importance of relevant keywords in SEO

Importance of relevant keywords research techniques in SEO

Keyword research is one of the most important and first steps to optimize the website for search engine traffic or organic traffic. To optimize a blog, eCommerce, and WordPress website effectively it’s important that you should research and find relevant keywords, key phrases by using keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner.

The 2nd step is to insert those research keywords in relevant places such as post heading, post paragraphs, website heading, tag lines, landing page, product pages so that website will get high-quality traffic from search engines.

It’s important to find out the key phrases that people are using on search engines such as Google to find the information, product, services related to your website category, posts, and industry. Without the optimization of the website, posts, product pages, services page, and landing page through specific and relevant keywords it’s very difficult to get in the top 10 search results. It’s because there are thousands of other websites competing for similar keywords. That’s why it’s important to do keyword research when practicing search engine optimization techniques.

For example, google keyword planner or keyword research tools showcase that 100 to 1 k people searching for “business consultancy services in Chicago”.

Similar to this, keyword research tools showcase how many people are searching for a “white color dial watch for women”.

In simple words Keyword work as a communication bridge between your website and your target customers. The more you optimize the content of your website with relevant keywords the faster you will grow your traffic, readers and sales.

Methods to research keywords:

  • Use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Keyword spy, Bing keyword research tools.
  • Look for relevant keyword phrases in google analytics country-specific search queries.
  • Use search related to keywords in the post/pages title.
  • Also, look out for instant search suggestions by search engines.
  • Watch google trends and news.
  • Watch documentaries to find out specific industry-specific keywords or key phrases.
  • Read books related to the industry to improve your vocabulary so that you come with effective keywords.
  • After 15 to 30 days of optimization, analyze keyword, traffic sources, CTR, impression, bounce rate, and conversion. And make changes if you think it can impact.

Bonus keyword Tips:

  • Write heading and description like you’re talking to the person and customer standing in front of you.
  • Be creative and different and just tell the truth that you know.
  • Target long-tail key phrases but use keyword in between.
  • If you’re using WordPress then use Yoast SEO plugin.

Let’s take the flower delivery keyword and website optimization techniques as an example:

  • Create, promote, and sell flowers through different pages on the website.
  • Use key phrases in headings such as “flowers for birthday with a name” and on other pages use “white color flowers for the wedding”.
  • Insert keywords in title, description, category, title/meta description, alt tags.

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So as per the above explanations, if you want to grow your traffic from a search engine, if you want to lower down the bounce rate, if you want to engage with users then use keywords research tools and methods to optimize the content. Not only you need to optimize the content for search engines through keywords but make sure that it’s also relevant for the reader and visitors. Don’t overuse keywords in blog posts.

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Make important changes in design and experiences. So that when people visit your website they will get a good user interface and experiences. And in return, it will reduce the bounce rate. That will also help you to get more traffic and SEO benefits.

So overall, 90 out of 100 SEO experts agrees that the use keywords, keyword research tools, and the use of relevant and specific keywords is important in SEO and to get organic traffic from search engine.