Most effective digital marketing skills courses

Find out in this post the most effective and best digital marketing courses along with guidance. Digital Marketing is a method to advertise, promote and market products and services internet by using electronic devices and methods such as mobile, computer, tablet. In other words, it is a way to connect and communicate about the products and services online to the people who need them.

Now the communication can be done through search engine ads, video ads, blogs, and social media posts, emails, and many other advertising and marketing methods. We will discuss that later in this post.

I am saying communication, is because according to my understanding so far that marketing is nothing but communication with the right person (target customer) who actually needs that product and service. When you do it offline it’s marketing but when you do it online, it’s called digital marketing.

Benefits of digital marketing for your business:

  1. More than billions of people use the internet regularly. And you can communicate with them through digital content and advertisement and help them to find and buy your products and services. That’s why start-ups and small businesses prefer online marketing.
  2. You can target as many locations for marketing your products and services. You can advertise specifically to cities, states, and countries worldwide.
  3. You have full control in online advertising, when to start the ad campaign and when to end as per results and data analysis.
  4. You can market specifically to the mobile customer and you can also choose both, desktop and mobile users for advertisement and marketing.
  5. The biggest benefit of digital marketing is customer data. You can track, analyze your performance, efforts and results. Data will show you how many people watched your ads, how many clicked, how many people liked and how many are converted into leads.
  6. It means you can check and analyze the data in real-time. And you can make changes in the marketing content anytime to increase the conversion rate.
  1. Digital Marketing is less costly. You only have to pay for the advertisement. You pay when you get the results. That’s not possible in traditional marketing. The use of social media, search engines is free. And any kind of small business and professional can build the online presence of their business to grow the sales and even get a high ranking for the website in local search results.
  2. You can automate marketing through the website, videos, blog posts, social media posts. It means you don’t have to sit in front of a computer to generate leads and sales.
  3. It means you can create a marketing campaign or sales funnels on your desktop computer/laptop on Sunday and then schedule it to run from Monday to Saturday. And you can see the performance of your advertisements, marketing even on a mobile phone, while you’re traveling.

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

  • If you’re a small business owner then learn digital marketing so that you can identify, understand, and use the digital marketing opportunities in your business and grow your sales. Learn more:  16 Most Powerful benefits of digital marketing for small businesses
  • If you’re a student and fresher and looking for a part-time and full-time job, then learn digital marketing. You will get SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Video Creation works. And even a good salary and it’s a more creative, challenging and exciting field.
  • If you want to work as a freelancer then learn Digital marketing. You will get big projects and clients are willing you to pay more for the results.
  • If you want to hire people to promote and market your business nationally and internationally then learn digital marketing so that you can hire the right people and manage them effectively. There are also many fake digital marketers, who can make you fool and get money from you, by showing you fake results. So, learn the basic concept of digital marketing before you hire any marketer.
  • If you want to run your own blog, website, affiliate marketing, eCommerce website or any kind of online business then first learn digital marketing. And learn about consumer behavior, buying habits so that before you start manufacturing, distributing, and even writing content, you should know what you’re doing and who will be on the other side.

Who can do digital marketing courses?

While anyone can do digital marketing courses. It’s all about learning. But most important for following people or in professions:

  • Someone who wants to become a master in digital marketing can do online digital marketing courses and can learn various marketing skills from a variety of experts.
  • A person looking for jobs and career development in the digital marketing field.
  • Ecommerce Website/Online Store owner.
  • Affiliate Marketer/blogger/writer/YouTubers.
  • Sales Professionals.
  • Home-based business owners.
  • Small business owners.
  • College students.

Essential Digital Marketing Skills:

While social media marketing, search engine advertising, video marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, email marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing are considered digital marketing skills and most of you know about it, but more than that, I am going a little deeper and suggesting the following basic digital marketing skills that are more important to grow sales online.

  • Customer segmentation / Target Audience:

Customer segmentation is the most important digital marketing skills. It helps to determine the right customer for the product, it also helps in pricing and feature up-gradation in the product. Without the knowledge of the target audience or customer, results from digital marketing activities will never be good.

Many people fail in online advertising and marketing it’s because they target the wrong customer or they try to sell the product to all. When someone tries to sell the product to all then the marketing content will not create engagement with the consumer.

It’s simple is that you can’t try to sell BMW to the 30000 monthly income people. You sell whose income is more than 100000+ per month and living in the high class in society.  Each product is specifically targeted to the audience.

