How to make the best use of the internet as a small business owner

You as small business owners or entrepreneurs can use the internet to achieve certain business and life goals. You can use the internet to become a leader in your trade. You don’t have to use the internet only for entertainment and time passes only. But then why you can use the internet and what are its benefits for your business or how you can grow your business, you will learn in this article. 

In this post, I will share my own experiences and analysis on how to make the best use of the internet as a small business owner. Not only that you will also get many online business ideas: 

So let’s get started:

1. Analysis and evaluation of what the world is doing/offering especially related to their business and industry:

You have learned in many books and saw also in real life is that entrepreneurs are great learners. But who teaches them and where and how they learn. The answer is simple, they learn from people (customers/consumers) and industry leaders.

So now you can use the internet for this. You can read blogs, watch business documentaries on youtube, see comments, see videos ads, search ads, display ads and use social media and analyze what’s happening in the market and how other businesses driving customers from the internet.

It’s all about learning and growth. If you want to grow your business, you can think to use the internet and learn how the internet can be effective and beneficial for you.  

As a Small business owner and entrepreneur you can use the internet to learn the following things:

  • You can use youtube to watch business development videos. You can subscribe to business coaches and trainers channels. You can comment on videos and ask questions.
  • You can use the internet to follow the Facebook business pages of your industry leaders that you like, share and comment. You can join business communities, groups related to your field on social media. It keeps you updated and connected with the brands you’re willing to work with. 
  • You can buy the best business books or you can download ebooks related to your business on the internet.
  • You can listen to the podcast of your industry leaders.
  • You can use google keyword planner and google trends to see what people are searching on the internet related to your products and services.
  • You can join online entrepreneurship courses and degree programs that make you highly expert in the industry. 


These are the uses of the internet that you can use for learning as a small business owner or entrepreneur.

2. To build the online presence of your business:

The majority of new-age small business owners and entrepreneurs use the internet to build the online presence of their business. For that they use social media such as Facebook page, listing on google my business, create youtube channels, building a website for business. And you can do the same for your business if it suits you. 

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3. To capture digital marketing opportunities:

Digital marketing provides greater opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs to grow sales, grow customer base and build a long-term relationship. For this goal, you can use search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, display advertising, video ads, sponsored post, blog and many more methods and applications of doing digital marketing. And it will cost you less and help to target the right customer with the right products. 

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4. To reduce the business cost:

There are many businesses started from home and within a small amount of investment. They have great ideas and high-quality services that make a positive difference in people’s life. But they are unable to grow it due to an overload of investment required earlier.

That’s why they move to the internet and use its effective applications and methods for their business advantages such as cloud computing and cloud storage, artificial intelligence and less costly methods of online marketing such as blogging, video channels, social media marketing, etc.  You can use the internet to reduce the cost of doing business. 

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5. To hire a workforce and freelancers:

It’s very difficult for business owners and entrepreneurs to find and hire talent for the right job. It’s more difficult for home-based business owners and startups. No one wants to work with small businesses for many reasons.

That’s why if you’re not getting talented people in the local area then you can try freelancing websites on the internet to hire people for projects. You just have to list the project on a website such as upwork, freelance, Toptal and freelancer (working from home/small office from any country) can select and bid for projects.

You can also search on google when you need any kind of talent such as website design services in port hope etc.

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6. For business transactions

This is the common use of the internet for business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide but more in India especially after the digital India campaign and cashless economic transaction goals of our prime minister.

It means that all the business transactions will be online from paying fees to freelancers, receiving payments from clients/customers using payment gateways on the website and in the situation of bigger cash flow growth.

In this way using the banking system for business transactions not only help you to manage/ access your credits and debits details but also helps the national economy to grow and stabilize.

7. Communication and relationship building with people:

Communication and relationship building is another common use of the internet for business owners and entrepreneurs. Many able to convert it into business leads and more sales. Many convert it into the passive income stream or the separate business.

They discuss certain things in business such as sales and marketing, team building, motivation, technical aspects, and political points. This way they build communities using online platforms such as Facebook groups and pages, personal blog websites, youtube channels, ebooks, and business events. They communicate, listen, help, motivate and guide based on their personal and professional experiences for human development.

Many participate in social and economic development activities and online campaigns. In this way, they become popular for good cause. And this also helps to grow their business, especially after getting media attention.

By using similar practices on the internet you can also expand your business in a new location, city, and country. That will gives you more customers and opportunities to grow your sales. And it will generate more profit for your business and you.

It just means you can open the door for others and enter into the doors opened for you on the internet for personal and business development possibilities of today. 

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8. You can use the Internet to automate business process and system:

Business automation means using robots or applications and web tools that auto-scale the storage capacity in higher website/application traffic (users), auto analyze the marketing campaign performance and indicate, notifications, blog post/video/chatbots that communicate with the new and existing customers in the absence of representatives, use of social media and email marketing automation tools and application such as MailChimp, hot suite, etc. are the ways you can use the internet to automate your income sources.

In future cloud computing IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and artificial/business intelligence tools, applications and services also expand the use of the internet for this generation of entrepreneurs to automate the business. So it’s better to start thinking and creating future plans for expansions. 

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9. You can use the internet to run a separate online business or another source of income: 

Online businesses are popular worldwide. It is the biggest evolution of the internet or you can also say the goal of doing business online helped to develop and expand the power of the internet.

Now small business owners and entrepreneurs especially the younger generation starting and doing business online. It can be affiliate marketing, publishing, freelancing, e-commerce, youtube channel and many other methods of doing online business and earning a viable income.

There are various opportunities for unemployed but skilled people to run the business instead of doing jobs. But the online competition is hardest as compared to offline business. It takes times, but many successful.

It means you can use the internet to provide Freelance services for national and international clients. You can build business websites and business tools and then sell them. You can create and provide many digital services for people. And to do that, you can invest some money to hire deserving candidates. If you need any help with this you can message me here

10. You can use the internet to make a difference in the world:

You can use the internet to make a difference in the world. It means that business owners and entrepreneurs can use the internet to make a positive difference in their own lives and others. It can be to achieve personal, social, national and economic goals.

For this goal, you can expand and market the services to the people need high-quality products and services. You can create an application that helps in the development of your country. You can educate people.

And to achieve similar goals you can use social media, search engines, websites, videos, podcasts, ebooks, and many other communication methods on the internet.

In one sentence, business owners and entrepreneurs can make the best use of the internet to achieve their personal and national goals.

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