How to get the job after MCA degree?

Job after MCA, oh! Don’t worry. You are the master in computer application or you are doing MCA. You do not need to worry about money and jobs. You got it even more than you imagined. Many MCA degree holders are hired by big and small companies daily. You do not need to worry. You just need to spend the money and time on your course and training. Other things come to you automatically. Stop worrying.

The above paragraph is the script used by many guaranteed job providers. More than 1000 universities and institutions are teaching MCA, PGDCA in India. Here is the list of Indian universities. MCA is a 3 years degree course in which you learn application development and system management. This is one of the top degree courses in India.

How to earn money after MCA? This is the toughest situation for a 23 years old student. Many do courses in those universities who are providing job placement, job guarantee. Some of them have a very good record. Universities are charging high fees for the MCA course approx. 300000 – 400000 or more than this. Other expenses are extra like pg, books, laptops, the internet, and daily pocket money.

This is a very big burden on students and on parents too. It’s then very important to know how to manage career expenses? Parents do everything for the career of their children. They take loans and stop spending extra money. The high expenses make students under pressure.

Career and family pressure leading people into stress and anxiety. Universities and institutes after MCA provide or place students for industrial training in the companies for six or more months. And then it all depends on you. How you learn, work, and earn. Many universities have the best records in job placement. But almost all are installing the information in your brain, not knowledge. And that’s the system of our education. In which you keep learning outdated technologies and at the end of the day “We all feel cheated.”

And all the above things you learned while start giving interviews. I am not in favor of outdated theoretical knowledge. The theoretical knowledge is essential but not the first priority. India is developing in technical education but 70% of people know about the “Jugads” but not an individual working to repair this education system. All are hungry for money, ready to eat hard-earned money from our parents.

So, my first advice to you if you are thinking to do MCA is that keep away yourself from guarantee providers. This is marketing tactics and all things are planned, if you think I am wrong then ask in your circles about the frauds, universities, and institutions are doing with students. Read all the things properly, research about the MCA syllabus on the internet. And learn about universities or institutes as much as possible. 300000 rupees is big money that you spending and 3 years too. In 300000 you easily can start your own business with little knowledge. And also 300000 in the bank account can give you enough interest. So, be careful.

Options for Jobs after MCA:


Before going for an interview checklist your skills. Sort all the skills in order of interest and future perspective. You can specialize in one thing e.g. software development, web development, database management, etc. But it is not necessary to think about specialization early in the career.

Offline – 9 am to 9 pm:

The best benefit of doing the job after MCA is that you will learn “how things work”? Do a job minimum for 2 years in a single company don’t change. But make sure that companies service technology and mission is bigger than your thinking. In metro cities e.g. Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. are producing higher jobs. But the cost of living is high and the average salary is 10000 for fresher. You also keep tracking govt. jobs. The best places for a job in which you feel freedom, growth, and a good salary. It is not easy to get the first job directly into INFOSYS, IBM, and Google but not impossible. But in the beginning, think more about learning practical skills. And do not ignore money too. This is a time in which you can show your charter in your work.

Online Jobs: – anytime

Learn about freelancing jobs. This is more than jobs. Thousands of people are trying daily to get their first job. A first job opportunity takes time on freelancing sites.  Do work remotely from your village. You do not need to work in cities to save monthly from 2000 to 3000. Go natural and eat the food that your parents produce and work 24 hours. No problem, at all. Save more on a small income. Learn about freelancing and most important your English communication should be above average. Many freelance sites are providing big jobs and projects. Upwork is a leader in the online freelance marketplace.


1st thing stops worrying about jobs, income, and believes in yourself. Improve your skills by consistently learning on the internet and seniors.
2nd thing tries to find a job in which the working time is 10 to 5 or 9 to 5 only.
3rd learn and do personal marketing of your skills. Build your own website and show and share skills on social media sites best is linked in for MCA students. I hope that you know how to build or design a portfolio website after MCA. Start building your reputation on social media sites. Learn and improve your skills.
4th make your profile on Upwork or freelance sites. Upwork is best works for me. Starting following updates of freelancing work. Learn blogs related to freelancing. Also, watch videos and learn ebooks too. Do not apply for the first job too early. Take your time and study projects and try to implement similar work in your free time.
5th Live alone or with not more than 1 room partner if you are in the PG or rented place.
6th You need to stop following negative team members and employees or classmates at the workplace. Start following hard worker and visionary.
7th You need to stop worrying about others’ thoughts about you. Live happily and also do call to parents regularly or when do you have time.

