Importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario

Digital marketing is the fastest and most effective way to promote and advertise a business online and get more customers and leads. Digital marketing is becoming a synonym for marketing. Digital Marketing is effective and productive in relation to its cost, flexibility, campaign tracking, automation by using search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, display advertising, video marketing, and email marketing. 

The group of digital marketing tools/platforms and methods makes it powerful and provides the fastest method to connect with potential customers. That’s why all kinds of businesses can use it, its effectiveness for customers and data-driven decision make it more powerful in today’s scenario.

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Now let’s understand in the details what is the importance of digital marketing in today’s world for business and how it’s impactful in today’s scenario. How powerful it is. Why it’s a most effective marketing method for startups and existing businesses.

All kind of businesses can use it:

Yes, All kinds of businesses can use from small garment shops to startups and from running a small tour agency to billion dollars businesses. Digital Marketing is not something that is controlled by a few companies and people. It’s for everything. The Internet is not controlled by a few people. And more importantly, it’s not controlled by any.

If you and your business, products, and services are beneficial and beautiful for people and you really want to help them with your products and services that digital marketing is for you and your business.

You don’t do anything new when you use digital marketing. It’s the same as you communicate about your products and services offline. The only difference is in tools, techniques, and platforms. But you can do it with little computer/internet knowledge and after learning the basics of digital marketing.

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How anyone can use digital marketing powers effectively:

  • Freelancer and website designers can use digital marketing platforms such as own website and freelancing websites to get more clients and projects.
  • Teachers can use digital marketing platforms and tools to reach more students worldwide. They can use Videos/Blog to educate the world.
  • Small garment shop can list their business on Google My Business to help nearby customers can find the business location.
  • A tour agency can run a blog and can use content marketing strategy or blog on the business websites to share travel tips with the there potential customers.
  • Product sellers can build eCommerce websites and can sell online by promoting landings pages by using pay per click search engine ads. 
  • Digital marketers can market their services through blogs, ebooks, and videos. 
  • A logo designer can market his/her services through portfolio websites and blogs. 
  • Software and application development companies can use social media to market the products and services.
  • If someone wants to grow sales quickly then they can use Search Engine Marketing and advertise on social media.


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What to use and what not to use is very important to consider to promote/sell/market/advertise services and products by using digital marketing platforms and methods. It means with the right digital marketing strategy everyone can use anything to grow sales and business online.

That’s why because of flexibility digital marketing is so much popular among everyone worldwide and that’s why digital marketing is important.

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Digital Marketing is the fastest way to connect with customers:

There was a time when it takes 10-20 years to build a national and international brand. It was so much difficult to communicate the brand message with the customers. It was very tough to educate them about the products/services. The only method was the TV and radio. But due to the evolution in information technology, it’s possible. Today, almost everyone uses the internet and knows about it. The uses of the internet are different for people. Many use it to gain an education, many use it for marketing, many use it for social networking and many use it for political reasons, etc. Whatever the use, but one thing is important is that people use the internet.

Now we know with data and facts that what people use on the internet. They use social media, they watch videos, they read blogs, they search on Google, etc. And that’s the way you communicate with them.

You can use blogs, videos, social media to communicate with them about your products and services. You can create and use digital content to communicate such as text, images, infographics, videos.


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Overall it means that it was never easy to connect with customers. Within a few minutes of launching your marketing campaign, you will get a response. Is it possible in traditional marketing? No, that’s why it’s important to use digital marketing in business.

And those who understand digital marketing and the internet are utilizing every opportunity they are getting for the development of their business. That’s why you have to use digital marketing for your business to compete and lead the industry.

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Cost-effectiveness is in its core:

Digital marketing is very cost-effective for a business than traditional marketing. Many things are free to use. But if someone use paid advertisements to promote/sell products/services it’s less costly. For example, in Search Engine Marketing, you only have to pay, when someone clicks and visits your landing page from the advertisement.

If someone does not have a budget for advertising, they can build a business website, that costs nothing these days as compared to the 10 years before. And they use content marketing to connect with customers, they use testimonials/reviews/feedback they are getting from the customers. If not that then they can list the business on Google, they can build and run a Facebook page to attract people to their business, they can use youtube to promote products and services. And it’s not that costly that any small business can’t invest.

If you see developed countries are developing more then it’s because they are using digital platforms more than others. That’s why it’s very important for small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs to go digital with product/services and see the power it can bring to the business. That’s why digital marketing is important in today’s scenario for all kinds of businesses worldwide. especially for developing countries to connecting with customers quickly. 

