Importance of having a website for small business

In this post, you will learn everything about the importance of having a website for small businesses. It’s important for small business owners to know about the power of business websites in today’s’ tech world. This post guides small business owners from A to Z about the benefits, importance, and uses of having a website for business.

Not only that it will help small business owners to learn things that they can use to build the business website. Not only that but this post also gives many online marketing ideas and strategies that small business owners can implement. I think every business owner needs to read this post to grow and expand their business online and offline.

So, let’s start:

The business website makes it easy for people to buy or contact for product and services. Creating a website for your business is the best decision because it provides you new business opportunities, it becomes a marketing asset and it will market your business 24/7 after creating a professional business website. And once you become familiar with this it will help you to manage and grow the business successfully.

Having a business website benefits you get more local, national, and international customers from search engines such as Google and Bing, from social media, and from referrals. A website is accessible from anywhere it means people can get information about your business and products anytime.

You can get more customers to your website by search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing paid or free, etc. The cost of running a business website is less than the profit your business will generate.

Customer reviews, feedback, and data analytics help to grow, expand, and in launching new products based on data analysis such as by integrating Google Analytics code on your website. Here you can earn more: How can a business benefit from using analytics on their website

The use of a website in business depends on the business goals that the owner and creator want to achieve.

A business website is a communication channel where old, new and prospective customers get data, information, and knowledge about the business or product or services, contact and communicate with the owners or team and buy the services or products online from anywhere/anytime in the world through a computer or mobile and internet.

The website also in itself is a product or service. There are various types of websites, such as social media websites, search engine websites, business websites, eCommerce websites, entertainment websites, blog websites, online course websites, educational and travel websites, and many others.

There are various ways to build a website. You can use it to create a website using Website Builder. You can create a website for hiring a professional website designer. You can create a website by watching YouTube videos. And you can create a business website on your own by using WordPress. You will learn more details about it later in this post. You don’t need coding knowledge to create a website. But you need your own business knowledge, some digital marketing or internet marketing knowledge about what and how to show products/services to your customers or people so they can make a buying decision on your website.

You can optimize the content on your website based on search queries called keywords. For quick SEO results, you can target long-tail keywords. For example instead of trying to use “office furniture in Shimla” you can target “Top quality furniture shop in Shimla”, Top quality office furniture” etc.

How you will get more customers to your business website?

You have to promote and market your website on all those platforms, sources, and websites that people are using and which provide the link-sharing possibility to visit your website.

For example, you can use search engine advertising. You can use content marketing (blogging on your website), you can promote on social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook. You can advertise/market on TV, newspapers, magazines, and on various online and offline channels/platforms/places. Here you can learn more: 15 Ways to make your website more popular and increase traffic

So now, I hope you got the basic ideas about what is a business website and how it works. Now let’s start learning about how it benefits small businesses. But to understand how you will get more customers, you also have to read about the Search engine role behind the success of your business and website:

The search engine doesn’t play any role directly on your business website but plays the most important role indirectly. The work of search engines such as Google search engine is to find out the information, data, websites, content on the internet and show the results on their own website.

Now google/Bing search engines are used by almost all internet users and people to find the relevant information, solutions available on the web. For example, you’re running a gift shop. But now you have created a website to buy/order gift items online. Now when someone searches for gift items for kids, then your website will come in the top 10 search results.

Note: Your website will get in the top 10 search results when the queries and content on your website are the same that people are looking for. And it should be different and more relevant for customers/people than others.  Google Search Engine automatically searches on the web and then displays the search results. If the Google search engine found that your website is good and has the relevant content that is needed by the searchers then it will display that in the search results. Else you will not get in the first top 10 search results.

There are also other paid methods that you can use to get more people (target customers to your website) such as through advertising your website, products, services on search queries, use of social media, SEO, and various other online marketing techniques.

Business Website SEO: Business website SEO or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method/skills that are used to make any type of relevant and eligible to get into the top 10 search results for the queries that people are searching or looking for.

Learn more:

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A website is a group of one or more web pages that are connected to each other by hyperlinks and it is hosted on a server with a specific domain name.

In other words, a website is an online shop for your business, it can be an online resume or portfolio, it can be an online diary as a blog, it can be an online degree college as a distance learning tool, it can be an online Institute as online courses and it can be an online application such as Gmail, Google, Facebook, etc. that is accessible through specific domain name from any devices and from anywhere in the world.

Importance of Business Website:

Anything that brings new/old customers to the business is important to use in business to survive and grow in the competitive business market. And business websites not only bring new customers but also help to retain old customers.

Let’s find out the importance of having a business website for small businesses and owners:

On the business website, you can add the name of your business, product details, product photos, customer testimonials, and a map to your store, contacts, and customer support form. Even you can utilize the blog page that helps you keep connected with customers.

All business information is live 24/7 for potential customers online. Anyone who wants more details about the product can visit your website. Anyone wants to give feedback after your quality services when they visit your website that is possible, even they can subscribe to the newsletter.

Now after all the above basics things and setting up and running the business process through the website, you only have to promote the website.

While you’re dealing with customers offline, or even sleeping your website is promoting your business. But to do this you need to keep updating your website.

The decision on what you want to achieve through the website is more important before hiring a website designer to build your business website. You know that their various reasons to build a website. But you need to be specific about your business goals.

If you just want business information, product details, contact details on the websites then it’s one way to aware users of your website and gets potential customers.

Another method you can use that you can sell your products online after building an e-Commerce store.