You should read me in the below posts: Updated and only written for mca students.


Full blog post on How to earn money after an MCA degree?

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0 thoughts on “How to get the job after MCA degree?”

  1. Sir,
    It is my last sem of MCA, after complete my post graduation. i want a job.but here i’m facing a problem like i don’t know which subject i’m interested. So please suggest my what i do for my best carrier in the IT field. i want a huge success with good salary package. please tell me .

    • Hi, Don’t think about which subject is best for you. Just go with whatever is the demand in the market for you subject. For example: If the demand is for PHP then go for it. But if you don’t like PHP then choose another subject and see the demand. Go for some interviews and see which kind of skills companies want and how much they are paying for it. The interest can be generated in anytime for any subject. No matter is database management, coding or etc. When you know or when you will see the results what others are did in the same subject you got interested. So, my simple suggestion is that go for interviews or see requirement for skills on online jobs. Select the best in which you think the demand is high. Just select skills and work hard for one year minimum in any company you join, don’t look for money to early, just get some clues and ideas what is happening in the IT around you. And later may be after 1 year working with any business or start ups you can create complete plan.
      If any doubts then its free to ask any questions, I will try to provide best solutions that i know! Thanks!

      • I am a bachelor degree student and i am planning to go for MCA after this degree. So, can u give me a little more explaination about the course, expenses and future jobs?

      • Hello sir,

        I am about to complete MCA. i am confused and i have no idea what to do further i want a job with good salary in IT field please suggest me currently which subject is demand in market should i do any extra courses like java,php etc.

    • lets look… we can catogarise the subjects or feilds as two coding and non-coding…if you are intested in coding you have a lot of oppertunities…in non-coding just tune yourself according to your taste, ie designing,consutency,internet marketring,hardware and a lot feild are waiting there.

  2. hello sir i have completed mca in ahmednagar.but i was confused.where i can do internship in php in ahmednagar or pune.but there was no best institutes in ahmednagar for internship.and i can’t go in pune because of some personal problems.plz suggest me sir.

    • Hi, No problem ! here are few options.

      1) Search again – May be you missed:

      2) Learn online (There are many free) and create something to show to the potential employer. (You need internet + little idea (what I can create)

      3) Create your own website in PHP with advanced functionality show this to potential employers.

      4)Go to upwork -> see what kind of jobs are available or what kind of job offer are coming in php. Then create something by getting some idea or apply for job.

      5) May be your institute can provide that and don’t worry about the quality – just do that ! Don’t look for best – just look to complete MCA any how without going anywhere else. 2nd if they are average they will not make you average ok. If you’re are intelligent you can do many things by learning whatever they demand to you.

      If you can share more details about your concern then it is good too to suggest!

      6) Ask your parents what they will guide you or what they prefer to you.


  3. Hello Sir, my name is Danish.I am working on amazon mturk for over 6 years and about to complete my mca.
    I wanted to get success onupwork.As i have started working on here, but still not got the first job.
    As well i am really confused what should choose after my MCa and how can i be successfully freelancer thank you.

    please reply

    thanks you.

  4. Helo sir I’m confused for my future study what I do I’m complete my BCA and now what I do for future with best opportunity?? Help me sir

    • Hi Nikhilesh, The better way is to complete your MCA degree after BCA with full hardwork and dedication. Ask questions, join projects groups, learn from seniors.
      In part time:
      1. Learn practical skills on the internet such as PHP, Database management, SEO, etc.
      2. Create your own website start exploring your creativity.
      3. Learn about freelancing and personal professional website.
      4. Do something offline job or project that will explore your talent and makes your best students.
      5. Keep improving your english and work on personal development.
      Don’t waste time, live happy and confident, get blessings from parents regularly and believe on god.

  5. hi, i m sheetal … i m doing mca from ignou . there is a problem that i am not intrested at all in any language. i face lots of trouble. currently i m working in icici merchant service but ther is dissatisfaction about job. i am career oriented girl & want sucess in life. i m confuse about the opportunities comes after MCA. do not hv right path. am i on wrong way??????Please suggest me different career opportunity so that i just concentrate on these. if intrested to give answer of any of my queries plz let me know on my email id.

