How you can improve your computer skills effectively and faster

The more you learn, work and practice the faster you will be able to improve your computer skills. You have to create as many samples or exercises while you practice. And you also have to work on bigger and difficult tasks. Not only that you have to be remain updated with the software and hardware parts.
If you want to be a teacher in Computer or Information Technology then you have to spend a daily minimum of 2 hours for learning. And to teach students with the quality you have to have practical computer skills, that comes with the works that you will do. You can also improve your skills by following tech expert videos and blog websites. If not enough, then you can do online courses. And once any new release comes in the software, you have to practice and check that immediately.

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Consistent improvement in any computer skills helps to produce more quality in a quick time. To improve computer skills there is a fixed answer that is practice more. But it’s not only about practice, but it’s also about how/what to practice. If you’re practicing, but practicing in the wrong ways instead of creative ways then it’s tough to improve computer skills.

For example, if you’re typing daily for 2 hours to improve computer typing speed, but you’re practicing by watching keyboard then it’s not an improvement. Might be you can improve to 20 wpm but you can’t compete with the people typing in 50 wpm without watching keys/alphabets on the keyboard.

It’s because you’re practicing, but not practicing that is important to achieve your personal, official, career and business goals by using computers.

So in this article, I will share with your the top tips that will help you to improve your computer skills.

If you want to improve your computer typing skills then:

  • Practice daily for 30 to 60 minutes each day. You can find typing lessons online and various other tutorials. But one thing that you need to remember is that don’t watch the keyboard.
  • Type newspaper headlines and stories. It will help you to practice new and trending words.
  • Type news headlines scrolling at the bottom of the TV.
  • Set timing to type 1000 words within 5 minutes.

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If you want to improve your document writing and editing skills:

  • Create as many exercises as you can in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • You can include admission, registration forms, resumes, letters, tables, job letters, applications and various other forms to create.
  • Whatever documents that you have or find try to create them by your own in ms word.
  • If you want to become an expert in document writing and editing, you can do online courses, you can watch videos on the youtube, you can read blogs and books. The goal should be to learn and practice your skills for 1 hour daily on the latest and trending documents. So that when you work in the office or for clients then it takes less time with the highest level of quality.


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If you want to improve your data management or excel skills then:

  • In Microsoft, excel uses tables, charts, and various other formulas and functions to create more accurate and easy to follow exercises.
  • You can see a sample template and then create the new one from making changes in the existed layout and functionality.
  • You can practice on youtube excel tutorials.
  • You can create new forms and visualizations for your own financial and data management.  
  • Under the uses of Microsoft Excel then create min. 5 samples for single use.
  • Create and learn more min. 2 ways of doing the same thing.  
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If you want to improve your writing skills then:

  • Improve your subject vocabulary. If you’re writing medical content then it’s important to learn 5-10 new medical words daily. Similarly, if you’re writing on politics, it’s important to learn and use 5-10 political words daily. Overall the goal is to improve the vocabulary and it can be from a dictionary, newspaper, watching news and documentaries.
  • Write your daily activities in the diary. If you want to improve your storytelling skills in English then write in the English language. Communicate with yourself when you’re writing. It’s because only you’re the 1st reader and listener of your content.
  • Try to become knowledgeable and clear about the subject that you’re writing.
  • And obviously, write daily.


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If you want to improve your graphics designing skills then:

  • Get inspired by the designs of other graphic designers on the web and try to create them on your own.
  • When you see TV/Magazine/Newspaper advertisement and then try to create them.
  • Practice various design tools. It’s also is that few designs and creation is easy in the specific tools. For example, if you’re trying to photo editing in adobe photoshop then it’s good but if you’re trying to create a logo in adobe photoshop then it’s little tough than adobe illustrator and Corel Draw.
  • Explore your creativity and complete your design.
  • Always focus on the message that you want to communicate with people through your design and paint.
  • Create designs for your own personal satisfaction.
  • Allow creativity to take over your thoughts.

If you want to improve your programming skills:

  • Learn from open source platforms, code, StackOverflow and GitHub.
  • Try to write your 5 lines code into a single line.
  • Write syntax so that others can edit and make changes in that.
  • Practice the various coding styles and methods of programming experts.
  • Find new problems and create solutions.


The common thing that you find is that you learn from experts and use their ideas in your own projects. Keep learning about the subject as deep as possible by practicing new and creative stuff.  Always open your mind to trying new things or creativity.

Learn from all the available sources such as free videos, online courses, ebooks, promotional mail, social media.

A creative mind can learn from anyone. So be creative and keep creating things. The more you learn about your subject the more it will reflect in your words, designs, communication, and created materials.  

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