People are spending time on a social media website. They are searching for information on Google and visiting business websites. They are reading reviews and buying products online.  They are looking for local services on search engines.

Now when you know there are millions of people using the Internet on mobile and computers. It’s time for you to grab these online growth opportunities for your business. And the business website is one and most important of them.

Online marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, sales funnels, and SEO are the terms that you have to deal with when you think to promote your business online.

One of your top business goals is to get more customers. The goal of getting customers consistently to your business is not possible without marketing. If a business is a body, then marketing is blood.

You know that traditional marketing using newspaper advertising, magazine and TV commercial, leaflets, brochures, word of mouth, and networking takes more time and money. It’s tough for small business owners. But the Internet helps every business owner to promote products and services online. And the website is the best method that has great potential to grow a small business. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

You can also add various features to the website based on your demands and budget. Like I mentioned above that business information, blog page, services or product details, gallery, contacts are a few things that you often find in all kinds of business websites.

So that’ why it’s important for you to think and set measurable goals for your business website.

If you only want to promote your business then you need a different website design. But if you think you can sell online then you need different website designs and plans.

Nowadays, you can easily build a website using a website builder or hire a website designer. You can also build it on your own, but it’s more effective if you hire a professional to build your website.

How it will start:

  • Start with Facebook Page to promote your business online and it’s free.
  • Create your shop/store/institute/company etc. business page on Google. Invite friends and promote it on your personal profile timeline.
  • After that Create Google My Business Listing. It’s a free service from Google.
  • Now create a website. You can do all of this one by one or after a website.

If you think online marketing or a business website will not work for your business then search on Google. You will find out your competitors or in other cities, businesses that are selling the same or similar products and growing business by using the business website and the internet.

Related terms used for Website:

  • Website/Web Application: The use of the Internet for Business.
  • Website Traffic: The people visiting the website for products/services/info after searching on search engines (Google/Bing).
  • Website Designer/Developer: These are skilled individuals, freelancers, and agencies who help small business owners to build a business or any kind of website.
  • Website Content: Website content is text, images, videos, data, and information and functions that website visitors read, use, input, and get output and it’s all about business, products, and services.
  • Website Design: It is about its appearance, looks, color, text size, icon size, logo, images, banner, and structure.
  • Responsive Website: Responsive means it maintains user experiences and interfaces as per the device such as mobile, computer, laptop, and tablet. Here you can learn more: What is responsive web design and why is it important
  • Programming Languages: Programming languages such as C, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python-Django are used to create software/applications such as website builders, social media websites, search engines, communication tools, data and information management application, and various other input and output systems. For example, the operating system (windows 10) is created by using programming language, the browser that you’re using to read this article is also created by using a programming language.
  • Website Builders: Website Builder/Page Builder is a software application that is used to create a website by using drag and drop functionality.
  • CMS: CMS is a complete content management software that is installed on your domain/hosting and then you use it to create your business website by using free and paid WordPress business themes. Here you can learn more: Uses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work
  • Domain: This is the name of the website. It can be the same as your offline business or shop name or business name and or it can be as per your website goals. Technically, it is the name of the website folder on your hosting server.
  • Hosting Server/Name Server: Hosting is the location of the website and its data wherefrom website runs or that people can use after typing your domain name on the browser address bar or in a search engine.

Types of Business Websites:

  1. Informational Website in which you have just given the general information to the public about your business existence such as products/services, about us, and contact. It’s a simple website, not need to do update it often.
  2. Business Blog Website: It is similar to an informational website, but used to publish regular relevant content for your target customers. So that they will keep engaged with your brand and business.
  3. eCommerce Website: It is a website that is created for customers to buy your products/services online by using credit, debit cards, and net banking. Once a customer completes the purchasing process then you can deliver the product/services to their place. Here you can learn more: eCommerce Website Introduction with easy examples
  4. Portfolio/Personal Website: It is best suited for professionals, freelancers, students, and job seekers. It’s also an informational website about the person.
  5. Website/Application: It’s a software or web application website that people can use to solve daily life, career, and business problems. Such as google search engine is a website, but also an application. In which users can search for solutions/websites/products/services and various other information, educational, entertainment content. Gmail is an application that is used for the emailing system etc.
  6. Social Media Website/Application: It is a website for social purposes such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

Anyone can create any type of website and application:

  • Google search engine website is not for promoting a business, it’s itself is business.
  • Facebook is a social media website, but it’s a business in itself.
  • YouTube is a Video search engine, but it’s a business in itself.

If you’re a small business owner then the use of the internet for you is not limited to promote your offline business online. Instead, you can create/run thousands of other types of websites/applications as a business.

Here you can learn more: How to make the best use of the internet as a small business owner

How you can use your business website or what are the uses of the business website:

1. Online marketing and promotional Tool: 

If you want to promote your business online then you need a website. You can use the business website as an Internet marketing tool to advertise and promote your business in front of Google search engine and social media users. For you example, through a website, you can promote plumbing services, Taxi services, Accounts Management, personal coaching services.

2. More customer and more sales

On your business websites, people from any country, location, and the city can buy your products and services. Such as e-commerce websites, web design services, art, handmade clothes, travel packages, etc. And you can use a payment gateway, PayPal, or direct bank deposit to receive money. And you can use the post office, courier or product delivery services to deliver your packages to the customers. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

3. Reduce the cost of conducting business operations: 

When you sell, promote, and provide customer support for your business solutions on your website then it will reduce the cost of customer support and per customer cost.

