How to start freelancing as a web developer?

How to start freelancing as a web developer

If you’re doing BCA or MCA or Near to complete your degree then freelancing as a web developer can be one of the big option for you.  It’s great that you know the languages like C, C++, Java and PHP with web designing. And its great point that you don’t want to earn much. Yes, we can’t chase the money without any job, work and without clients. Money will chase you in your career if you manage to ignore this in early and more focus on work, jobs and clients.

I want to say that information you read and learn on the internet is not. If something is good for me so far in my career then it’s not a guarantee that it will work same for you. Your situation, demand for your skills, tools & resources, knowledge and time will be some big points to consider when choosing freelancing as a career.

I am creating freelancing web development plan for you. I am selecting your PHP and Web designing skills. I hope in this case you have all necessary tools and resources such as Laptop/Computer, Internet Connection and some amount of money (not necessary).

If you completed MCA and want to earn money then here is my best article on MCA: How to earn money after MCA degree?

How to get projects as a freelance web developer? How to start working as a freelance web developer? What to do to get web development works?

Create a Freelancing Business Plan on Paper

1. Write all your skills on paper.

Such as PHP, WordPress, C, C++, Java etc. Write about strengths and weaknesses. And money you want to make during this.

Follow this Sample: 

PHP Development       Knowledge – 70%        Proof of Knowledge    – Login Page, Subscription Form etc.

C, C++                            Knowledge — 40%       Proof of Knowledge    – Any OS, Apps, Game, Desktop apps

Java                                Knowledge -30%                     -do-                  – do-

WordPress                    Knowledge – 60%                    -do-                  Website, Plugin development etc.

HTML/CSS                   Knowledge – 65%                    -do-                  Website Design, PSD to HTML etc.

Above is just a sample that you can follow on paper similarly for your skills.

So, the conclusion based on your skills.

1st part PHP/Wordress/CSS/HTML – Web Development

2nd Part PHP/Java/Wordpress/CSS/HTML- Web Development

3rd Part PHP/Java/C,C++/CSS/HTML- Web development

Another sample: What you should capable to do after Titling: WordPress Developer or PHP developer

  1. PSD to HTML Conversion
  2. Theme installation and customization
  3. Plugin development
  4. cPanel and server side configuration
  5. Troubleshooting and bug fixing
  6. etc.

2. Write your strengths and plus points


  1. Quick learner
  2. Able to work continuously 7-10 hours
  3. Hard worker, honest, dedicated and passionate to help others
  4. Communicator and basic business knowledge
  5. Able to execute the plan and creativity
  6. Interested to become Great programmers.
  7. Etc.

3. Write your weakness and solution to improve

  1. Less money to spend on Tech tools/Room rent etc. Solution: Find easy job offline in IT / Teach basic computer education at home for 5-10 people with fees 500-1000 per month.
  2. Weak in English writing and communication Solution: Spend 2 hours daily to Improve English. More about this: Creative tips to learn English language without any paid course
  3. Lazy, upset and negative – Solution: Get up early and do meditation and exercise daily. Eat homemade food and fresh meals. More about this: Top 7 benefits of Waking up Early in the Morning
  4. Worry about people “what will people say? Solution: Just listen and don’t reply. Never share your feelings and plans to those people. Trust on your skills and develop your personality, work hard and believe on God. Just focus on your plans. Show them when you achieved something: laptop, car, house etc. They will follow you later. People are always saying and criticizing even God. More about this: Stop worrying about others thoughts
  5. Less focus/family responsibilities – Solution: Talk to parent’s in humble way about your plan that you want to do such things. They will support you.


4. Answer following questions in your way?

(i) Why you want to become developer or programmer?

Sample Answer: I want to program robots. I want to create search engine in Hindi etc.

(ii) Why selecting freelancing as a best option?

Sample answer: I can work anytime from anywhere with high payouts and it will save my time. Later I will convert freelancing to big web Development Company.   Etc.

(iii)Do you want to do freelancing or programming in next 20 years?

Might be but next 3 years it’s very important for me to learn and get some experience in programming field. While in same time I want to make income.

(iv)What if you failed in first, second and third attempt?

No problem, I have my part time job or small work or savings or parents are giving me pocket money for next 6 months to 1 year to build successful career. If I fail then I can start again and I will do the research on the mistakes that I did so far. If again fail, I will try again until I am not able to start making money.  More about this:

(v) What is your freelancing success?

When I have 3 clients and 40-50 thousands earnings per month.

(vi) How much money you want to make?

In next six month I don’t want to focus on money. If I earn then it’s good and I will spend that money to buy new tech tools. I know money will follow me. 10,000 or 50,000 to 1,00,000 is enough to earn monthly to support my family and to achieve my dreams.

