video is practical and your communication matched with the audience’s vocabulary and style. And most important if it is in demand then it’s very easy to get more views and likes.

For that, you have to research. Go here: -If you want to learn more about How to perform research online. But here are few research ideas for the YouTube video content:-

  1. Use the keyword planner to check the demand for your content. Search in keyword planner about the idea you want to explore to YouTube viewers. Keyword Planner will explore what people are searching for on Google. So, if on Google, it will be on YouTube and even more. Another benefit of YouTube for users is that they don’t need to explore new ideas; if it exists it will be on YouTube, so try to find keywords and ideas people are really interested in watching.
  2. You can also use Google Trends, Google news for the latest idea and development in your chosen field.
  3. Look on social media pages, friends’ posts. Find and interrogate the most popular post. And think about what more than that you can do in your next video.
  4. Listen to your local market, listen to what your family, kids, friends are talking about. What kind of solution they are looking for. Don’t explore at the same time, just test taste.

After that combine these ideas for keywords using Google Trends, Google News, and social media. Then record with less distraction and less animation (depend on your content type).

2. Title of your Video

The catchy and attractive title is very important to include in the video. It’s also important to include transforming lines and words in your explanations. It can be aggressive, serious business or funny. And be what you’re, what you believe. Because people are amazing and they can observe in a minute from your expressions in the video that you’re not confident in your explanation.

So, try to use a headline analyzer or analyze the title of your video manually. Include the keywords in the title that you searched for. That’s it! Remember, do not put so much brain or spend more than 1 hour in title writing. Just be cool, compose and committed while recording and writing title, tags and description of your YouTube video. Everything else will work organically according to your honesty level in the video content.

High CPC keyword in the title is also very important when you’re using Adsense. Because high CPC keyword in the video title and description will give you a higher return for your teaching efforts. So, try to create urgency in the users’ minds. That enables the brain to click. In simple words, you need to use marketing tactics because of competition and that should be a white and honest way.


3. Description of your Video

The description area in the video describes your video content and the main points that you explored and exploring. The shorter is the content in the description the better it will work. Because of lots of details, it is big work for the user and you know that people don’t have time.

Another thing is important especially if you’re monetizing your video with Google Adsense then keep using keywords in each sentence if possible. Use the keyword in each sentence within different key phrases. Such as the main keyword is “YouTube Marketing” so the key phrases in each sentence will be like “YouTube more views idea” “The following are the ways to get more hits on YouTube video” “Tips that will be helpful for everyone to get more subscriber on YouTube. Got it!

That’s the way. Even Google will rank your YouTube video in the first place. But try to be able to explain the explanations within the reach of keywords creatively towards the targeted users for your videos.

4. Tags

Tags are the principal keywords on YouTube that are used to define your video category. After writing a description it’s another basic thing you can’t ignore because YouTube promotes your video and channel according to tags and keywords. So, try to use the tags that are appropriate for your video content. 4-5 tags are enough.

5. Cover Photo or custom thumbnail of your Video

The custom thumbnail in your video also attracts more views. Your video will get more clicks and views if you’re using your own image + text + Expression. You need to create your outlook in custom thumbnail that challenge or evolve the habits of your targeted audience.

You can use Adobe Photoshop and online photo editing software to edit your photograph. For example, you can see movie posters. Similarly, you need to create a similar cover photo for your video.

6. Social targeting

Social sharing is important to get external traffic to your video. Share your video on Facebook, Twitter, and Stumble upon. But don’t do it until you’re didn’t have a minimum of 100 + views on your video and some likes. Because in your social network, there are people who don’t like you and your efforts or competitor, so they dislike it. And because of this if new viewers got the first eye on dislike then it is a just negative start.

Else no one can beat you, even dislikes will explore your video and you will earn money too.

Another thing you can consider if you want to monetize your video then weight minimum for 300 views and 10 + likes. Because ad-free video in starting will help you to get attention. If it’s already filled with ads on 10 views, so it’s looking directly that you’re here for earning money. It’s my thinking; I am considering this point nowadays. Else you can do whatever and whenever you want to monetize.

So, that it friends, what I know so far, how you can get more views and subscribers. Definitely, there are various other ways to do it. Such as you have a website then you can link back to YouTube. You can also embed the video in your blog post. You can add your video in a sticky post on social media websites. These are also very effective methods.

I want to say that to get consistent subscribers and views you need a plan. In planning, you can focus on the benefits of your target audience and on the people you want to influence. You need to find out what they are searching for on Google or YouTube. As I mentioned above Google Keyword Planner is the best solution.

If you can’t able to do it on your own then you need a content promoter or SEO or Marketing Executor. There are so many people like you and me, recording and sharing video content on YouTube. But most of the people are unable to do self-marketing. And because of this big companies are eating more cake with video promotion and we are getting what left after them.

So, in the end!

I am not saying I know everything. I know what I know. I am a learner and I do experiment daily. Sometimes I get success and sometimes failure. But I do it daily.

The more you fail in marketing the better you will be able to market. And when you become a master in the art of selling and marketing, everything will be achievable. Because everyone is selling and tell me, who is not selling?

So, sell what you know and what you have. Every video is your product. When you know about your product and it will become easy for you to get it popular. Popularity comes first and then money. You will be popular in only two ways, Good and Bad. A good way is for long term maintenance of success on YouTube.

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