Online Basic Computer Courses – Learn Essential Computer Skills

Best online basic computer courses for beginners, students, job seekers, professionals, housewives, and senior citizens to learn essential computer skills.

These online basic computer classes will help you in learning the most important basic and advanced computer skills that are required in all kinds of jobs and professions in your daily life.

And these are the best skills that you can also list in your resume for basic computer operator, assistant, and office administration jobs. 

After completing these basic computer courses online, you will be able to do the daily official, home, school, business works easily and accurately with high speed. Not only that after doing these courses you will be able to understand online business, eCommerce, digital marketing, and various other employment and business opportunities online.

Learning these skills from below listed online computer courses will help you in document writing and editing, business document creation, data editing, data calculation, and management, presentations & slideshows, communication, financial management, social media, English-Hindi typing, internet research, basic photo editing, computer maintenance, and graphics/web designing skills, etc.

If you want to update and learn the basics of computers and really want improvement in technical skills, creativity, and looking for the best use of your time at home then it’s highly recommended that you must follow the following sequence of online courses to improve your skills quickly and easily. 

These are not only the links to online courses but I have explained why you learn to type and why Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet research and Adobe Photoshop skills, etc. are important for you in your career, business, and daily life.

These are the best basic computer classes for beginners, adults, kids, and seniors and you can take these computer classes online through a computer, mobile, or tablet. These are the world’s best computer skills and online courses to start becoming computer and internet literate and skilled, for jobs, business, and career development.

And after these basic skills, you will be able to understand advanced skills such as programming, cloud computing, data structure and algorithm, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

But before I start let me answer some very important questions related to basic computer courses or basic computer skills that are asked by students very often. And it’s also good to be aware of such things:

What are basic computer skills?

I believe and recommended that basic computer skills are the set of all of those skills that help learners to understand the basic operations of computers, help them to learn about computer science, help them to understand the scope and career or business opportunities in information technology, and help them to learn advanced computer skills such as programming, machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and many other things.

What is a basic computer course? 

A basic online or offline computer course is a step-by-step process to learn and build an Information Technology skills foundation for students or learners. Not only that I believe that it should make students employable within 6 months. And if they want to learn more or want to continue then it’s important that they have goals for the next 6 months.

What is the difference between online computer courses and offline computer institute courses?
Online or offline computer course is a method of learning and teaching basic computer skills. Learning basic computer skills online effectively depends more on the students. There is a variety of information on the web related to basic and advanced computer skills. It’s very important for students to find which computer course is best for them.

They also need discipline and learning skills. The fees or prices of online courses are less. And students can learn anytime on any device. And you can also get certificates.

These days, IT-related online courses and certifications are not only provided by computer skills trainers or online course platforms but also by IT companies. There are various types of technology courses that are provided by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon for professionals and beginners.

While offline courses are more personalized, need more time, cost more, and have less flexibility.
But I recommend both because each one has its own benefits for career and business development. It highly depends on the student, and how they like to learn. and what suits them best financially and career-wise.

So far I think we have covered lots of things about basic computer skills and online courses, now let’s start learning about the essential basic computer skills and courses:

1. Basic Fundamental of computers – Understand and learn how a computer works

It’s important for every IT student to know the basic fundamentals of computers or  Computer Science. Learning basic computer science fundamentals is really important before you do any advanced computer courses. Basic computer science skills are the foundations of your IT career and profession.

Why basic computer skills or computer science skills are important to learn?

It’s a very basic knowledge of computers that is helpful for students later to find out and select the best information technology degree course for their career. The basic fundamentals of computers, the internet, programming, and web pages help them to test their IT  interest in the field. Where they are interested and what are the available opportunities for career growth and income in the IT field? That’s why before you start taking any 3-4 years offline and online degree course you must know the basics of the computer so that you will be confident about your career decisions.

How can you do it?

I was training people in these basic skills for 12+ years offline. Now I am doing it online. Luckily, I know what is the best method to learn about computers and various Information Technology concepts. So to help or aware more people and students I have researched and listed the best basic computer courses or IT courses online for you based on my experiences and current trends.

Most of the things after learning computer skills in my nearest city
I studied or practice most of the quick employability skills such as graphic designing, freelancing, blogging, SEO, WordPress, front-end web development, and various other things.

Still, I am learning. There are lots of IT skills to learn online. And there are various types of online courses to learn programming skills online, you can learn machine learning online, you can learn SEO and Digital marketing skills online and you can learn almost all kinds of computer skills online at home.

These types of online computer skills training courses are very helpful for kids, school and college students, housewives, job holders, and senior citizens. You can also do this type of course offline in your city and state. You can do a 1 to 6 months or a one-year computer course in a computer institute nearby to your home.   But to learn quickly and from international experts, it’s best to do it online.

