How you can start your own eCommerce Website : Online Store

On the internet in which you can sell and buy products is called an e-commerce website. An eCommerce website is an electronic method of conducting business. From trading, buying, selling, customer relationship, financial transactions, support, customer feedback and reviews, delivery details, and billing everything is processed online using an eCommerce website.

If you’re creating home decoration items and selling from home only for local customers then scale up and sell on a large scale online. You can better do it by the eCommerce website.

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You can build an e-commerce website using an eCommerce Website builder. Many website builders provide a fully hosted website, social media integration for login and sharing purposes, drop shipping integration. Using a website builder is an easy way to sell your products online not only through your website but also you can sell on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The 2nd way to build an e-commerce website is by hiring professional website designers or web design agency. The biggest benefits of hiring a website designer to build an e-commerce website are that you can customize the structure, layouts, style, functionality, and everything that enables your website to engage with customers. When a customer gets engaged with the website then there are high chances that they will buy.

You can also compare the top-selling commerce websites and their functionality and option. After that, you can design or delegate the e-commerce website plan with simple to follow methods to the designer.

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When you search a domain name try to find a unique name with keywords that reflect your business. You can follow this practice by the following methods:

  • Search for targeted keywords that people are searching on Google.
  • 2nd find any two or three keywords that have more monthly searches. Minimum 1K to 10K monthly searches. Use Google Keyword Planner.
  • After that try to add a unique word with those keywords.


1 Word = More monthly searches + 1 Word = Unique Word that people got the surprised or common word but unique. And try to make it shorter as much as possible.

When you search for hosting, try to start with a basic plan. The basic plan is good until you’re not getting enough traffic. Else for high quality such as speed and responsiveness VPS or Cloud hosting will be a good option for an e-commerce website.

WordPress Theme selection points: WordPress is a great choice if you’re looking to build an e-commerce website. Try to find best-selling e-commerce themes, you can also read reviews, and comments about the theme and the support services they provide before buying an eCommerce WordPress theme.

After designing the eCommerce website it’s time that you can submit its sitemap to Google and other search engines.

You can also find more targeted keywords that your customers are searching on Google and try to use content marketing methods such as blogging on your eCommerce website. If you’re looking for quick customers you can use Google Adwords and Facebook ads. You can also list your business local business directories. You can also add your store in Google Maps so that people can visit your store offline.

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