For example, If you ask a content writer to write for your business, then they will ask you who is the target audience.

That’s why the understanding of target customer, stagnation and group as per the interest, occupation, age, income, and habits are very important to identify to launch a successful digital marketing ad campaign. That’s why I am considering customer segmentation is the most important and basic digital marketing skill.

So, the first thing that is important to learn in digital marketing is customer segmentation. Here you can learn more: How to determine your target audience by following these steps

  • Understanding of target customer behaviors:

Understanding customer behavior with your product and services is another most important digital marketing skills. When you understand the behavior, interest, and demands more deeply, you can write better headlines and descriptions in advertisements, you will be able to create a checklist for product design and feature updates and you will be able to understand the customer problem more deeply.

You can say that understanding the feedback and then making changes in marketing and product features is an important skill and digital marketing habit.

  • Catchy headline writing skills:

Without the use of engaging, interesting, unique and informational headlines in advertising, product tag lines, blog post, social media post, search engine ads, and YouTube thumbnail it’s tough or even impossible to capture the attention of busy internet users.

The goal is to attract people to the product and services. It can be through knowledge, data, information, and entertainment. Or it can be through attractive images, videos, and a story.

Attraction connects people with the marketing campaign. And connection help to communicate with the customer. And if the communication or the content displayed in the advertisement or marketing content is emotionally attached to problems and solutions then people will buy it through your marketing campaign.

People don’t buy product/services, they actually buy headlines. There are thousands of contents on the web that is catchy but nothing inside. But get sells.

So, if you’re providing the quality in your product, services then tell it with confidence and make a big announcement. People see thousands of product/service advertisements. It’s important to be unique, catchy to grab attention.

For example, if you believe that product and services can reduce the cost of doing business then say after calculation, “Reduce your business cost by 50% within 30 days by using ABC service/product.”

But remember, you can make fool people one time, even twice but not trice and never be in the future. So promise less and deliver more. The quality of products/services will already attract people. But you have to tell that quality with confidence.

To learn the skills to write better headlines, learn to attract people and after that surprise them with your product and quality.

  • Content creation for Promotion:

Content creation is the key to the results that you will get through online marketing. Similarly, like a catchy headline, your promotional content has to be fresh, engaging, unique and creative.

In digital marketing content creation is all about creating an advertisement, editing photos, creating of banners, thumbnails, articles, YouTube videos, social media content for sharing.

It can be in text, images, videos.

So, if you know how to create a simple banner to advertise your product offers and schemes then you can do better in digital marketing.

In big companies, there is a specialist and have a marketing process. But as small business owners, allrounder digital marketer it’s very important that you learn the basics of graphics, video editing, copywriting and visual communication. So that you can make an impact and attract people to your product and services.

  • Product Presentation:

The way you present your product impresses your target audience positively and negatively. As you know the first impression is everything. To succeed in digital marketing, you have to learn to present your ideas, product, plans, services in front of the audience effectively. Effective presentation means a way that is simple to understand and easy to use.

You can present the product verbally or through videos and in a special product launch. For example, a CAR is launched by Auto Companies in surprising and exciting ways. It the similar you can do when you launch a website for a client. It’s all about how big you think about everything that you do while creating, launching, and delivering the product to the customer.

But specifically, learn presentation skills. The presentation can be through video, PowerPoint slide, animation, image, text, social media post, webinar or marketing event.

You can learn more in the following article: Importance of presentation skills – Effective Communication

  • Keyword structuring and optimization in ad campaign and website:

Keyword research and optimization in the website and landing page is a part of Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing. It’s all about inserting the keyword inappropriate places that help to rank it higher on the search engine.

The SEO part in digital marketing start from keyword research, what customer searching exactly on the search engine. You have to select the most appropriate keywords and then have to add that to the website home page, landing page or product page. So that google builds a connection between your services/products with the customer.  I mean your website/product page ranks higher on the search engine.

  • Selection of right digital marketing platform

Selection and targeting the right platform for digital marketing is as important as it is important for the pilot to land the plane on the right track. You can only land a plane when the platform is empty and safe for the landing.

Similarly, if you’re targeting and selecting the wrong digital marketing platform, channel or website then it will be a loss of time, effort, and money. You can select based on your online marketing budget, target audience, and sales target.

If your target customer is using Facebook but you’re marketing on tweeter then will it work or not? Not.