I recommend that you learn the theory of computers online. Many websites provide this for free such as Wikipedia. You can also find out online courses, books, tutorials on basic fundamentals courses, etc. very easily. And most of the things are free.

Here are some sources for you:

  1. Computer Fundamentals
  2. Computer

Remember: You should practice English and Hindi Typing before learning any professional application. I found that many computer institutes do not teach or do not have English and Hindi typing in their basic computer course curriculum.

If they are not teaching then it’s not a basic computer course. If you found any basic computer course without typing skills in the syllabus then tell them to include that in the course or join another institute. But if you want to learn typing skills online from me step by step then visit this post: Computer Typing Lessons for Beginners: Essential Typing Lessons

Recommended Course:

Computer Basics for the Simple Beginner A guide for new computer users or those who want to know more to get started with the basics!

Computer Literacy & Basic Computer Skills for Productivity

Enhance Productivity With This Basic Computer Course: An Introduction To Computers, Microsoft Windows, & the Apple Mac

After learning the basic fundamentals of the computer. And English typing speed min. 15 wpm with 90% accuracy, now it’s time that you can move students or yourself to the next level.

Remember: You should practice English typing daily for 20 minutes. And within 6 months your typing speed will be more than 70 wpm. And typing is the first practical skill that you must build while learning other basic computer skills online.

2. Microsoft Word – Learning documenting writing and editing:

The first professional computer application is Microsoft Word which is important to learn. It’s important because it will help you in creating, and editing documents, live document sharing, editing, etc. There are various uses of Microsoft Word in our daily life. That’s why almost 90% of businesses, educational institutes, companies, freelancers, writers, teachers, and students use Microsoft word for document writing and editing works, online collaboration, sharing, and document management.

So it’s important that you learn this application software so that it will help you in document writing and editing personally and professionally.

Following is the suggested Online Course to Learn Microsoft Word Online:

Master Microsoft Word Beginner to Advanced Master the most popular Word Processing tool, Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2019

If you’re looking for a job or looking to learn simple or easy computer skills to start an online business then you can also start with Microsoft Word.

It’s because in Microsoft Word you can business, educational, personal, and professional documents such as business plans, business cards, email marketing newsletters, brochures, company flyers, student plans, certificates, ebooks, cover letters, job proposals, contract papers, resume, and almost everything. All of these documents are important in all types of business. Billions of people need to use, create and share these documents.

That’s why having Microsoft Word skills in your resume will help you to get a good job. Not only that because of the demand and use of business documents and digital content creation you can provide business document writing services to businesses and companies online.

It’s a quick employability skill as well that required more practice and creativity. That’s why I have added Microsoft Word to basic computer skills. And the above courses are the best.

Helpful articles related to Microsoft Word:

3. Microsoft Excel – Learn to perform mathematical calculations, information analysis, and data visualization:

Microsoft Excel application is another basic computer application that is used to perform mathematical, logical, functional financial, and business calculations. Mostly it is used in Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems but nowadays you can use it in Android and iOS as well.

The Importance of Microsoft Excel for Students is that they understand how they can perform daily life calculations. Microsoft Excel help in data analysis and visualization of data. Here you can learn:  Top 8 Most Productive Uses of Microsoft Excel in daily life

Following is the suggested Online Course to Learn Microsoft Excel Online:

Master Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to AdvancedBecome an Excel Expert in this Microsoft Excel A-Z Course (Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 365).

Helpful articles related to Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel Basics – What is Microsoft Excel?

Top 8 Most Powerful Uses of Microsoft Excel in daily life

5 Types of Personal uses of Microsoft Excel at Home

4. Microsoft PowerPoint – Learn to present data through animated slideshows:

Microsoft PowerPoint is another computer application developed by Microsoft Inc that helps to communicate data and information with the audience through slides and presentations.

Students, Managers, and Teachers use PowerPoint for presentations that can be in class, meetings, and seminars. Learning Microsoft PowerPoint is the first step that helps students to learn about presentation skills as well as communication skills. Almost all businesses worldwide use Microsoft Point for daily official work.

Following is the suggested Online Course to Learn Microsoft PowerPoint Online:

Ultimate Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint for All Levels
If you need to up-skill for your job or looking to land one, then this PowerPoint training will get you there!

Helpful articles related to Microsoft PowerPoint:

Top 6 Uses of MS PowerPoint in Our Daily Life

5. Adobe Photoshop – Learn the basics of Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, and graphic creation and editing:

Learning computers and their applications is a science and what we create, learn, and do after learning is an Art. And there is another biggest, most widely used, most popular computer application which is Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is used in graphics and web designing works.