4. Free method to promote your business:

If you ask where do I promote my business online? I will say build your own business website and get traffic to that website. For traffic try content marketing (blog) and social media marketing. And maximum website promotion methods are free. Learn moreWhat is Blog used for? Uses of the blog in our daily life

If you try hard, explore your creativity, produce high-quality products, and provide great customer support, you will easily get thousands of customers each day without spending any money on paid marketing. You can try content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing effectively and even only free sources. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

5. Customer Conversion and Business Leads:

When people visit your business website, you got the option to track your customer conversion rate through google analytics. You have the option to find out what they searched on Google before you visit your website. You have the option to see what they like on your website, what they are buying, and how they are interacting on your website.

And you can plan your next product, marketing method based on the existed content and data to generate more business leads. A business website is totally an online shop for people.

When your website generates your customer data then you have the option to analyze that data to create new products and services. Data analytics is most important nowadays for everyone’s business because a customer wants a different taste each day. And data analytics applications help to get that information about behavior changes, keywords, landing pages, bounce rate, and conversion.

6. Competitive Advantages:

When your business website generates data, when it’s getting traffic from Google, when you get your customer testimonials, reviews, and feedback, it will give you advantages over competitors. Because if your competitors do not have a website then you are in a great position to attract their customers too. It’s because people read reviews, feedbacks, and analyze the 2-3 products or business websites before buying. They want unique packages and experiences, they want to follow the trend, they want updates each day. So when your business website is able to do these things. Then obviously your business will be in the leading position and capture more market share.

That’s why you need an online presence and brand awareness before others.  That will build strong long-term customer relationships and you will be able to retain customers at a lower cost. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

7. Online presence, Brand awareness, and more customers:-

When your business website is live then it’s easy for the customer to find out information about your products and services. Even when you market your business offline, people search on Google for the information you’re providing in a marketing campaign or printed brochure. They want to know more about and sellers before making a buying decision.

The Internet is the worldwide use of technology, computer, and mobile phones. People search on Google in each country. They are getting problems while moving forward in their life. And they want to solve those problems. And everyone knows that Google can solve the problem.

That’s why if you’re providing that solution and informing it through your business website. You will get inquiries or call from these people, customers.

When you market your business to attract targeted customers using keywords and content marketing then it provides great ROI for your business. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

8. 24*7 Live Technology for your Business:

A website is live 24*7 and it will generate new customers, new reviews, new sales, new data, and money each day. You can’t get such things each day automatically in your offline business. The idea of having a business website is simple, it means to let the internet can work for you. It means to let technology will promote your business. Just simple! Here you can learn more: 14 Factor, How has the internet changed business

9. A website is a growth tool for small businesses:

When you have a business website, you can share your work experiences. You can provide customer support. And a website is not only best to target customers internationally but it is a great local internet marketing tool. For E.g. People can search on Google, Web design services in Shimla, Stainless steel provider in Shimla, or nearby. It means people are searching for various products and services on Google. And it’s great for you and your business to get this opportunity.

That’s why today, with internet technology small businesses are in a good position to compete. And that’s the importance of having a website for small business.

If you have a business website, you will get more benefits than your competitors who even don’t have a business website:

This is the truth because today customers and people belong to new generations. They are used to their mobile phones, social media, the internet, and search engine. Most modern customers have learned and learned about computers and the internet from 1st class. So they use trending shopping and communication techniques.
Even having a website especially in this Corona Pendmic is really important. Your business website is a direct communication channel, people are ready to buy from you if you’re there, when they need the products/services that you’re selling.

1. Business Website is the online presence of your business:

Whatever types of business you are doing. If you have a website then it means you have an online presence and those who need your services/products can connect and communicate with you.

2. Business Website Promote your business in new locations:

The website breaks the boundaries of doing business. If you’re running a business in one city, the website will bring new customers/contacts from other cities too to your business. It’s because your website and its content are getting ranked on the top 10 search results. Through the website, social media, SEO, search engine marketing you can promote your business in thousands of places to get new customers.

3. Business Website will bring new customers:

When you promote your website daily through online marketing channels then it will be the opportunity for others to visit our website for relevant solutions, products, and services. For example, you’re selling electronics or home appliances. Someone wants to buy the washing machine today in your city and he made the mind that they will buy it online from Flipkart or amazon.

But before buying that he/she was using Facebook and found the link or image of the washing machine (through advertising, social networking, marketing) in his Facebook feed with the contact details. Now it’s highly possible that the person will visit the washing machine page link or contact you. Just even for the price. But if he/she contacted and visited your website and your content/product/feature and price converted their mind then they will buy from you instead of Flipkart and Amazon.

Even they don’t read, at least they get informed themselves that there are a shop nearby city or shop selling washing machines. And whenever they will be visiting their home/office, they will park the car and visit your shop. And definitely, they will buy.

There are thousands of strategies to sell more online. And having a website is one of them. That’s why to convert the customers from other sellers to you, and to bring new customers and that’s the importance of having a website for small business.

4. Business Website will help to retain old customers:

When you constantly update the product/service information on your website and share it on social media then it will keep the existing customers updated. Whenever someone buys from you then share that on social media pages or websites with them. And encourage them to like and invite their friends.  Within a few months, you will be able to triple your sales just by updating the people through your website link on social media. That’s why not only the website is important for business but the marketing and promotion of the website is also important.

