Importance of cloud computing worldwide

In this article, you can discover the importance of cloud computing solutions.  Cloud computing practices are boosting the power of the internet more than ever.  Cloud computing evolved the ways we use a computer. Cloud computing is now a challenging opportunity for SME’s and Online businesses to implement cloud computing technologies in their business to increase the value of work and decrease the production cost.

Let’s understand the importance of cloud computing in 10 main points.

1. Cloud Computing is Important to Stop software Piracy Forever.

Cloud computing can prevent or stop software piracy forever. Software piracy is not good for the economic development of the country. And this can be stopped only by software companies, publishers, and distributors by using and implementing cloud computing in the business system.

The simple method they can implement is that they can stop selling the software online for downloading and offline for selling. Instead, charge on a monthly and yearly basis. And provide downloading links after customers buy the subscription such as an Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud is an example that how Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrators, or various other Adobe Inc. applications piracy can be stopped.

Now the same method can be used by small and mid-size software development companies to implement cloud computing in their business structure to increase the profit and product value.

And it’s good for customers if they are getting auto-updated software and applications, auto-scaling, etc. and many other things.

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2. Cloud Computing Reduced the Cost of Conducting Business

The adoption of cloud computing infrastructure will reduce the cost of conducting business. Now companies can store, backup the data, and launch a private cloud network by using the existed infrastructure of cloud computing at a lower cost. They don’t need to buy any physical components to manage and store data. They only need to buy a suitable package to store a large amount of data, backup and set up a virtual private network to handle daily basis data processing and deployment needs.

As an example strikingly, Netflix, spacious and blog mint, etc. are using cloud computing applications to reduce the in-house cost of maintenance and server monitoring.   Similarly, small-scale businesses also have to find out the best cloud storage provider that enables them to start and run business and reach end-user with the lowest cost.

3. Cloud computing increase productivity

In the past, most of the time is spent on the installation of software, maintenance, and backup and daily basis IT problems. Now you don’t need to install any software on your computer and you don’t need to set up the virtual private network manually.

After cloud computing now more than 1 to 100 to 1000 people can use the same application without installation and maintenance of the application on their device from anywhere and anytime. This will save time and it increases the productivity and its great advantages of cloud computing for small-scale business owners.

For example, Microsoft Office is accessible on any device from anywhere without installation. You can store, access, manage and share data using cloud storage web applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and one drive, etc. And you can create and manage an excel sheet with your coworkers using online Microsoft excel.

In the past data storage and management consume more time than development.

Now everything is saved in real-time and even doesn’t need to press Ctrl+S to save the document. Everything is accessible with simple Sign In. Most of the things in cloud computing is automate so you can use your and workforce time in productive things rather than management and monitoring.

4. Makes life of people easier

There are various examples that how technology has changed our lives to be easier. And cloud computing is the next big thing in Information technology that will make life even easier than it is now. That’s why we all use machines to make life easier.

Now people don’t need a higher hard disk drive, memory card on their computer and mobile. They can save data immediately on the cloud with the help of the internet. Cloud computing is a new version of the Internet. They can access and share data and information with high speed and accuracy.

For example, students can save and upload their documents on cloud storage applications such as Google drive and they can download or print those documents anywhere so no need to use a pen drive.

If someone is fighting with low mobile storage space then they can upload their photos and videos to the cloud. They can upload everything including music files, text documents, etc.

Even in the future, you don’t need to install any application on your computer and mobile.

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Cloud computing is making managers jobs easier than ever. Now they can monitor the activity of employees on the application in real-time. What they are doing, when they are doing, what they accessed, and what is the impact of their actions on business performance.

School and college teachers can also use cloud computing applications to monitor and collaborate with students. They can monitor how many lectures are completed by students and how a certain class is performing in a particular subject.

There are various problems daily life problems of citizens in developing countries. Many governments and private companies’ websites are slower due to many reasons and one of the top reasons is slower in-house server infrastructure. That’s why to speed up the process of citizen services by any government they have to utilize the cloud computing services and applications in the data processing environment. That’s why cloud computing adoption creates new opportunities and makes people’s life easier and fast.

5. Multiple storages and backup options

There was a time when the 2GB hard disk is the big thing in computers and today on a normal computer it is more than 1 Terra Byte. When I started the use of a computer then we used to a floppy disk, now the new generation even doesn’t know what is floppy disk or drive.

Today’s generation doesn’t’ want or don’t need to use a pen drive, DVD it’s because there is a better, faster, and secure method. That is cloud storage. Now cloud storage is a method you can back up your data and information. Even stored data on the cloud is not only a single server and it is multi-servers. So you don’t need to worry about your data security.

You can also integrate cloud storage applications in computers and mobile that synchronize and store one copy of your data in the cloud. So if a hard disk, phone storage, or phone accidentally damaged then you have a backup on the cloud. That you can access by using any device or on a new mobile phone.

That’s why it is important to use cloud computing and its applications method to store and backup data without carrying or maintaining any physical device.

6. Speed Up the process of conducting business

Faster computers and high-speed internet connection speed up the process of conducting business. Higher speed in cloud-based applications expands the coloration and connects people on the same table globally by using public or virtual private work environments.

