How to mange your time without stress

Stress Free Time Management is the key of productivity. Time management is essential for productivity but sometime it opens the door for stress and anxiety. Experts, managers and universities are often teaching you the benefits of time management. I agree with their guidelines to follow time management. But I don’t agree that it is essential to follow for greater productivity and happier life. But my simple fundamental for success, productivity, and stress free life is only one that “Don’t waste time but do what you like in real time and give 100 % for task”. In this post I will explain to you some great stress free time management tips.

What is Time Management?

According to the Wikipedia, “Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.
The above definition is ok and best for managers, job worker or robotic humans. Time management is followed by people who waste the time often. They make to do list, prime goals and sometime achieve them successfully. But they do not smile, they don’t drink lots of water, see the people around your circle. Managers are hired to manage people and make profit as much as possible. And that’s why they created such things for employees and suggesting people that manage time. We all have one life to live and this is needed to be managing to live successfully. This is a funniest joke for me. This is bad advice for people some leaders and mangers are producing on the internet and real life. May be you are disagree with me. But analyze your life and career in which most of the time you are following rules and guidelines. Who they are? Why you need to follow their advice?
Ok, we need to learn from every successful people. This is way to be productive but productive doesn’t mean you are happier in your life and with family. And my time management is related to freedom and flexibility. I believe in freedom and the almost all honest freelancers agree with me why it is important to follow stress free work environment and life.
Passionate people never need to follow time and they always do what they want. They are not bound to follow time management. They are learners, creator, time changers and they don’t follow. You can’t guide others if you are happy to following things without values.

My suggestions for Stress free time management:

I am suggesting these all after I followed every rule of these people more than 7 years. And it is not beneficial in long term and leads me to stress in my career and business. So, I created my own fundamental and it will work great for me. You can try these all minimum 7 days and then tell me about your experience.
What to do? And what not to do if you want stress free life?

1) Follow the process not a planner

Never waste your time in effective planning. Effective planning means you are software in which need to add every code that is essential for output. Don’t add any robotic code in your programs and task, you are already complete machine you don’t need more than two eyes, you don’t need 4 legs.
What to do?
When you get up in the morning ask one question. What is important? And then follow the answers. And when you’re done that thing then ask “What is next? Keep following this rule in every morning for than 7 days and see the results.

2) Never focus on goals, focus on values:

There are clever business people or mangers who force their teams to follow goals and this is important when you running a big company or business or want to take lead over competitors. All the goals are publicity and income oriented.
For example a banker goal is to open more accounts in their banks for that they force there team to go into the market experiment the power of inveiglement and seduction and get more customers. And later when we visit the bank for related work their communication changed, there priorities changed. Goals are useless unit you not have value added objectives.
What to do?
Connect small things together and make it large later. Small steps are good. Set one thing for one day. Set your goals according to time and situation. Be flexible with yourself.

3) Time table and your mood:

Millions of people are failed to follow time table or resolutions etc. answer if you know in the comment below? But my answer is they follow other people or failed methods to be productive but they forget their own strengths. Some experts are advice you to check email between 11:00 am to 12:00 and some check in the morning and similar in the night. They are suggested experts by followers say they are experts and I say they are nothing. Why? Because they are directing humans in wrong direction. In which we are all busy and we don’t have time for each other.

What to do?
Work on your strength. Whenever you want, do whatever you want to do. If you want to dance in office then dance, if you want to drink, drink. And see the effects and do things accordingly. Work whenever you like to work not matter what is the time. Every minute is in your hand, you are free to live. Enjoy everything every minute.


My simple advice is that if you are a new in business field, student or anyone who have to deal with stress during the work stop reading about time management tips and start following yourself. Do what is important in real time and focus on the process. Work whenever you want to work and never compare yourself with others. You are great if you have time for family. You family want you not money. And your boss or manager only wants results and they don’t care you’re dealing with stress.
Now days all the schools, college are programing students to the point, lots of homework, tasks to handle. Humans are wasting 40% of life in studying outdated syllabus. No one is there to teach in your real time. So, believe in yourself, drink lots of water, do yoga and enjoy everything that comes in your way.
Don’t waste your life by following outdated people and copier, follow your heart there is god, feel your breath and think what is important for you this time? No one is successful and no one is failure it’s a mentality generated after the comparison in between human being. And never compare yourself with other, but learn.

Follow this line for next 7 days: What is important to do now? And after important, what is next?
Don’t live your whole life by searching for tips on Google; just do things with good intentions.

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