It is also the prime tool for photo editing for photographers. It is used widely in digital marketing, branding, film industry and graphics studios, etc. Learning Adobe Photoshop in itself is very creative and artistic work. Photoshop skills not only help you to explore your creativity but also open up the income option for you. Here you can learn my article on this: Ways to Earn with Your Photoshop Skills

That’s why I added this software to the basic computer course that helps to generate interest in students or as student towards creativity and innovation.

Following is the suggested Online Course to Learn Adobe Photoshop Online:

Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

Master Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 without any previous knowledge with this easy-to-follow course
Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

Helpful articles related to Adobe Photoshop:

Uses of Adobe Photoshop in Our Daily Life

Top 10 Benefits of Learning Adobe Photoshop Skills

6. Internet Research and Online Learning & Earning skills:

If someone uses Facebook, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, and Google search then it doesn’t mean that they know about the basics and uses of the Internet. The Internet is more than Google, Facebook, and What’s app. And there are thousands of uses of the Internet in our life. Learning the internet means, learning what to search on Google.

I mean people have to learn about how they can reduce the cost of marketing using the internet, how students can use the internet to reduce the cost of offline tuition classes, and how housewives can learn and work from home. How students can do online jobs, and how anyone can start an online business.

How the internet works, who is behind it, who controls it, how it is controlled etc. And how the internet is beneficial for humans. What are its advantages and disadvantages these are the theories that I think people should know to achieve their life and career goals.

Practically, it’s important to learn how to research, how to use net banking, how to pay and buy on eCommerce websites to prevent frauds, how to operate various internet applications, how they can develop similar applications and most important protect privacy and data.

When someone learns the above-mentioned internet skills in his/her basic course then students become enable to take the advantage of the internet. Else there are billion people using the internet on mobile phones and wasting most of their time and helping other companies to earn money. But in return getting nothing more than entertainment.

That’s why I highly recommend learning the basics of the internet and its uses. So that students can join online degree courses and become able to take online classes.

The basics of the internet are also helpful to gaining knowledge and understanding about social media, the search engine works, eCommerce, email systems, hosting, and various other kinds of domain-specific knowledge.

Following is the suggested Online Course to Learn Internet skills Online:

Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn to Set Yourself Up For Life

Learn the economic theories and various strategies that make passive income, and develop your own passive income streams
Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn to Set Yourself Up For Life

7. Basic Computer Repairing – Learn to maintain your computer and laptop

Every machine needs up-gradation, maintenance, and specific repairing requirement. That’s why it’s important for all kinds of people who use a computer, laptop, or tablet to learn about the basic repair and up-gradations techniques.

Such skills are operating system (Windows, Windows 11 installation or up-gradation, customization of software, replacement of ram, hard disk, DVD drive, power supply, and antivirus installation and scanning.

Learning these skills not only helps in making them confident to use the machine but also saves lots of money that they spend on technicians for minor problems. It also helps them to improve their critical thinking skills, fault-finding skills, and improve scientific thinking patterns.

And if someone is not able to replace the Ram in computer or laptop battery and he/she has a basic computer course certificate, then I don’t think that course was enough. Changing a Ram, power supply, battery, and installation of drivers, windows 11 are these days very basic works in a computer. And I think everyone should learn these. That’s what I have included and suggested for students to learn basic computer repair when joining basic computer courses online or offline.

Following is the suggested basic computer repairing course to learn to solve computer and laptop problems:

Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling

The Basics of Laptop Hardware; Upgrading Laptop Storage Devices, Improving Memory Speeds, and Repairing Air Circulation
Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling

Important articles related to maintenance and repairing:

Boost your Computer Performance : Primary cleaning options to follow

How to learn computer hardware repair: Tips and Skills

8. Online Security and Privacy:- 

The use of the internet is increasing day by day. The increment is in the use of the internet for social media, eCommerce, online education, digital communication, digital banking, and online business and digital marketing. It’s providing lots of benefits for common people, organizations, governments, and businesses.

But it’s also helping people with fraud, privacy leakages, data scraping, theft, corruption, humiliation, pornography, and many other things. That’s why it’s important to learn about online security and privacy.

It’s also important to learn to differentiate the real news and fake news. It’s also important to identify the legitimate source of information. That’s why I suggest all kinds of IT students, teachers, and institutions educate and include online privacy and security topics in the course. So that our next generation will be able to customize the technologies based on their own creativity rather than frauds.

That’s why I have included online security and literacy about data privacy in online basic computer skills and courses.

Following is the suggested online security and privacy protection course:

The Ultimate Dark Web, Anonymity, Privacy & Security Course
Learn how to access & use the darknet and the clear net privately, anonymously, and securely.

