How to teach Photoshop Skills to beginners efficiently

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphic design tool. Graphic design is a combination of creativity and technical skills. To become a master in Adobe Photoshop uses, the focus should be on the use of techniques through creativity.

So, when teaching photoshop or graphics design skills for beginners it’s important that you set goals for students on your own. These are actually your photoshop teaching goals.

If we follow these 2 goals then it’s easy and effective to train students in adobe photoshop.

So now let me share with you the techniques of teaching photoshop in the following points:

1. Show examples and then explain about the Adobe Photoshop Software:

In your first-class, you can show students about the things that are created through adobe photoshop. For example, you can show images on google after searching for photoshop creativity. You can also share your own created images and samples.


It’s because if you start your photoshop class with the theory then it will not create interest in students’ minds. It will not excite them to learn. That’s why share the creative images that are created with photoshop. Explain those images. When students see those images and understand your explanations, they will start imagining. And they will start thinking. Now, this thinking helps them feel excited to use tools.

Even you can show each day 1 image and then help them to create that.

2. Teach photoshop function or menu through examples:

If you’re teaching blur function then make sure you’re using that in the photo. And once you did. Now give students the task to blur the certain part in the image.

Similarly, when you teach them about the color palettes then teach them through examples. For example, take a flower picture then show them how each leaf color code is different. So, teach each tool with an example. And after each class give them the related tasks.

3. Take interest and behave like a student:

Don’t think you’re a teacher. Don’t even think you’re teaching. Instead, think like you’re a student similar to them. Sit with them. And then get them all to focus on what you’re creating. Inspire them with your practical knowledge that you’re showcasing while creating the raster graphics.

Make sure that you’re leading the class.

For example: If you’re teaching about background removal then do it on your own with full interest.

4. Teach each day new tools and techniques:

You have to be creative. If you don’t think creatively you can’t teach photoshop. That’s why come with new ideas to teach photoshop graphic design or photo editing techniques each day.

The best way is to take the existed design examples and create them in front of students.

You can create logos of bigger companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Adidas, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Google, Intel, IBM etc.

Also, create banner images. Create a typography.  Edit images. Do all the possible creative things that you can do.

Consistent teaching help students to learn faster. And students expect to learn each day a new thing.

5. Teach each tool and techniques one by one:

Don’t try to teach everything at once. There are thousands of functions and features in adobe photoshop it takes time to learn them. Make students good in each thing one by one.

For example:

Day 2: Teach them about the polygon lasso tool.

Day 3: teach them about the color combination.

Day 4: Background removal.

Day 5: Colour correction.

Day 6: Photo manipulation.

Day 7: Shadow

Day 8: CSS color code or use on the website.

Day 9: Chrome color extension.

Day 10: Teach about copyright and trademark.

Day 11: Teach about the uses of Adobe Photoshop.


You can make 1000+ teaching topics. And you can choose them as per the students learning speed.

Some students will learn fast and some will take time. Those are taking time to do the work sit with them and show them how to do that.

6. Explain students about the real photoshop job:

Visit freelancing sites such as Upwork, freelancer, guru, and many others. Show students about the various photoshop projects such as photoshop to HTML conversion, Website home page design, layout design, logo design, etc.

Explain these projects. How they will be done and do all in front of them.

You can show these things once they are able to use basic functionality and understand the concepts of fonts, colors, shapes.

The point is that train them for real work that will do after completing your online or offline course. It’s because they are not learning or doing a course because they have to do the course.

They are learning photoshop because they want to become skilled to start the job, do freelancing or do their own business. So just help them to learn the actual work that clients are paying money for. If they learned that work, then they will get paid and employment as well. Then your institute, online course or youtube channel become popular.

7. Take Test, Create Quizzes and competition between all of them:

Test, quiz, and competition help you understand where they stand with photoshop skills. It will also help them to become competitive. So, each week take a practical test.

For example:

  • Give them a task to change the colors of hair.
  • Give them a task to remove dust from the face in the photo.
  • Give them a design to create similar copies.
  • Let them create color plates, typography, and many other things.

8. Give them time to practice:

Not only teach them daily. But also give them time to practice. You don’t need to rush to finish the syllabus. Once they become confident, they will automatically complete the syllabus even without your lessons. You know that practice makes them perfect. That’s why it’s important for them that each day they practice photoshop techniques for 1 hour.

Also, when they practice in front of you. Show them their mistakes. Also, appreciate them for their design and creativity. And never tell to students that they can’t do this or that.

Always keep saying that they can do it, they can learn it, they can practice. And the one who will keep learning and practice will be able to become the designer they dream to become.

You just have to identify the mistakes then show them to correct that.

 8. Don’t try to make them like you:

You might be master; you can be most creative and talented. You can be lots of knowledge. But your goal is to not make them like you. Your goal is to make them more than you. Your goal is to make them competitive. Let them compete with you. Show them how to defeat you. Show them the things they have to follow to compete in the real market. Help them follow the path to become successful in this area.

Tell and share your photoshop story. Share your own work and inspiration behind that work.

9. Teach them to learn without you:

The goal here is to build the learning mindset in the students so that they can automatically start learning new photoshop skills, techniques. It’s not good for their career if they depend on each thing on you. You have to make them independent professionals. And they can’t become the professional until they haven’t learned how to learn on their own. How they can learn from the work of others. How they can learn online. How they can do various online photoshop courses. How they can apply for photoshop jobs and projects.

It’s your duty as a professional photoshop teacher to make them real professionals in the graphic design field.

I know many students who have done 1 year + graphics design courses but still, they can’t create color plates on their own. And even many students don’t know what is that.

The point here is that show them online learning sources. Show them other photoshop experts. Share the photoshop related websites, designers, tools, videos that they can use.

10. Create class Video Tutorials and upload them on YouTube:

If you want to teach more if you want them to follow your guide if you want them to learn also at home or in free then record your class tutorials and upload them on your own youtube channel. If you don’t have the youtube channel then create one. And upload short videos specially in which you’re teaching a specific technique, menu, or tool.

Let students can subscribe to you and in the future when you create a new topic they can see it.

 11. Create an online Adobe Photoshop Course:

I don’t know how you’re teaching. But if you’re teaching on YouTube, or an institute or in your company then it’s time that you can create online adobe photoshop course. If you’re a skilled teacher then be confident to teach the world. No matter you know one thing or 100 things.

Might be people can reject you in the beginning. But don’t stop because of failures. Instead, start again because of failures. Teaching online is different from then offline. But the basics of training students are the same. There are many online courses marketplaces where you can launch the adobe photoshop course. There are also companies or websites where you can teach adobe photoshop skills online. Your online adobe photoshop course also costs less for students. And due to that, each student can able to learn. you can also diversify your uses of adobe photoshop skills such as teaching, freelancing and running youtube channels.

So, friends, I hope the above tips will be very helpful for you to teach adobe photoshop skills for beginners.

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