importance of website for small business

Importance of website for small business

Importance of website for small business: A business website is a communication channel where old, new and prospective customers get data, information and knowledge about the business or product or services, contact and communicate with the owners or team and buy the services or products online from anywhere/anytime in the world through a computer or mobile and internet.

The role of a website depends on the demands and goals of the creator and owner. The website in itself is a product. There are various types of websites, such as social media websites, search engine websites, business websites, eCommerce websites, entertainment websites, blog websites, online course websites, educational and travel websites and many others.

From a business point of view let’s understand this is an example:

Internet = Internet is free land. It is a technology and it’s for everyone.

Website/Web Application = The use of the Internet for Business.

Website Traffic = The people visiting the website for products/services/info after searching on search engines (Google/Bing).

Website Designer/Developer = These are skilled individuals, freelancers, and agencies who help small business owners to build a business or any kind of website.

Website Content = Website content is text, images, videos, data and information and functions that website visitors read, use, input and get output and it’s all about business, products, and services.

Website Design = It is about its appearance, looks, color, text size, icon size, logo, images, banner, and structure.

Responsive Website= Responsive means it maintains user experiences and interfaces as per the device such as mobile, computer, laptop and tablet.

Programming Languages: Programming languages such as C, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python are used to create software/applications such as website builders, social media websites, search engines, communication tools, data and information management application, and various other input and output systems. For example, the operating system (windows 10) is created by using programming language, the browser that you’re using to read this article is also created by using a programming language.

Website Builders: Website Builder/Page Builder is a software application that is used to create a website by using drag and drop functionality.

CMS: CMS is a complete content management software that is installed on your domain/hosting and then you use that to create your business website by using free and paid WordPress business themes.

Domain: This is the name of the website. It can be the same as your offline business and or it can be as per your website goals. Technically, it is the name of the website folder on your hosting server.

Hosting Server/Name Server: Hosting is the location of the website and its data wherefrom website runs or that people can use after typing your domain name on the browser address bar or in search engine.

Let’s categories business websites in the following ways:

Informational Website in which you have just given the general information to the public about your business existence such as products/services, about us and contact.

Business Blog Website: It is similar to an informational website, but used to publish regular relevant content for your target customers. So that they will keep engaged with your brand and business.

eCommerce Website: It is a website that is created for customers to buy your products/services online by using credit, debit cards, and net banking. Once a customer completes the purchasing process then you can deliver the product/services to their place.

Portfolio/Personal Website: It is best suited for professionals, freelancers, students, and job seekers. It’s also an informational website about the person.

Website/Application: It’s a software website that people can use to solve daily life, career, and business problems. Such as google search engine is a website, but also an application. In which users can search for solutions/websites/products/services and various other information, educational, entertainment content. Gmail is an application that is used for the emailing system etc.

Social Media Website/Application: It is a website for social purposes such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

Anyone can create any type of website and application. search engine website is a not for promoting a business, it’s itself is business. is a social media website, but it’s a business in itself. is a Video search engine, but it’s a business in itself.

If you’re a small business owner then the use of the internet for you is not limited to promote your offline business online. Instead, you can create/run thousands of other types of websites/applications as a business.

Is it important to have knowledge of programming to create a business website?

No, there are ready-made software, website builder, templates, Content Management System that you can use to create/manage any type of business website.

But to create and invent something new, something that is not seen so far, then you have to use programming skills.

Or you have to hire a programmer, web developer, and experts.

How much it cost to create a simple website?

It depends on what you want to achieve through your website. If you’re creating an information website/business blog website then it can cost you 10000 to 20000 rupees. But if you want to sell your products online then it can cost you 30000 to 100000 rupees.

If you do it on your own by using WordPress, then it will also cost 5 to 10 thousand rupees. You have to pay for Domain, Hosting and WordPress theme. After that, you can create your business website by using WordPress.

What is the role of the Google Search Engine/Bing Search Engine in Business Website?

Search Engine doesn’t play any role directly on your business website but plays the most important role indirectly. The work of search engines such as Google search engine is to find out the information, data, websites, content on the internet and show the results on their own website.

Now google/bing search engines are used by almost all the internet users and people to find the relevant information, solutions available on the web. For example, you’re running a gift shop. But now you have created a website to buy/order gifts items online. Now when someone searches for the gift items for kids, then your website will come in the top 10 search results.

Note: Your website will get in the top 10 search results when the queries and content on your website are the same that people are looking for. And it should be different and more relevant for customers/people than others.  Google Search Engine automatically searches on the web and then displays the search results. If google search engine found that your website is good and has the relevant content that is needed by the searchers then it will display that in the search results. Else you will not get in first top 10 search results.

There are also other paid methods that you can use to get more people (target customers to your website) such as through advertising your website, products, services on search queries, use of social media, SEO and various other online marketing techniques.

Business Website SEO: Business website SEO or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method/skills in which your business website become relevant and eligible to get into the top 10 search results for the customer queries.