Very effective for customers:

Digital marketing is very beneficial for customers too. Using digital tools, websites they can compare the product features, prices, and after-sale services of any brands in one place. They also get less costly products and services online than offline. It’s because the sellers are spending less on marketing and distribution of products and services. Many businesses are very specific and that’s why they are able to reduce the cost of products. The competition is also high. That’s why customers are getting less costly items than offline.

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Business decisions based on data:

One of the biggest power that drives digital marketing and business on the internet successful is DATA. Data is the collection of facts, figures, and raw materials. This data is generated by data analytics tools, applications, methods, and websites. In which business get the details about the customer’s behaviors, gender, interest, the source of visit, location, device etc.

After the filtration of this data, businesses can create very targeted digital marketing campaigns, that ensure a good return on the investment.

Such as someone using search engine marketing to promote and sell its products and services on the internet. Now he/she is getting more visitors from the SEM campaigns but only 70% of users are buying products/services from mobile phones and only 30% when someone is buying using the desktop/laptop. Now they can combine the efforts more towards mobile marketing, to get high quality leads from search engine marketing.

This kind of data collection/filtration/decision is very tough to take by doing offline marketing. That’s why digital marketing is important that ensure maximum return from the marketing campaign by utilizing data filtrations options in data analytics applications. 

Power of marketing automation:

The power of automation makes digital marketing the most powerful method of marketing/advertising/selling in today’s time. Digital Marketing allows businesses to automate decision making. It means technology/robot/AI/BI will decide what to show and when to show and how to show it to the people that’s the power of digital marketing.

Digital marketing allows you to manage your marketing campaigns and marketing efforts according to the data you’re getting. It means you can fix dates, target locations, devices, keywords, etc. according to the choice.

For example, you have launched a social media marketing campaign in the evening for the specific targeted audience. At that time, you don’t need to sit there and you can go anywhere you want. Your campaign is kept working. That’s why digital marketing is important not only to get a high return on the investment but also to provide the maximum value for your time and time management options.

Wide variety of options:

Digital Marketing does not bound you on specific features. It allows you to expand your creativity and target the potential customers the way you want to target. If mobile users are your target customers so you can increase your marketing/advertising/promotional efforts to mobile.

If your target customers watch youtube videos then you can use youtube video marketing.

If your target customers are in a specific location then you can use social media marketing.

If you want to appear in the search engine for local search results then you can list your business on Google My Business.

If your marketing strategy is to provide great customer support after sells then you can use a Facebook page for customers’ queries.

If your business marketing strategy is to educate customers about the product/services/and cause you’re working for then you can use business blog/content marketing.

If you want to spread happiness as a message from your brand, you can sponsor funny videos on social media.

Everything is possible in the digital world. And due to higher possibilities and growth opportunities on the internet for people, it’s really important to use digital marketing in business.

The above are the technical reasons why use digital marketing in your business and why it’s important.

But the following are the indirect benefits that digital marketing brings into the world that increase its importance in today’s time.

Digital Marketing Enhance entrepreneurship development: Due to the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, variety of options, creativity to reach customers, etc. in digital marketing helps to increase entrepreneurship development in any country. Anyone can sell and promote services from home. Not only that digital marketing methods and techniques required a skilled workforce. People can work as digital marketers from home. They can provide digital marketing services locally. They can introduce and launch new innovative ideas etc. That’s why digital marketing is important in today’s scenario for developing countries to achieve the goals of employment.

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Importance of digital marketing for small businesses

There are startups, small business/shopkeeper/one-person company does not have a budget for marketing. But they have time. They can use it by running social media pages, websites, listing businesses on local directories, content marketing, youtube without paying anyone. Once they learned and got the benefits from their earlier efforts, they will be able to generate more revenue. And surely they will use 20% of the revenue only for online marketing/selling of products and services after early benefits.

Following is the complete guide for small businesses about digital marketing:   

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Importance of digital marketing to grow employment:

Employment plays the biggest role in the development of the country. But if the businesses in that country are not growing, then there is no way for employment. That’s why digital marketing is important. For example, if a tourism company or tour and travel agency uses digital marketing such as SEM, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, and Social Media marketing to promote tour packages on the internet, they will get more customers. It means they will generate more revenue, they need more people to manage the business. Also for digital marketing, they will hire more people/companies.

Importance of digital marketing to expand the business to a new location:

You get data about your visitors and sellers when doing digital marketing. It shows you the wherefrom the people visiting. If you settled in CITY A but getting customers from City B then you can easily open your store, distribution system, and business. It’s because in City B more people are suffering from the cause you’re solving through your products and services.  In this way, you can expand your business and open your branches anywhere in the world.

In a nutshell, I can say that digital marketing is important for every business and entrepreneurs to help the nation in economic development, to break the monopoly of a few companies/people and to provide less costly but high-quality products/services to people, etc. for all these above reasons it’s important to use digital marketing.