If you’re answering on Facebook, but your target audience is asking on Quora? Will it work? No.

That’s why I have added the first skill as a customer segmentation that helps you to identify the right platform/website/channel to choose on the internet for marketing.

Even if you’re unable to find out that. You can choose YouTube video marketing, then you can choose search engine ads, after that display ads, then Facebook ads. After investing the same money/efforts/content, now you can analyze which one platform has given you more traffic, profit, the product sells and leads. And then select the best one.

  • Intent to help:

No matter how skilled and knowledgeable you’re about digital marketing if your intention is not to help but sell. When your intent is to help people then you will use write words that are more than copywriting and enchanting words and perfectly matched to search engine queries and you will get lots of traffic to your product page or landing page. And the conversion becomes higher than ever.

When your intent is to help then your images, design and advertisement banner become the best promotional materials. When your intent is to help then you will be able to break your sales records.

But when your target is to get more traffic when your target is to get more sales when your target to just earn money, then you will use digital marketing tricks and shortcuts, and in the long run that will backfire the whole company, your products, and services.

So always be helpful. Don’t try to sell instead try to help more and you will be able to sell more.

When you try to help you educate people when you try to help you make improvement in apps user interface and experience, when you try to help by improving your product quality and when you try to help you become more confident. And all that help you to present the product in front of billion users on the internet in more engaging ways. And you will be able to double your business just by using digital marketing platforms.

Digital Marketing Methods and Online Courses:

1. Search Engine Advertising or marketing:

Search Engine Marketing is the most effective and fastest method to grow your sales and business no matter how tough is the competition. It works. It’s because you bid on certain keywords that million people searching per day and monthly on a search engine such as Google and Bing. Search Engine Marketing is one of the most used paid marketing methods on the web for the quickest results.

You just have to pay when your target customer clicks on your selected searched query. And when your target customer clicks, they will get to your landing page and make the purchase. That’s that simple.

That’s why almost all kinds of business owners, digital marketers and advertisers pay to display product offers, services, solutions for the people based on the search query.

In other words, search engine marketing and advertising is a way where people are looking for solutions and your advertisement is in the first place.

Google Ads is the leading search engine marketing platform that you can use to grow your business.

Following are the best online courses to learn search engine advertising and marketing:

What you can do after learning Search Engine Marketing/Advertising Methods:

  •  If you’re running a business or have a website then invest some amount of money, time, and effort to grow your sales. Just do it for a test. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have to be experimental with your business growth ideas. So, don’t hesitate to try new marketing and advertising methods.
  • If you’re a digital marketer or beginning your career as a digital marketer then try to optimize the content of clients/company website and then run an ad campaign on google ads. And generate leads for clients.

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  2. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine optimization is another most used digital marketing methods that are practiced by almost all digital marketers and SEO expert daily to get the right and more people on the business website, landing page, blog post, and eCommerce website.

It’s similar to Search Engine Marketing but the difference is that it is a free and organic method to increase the visibility of website and business on search engines just by optimizing the website for search queries and to display in top 10 search results.

Following are the best online search engine optimization courses that can help you become a master in search engine optimization digital marketing methods:

What you can do after learning search engine optimization skills:

  • Optimize the content of your home page, write engaging and keyword-rich website title and meta description. And use the family of keywords or related keywords on all other pages of the website that answer frequently asked or search queries of your target customer.


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3. Social Media Marketing/Advertisements:

Social media marketing is a digital marketing method that is used to market and advertises a product, services, brands, and events through engaging, educational, informational and entertaining content.

The content is delivered on the timeline when people use social media websites on mobile and computer through images, text, videos to target the specific group of people, location and interests to increase the website traffic and sales.

Due to the availability of customers’ personal data such as likes, comments, occupation, age, interests, location, habits and many other things it’s easy to create an engaging and targeted ad campaign that double the quality traffic on the landing page or sales funnels.

For example, sponsored content that you see on your Facebook and Twitter timeline is part of social media marketing and it is personalized as per your recent browser cookies and search history.

Following online courses can be helpful for you to learn social media marketing methods and techniques:

What you can do after learning social media marketing skills:

  • Segment your audience and run 2-3 different social media campaigns to test the exact target customer.
  • Promote the 1 products and services in 3 different campaigns for the same audience and see the difference in data results. And after that use the most useful social ad campaign for the whole month.