    Thanx & waiting for your kind suggestion.

  6. Hello,I am still a 11th Commerce Student and I very much interested in programming languages.So what should i do for making career in it?Plz do reply

  7. Hello Sir ,

    I feeling very embarrassing to discuss you , I did MCA in 2011 that time I did php developer job upto 9 months then after that I spoil my career to spend time for kid now , I have no any idea what should I do , some people suggest me , go for school teaching but after MCA I go for this ,it’s not suited ,I’m try to do NET but I feel I to tough to do . sir plz suggest me what I do my id .

  8. I feeling very embarrassing to discuss you , I did MCA in 2013 after that I spoil my career to spend time for kid now , I have no any idea what should I do , some people suggest me , go for school teaching but after MCA I go for this ,it’s not suited ,I’m try to do NET but I feel I to tough to do . sir plz suggest me .

  9. I need a lil brief explaination about the MCA course, expenses and future career opportunities with working time and payscale.

  10. Sir,
    It is my project of MCA, after complete my post graduation. i want a job.but here i’m facing a problem like which course is better in IT. So please suggest my what i do for my best carrier in the IT field. i want a huge success please tell me .sirr

  11. Sir

    Maine apni mca 2015 mai completeki h. Ab m ghr pr hu. Mere sare subject bhi mind se clear hote jaa rhe h.. sir plz mujhe guide kro ki m kya kru… m bhut Frustate ho gyi hu apni life se.

    • Hi,
      Phli baat to ye ki isme frustrate hone wali koi baat nahi hai, aisa bahut se logo ke sath hota hai, aur jo iss frustration mein bhi apne aap par bharosa banaye rakhte hai, vahi log duniya badlte hai.

      App bahut kuch kar sakte hai, aapne MCA kiya hai, iska matlab ye huga ki apko computers ke baare mein kaafi gyan hoga. Lekin ho sakta hai ki practically aap karne mein asmarth ho.

      Isliye aap phle apne parents ke sath baat kare ki vo apko kis tarah ki job mein dekhna chahte hai. AAP bhi unhe apne interest se vaakif karvaye! Jo unko bhi accha lage aur aap bhi kar sake!

      Few suggestions:

      1) Technical writing or content writing try UPWORK.COM
      2) Learn to create websites such WordPress is the easiest open source to follow.
      3) There various technical and interesting skills you can learn on the internet. It only take a month to learn or become master in anything if you’re really serious.
      4) Check out in your city any startup’s and apply for to work for free in next six month. Learn from the other people the more you can! Connect your carer goal with the goal of company. If you performed better then they will surly pay you.

      5.) Start part time work by teaching small kids at home or people about Internet and computers. Such as internet banking and internet safety will be going in high trend in future.
      6.) If you’re interested in Security or cyber crime then try to learn such skills and provide security services for people online.

      7.) Do some more research on Google and think about your own interested. If you’re interested subject in demand then start working on that!

      Thanks! Also check other comments for more suggestions on the site!

  12. Hello sir I completed my MCA in last just 2016 then I try to prprare for the net exam but I m not able to still decide what should I do I should prepared for the net or switch to private sector like companies pls help Me out

  13. Hello sir,
    I am actually bit confused about my career because I did 2 3 diploma course and have 2 3 years working experience with Manyog Consultancy and I completed my MCA from IGNOU and now a days I am learning ASP.NET MVC with angular but in age factor I am in late 20’s. I want to pursue my career in IT Field but I am in late 20’s so I am unable to locate from where to start my Career once again . Please consult.

  14. Hello Sirji,
    I’m student of BCA final year. I’m doing BCA from simple college. I have hearing and speech problem. After complete BCA, I want to join MCA from best placement college/university. I’m interest in language programming and web development. So Sirji, please suggest me good place for MCA. Will I select for job ? because I have hearing and speech problem.
    Thank you sir.

  15. Thank you sir, it helps me a lot in getting more info about MCA. I have completed my BSC IT degree in 2018 ,now everyone suggesting for MCA . I m too confused , is there guarantee for getting a job by internship only OR Is there need to do any course after MCA ????
    What company wants from students ?
    I have heard that each company provides training which is sufficient to work in that company , is it true????
    And also heard that one stable framework is provided to employees we just need to stick vth it,, is it ????
    Plz help me .