5. Business Website is a less costly method of marketing and selling:

If you have created the business website using WordPress or you’re using WordPress for business marketing, selling, promotion then it will less costly. You can learn within a few hours how to update and publish new content on your business website.

The cost of maintaining the business website for marketing is less costly than offline marketing. You just have to renew your domain/hosting yearly (as per your plan). If you have your own business website then it’s your own property/asset in your business and with consistent hard work, it will make you more profitable and successful. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

6. The business website helps you to break the monopoly of your competitors:

The one reason due to most people are buying online only from bigger or popular brands or from big brands is that small business owners are not marketing and promoting their business. They don’t’ think they can compete and even no one is telling them to try it. They wait for customers. And they don’t attract and educate the customers. They think they are small shopkeepers; they don’t think of themselves like a company and big brand.

But if they educate themselves about online marketing, selling, and benefits of business websites then they will definitely able to compete online with bigger brands.

For example, there are 5 to 10 top shopping sites, which dominated the consumer market. But there are millions of small business owners. And if each one of them shares about their products and services online through the website, social media pages, then it will be enough to convert online buyers to offline or sell online. Even they don’t convert immediately at least there is a possibility of selling and getting the customers.

If they don’t try online marketing and selling then it will be tough in the future to survive. That’s why it’s the right time to start fighting with other brands/sellers’ websites. At least in this fight, you have the chance to win. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

7. A business website is a proof that you’re serious to help people:

When you know in this whole life you have to do business, then why don’t you make it big?

You’re doing business. It means you’re helping people. But you’re only helping 20 to 30 people each day. But there are 1000+ people who need your products and services but they don’t know you exist. That’s why they move to online marketplaces and shopping sites instead of your business. And due to that, you will lose a minimum of 20 customers per day. So stop losing and start gaining. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

How much does it cost to build a good website for business?

Generally speaking, A WordPress eCommerce website 1st-time cost is around $350 to $400 with PayPal integration. A simple business information website with a Blog + Landing page can cost around $250 to $300. And a simple personal website with a blog + sales page or with a landing page can cost around $150 to $200. Domain and hosting cost is not included in this.

Before you hire a website designer or using a website builder. Make sure you create a plan and content strategy for your website. You can see and share samples with designers or follow the ideas from the competition.
In this you can include:

  • Text/Video/Images Content
  • Home, About, Servies/Product page, Blog and Contact Page Design
  • Branding – Logo design
  • Other services integration such as email marketing.
  • etc.

If you don’t have the content for the above then you can ask and discuss it with the designer. After that as per your website goal, you can plan and create content. But the cost will be increased if you want unique content, branding materials, images, and other marketing tools integrations from a website design agency.

For example, if you want to build a normal website using WordPress:

Domain & Hosting: $100 for a year (Hosting price also depends on your purchased plan, the basic plan will be less costly than the shared hosting plan)

WordPress Premium Theme Cost:  $40 to $300. – If free WordPress them then: $0

If you don’t want to use premium, you can use free themes as well, there are so many good themes that you can use to build your business and blog website. Best free responsive WordPress themes to build any type of website

Installation charges can be $50 to $100 if you hire theme sellers and if you hire a freelancer then they can charge you based on their hourly price and that can negotiable. It will around $10 to $50 per hour. On a basic business website, it takes 3 to 5 hours if the content is ready such as logos, slider, images, text, services or product content, videos, etc.

But if the same person does that work then in one package in which content creation, domain booking, keywords optimization, slider creation, images, design, themes settings, website functionality, and speed, etc. takes more time and then hourly hiring a freelancer is more costly. That’s why if you have the basic idea you can hire a website designer or freelancer at a flat price that can be $100 or $500 to build a website for their business. And discuss everything from the cost, features, support, and delivery before the final talk.

Now you just have to pay $500 and all of your work is done, no matter how many or fewer hours it takes.

You can also use a Website builder in which you will get everything in one place such as the domain, hosting, themes, payment gateway integration, marketing and reporting tools, and many others in just one package. And you have to pay monthly or yearly. And your business or eCommerce website will be ready within a few hours. And it will cost $10 to $30 per month.

But if you want to build fully functional, feature-rich, custom-designed, unique branding with stock images and videos, and want to use the content that is written by an expert copywriter then it will cost you $2000 to $10000.

Is it important to have knowledge of programming to create a business website on your own?

No, there are ready-made software, website builder, templates, Content Management System that you can use to create/manage any type of business website.

But to create and invent something new, something that is not seen so far, then you have to use programming skills.

Or you have to hire a programmer, web developer, and experts and pay them to invent.

Best ways that you can consider to create your business website

How to Make a Business Website? The simple answer “You can hire a Professional Website Designer who is able to build high quality, fast loading, and mobile-friendly business website”. Business websites need to be designed according to online trends or up to the standard of the web design industry.

Google search engine nowadays loving responsive, faster loading, and user-friendly websites. Most of the business websites are not able to get customers online from search engines. It’s because they are not responsive, do not have unique content, outdated user experience, or more complicated and not have implemented the basics of SEO.

I will share with you three methods in this article to make a business website or any website. There are many things that are included with the complete website it’s not only about the domain and HTML pages.

It’s a group of many connected pages, methods, marketing techniques, and technologies. I will share with you which one you can choose?