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4. Video Marketing/advertisements:

Video marketing is the most trending digital marketing method these days. It’s because it’s more engaging and convert viewers into paid customers more quickly.

Video marketing methods can be used in Pay per click campaigns, social media, and YouTube. You can use videos in your paid ad campaign. And you can also use it as a method to connect and communicate with the customers on YouTube. You can share your stories, workplace culture, and intentions behind the works in a video and that engaging and influence your target customer towards your business.

You can use video tutorials, documentaries to inspire and help your target customer to understand your product and services. Following online courses can help you to learn video marketing and video content creation skills and methods:

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5. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a fully personalized digital marketing method to promote and sells more products and it allows you to retain the customer for many years.

Through email you can send updates, new product offers, and updates on current programs and policies. It is a way to communicate and help the customer to grow their business and living standard. Through emails, you can keep the customer connected with you for many years and able to generate recurring revenue each month as per the product subscription plan.

Following are the online courses to become skilled in email marketing methods:

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6. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is used to educate customers, to get new email subscribers and to get more free organic targeted traffic to the website from search engines and social media. Helpful content-rich blog post builds the trust for the brand in people mind. Due to consistent content marketing efforts on social media, website and YouTube increases sales, grow the business without spending any money on the advertisement. It’s very effective for small business, eCommerce website/online store website, social media marketers and bloggers or Affiliate marketers.

Following are the online course to learn content marketing:

What you can do after learning Content Marketing methods:

  • Write 2-3 engaging sales copy and create 2-3 sales funnel or landing page for the target audience. After that promote each one on search engine ads, social media ads, emails, banner advertising and analyze the return on investment.
  • Set the business website traffic goals and use learned methods and skills from the course on the website.
  • Start a new website/affiliate marketing business and then use the learned skills to grow that business as a part-time.


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There are also marketing automation, affiliate marketing, guest posting, link building skills, and methods but I think while learning the above digital marketing methods, you will get to know all about it. But in case if you’re confused about anything that is shared in this post or shared in the mentioned course, you can ask me. I will do my best to help you in learning online marketing skills especially to grow your business and career.

There are various uses of digital marketing skills. I think this article will help you with this:

But whatever that you have learned, I always suggest that use each skill and lesson one by one on your own side project. And follow the advice, of course, instructor, and follow the digital marketing course content.

How much does it cost to do a digital marketing course:

If you do a digital marketing course online, then it can cost you from $9 for a single course such as SEO, but to learn Search Engine Marketing skills then you can do another course for $9. So overall it can cost you from $9 to $50 to learn all kinds of digital marketing methods and techniques.

Even you can take all in one digital marketing course that priced at just $9. In this post, I have shared with you the best digital marketing online courses that cost you less and you will learn digital marketing skills faster than offline or traditional digital marketing courses.

How much time does it take to learn digital marketing skills?

Digital marketing is not a static skill it’s dynamic. It changes as per the technologies, tools, customer interest, and new business. So, you can’t say that you have to become perfect and expert before you start. Even the world’s Top Digital marketers also struggle to get their posts ranked on the search engine. You will become an expert as per daily digital marketing experiments on your own and client’s projects.

But to get a basic knowledge of digital marketing, it can take a minimum1 month. But to become an expert, you have to use your digital marketing skills. Without the use of digital marketing skills on your own it’s tough to learn digital marketing.

Difference between digital Marketing Tools and Digital Marketing or Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing tools are apps/platforms/websites and places of marketing/advertising. Such as social media, search engine, YouTube, Pinterest, website sidebar and blog post.

But marketing is a skill that you use through digital marketing tools.

There is no use of marketing tools without marketing skills.

You don’t have to focus on the tools, you have to focus on the people to market your business effectively online.

Where there are people, there is marketing. Digital Marketing tools are just a method to connect and communicate.

So always focus more on learning marketing, advertising and sales skills.

It’s because when tools change in the future, you will be able to use any kind of digital marketing tools. IT’s because your marketing concepts are clear and effective.

For example, plain paper is a tool for a network marketer to explain the business plan.

But he/she doesn’t find a piece of paper to explain then they can also able to explain it through verbal communication.

