How to overcome social anxiety disorder

How to overcome social anxiety disorder. It’s too easy to go in the mood of negative creativity in the day to day life. Life is so beautiful than your brain. Life contains the certain things to live in the challenging environment of nature. We are responsible for the things that happen with us. Sometime we are happy to live any kind of life that happens with us. So, what we have to do. Don’t think what is good or bad. Just believe that you are not playing with your negative evils. Yes, I believe that if we all start doing things what we love to do. The social crises going back in the tunnels. So what we need to create that kind of future we love. We want the power of feelings. And these are the best method to find piece in the heart.
We have to start behaving positively towards the power of attraction. Where you actually want to go. If you are thinking that what circumstances are going with you so it’s very tough to do something for future? The future you want to live. You need only one thing behave that you are doing what you love to do and what is best for you. But always remember you are not start doings things that hurt others feeling specially your parents. If you complaining that you are not getting right people in your circle so it’s impossible to scan who is right or wrong. Whenever you meet with the people in your circle you started thinking negatively towards them. Read again what I say, you are thinking that the person is nothing in front of you. And you forget self-esteem of the person. And most important is to you that how you think that about.
Your brain judges the person using eyes, ear, and nose. These things sending you the inputs about the person. And your brain is start creating the picture of the person. The picture is the thing which we include visuals, sound of colors, fragrance of theme. But it’s too logical to understand in one time. You have to read the lines again to get in the point of words. And after the picture enabled in your brain start doing the things what you mean with the person.
You start behaving according to the situation need from you. Because our heart is so beautiful than our brain. Because we want own joy, understand next lines deeply. “Our brain run so fast when getting the picture of powerful things.” Like: pictures of money, pictures of nudity, and pictures of the things that we often see in today’s time.
And then you start behaving with the person according to their personality. When you get riches, intelligent, smart person more than you in front of yourself you behaving that you are too. Because the picture in your brain giving you the messages the person is same as you are. That’s why we think that about other guy is same as you are. And you judge wrongly. That’s why there is a saying don’t judge the person according to their clothes.
And the same technologies work with everything we touch, we push, we feel, we get, we see, we feel.
We all fear from the sea, landscape, negative astrology, dogs, snake, people with guns etc. That you fear because the picture sending the messages to you that you can’t fight with situation. Because your personal power is less than the things.
Think about these things when you going to interview you are nervous, whenever you are alone in the unknown midnight place and you are seeing the darkness of time travel. You are listening different sounds around yourself. And you start fearing.
So the lesson is, “don’t fear the future, embrace it as more as you can”. And connect with good people. You judge from the heart. Look it in the eyes of the person. Concentrate in the eyes of person. If the person is less then you the person ignoring your inputs. The person start looking here and there, interrupting your words or giving you stronger and powerful words. If you find somebody uncomfortable in front of you think that you are greater than this. Same believe on the negative situation and feel that situation is small than you. Your feelings are so beautiful than your brain.
We fear when face negative crunches point in day to day life. We all feared from things in our childhood, when we were infant. We can’t go in the arms of others unless mother and fathers. And now pictures are working similar right now.
So I know you get my point. So start the image of thoughts as inputs you get from this reading. As you are already in mood. If you read this post with concentration you learn one thing that ‘fear is nothing more than image.’
That’s why’s you have to do these things differently. So what you have to do when you start fearing. You are doing many things already to get out from fear.
1. When you feel headache you takes medicine.
2. When you feel hungry you take food.
3. When you feel frustration you take alcoholic.
4. When you don’t see money then you are go for money.
5. When you see responsibilities you work.
6. As big as your fear you start to remove.
All these are correct and most of us do these. But we have to do these things positively with the future. We need to get good people in circle. We have to participate in group meetings etc.
Whenever the weather is bad, we tend to assume that it will remain that way forever. But the moment the Sun peeks out from behind a cloud, we start to believe that the new reality is the permanent one. Don’t fear the future, embrace it. That’s why for better future we start working right now. And start continuously with positive attitudes. Don’t fears just take the opportunities? Opportunities always come with fear. Make your heart beautiful with the help of brain. And start doing good work. Start working with your passion.

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