 Top 3 options you can consider when thinking to make your business website:

1. Make a Business Website on your own

Here is to date guide:  Build a business website on your own or hire someone: Detailed Guide

If you want to be a website designer or learning web designing then it’s great that you can learn to make a business website. Now there are two types of website design learner in this situation, one who has a client and want to build a website. The second person is who want to build their own web designing business website. Now clear this, Here are my suggestions for both:

  • Now if you want to build your own website designing a business website then decide on which technology or platform you want to use. Such as WordPress, HTML-CSS-PHP, Website builder (,, or any other methods.
  • If you’re a small business owner and want to promote your services and products through the website then use WordPress.

Learn more:

Is WordPress suitable for business websites: WordPress Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Wix Website Builder

Uses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

Business owners can follow this path: Buy a domain from a domain registrar, buy a hosting package, install WordPress on a domain server and buy a premium theme and install the theme and upload your content. After that do the basics of SEO and submit the website to Google search engine for indexing.

There are various website designing tutorials that anyone can use and learn to build a website.

  • Use of Website Builder to build a business website. As I discuss above that small business owners can use website builders. The website builder is easy to use and has all the important tools and website design materials. You only have to buy their premium plans and in an hour your website will be live.


Following are my suggestion: search for these keywords on Google

Why people use WordPress to build websites?

What is the difference between WordPress and Without WordPress websites?

Can you create a website without using any programming languages?

Now let me explain to you what I know so far is that WordPress is Web Application software that is used to build websites. It’s the software it means you can install it on your server. It’s a complete solution and the fastest method popular around the world to build a business or personal website.

The benefit of using WordPress is that you don’t need to code and design everything from scratch if you’re looking for a small business website or informational website. You can create it. It’s because in WordPress you can use free and premium pre-designed themes and plugins.

This is the fastest method to start learning website designing using WordPress and even you can start earning too. But the basics of Website Designing are not WordPress. It’s not even any other website builder. It’s HTML, CSS, and any programming language.

Learn moreBuild a business website on your own or hire someone: Detailed Guide

2. Hire a Website Designer to make Business Website

If you have the budget then hiring a website designer is the best method. That followed by thousands of small business owners. The benefits of hiring a website designer are that he/she will design and build a professional and high-quality website in less time. And you can invest your time in business and instead of designing a website.

3. Start building a website on your own and hire a Website Designer when you stuck in the path.

If you want to use your creativity, want to save money, want website knowledge, and have time to design then this is the best way you can follow.

You can start building a website on your own. Such as you can buy domain and hosting, you can also research the best theme; you can also install the theme and update the content. And when you stuck in anything between the processes you can hire a website designer on an hourly basis.

It means to try to do it by yourself and when you’re confused about anything then hire a professional designer or search on Google.

Not only you need a website, but you need a good website that helps your business to become successful, build an online presence, get more customers, and automate sales.
Following are the reasons to build a good business website:

A good website is very important for a business to help customers, increase leads or sales, rank higher on google, grow subscribers, and to achieve business goals.

Only a good website works to grow a business. A Good business website loads fast. It provides great user experiences on mobile and desktop. Good quality design of header, navbar, blog post, sidebar, and written or displayed content (such as images, videos, sliders) engage visitors and generate more leads.

I don’t have the figure but I can say from experience is that 90% of the website failed to achieve business goals. And many business owners give up within 1 and 2 years.

The reasons for failures are many. It’s not only about design. There are thousands of websites designed very well and don’t have any technical problems. But even they are unable to generate results for the business.

So, the definition of a good website is not only about design and content. It’s more than that and I am explaining everything below from my 7+ years of experience and after creating and managing 50+ websites so far.

In my opinion and facts definitions of a good business website are the following:

  • A good website is created, designed, managed, updated with action plans, strategies, and business goals.
  • A good business website builds a communication channel between the customers and business. If the design, logo, navbar, slider, content, landing page are not able to convince, engage, impress, and help the visitors within 10 seconds then it’s not a good business website.
  • A good business website loads fast. The design and structure of the website are fully responsive. Works well in mobile, tablet, and desktop without losing the customer experience and business goals. A good business website brings results for the investment of business owners.
  • A good business website is a boon for business. It never becomes a burden or extra cost or time-wastage, and not a headache for a business owner.

So now you got a basic idea about a good website. Now let’s understand in the following details, why and how a good website is important for the business. And how a good website helps to grow the business, increase sales, and reduce the cost of running a business.

1. A good website run fast and generate more revenue:

To generate revenue faster make sure your website loading speed is fast. The Internet is used to get information and solutions fast. If your business website is slow to load then this is not good for your business and search engine ranking. People don’t want to wait. They have 9 other options in search engine results. So, if you’re not able to solve their problem then they will click on the next website link and it is probably your competitor. That’s why a fast loading website is important.

When your business website loads fast then search engines rank you higher on the search engine. When your website loads then users can get data and information fast. It will inspire them to bookmark your website. Customers can buy products fast and pay you quickly.

Else there are many eCommerce websites that load very slow and many times the payment gateway page and OTP message service stop working due to overload.

So, to take advantage of the internet and website for your business, then you need a good website that loads faster than your competitors.

2. Mobile-Friendly and effectively optimized content:

The content, design, layout, menus, images, font size, landing pages, and slider on a good website is responsive and work very well on mobile, desktop, and laptop.

If a business website is providing a good experience on a desktop but bad on a mobile device then it will get a higher bounce rate, low traffic from a search engine, and poor user experience rating. It’s because there are more mobile internet users than laptop or desktop users.

That’s why it’s very important to optimized business websites effectively for mobile users and as well for desktop and tablet users.