How to start learning digital marketing

There are various methods to start learning digital marketing skills, and the following are the best and most effective ways:

  • Join a digital marketing agency and work with them for 3-4 months free like an internship. And along with that, you can do the online digital marketing course and you can access the course content at home and in the office. Now use those skills in that company. And get results and help to achieve the sales goals of the company. After the results, you will be paid higher and at the same time, you will learn the actual methods of doing digital marketing as per the industry.
  • Join online digital marketing course and read books on digital marketing. Invest your 5-6 hours daily for 3 months minimum. After that provide digital marketing services to your local businesses and clients.
  • The third method to learn digital marketing is to start your own project. It can be a YouTube channel, blog, affiliate marketing, product reviews, and directory website. You can target any specific industry to use your digital marketing skills. Such as the travel industry and you can create leads for travel agencies through your website/YouTube channel and content or any other tool. And get paid as per the lead.

Now do the online digital marketing course with lead generation goals for the travel industry and select the best course that teaches those skills.

Always choose a digital marketing course or any course based on your target. Your goal is not to learn digital marketing, but your goal is to generate travel leads for clients and for that you’re doing a digital marketing course. Think like this.

  • Learn digital marketing skills one by one. First, learn the most important skills that clients are more willing to pay. It can be SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Creation/Marketing, landing page optimization, video advertising, mobile marketing, and advertisement. Learn and use these skills one by one on your own business and client’s projects.

Things to remember: Don’t’ start teaching digital marketing skills after doing the course and learning about digital marketing. Before teaching and sharing your digital marketing skills, get some experiences, and create outstanding results and after that, it will be more effective and profitable to teach.


Digital marketing course benefits

Digital marketing is a trending and the most demanding skill. It’s because no business can grow without marketing and sales. And if you’re a master in digital marketing then you will never see the short of work and low-income growth. You will always get more work and money for your skills and results.

Following are top digital marketing course benefits:

  • If you’re studying in college and you learn digital marketing, then it will help you to plan your career and job skills after completion of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Learning digital marketing skills will also help you to start a part-time business that you can grow after finishing the studies.
  • If you’re a blogger, writer, YouTuber then digital marketing skills will help you to connect and communicate with people effectively. You will be able to grow your views, subscribers, revenue and traffic to your website.
  • If you’re a business owner and want to grow your business digitally without hiring a person due to lack of funds then you can do a digital marketing course that will help you to learn the techniques to promote and market your business on the internet on your own.
  • If you’re MBA then learning digital marketing skills will be a plus and bonus skill for you to get the highest-paid position in a reputable company.
  • If you’re a business manager or marketing manager then learning digital marketing skills will help you to plan and collaborate with your team members effectively to achieve sales goals.
  • If you’re a housewife and you’re looking to start a small business from home then an online digital marketing course will help you to learn the skills that are required to identify and capture online business opportunities.
  • The other benefits are that you will get the latest and updated digital marketing course content. And you can access the digital marketing course at any time and on any device.
  • Another benefit of doing a digital marketing course online is that you can choose specific digital marketing methods and skills such as Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, social media marketing and many others as per your business goals.


What to do during/after the above mentioned online digital marketing courses

While doing a digital marketing course it’s very important that you use and work on the topic of each module in your own project and client’s projects.

After completion of the digital marketing course, you can follow things as per your situation and interest:

  • Start your own side project.
  • Use each skill and learned items to grow your business.
  • Plan your career and apply for jobs in digital marketing.
  • You can choose a specific digital marketing methods such s expert in SEO, an expert in Content Creation, an Expert in Affiliate Marketing, Expert in Video Marketing, etc.

Which one is the best digital marketing course, how to select the best digital marketing course:

No one ever created a perfect digital marketing course. And no one can promote the course as it is the perfect course. Each digital marketing teacher and course will teach you a specific skill.

You just have to follow yourself more than advertisements.

For example, if you have the demands for Search engine marketing skills, then your goal is to learn and find the course that teaches you the basics of Search Engine Marketing or Google Ads. That’s it.

Might be course will not turn to be effective. But in that case, go for another. And keep learning.

As I told you above that you improve your digital marketing skills when you invest each day working on them and past experiences and current skills.

No one learned everything in just one course, degree, project and in one day. Each day teach you something new in digital marketing. But you have to be excited to learn new things each day about digital marketing.

And it can happen through digital marketing news, digital marketing course, digital marketing YouTube channels or digital marketing mentors and new digital marketing projects.

So, at the end of this post, I am 100% sure that this article and above mentioned online digital marketing courses will be very helpful to grow your career and business. If you think, I missed something, then please let me know and I will do my best to make it more useful for you.