Related Articles:

14 most effective methods to get rid of top 10 types of Internet Scams

14 Online Privacy Protection Tips – Best for Beginners

There are also various free courses available on the internet. But it’s not about whether the course is free or paid. It’s about its quality and premium content. You will earn $12 or $100 anytime, but you can’t get back the 10 hours that you have spent on free sources. It’s because in today’s time you not only need to learn the best and updated skills but also need to learn such skills faster and accurately.

I hope that this article will help you in learning the basics of computers online. Best wishes.


While the above courses and skills are enough to learn the basics of computers and the internet. But due to your great feedback on this article, I will be adding two more skills. You can also say these are advanced computer skills.

9. Digital Content Creation Skills  for the blog, YouTube, and social media

The Information Technology field is growing fast. We’re now starting to operate machines verbally such as voice commands on search engines and home appliances. Within a few years, machines, computers, and internet-connected devices (IoT – Internet of Things) will become the trend or will be used in daily life like today we’re using mobile phones.

In this way, the demand for computer skills is evolving to create, operate, and market such devices, and such IT devices will be used in every sector to collect and distribute data and information.

Today the world consumes more digital content (text, videos, images) (data, and information) and the trend is still growing.

Digital content is the primary source of online business, online marketing, and entertainment. If there is no content then there is no business. It’s that simple. No online business can survive without content. So demand and opportunities in the digital content creation field for income, career, and business are very high.

And that’s why I want to include digital content creation skills in the basic computer course. And I recommend to all teachers, institutes, and organizations to include digital content creation skills in their syllabus and daily classes. No matter whether it is MCA, BCA, or MSc. IT, B.Tech, M.Tech, or just a basic computer course. But digital content creation is a must-have and most important computer/internet skill to have for students and professionals. And a minimum of 1 month is enough to teach basic content creation skills.

So if you’re a student then you must learn about digital content, creation, and marketing. You can learn this online and offline.

How does digital content creation help you and other students?

  • You will be able to start your online business – It can be blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and eCommerce.
  • You will get the job very quickly in IT companies, and small businesses it’s because they need content (images, videos, articles) to produce and market their business online.
  • You can get digital content creation jobs online, it’s because the demand for content creators is high.

So don’t take digital content lightly, I am very serious about digital content creation skills in students. It’s because it will help them to explore their creativity and start their own part-time business or they will be able to pay their college fees just by learning and using digital content creation online.

I have already written about it in recent posts, might be you have read it, but if you’re new here, then please read the following articles:

Must Read: Advanced computer skills to learn after basic computer course

The above basic computer skills and applications are enough to start creating digital content. But to become professional and to get the benefits of your computer knowledge, then you can follow the following formula:

Basic or advanced computer skills + Create and market Digital Content online = Online Business/Online Income. Just after basic computer courses.

10. WordPress and Website creation skills: Learn to build your own portfolio, blog, and business websites:

Today, having your website is like an ID or Identity proof. It can be a blog website, portfolio website, or business website.

If you can create content and are able to publish valuable content consistently on your website, then it will turn into a business and income source.

To create a basic website you don’t need web development or coding skills. Even you can create an eCommerce website without any programming skills. But having web/development and programming skills have their own advantages.

So to create your own website you can use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and many other website builders.

The goal is not here to earn money. The goal here is to teach you about the website and how you can create it.

You will not learn this by theory, what is the website? Until you don’t create it through programming or website builder.

So learning WordPress and website-related online businesses and earning sources is very important to learning and teaching basic computer courses to students.
Please read the below posts for more details: 

What benefits students will get from creating their own website?

10 Uses of Website Every Business Owner Should Know About

If students know about websites and online business during the computer course, they can plan their future professional careers effectively and innovatively. It will not only help them to become successful in a career but it will also help the nation to enhance and grow the entrepreneurship opportunities in the country.

If all the students thinking and trying to get govt. jobs then who will run the country?
A country runs and grows from entrepreneurship. But for that students must know and capture the available opportunities in entrepreneurship.

And it’s also my personal goal of writing and educating on this website to enhance entrepreneurship and creativity in students. That’s why when students learn about the website and create a website, then they will start thinking about online business, income, finance, and entrepreneurship.

And it’s important to teach such skills as early as possible for students especially when they’re doing a basic computer course or any kind of IT-related degree.

So if you want to learn about WordPress skills and want to build your own first website then I found the following online courses helpful for you:
WordPress for Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step
Create Websites and Blogs With Zero Experience Using WordPress and This Step By Step Guide

Following are the posts that I have written to explain WordPress if you read them then you will understand more why learning WordPress is an important basic computer skill these days:

So I think now this post about online basic computer courses is a complete guide for students and professionals on the internet that helps to select the best basic computer courses and skills. And now I am 200% sure that if someone learns all of these skills and follows the guide then they will be definitely successful in any kind of degree, course, career, and profession.

Found this helpful? Let others know!

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