When a website is engaging, mobile-friendly, loads faster then it’s really a good business website. When a website is engaging, mobile-friendly, loads faster than it will increase traffic from a search engine, generates more leads, revenue, and reduce the cost of operating a business. That’s why a good website is really important for the business.

Here you can learn moreImportance of responsive website design

3. Website Plan and strategy for success:

While most of the business websites fail due to poor or lack of planning and strategy before they build the website or hire a digital marketing agency. The second reason for failure is that digital marketing or web design agencies’ plans and strategy not worked for them. And if it works it’s too much costly.

Planning and strategy are very important to build a good website and make it successful. When business owners + digital marketing agencies or website designers and web consultants communicate and share their plans with each other then the best strategy is created.

The execution of the website plan and strategy get started even before buying a domain name. The domain name, hosting company, web development technology (WordPress or Wix or (HTML, PHP or Python or Java, CSS) and content, SEO and Social Media Marketing, and many other things are implemented based on the plan and strategy.

A business website is not a joke. It’s a serious business. The one who takes it lightly will get failed to take the advantages of the internet and from having a website for business.

That’s why I think a good business website that is designed based on the strategy and plans to achieve certain business or personal goals is important for the business.

4. Good websites gain more traffic, visitors trust, and increase sales:

When a business website has a strategy and plan for success then it will be constantly updated with new content and features. If updates and content strategy are not included in the website plan then it’s a bad plan.

A good business website has a blog page. And new posts are published 3 to 4 times a week that is related to products and services and the goal is to educate target customers about various things such as product updates and educational, informational insights and practices.

You can see many businesses, software, plugin, marketing, eCommerce, hosting websites have a blog page. And they have a complete blogging or content marketing strategy.

Consistent blogging on business website increase its traffic from search engine and social media. It’s because the content that is published on the website is relevant to the main (home page) or product keyword or website keyword on the website. New content attracts visitors to consistently follow the business.

Blogging wins the visitor’s trust in the website. It helps them to solve problems and to do innovative things in business.

That’s why a good website in which you have a blog and get updated with new features and value addition regularly for people is very important for the business. You can learn more about it later in this post.

5. A good website is a boon, not a cost:

A good website runs quickly, it is thoughtfully and strategically created, new blog posts are published in it, the experience of using it and its design is amazing both on mobile and computer. It is benefiting the business every day. And the business owner is satisfied with his investment in the website. And it is committed to its development continuously.

Now tell me, do you want to own such a website?

Do you want to see your business website succeed in this way?

Do you want your website to benefit your business?

If your answer is yes, then you need to do the following things:

  • You need a complete plan and strategy for your business and website. You can contact me or hire a web consultant.
  • You need a web designer or developer or digital marketing agency to build a website for you or to implement your plan.
  • And you need to invest your time and money to gain profit. Even you don’t have time you can hire someone to manage this project or you can hire any other project manager or your family member.

Behind a good website, there is a team. In a team, you have to include yourself if possible, a web consultant, project manager, web developer, digital marketer, content marketer (blogger), and a data analyst.

The cost of building and running a good basic business website can be around  $300 to $500 monthly and the possible profit will be 30 to 50% from a website. And it’s more than bank FD, real estate, stock market, and gold.

The cost depends on the plan. Similarly, success is also dependent on the plan and execution.

If your business website is not profitable then it’s because you haven’t created a success plan, you haven’t invested the time and money that it needs.

The website is a business in itself.

Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, MakeMyTrip, OYO, and you can just name any other successful website. The common thing is they have similar technologies behind the website as I explained earlier.

But the uncommon thing is their business plan, selling process, investment, management system, and many other things.

These are not built in one day and similarly, a good website is not built in one day.

Trials, errors, and failures are important to make a good website that makes a business successful. If you do it faster with quality and execution then it’s better so that it will grow your business or generate thousands or millions of dollars monthly.

It’s possible. Every big was once a small business.

That’s why a good website is important for business growth. A good website has scope for growth. It’s traffic, revenue, profit, and customer base grow consistently.

But if you want to hire someone to build your business website or you want to hire any small website design agency or freelancer, then consider the following points:

What are the smartest things you can do when hiring someone to create a website for your business? How much you need to pay $50 or $300, learn everything from business idea to domain booking, hosting to the theme, content optimization to search engine indexing everything in the following points:

1. Clarity about what you want to showcase to your customers:

It’s beneficial if you’re clear about what type of website you want to build. It’s because there is a personal website as I explained earlier such as a portfolio website, business website, blogging website, e-commerce website, search engine website, social networking website, directory website, and application website. And also there are dynamic and static websites.

So it’s like if you want to build a home then you have to be clear about what type of home you want to build, what type of design and style you’re looking for. For example, you can’t say that build a home for a lawyer or build a home for a doctor that is not specific yet, might be in the future.

But in the website building industry, everything is targeted and based on the requirement, a specific style. Such as an e-commerce website need a payment gateway to receive payment. While blogging website needs subscription box so such features, design, the structure can be different based on the website.

So, the best method is to be clear and specific about what type of website you’re looking for, what you want to showcase. For that, you can search on Google for similar websites that are already running.

Things you can do: – Make a list of samples, make a list of things that you want on your website, and create a list of options and functionality. After that create or post a job or proper steps when you hire a website designer.

Here is an example for you when you’re looking to hire a website designer:

Hi, I am looking for a website designer that can make a responsive and professional looking website for my tour and travel business. I want to showcase tour packages, tour destination, and tour itinerary and booking form. I need a complete website from scratch even I need to buy a domain and hosting.

