Importance of writing skills

I think writing is a way to explain, educate, inform, entertain one’s natural, social behavior, professional and personal point of view or philosophy or expertise to the specific or broad audience by using words and appropriate vocabulary in a systematic method and flow. And people called it writing skills.
Some people are natural in writing. Some learn to write. To be natural in writing someone needs to have good knowledge, experience about the subject they are writing.

1. It is the most demanding skill that will help you to get a job:

Today, due to the evolution of information technology, writers are in demand to create digital media content. Such as digital marketing companies need a content writer. News websites need writers, social media marketing companies needs writers and many other IT-related or non-IT companies need a writer to help them through writing for digital marketing channels such as brand quotes, advertisements, social media posts, blogs.

2. You can start part-time or full time writing business:

You can be become a freelance writer and earn a good amount of income by working from home. For that, you need to market your writing skills. You can use freelance websites to build your profile and bid on your projects. You also need a website to promote and showcase your writing skills. It can be a personal website or business. Whatever it is, today with the help of the internet you can do and run your writing services business online.

3. You can start a blog and help people by sharing their experiences and knowledge in the blog:

A writer is a writer. But there is something behind every writer. Everyone can write, but not all can be a writer. But you can learn to be a writer these days from high-quality online courses. Every writer and person have experience in life. It can be related to career, business, and hobbies. So writing skills help people to help other people. For example, a teacher can write a blog post for the development of students. A marketing leader can write a blog post to help small business owners to grow the business.
That’s why I think writing is a way to help, educate, entertain people. And with the help of the blog, social media anyone can do it. No matter they are students, housewives and retired officers. Everyone has something to help other people. And writing skills is a way to do it.

4. Writing will improve your communication skills:

Writing skills filter your knowledge and brain to the point of value. It communicates the point that is important for others. It’s not about speaking 1000 words simultaneously, it about communicates with the reader/listeners one by one. so that each one gets the highest values of the time.

5. You can increase your creativity, imagination, and knowledge:

When you write, your brain uses every part of your memory and cells. The past memories, knowledge, lessons, pains, incidents, success and failures, the present situation and future possibilities, everything comes out in the writing. It will increase knowledge, improve memory, make you sharp and increase your creativity and imagination. And these are things that are helpful to be successful in career and business.

6. You can debate and speech on any topic:

To be successful in debate and speech not only need facts and figures but you also need effective ways to present these to the audience. And writing skills will be very helpful in that. That’s why there are a scriptwriter /editor’s jobs that exist. Writing skills will improve your vocabulary. You can use 10 words or 5 types of different sentences to point out your facts but it’s not possible if your vocabulary is not strong.
I don’t think there is any writer in the world who is not effective in verbal communication. That’s why writing is a very important skill and method to improve your communication, debating and speech skills.

7. Writing improves your focus and connects you with yourself:

Whatever you write. It can be a blog post, career experiences, business tips, quotes, and Shayari. You can’t write it effectively without connecting the words to your heart and brain. And it’s a way that makes you focused, intelligent and conscious. And it reflects in the personality.
I am writing for the last 13 years. It started with a personal diary. And from the last 5 years, I am writing my experiences and skills in blogs/social media for students and entrepreneurs. I am not a famous writer, nor I have written any book yet, but I write. I know I am not a good writer, nor I have the writing skills. But one thing I know is that I love writing and sharing what I think will be good for people, especially in business and career.
So I learned in these years that writing skills or writing (no matter the skill level) in any medium not matter. The matter most is how effective and helpful your knowledge and content for the people.