(vii)What you do with that money if you’re able to save?

I will give 30% to my parents. I will spend 10% to learn more. I will spend 20% to savings or fixed deposits. I will spend 20% for daily expenses. I will invest 20% or hire someone to invent few things for me. Related:

(viii) What else you want to do after you have enough work and money?

I will spend time to plant new trees on my land. I will spend one day to clean water resources. I will spend some money to grow and development of natural resources. I will help others to become successful freelancers and for the development of human being.


5. How and where to market or sell your freelancing skills?

Select and list the options you have to sell and marketing for your skills.


  1. Select one online freelancing jobs/projects platform websites such as Upwork, guru, freelancer etc.  More about this : How to apply job in Upwork
  2. Create your profile and start applying for jobs and projects. Minimum 2-3 daily when you will begin. Here is the tips for this: 14 Tips to get your first client on Upwork
  3. See the projects related to PHP and WordPress and learn those skills same time on the internet.
  4. Create social media marketing page where you think companies and people can contact to you. Such as your own website, Linked In profile and Facebook Business page. More about this: Why you need to promote your upwork profile and how to do it
  5. Apply and find small projects in starting. Here you can learn more about this:How to write Upwork cover letter for jobs & Projects
  6. Write & communicate about what kind of results and solution you’re going to provide people?
  7. When you start marketing your skills offline or online the most important thing that you communicate about your skills in simple and easy way. If you talk to your family members and in network that you’re PHP Developer or programmers or freelancer then they will not get your points soon. Your first clients can be your family member, relatives and neighbours if you produced yourself and your services as a complete solution in easy way. More about this:How to find good clients on Upwork?

For example: If someone asked you offline such questions then your answer could be like this:  

1. Who are you?

My name..

2. What you do?

I design and create business websites.

3. How much you charge for website?

It depends on your business requirements and results you want to get from website.

The average cost of website designs is 15000 and more advanced development it can be more 20-50000 thousands.

4. Do have other developed websites or your work to showcase the samples?

Yes, my designed and developed website is:,, etc.

Note: If you’re developer or designer then your own website is first reference or sample to show others.


Note: Write this kind of clear definitions and communication points when you’re start talking to potential people offline. You can learn this or my points of view when you will start pitching and practising.

6. Branding and Marketing for Freelancers

This is most important part in freelancing business. In your freelancing business success road there are many web development companies, seo service provider or designers bidding and pitching similar proposal to clients. What you can do? For example: search on web development companies in your city. You got the information about their services and clients. So, now don’t copy them but write and try and create better solutions for clients.

(A) Many web development Indian companies are very poor in designs and development and especially in the customer support or care. So, the plus point for you is that you can provide 12*7 supports for your clients. This is called branding.

(B) Be like a professional in your field. Your dress, profile picture, communication should be better than others.

(C) Test your behavior in certain situations. And try to improve your personality and communication day by day.

(D) Your profiles, website and samples should be ready and follow the same colors and content.

7. Conclusions

   (i) Do it,  you can only learn by doing. The first starting point for web developer or anyone is that tell other that you build websites. Tell people that you solve such problem in such price. The more people you talk about the work you do the better it will be. Create profile on freelancing platforms and start Applying and bid for jobs & projects. And then see what happen?

(ii) If you don’t want to do it full time then do part time. In that time start building and crating your profile/websites on freelancing sites and start telling about your skills. Create and collect everything or create proper plan as I mentioned above before you left your full time job.

(iii) Another solution is that do part time job related to IT to earn some money. And in other time spend all your time on freelancing.

(iv) When you start freelancing it will look very tough. Don’t think negative just do it for try but do it seriously. Your day schedule should be like this if you want it part time.



4 AM to 6 AM – Bidding on Projects.

6 AM to 7 AM – Learn about web development or related skills.

7 AM to 7:30 AM – Meditation and exercise


In evening

7 PM to 8 PM – Practice on the work and build your website or other things as mentioned above.

10 PM to 11 PM – Apply for 2 jobs or projects.


This is just sample time table for freelancers. But you can do it by own.

Note: You need laptop if you’re working part time or full time. You have something to check notification/messages from client.  When you do freelancing part time make sure that you apply for fixed price jobs or shorter duration jobs.

Keep learning and executing. Don’t fear thousands of people are doing it for freedom, flexibility, and wealth.

I hope I answered all your questions and doubts. But if you are still in doubts or I missed something in above post then ask me. I am here to share my experiences with you.

Best of Luck! Happy Freelancing! 🙂 

Note: The above suggestion and tips are my own personal experiences. These are working for me. So, don’t implement or execute just on my suggestions, always include your own creativity and common sense too.

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