    • The solutions of your problem is very simple.
      1. Do the MCA
      2. In free time take any programming course online for practical skills.
      3. After completion of MCA when you will start looking for the job, take a the training or internship if provided by the company.
      if not, start your own project or create any kind of application online and in interview showcase this to the employer.

    • Hello guys,

      First of all don’t go for MCA directly because market is now very tech savvy you have to all many programming languages you can and most important your marks to be eligible to apply for MNC companies because they want 60% throughout the education which contains from secondary to graduation or postgraduate whatever is your qualifications now come to knowledge our education system provide basic knowledge which would not much helpful in your job you need to be updated with the things by making yourself more curious about the area of interest, attend seminar’s or small training provided by college or any other sources it will much clear your overview knowledge to understand which domain you can select to work with because you can’t reverse anything after a fault in your life but to fullfill it’s important to take your decision on time before it’s late. All this thing i am telling you because i have completed MCA from one of the renowned institute under pune university and secured 65% which might be ok or good for someone but when it comes to study you have lot of subject contains programming and most importantly maths which you need to do in wvery semester which can give you nightmare when you got backlogs in this subject because it may not going to clear soon until you get to start your next semester came along with new maths or statical based subject so it’s really important throughout your course focus on your studies and more on technology because this will make you easy go to hunt and get a job. Else wait find a job after your BCA or whatever course you did with i know its may sound like there are no jobs for graduate but i am sorry to tell you guys not even MCA you will get jobs it’s because they not just see your degree and even your marks which is became just to be and eligible criteria of the company they need more than that so rather than wasting your parents hard earned money go search a job whether they are paying less but still you get more salary after 2-3year what MCA fresher going to start with because now the thing are not like before was, even after your graduation search for internship program which may offer you stipend and knowledge both.
      Finally one important thing if you really want to go for MCA search a good college which doesn’t means good placement even mine college has the same but since the year the institution started what are the things happening around how is your college Foundation or MD because ultimately any negative thing’s happen it will all comes to the name of institution and that may disrupt the entire placement process or image of the institution don’t get trapped and then blame your self what you have done or you survived because in the end this jobless situation make you nightmare and you get frustrate with the things that will make a negative approach within yourself.

  16. hlo sir,
    i am doing mca and i want get to training in ethical hacking or any programming language
    please sir suggest my what i do and what job option will after training and sir what i get government job
    please help me

    • ok, Just focus on programming language, first complete your MCA training with good or great marks. Just spend your maximum time in learning. Don’t think about the future right now, your first goal is to achieve the MCA degree with good grades. About Job: No one will guarantee about the jobs and career success in IT. It’s all depends on you, if you come with great job skills after MCA then no company can ignore you and you can also get the government job, but then you need to follow the process required for government jobs. MCA is a master degree, it means a lot. But never forget that in real world things are different, so you need to be expert in any demanding skill.
      That’s it
      I think you should learn this article:

  17. After BSC I have done mca …then I have to take 6 month training in android …this is not suited for me ….now I am confuse what I do for best future. Tell me

    • You have done MCA, obviously, you will look for jobs. You can be a front-end developer, backend developer etc. and for that, you need actual professional skills for the job. Now it can be android development, web development, front-end development and anything that interest you more. In the same time, you can apply for government jobs. There is no confusion. The confusion is only about which one is best for the future.

      And for a secure future in anything (web development, android development, graphics designing, SEO) depends on dedication and learning. If you’re dedicated for continues learning about the field you’re working or looking to work, then no situation can defeat you.
      But if someone else chooses web development and stops learning the advanced features and updates then no company will hire that person. So I think it’s best if you choose anything “Android or web development” is almost equal and dedicate yourself daily for a 2 hour or 1 hour about the selected stream then I think it’s more than secure.

  18. Sir,
    I Have done MCA and working in startup company in Delhi on .net c#.
    I have competed around 10 projects in 1 years on windows and web.
    sir plz plz tell me__: i m very nervous about my career.. where should i see myself in 2 years .. plz guide me.


  19. Sir,
    I Have done MCA and working in startup company in Delhi on .net c#.
    I have competed around 10 projects in 1 years on windows and web.
    sir plz plz tell me__: i m very nervous about my career.. where should i see myself in 2 years .. plz guide me.



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