What is the role of Social Media Websites such as Facebook/Instagram on a business website?

Social Media also plays an indirect role to get people to your business website by using paid/free social media marketing techniques.

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How you will get more customers to your business website?

You have to promote and market your website on all those platforms, sources, and websites that people are using and which have the possibility to visit your website.

For example, you can use search engine advertising. You can use content marketing (blogging on your website), you can promote on social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook. You can advertise/market on TV, newspapers, magazines and on various online and offline channels/platforms/places.

So now, I hope you got the basic ideas about what is a business website and how it works. Now let’s start learning about how it benefits small businesses.

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Why a website is important for a small business owner?

Anything that brings new/old customers to the business is important to use in business to survive and grow in the competitive business market. And business websites not only bring new customers but also help to retain old customers. Let’s find out the importance of having a business website for small businesses and owners:

1. Business Website is the online presence of your business:

Whatever types of business you are doing. If you have a website then it means you have an online presence and those who need your services/products can connect and communicate with you.

2. Business Website Promote your business in new locations:

The website breaks the boundaries of doing business. If you’re running a business in one city, the website will bring new customers/contacts from other cities too to your business. It’s because your website and its content are getting ranked on top 10 search results. Through the website, social media, SEO, search engine marketing you can promote your business in thousands of places to get new customers.

3. Business Website will bring new customers:

When you promote your website daily through online marketing channels then it will be the opportunities for others to visit our website for relevant solutions, products, and services. For example, you’re selling electronics or home appliances. Someone wants to buy the washing machine today in your city and he made the mind that they will buy it online from flipcharts or amazon.

But before buying that he/she was using Facebook and found the link or image of the washing machine (through advertising, social networking, marketing) in his Facebook feed with the contact details. Now it’s highly possible that the person will visit the washing machine page link or contact you. Just even for the price. But if he/she contacted and visited your website and your content/product/feature and price converted their mind then they will buy from you instead of Flipkart and Amazon.

Even they don’t read, at least they get informed themselves that there is a shop nearby selling washing machines. And whenever they will be visiting their home/office, they will park the car and visit your shop. And it’s a time for selling.

There are thousands of strategies to sell more online. And having a website is one of them. That’s why to convert the customers from other sellers to you, and to bring new customers it’s important that you have the website for your business.

4. Business Website will help to retain old customers:

When you constantly update the product/service information your website and share on social media then it will keep the existing customers updated. Whenever someone buys from you then share that on social media pages and websites with them. And encourage them to like and invited their friends.  Within a few months, you will be able to triple your sales just by updating the people through your website link on social media. That’s why not only the website is important for business but the marketing and promotion of the website is also important.

 5. Business Website is a less costly method of marketing and selling:

If you have created the business website using WordPress or you’re using WordPress for business marketing, selling, promotion then it will less costly. You can learn within a few hours how to update and publish new content on your business website.

The cost of maintaining the business website for marketing is less costly than offline marketing. You just have to renew your domain/hosting each yearly (as per your plan). If you have your own business website then it’s your own property/asset in your business and with consistent hard work, it will make you more profitable and successful.

6. The business website helps you to break the monopoly of your competitors:

The one reason due to most people are buying online or from big brands is that small business owners are not marketing and promoting their business. They don’t’ think to make it big. They wait for customers. And they don’t attract and educate the customers. They think they are small shopkeepers; they don’t think themselves like a company and big brand.

But if they educate themselves about online marketing, selling and websites then they will definitely able to compete for the online marketplaces.

For example, there are 5 to 10 top shopping sites, which dominated the consumer market. But there are millions of small business owners. And if each one of them shares about their products and services online through the website, social media pages, then it will be enough to convert online buyers to offline or sell online. Even they don’t convert immediately at least there is a possibility of selling and getting the customers.

If they don’t try to online marketing, selling then it will be tough in the future to survive. That’s why it’s the right time to start fighting with other brands/sellers’ websites. At least in this fight, you have the chance to win. That’s why I recommend the website and aggressive online marketing for small business owners.

7. A business website is proof that you’re serious to help people:

When you know in this whole life you have to do business, then why don’t you make it big? You’re doing business. It means you’re helping people. But you’re only helping 20 to 30 people each day. But there are 1000+ people who need your products and services but they don’t know you exist. That’s why they move to online marketplaces and shopping sites instead of your business. And due to that, you will lose a minimum of 20 customers per day.

But whatever if you have a website for your business, and services people can identify, read and learn about you and your business. It makes sense that they will contact you after learning and getting informed about the products and services that they need.

Today’s you’re doing business in the village, small town, city, state or in metros you need an online presence of your business. You can use google my business listing, social media pages, and your own self-hosted business website.

The trend is online. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you have to understand the behavior of your customers. And then you have to implement that strategy by creating a website, social media pages and listing your business on online directory websites.

If you spend a daily minimum of 2 hours to promote your business through own business website, then within a few months it will double and triple your customers.

That’s why I recommend a website for each business that existed in this world to make the business big and win in the business competition.



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