How to stay at home positively due to #covid-19

We all know that due to the #covid-19 virus it’s a very difficult, sad and negative situation for us. But if we all follow the guidelines of governments, doctors, and caretakers then it will help to diagnose, remove the covid-19 effects. We’re all very grateful for their commitment towards humanity, duty, and leadership to save the life of people. Therefore, we need to stay at home and to stay safe. And I know that you’re wise enough to take care of yourself and your family.

The covid-19 virus is affecting us personally, mentally, socially, environmentally and financially. All kinds of professionals, jobs, businesses are getting affected. But life is more important. Humanity is more important. Society is more important. The nation is more important. That’s why we need to follow social distancing, stay at home orders, lockdown as per the government guidelines.

I know it’s difficult for us to stay at home for so many days. We all have our own liabilities and duties. Think, about those who are unable to feed their families due to this social distancing and stay at home orders. How they will survive? Let’s hope that our social leaders, NGO’s and Government will take care of this. And we can also contribute some way possible.

It’s a negative situation. But we can’t handle it with negativity. We have to think and act positively while at home and on social media.

It also helps to build a positive environment that also good for other family members such as elders and kids as well. The covid-19 virus is impacting our routines patterns and habits. And due to that people can become angry, stressful, negative, anxious and uncertain about the future. That’s why it’s important to all of us while staying at home is to stay positive and confidently but without negligence. Be responsible as a citizen, human being and stay at home positively.

We can do the following things at home that will create a positive, confident environment and on social media as well.  And this positivity will help everyone including government, medical, social leaders to handle this situation and remove the coronavirus from the community and earth.

  1. Eat Less so that you don’t have to visit too often outside. For example, if hungry for 5 chapatis then eat 3 or 4.

It will give you 3 immediate benefits during the lockdown:

  • You will remain healthy and fit.
  • You don’t have to visit grocery shops so that the remains less crowded during the lockdown.
  • The government will be able to balance the distribution of food items and it will also save your money.
  1. During the lockdown, you can read books that are in your home. Even you can study your child’s books to know what they are reading and learning. Reading books related to leadership, your profession or personal or business development books will develop new creative thoughts, cells in your brain as well as skills and strategies to do business or job effectively.

Here you can learn more: Importance of reading books in our life

  1. Do yoga and exercise and include your kids also in this. They will also feel good and fit. And it will also help you to feel positive, energetic and help to maintain your health at home.
  2. Spend time with family members who miss you during your business and job schedule. Help your wife in cooking and cleaning. Serve your parents.
  3. You can watch your wedding movie and photos. It will give you both the time to think about each other.
  4. If you’re professional then invest your home time in building new skills. You can learn or improve your technical, business skills. For example, you can learn about taxations, business administration, business strategy, and financial management.

Here are some useful skills and posts:

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  1. You can use social media to spread and aware people of the lockdown, stay at home, stay safe.
  2. If you’re running IT-related business or you’re a solo entrepreneur then you can use this time study your business journey so far. You can build a new plan that is human friendly.
  3. If you’re bloggers, writer, YouTubers then you can use this time at home to create stock for new articles and videos.
  4. If you like gardening, music or have another indoor hobby then spend the time in that.
  5. You can play indoor games with kids.
  6. You can share your business, career, school stories with kids.
  7. You can educate your kids about the current situation in the nation and how we all will handle it.

I know it’s tough to concentrate. But you can do it. That’s ok if you don’t have to do anything related to your business and profession at home. You can use this time as a break from work. It will recharge you for upcoming challenges. Just get busy in-home related work.

But be careful and responsible to follow the government guidelines and also aware others through social media to follow.

You don’t need to get panic. Everything has a solution. Might not immediately but definitely our doctors and scientist leaders will find out the solutions very soon. The thing we can do to help others is to just stay at home and stay safe.

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