Using Cloud computing technologies in collaboration, chats, deployment, designing, notes, conferences monitoring, and learning, etc. is boosting the performance of teams and managers. Before cloud computing you do not have online option to work on the same sheet, you don’t have to option to develop or test programs on the live server, you don’t have the option to share and hangouts with teammates and you don’t have the option to design graphics, etc. and many more on the internet. But today’s more than this is happening on the Internet through clouds.

If today someone wants to start an e-commerce website then they only need to sign up to create an application. Cloud computing technologies are enabling users to quickly build any type of e-commerce platform, applications. They will get various benefits by using cloud technology to build an online business such as data management, data analytics, real-time monitoring, on-demand scaling, less operational cost, and the fastest way to process big consumer data.

And you only need to pay according to the use. No extra cost or no need to worry if you’re not using all the features. In the past, we have to buy premium packages for certain features but not all are used by us. And that is extra financial Burdon on daily life and business. But now many companies are providing an option to pay for cloud computing features according to your use.

All these things matter to the success of today’s online business. But the use of cloud computing will speed up the process of online business operations at low cost and without the maintenance of physical IT infrastructure. That’s why cloud computing is important to integrate into online business as soon as possible.

7. Automatic maintenance, schedule updates, and auto-scaling

The automation system is one of the most demanding methods in today’s time around the globe in business. Automation in product development, distribution, and management makes cloud computing more powerful IT technology. That’s why many companies trying and implementing cloud computing technologies in business operations.

Automatic maintenance of the server and installed application is very effective and saves time and money. Also, you can schedule certain updates. Cloud computing applications and storage automatically scale up according to the demand. For example, if you host a website on a cloud server and buy an auto-scaling plan then when your traffic grows at a certain time of the day then it will scale up the bandwidth and size of the server for users inputs.

Such as cricket scorecard apps get more traffic during the cricket match and apps publisher required the fastest access, but due to overload in past, it’s not possible to maintain and wear the cost of the server due to alternative web traffic patterns. But after cloud hosting it’s more than easy and less costly and now cloud server automatically scales up their size and features according to the traffic on apps or websites.

Another example, as I saw in the news that the GST portal in India has slowest response time due to an overload of users. Not all people file GST returns at the beginning of the month and most of the business owners start accessing GST services during the last week or day. So, I don’t know where it is hosted in-house or outside. But if auto-scaling implemented in GST Hosted server or website then I think it will reduce the cost and improve the response time according to the demand GST portal users.

In simple terms, suppose the server is a balloon and after a certain level of air it will burst. Similarly, after a certain level of traffic server got crashed due to overload. But in cloud hosting or cloud-hosted applications have the power to expand its size, bandwidth, and features according to air or traffic.  And the traffic on a cloud server is divided into more than one server. And for security it’s the data is run through multiple servers. That’s why it’s really important for all kinds of organizations to implement the cloud computing strategy in their business to maximize the profit and positions the highest customer’s values in the market.

In today’s time, users want the fastest accessibility of data and information and they want to fastest and top-quality conversation on machines. But this is the biggest challenge for the small-scale industry to optimize their resources according to the demand.

But cloud computing is a flexible and innovative way that growing power to solve many business problems. That’s why to speed upscaling the process of business and product development it’s important to use cloud computing.

8. Innovative and advanced Career scopes

Cloud computing is the presence of information technology. But many of us still using the hard disk to store data, setting localhost on the computer to test and develop an application, running application of 2-3 in-house server, using a pen drive, installing Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and various other application in the computer. But that was passed. Now we all need to learn and have to use cloud computing if we want to remain competitive in the jobs and business in the present time.

Cloud computing is a new way of doing things on the computer, so where it’s closing old job designations and reducing men’s power in another way it’s also creating new kinds of jobs and employment opportunities epically for people looking to build a career in information technology.

Job, Career, and Business in the IT field are always challenging but not if someone is committed enough to learn, innovate, and lead the industry. Now it’s another change that requires new degrees, training, teachers, and leaders to optimize human power with innovative technologies to make a balance between humans and technology.


9. Get ahead of the competition

This is time for many individuals, managers, programmers, apps developers, companies, and entrepreneurs to take cloud computing as a business development techniques. That will speed up the cash flow, improve the relationship with customers, position brand strongly in the market, reduce the cost, and provide a collaborative, flexible environment for teams. And taking initiative in the implementation of cloud computing in business gets ached from competition and competitors. That’s why cloud computing is important to integrate into the business.

10. Cloud Computing Challenges with opportunities

Implementation and integration of cloud computing in business can be challenging. Even it’s challenging sometimes for small business owners to buy a new computer or external hard drive. But that’s how business works epically online business.   Online business is a dynamic business model and flexibility to change according to technology and demand, is the most important requirement for success.

In the end, I will say the change is always challenging for everyone. Similarly, it’s challenging to go from an in-house network to virtual private or cloud networks. And especially when in-house data security and user piracy are the biggest concerns.

But to implement cloud computing in the business process and system, you can start with the trial version. You can test certain applications and programs. And if you think you’re getting great results after cloud computing then you can move or run completely your business through cloud computing.

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