Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Website

SEO works the way you understand. Understand SEO in this tutorial in easy ways: the importance of SEO is as important as it is important to market and sell product after production. Yes, it is a like a battle in which businesses and individual are fighting with Artificial intelligence, day and night. Almost 90% websites owners, I hope you know the term SEO. But do you know what executable SEO is? I hope you know it.

But according to me, what I learned so far about SEO that SEO is a process in which you serve up the content in the plate of search engine users. A search engine is a like a food plate. Food is the content that you serve up for hungry people. And people, who need food, search on Google. For search engine users, food is the content like images, information, products, songs, videos, and everything that they want to eat or need. And they want it on a search engine. That’s why people use Google for content.
But there are two types of Hungry people (Internet Search Users). 1st type of people is intentional and they use a search engine to find information, products, services and various other things. Why? Because they need it and they want it very specifically. It means as an example that they want specific food to eat.
The 2nd type of people is social media users. They are not intentional and they don’t need the solution urgently. But when they see something related to their field or type of content they like, share and buy that solution.
It means search engine users and social media users both are hungry. But the 1st type of people searches for specific keywords on Google or other search engines. And 2nd types of people do not search or even they don’t want to search, but when they see related food on social media, they click and visit the website.
So, how SEO will be helpful?
To serve 1st type of people you need to optimize your website with keywords. Keywords are the signal that you provide specific food for hungry people. When they search on Google, your website will be there. Why because they way you’re serving in the plate matter the most. When people are hungry for the solution they visit Google. Google is food plate, it means Google search engine provide specific food plate based on Keywords to the users. That’s why it is important to optimize your website with keywords that people are searching on Google.
But the work is not done yet. You can’t rank nowadays your website only by inserting and adding keywords on your website. You also need various variations of content based on Keywords.

For example, if your Blog or website category is JOB or you’re writing more about JOB then you also need to optimize with others keywords. Such as part time job, home based job, remote jobs, data entry job, graphics designing jobs etc.

Even after using above variant in a JOB site, you need to create a unique sentence and more varieties of keywords with sub-keywords. Such as part time job in Shimla, home based jobs for housewives. This is the way to rank your website higher on Google. It’s because artificial intelligence or search engine plate want to serve the best food for users. The best food contains all the specific things that needed with food. Such as salad, sweet, chilly etc. along with food.

It means creating search engine friendly content is same as cooking food for hungry people. But even after that, it’s not guaranteed that hungry people like your food. But before they like it or not, first it is tested by the search engine, it’s because the search engine doesn’t want to serve anything to anyone. That’s why search engine not only looking for quality content but also looking for unique, creative experience, and even search engine is looking, how you’re serving the content in the plate.

It means as an example that your website is like a restaurant or Dhaba and you’re the cook or serving the food in the plate (search engine) and users (hungry) people are looking to eat. But the more love you add in your product while serving matter the most to rank your website higher on Google.

That’s why I think optimization of content is very important. If there is only your website on the Internet providing that specific solution then you don’t need SEO. But there are thousands of people providing a similar solution. That’s why it’s really important to explore the best possible method to present content. You can test various methods. But always be true with your content and idea. And serve the content in search engine plate like the mother is feeding her baby.

That’s the way; you can rank your website higher on a search engine. And you need SEO knowledge and it will come by practicing.

At the end, I want to say that in any battle you can’t fight with your enemy using one tool, you need to use various tools and strategies. Those are search engine tools. Such as Google Webmaster, Yoast SEO plugin, All in One SEO plugin, social networking websites, backlinks, on page optimization and various other things. But start understanding your customer, what type of food and method they like and searching on Google. After that optimize and serve the solution in the plate of the search engine because first it is liked and tested by the search engine, before serving it to search engine users.

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If you’re unable to understand SEO so far, look and analyze following example.

Website – Restaurant or Dhaba

Food – Content in your website.

Hungry People – Search engine users

Search Engine – Food Plate

SEO – The way you to present and serve content

Internet – Market or Bazaar

Competitors – Other restaurant owners

Backlinks – Customer referred by other restaurant owners

Social Shares – The content is shared and appreciates by customers.

On page optimization – The way you put a different variety of food, in one plate or five plates.


So provide the unique and different taste in your content. And your website will get quality traffic and revenue. That’s why following above SEO practices is really important nowadays to grow your small business and website on the Internet. Do not take SEO lightly. SEO is living with Search Engine. So you need to understand its importance even before creating a website.

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