I have a few samples that I will showcase to you. If you’re ready please showcase your previous work with other travelers or similar websites you may have worked on.

2. Price / Payment Details /Cost of building a website

If you buy Domain, Hosting packages from your own or want to host the website on your own server and you already have purchased theme and content + images then the cost of hiring a website designer or web design agency less than hiring to build a website from scratch.

In this case, you only need to hire a website designer or WordPress developer to install the theme and demo content as it is looking on the marketplace website. After that you want them to replace the demo content with your original website content.

Now website designers or WordPress experts only charge hourly, especially then if you post this job on Freelancing websites. Else tough to track the time. Or you can hire a website designer at a fixed price.

Things you can do:

  • You can hire a website designer to build your website by posting jobs on freelancing websites.
  • You can buy a domain, hosting, and theme in advance even you can build a website on your own.
  • You can compare the cost and features of Website Builder versus hiring a website designer.
  • You can compare the prices and costs of building the website.
  • Create guidelines for quality and do not compromise on it.
  • You can also consider hiring a local designer or developer to build your website.


3. Domain Booking

To build a business website or personal website or blogging website you need to buy the domain. So when you hire someone to build a website for you, then ask to buy the domain with your email id, name, and address. It’s because you have to be the owner of this domain. I saw that many website design agencies buy domain or book domains on their agency name.

The problem will be when you want to change the agency when you want to change the host and if you will get any kind of web design support problem then it’s tough to move to another agency.

Even in the future, you want to sell, or you will become popular then everything is controlled by a web design agency. That’s great in some cases. But I recommended that you buy a domain with your own name and email ID. Do not give control of your website to others so that they can use you and your money.

4. Website Hosting

Website hosting is another step that is important to consider. After purchasing the domain, you need to host it on the 2nd party or third party server. Some website design agency provides complete packages including hosting and custom website designs. The website design agency has already purchased hosting plans. Most VPS hosting, Shared hosting, etc. so they can place your domain or website there.

Things you can do:

  • If you want to reduce the cost then you can host your domain and website on the web design agency server.
  • The most web design agency has shared hosting plans they already purchased from a main hosting services provider. Now they wholesale hosting to clients at less rate. It’s because Shared hosting means you can host as many websites. Some agency has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage plan. So it’s a good idea to host the website on their server.
  • The benefits of hosting a website on web design agencies own that it will reduce the cost. They will manage and maintain hosting. You can discuss these things.
  • I recommended that if you’re building an e-commerce website then it’s good that you have your separate hosting plan. And if you think that the website Design Company is reliable and has very good customer support then you can use their plans and suggestions as well.
  • Also, compare the hosting prices and features on the excel sheet.

5. WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are pre-designed website templates. I have to say that they are a complete website for specific people and businesses. Almost all kinds of WordPress themes are available nowadays. Such as if you have a travel business then you can buy a travel theme. If you have a consulting business then you can buy consulting themes.

The problem is when you need custom options and functionality that does not exist in the theme and also when things are not looking as same as it is in the demo. There are also free WordPress Themes that you can use but they are not that professional.

So what you can do

  • You can buy the theme with your own name and email ID. It will only cost $40 to $200.
  • Make sure that you activate the theme after installation to get automatic updates.
  • Always buy the most updated functionality and designed themes.
  • Also, check and read support services before purchasing the theme.
  • Also, check how many people already purchased the theme.
  • Also, check the latest updates and bug fixes.
  • If you’re hiring a website designer or web design agency to buy a theme for you then make sure that it is activated and you’re the owner of the theme not a web design agency.
  • Some website design agencies or website designers charge you for premium themes. They already have premium themes or themes with multiple themes licenses so make sure they are not producing your 2nd hand theme with premium prices or duplicate. This is possible, one theme without activation and license you can install or build as many websites. But that is not a good practice if someone does not have multiple website licensees from the theme provider.

6. Plugins and theme have to be up to date

When you hire a website designer or anyone or doing it on your own, remember that the plugins used with themes are genuine and updated. And you need to keep checking that for new updates.

The plugin you use such as Yoast SEO plugin, captcha plugin, antivirus plugin, visual composer, etc. has to up to date.

7. Place Search Engine Optimized content in your website

Search engine optimized content means that you will get visitors to your new or old website from search engines. In this case, you need to place keywords in between your content; you need to use keywords in the image, alt tags, categories, and h1, h2 headings. So that for example, when people search “flower shop with the home delivery option”, your website displays in search results. Now you need to use “flower shop with home delivery option” within your main content or home page.

You can create SEO-friendly content on your own and you can also ask a web designer or web design agency to optimize your content. Might be they charge for it. It’s depending on their or your selected plan.

But it’s really important before submitting websites to search engines that you optimize content with keywords your customer or readers are searching for. So Google, Bing, Yahoo will rank it higher and will send more traffic or customer to your website.

Things you can do:

  • You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords.
  • You can discuss search engine optimized content with your designer or web design agency.
  • Make sure that the content on your website is unique and professional.
  • Some website design agency just copies paste or rewrites the content and then place it on your website. So be careful about black hat SEO content practices.


8. Website Speed Test

High-speed loading websites rank higher on Google and other search engines. It can be around 3 to 5 seconds minimum. So make sure that you discuss the website speed with the website designer or design agency before hiring or before giving them final payments.

What you can do:

  • You can use the Google website speed test, Search Results, Pingdom Website Speed Test, GTmetrix Website Speed, and Performance Optimization to check the speed and quality of your websites.
  • Some web design agency promises high-speed websites, but you need to check that on your own.
  • The speed of a website is depending on the theme codes, plugins, and images.
  • You can also use plugins to speed up your website.

9. The website is responsive or not

Website responsiveness means it will be customer friendly no matter what device or browser they use to open your website. For example, your call to action on the desktop get high CTR but on mobile, the CTR (Click through Rate) is lower, images on tablet loading faster but slow to load on mobile, the layout needs to scroll to right in mobile to read the complete sentence, etc. in these all cases the website is not responsive.

What you can do:

  • You can test your website responsiveness on Mobile-Friendly Test – Google Search Console. You can open your website on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop with a different web browser and then notice the problem. You can also test your website on screenfly.
  • Most of the people nowadays use mobile as you too so that your website needs to be customer friendly.
  • Also, test and notice the things on your competitor’s websites.

10. Search Engine Indexing with your own ownership

When your website is complete it’s time to tell the search engine about it. To communicate about your website with search engines you can Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools to index the website on these most popular search engines.  When you index the website to Google and Bing then the crawler visits your website and then it will rank for keywords.

What you can do:

  • You need to verify your ownership with your own email id. For that, you need to paste the HTML file to your Cpanel. For more details follow the Google webmaster tools
  • You also need to submit the sitemap.xml file to the search engine.
  • Also, you need to test your roboto.txt file that it is indexing or gates of your website are open for search engine crawlers.
  • To get visitors data and your website analytics you need to paste the Google Analytics code in the footer of your website.

When having a business website, you can take the advantage of various communication channels on the internet such as chatbots and blogs. Even you can start a separate blog related to your business. But let’s understand, how running a blog on a business website will help to promote and grow your business.


How you can promote your business by using a blog on your business website or doing blogging on a business website:

1st is that target the needs of users and find keywords using Keyword Planner. Learn more: Importance of Keyword Research in website SEO and then inform Google users about your business, products, and services solution. 2nd is that target the desire on social media to promote, for website traffic, and to sell more products on the business website. 3rd is s that show the compared benefits.

Let’s understand this in more details: 

1. Write and publish a blog post on the needs of customers searching on Google:

When people need a solution they search on Google for related services and products. So, you need to write and publish a blog post on your website based on Keywords, people are searching on Google. This is the best method to promote your business effectively.
And it will drive the right people to your website from Google, who really need products, services and looking for a solution. And if you’re there with solutions and they will find your website.
Important things you can consider while writing a keyword specific articles on your website.

You can choose any keyword to write a promotional article. Not a matter it is highly competitive or not. You just need to write about, what the solutions for a particular problem in your products. If your targeted clients, customers are searching for the best travel package in (your city). For example, you can use “best travel packages for newly married couples … (your city)”, instead of using the “best travel package for honeymoon couples in your city”.

• Always use 2-3 creative words or innovative words within your targeted keywords in the post.
• Just tell the truth. And tell it directly. You provide great web designing services so prove it how your web designing services are different than others.

So, try to write an SEO friendly article. That will drive high-quality traffic to your website. And it’s the best method to promote your business using a Business Blog.


2. Write a post on your blog for social media users:

Social media users visit your blog based on “Catchy Keywords, Attractive Images, and content. They don’t need the product and services, but they saw something that is connected with their desires. For example, if someone is scrolling their Facebook timeline and they get advertisements such as track your user’s behaviors a sell more on your website. They will click, read, and sign up for the application.
I think social media content has to be different than content written for search engines.
When people using social media they have the desire to get something. Their desire will evoke when they will see something that is really emotional, entertaining, and consume less time. This is the best online marketing strategy in which you can target social media use by using your blog.
Things you can consider when writing, post, or content for social media.
• Use the catchy headline and attractive images.
• Use easy to understand words and sentences.
• Use personalized images or videos.

3. Write comparison posts both for social media users and search engine users.

Now write a 3rd post that will differentiate your products and services from others. You can show the data. You can show the images, visualization, portfolio, and testimonial of existed clients in a blog post. You can also use videos or whatever proof you have to convince this type of user. This type of customer or user already interested in the product and services, they are just confused, which one product do I buy, or which one service is better for me. They need education in this case. So educate them and write like you’re discussing their concern and providing an appropriate solution.
• Use Smart Arts and Data visualization e.g. infographics.
• Use testimonials, portfolio, and references.

1. Business/Services/Products Information – Write and publish content that will inform the right people searching for a solution on Google and other search engines.
2. Business/Services/Products Entertainment – Write and publish content that entertains, excites, engage, and evokes the desire of users on Social Media.
3. Business/Services/Products Education – Provide data to the users to compare your products and services with others. Such as prices, timing, support, and features.

So now you got the idea of how to use a blog or using the power of blogging, you need to have a business website or blog website for your business.


If you have a website for your business, and services people can identify, read, and learn about you and your business. It makes sense that they will contact you after learning and getting informed about the products and services that they need. That’s the importance of having a website for small business.

Not matter if you’re running a business in the village, small town, city, state, or in metros you need an online presence of your business. You can use google my business listing, social media pages, and your own self-hosted business website.

The trend is online. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you have to understand the behavior of your customers. And then you have to implement that strategy by creating a website, social media pages, and listing your business on online directory websites.

That’s why I recommend a website for each business that existed in this world to make the business big and win in the business competition.

That’s it friends, what I know so far about business websites. I hope it’s helpful.

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