Online Business Courses – Learn Essential Business Skills and Get Inspiration

Best online business courses for small business owners, home-based start-ups and new entrepreneurs to learn essential business skills and ideas. These online business courses will help you in learning the most important business skills that are important to start, manage, promote and grow your business.

I will explain to you the uses of these skills and courses in your business and also about how these skills can help you to start, market, manage and grow your business.

After learning these business skills from the courses and sources listed in this post you will be able to start your business with confidence, you will be able to grow your revenue, you will be able to increase your income sources, you will be able to use online marketing tools and platforms, you will get more customers and you will be able to become the leader in the market and you will experience many more positive changes in your life and business.

And that’s what I want for you. It’s because you have the power, creativity, knowledge, and passion to grow and become successful in career and business. But for that, it is important to learn and use these business skills and knowledge from online learning sources and courses in your business.

I will try to mention each business skill and courses are in a sequence. And I am doing it so that you will do each course and learn each business skills one by one that is required to grow your business in systematic and managed methods.

I am suggesting you learn all the points in this post one by one for better understanding, it can take you 15-20 minutes. And I am sure that each minute you invest in reading the post, will be useful for you.  But if you want to learn or want to find specific online business courses then you can use the following index:

Post Index:

  1. Business Ideas
  2. Strategy, Planning, Goal Setting and Process Building
  3. Business Automation, Work Flow or Process and System
  4. Team Management, Build and Hire the Team
  5. Promote and Market your Business
  6. Manage Business Finance effectively
  7. Expansion and Innovation in Business
  8. Leadership & Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship Skills Development

(Note: you can bookmark this post, (CTRL + D), it’s because it’s a complete manual on best online business courses and skills, growth tips mentioned in just one article on the internet ever to start, manage, grow and promote your business.

Let start:

Part 1. Online courses for business ideas:

Good business idea and the revenue model is as important, as a clear runway and speed are important for the airplane to land and fly.

Getting business ideas in today’s time is not that much difficult.

There are various ways today which you can use to get great ideas to start the business. It can be through data analysis, keywords research tools, social media, blogs, websites, books and from already existed businesses.

It can be found in society, group discussion, shopping malls, customer support, tv shows, leadership events, and coding boot camps.

You only have to look for the problems and the solutions that people can pay to use. It can be an innovative, old solution in a new way or the same product in a new selling method or offline business to online business.

You can also consider your own strengths, skills, creativity, knowledge, friends, society, culture, demands, national goals when considering business ideas. It can be for 10000 managers, it can be for 10000 cleaners, it can be for 500000 social media users and farmers.

In the starting, business ideas look funny, uncommon, unique, different, many will laugh on them. It’s highly possible that you will fail many times to convince others to work with you to make it possible. But you have to focus on to improve, not on to prove.

No matter you do online business, create applications, websites, blogs or you open a store, take franchises, open branch offices, but it’s important to consider in a new business idea is that how it will generate income and why people buy and follow it. And how you will convince the targeted customers through marketing.

So, if you’re interested, I will be suggesting you the following online courses and sources to get ideas:

Recommended Online courses for business ideas:

Is it important to do online courses to learn or watch the video and read books?

Yes, it’s because without learning what already people are buying, selling, promoting and what’s already working in the market. And especially it’s more important for technical experts, freelancers, home-based business owners, and first-time business starters, who haven’t had a business background but want to start and earn a reliable and stable income.

And if you want to earn $10000 dollars from the business and then investing a few $10 to $1000 one time and lifetime access for the course syllabus then it’s a wise and good decision. The more you invest your time, efforts and some part of the money in your learning and personal development the better you will come up with ideas to operate and grow your business.

Let I share a few business ideas and methods for you:

  • You can start blogging part-time in a competitive and demanding category such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, predictive analytics.
  • You can also choose a non-technical category for your blogs such as pet caring, pet training services, digital marketing services, branding services, data analysis services, freelancing, eCommerce, marriage consultancy, bridegroom pre-wedding photography and many more similar categories that are the part of people daily life.
  • Similarly, you can create a YouTube channel, websites, offline services, and mobile apps.
  • You can launch your online courses if you have skills and ideas to teach others.
  • You can create chatbots, business communications tools, SEO tools, mobile apps and various technical and business consultancy applications.
  • You can create applications, solutions, products, services for managers, farmers, freelancers, social media users, and common people.
  • You can target the digital marketing industry, cloud computing/hosting, health care, wellness industry, leadership training, career consultancy.

Recommended YouTube videos/channels and Shows for business inspiration and ideas:

I hope you are aware of many of the following YouTube channels and videos in which you will get case studies, business ideas, leadership training, news, and motivations. If you watch these channels, videos for a few days, you will definitely get unique business ideas, skills and inspiration to develop your idea into product and services.

5 Steps of Innovation | Part 1 | Hindi | By Dr Vivek Bindra | Leadership Trainer

5 Steps of Innovation | Part 2 | Hindi | By Dr Vivek Bindra | Leadership Trainer

City of the Future: Singapore – Full Episode | National Geographic

Make It International

CNBC Reports

the profit full episodes– Marcus Lemonis

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch:  Season 4

Shark Tank

Traversy Media

Business growth opportunities examples

Things to remember:

  • It takes time to get and analyze the business idea.
  • It’s not important how unique the idea is, the important part of how you can market and sell the idea.
  • It’s not important that you’re stating late, but the important thing is that how faster you can grow it.
  • You have to prepare yourself for the challenges. And always have to think challenges as opportunities to grow.
  • Make sure that the idea matches your experiences, skills, strengths, interests.
  • It’s important that your business, product, services ideas can work at least for the next 5 to 10 years.
  • You can consider the future market, customer behaviors, income level in the future.
  • Think big, bigger but start small, don’t need to invest all your money in starting. Invest as per the urgency and importance.

So, I hope and sure that the above suggestions, recommendations, and ideas useful for you to start the online, offline, small and home-based business.

Part 2: – Business Goal Setting, Strategies and planning

You can convert any average, common business ideas into most demanding products and services through strategizing and understanding your target customers. Before you start telling and sharing your ideas with friends, investors, teams, boss and even with your parents or spouse, before you start investing money in your new ideas, you should invest your personal time to create a strategy, planning, and goal setting and process. You also have to think and research about its patents and trademarks.

You can do the following things after getting the business idea: 

1: – Answer these questions, if possible:

  • Explain the idea, product, services clearly to yourself.
  • Write down, what kind of problems you, your business, product, and services solve?
  • Does it already exist? If yes, then how you can make it unique?
  • How bigger is your target market?
  • How much time and money you can invest?
  • How long you can wait to make a profit?
  • How profit will be generated?
  • How you’re the best fit to do it?
  • How bigger you can make it?

2: – Define expenses:

If you define minimum expenses to make your idea possible then it will become easy for you to start and make the business profitable. It will also help you to get funding and bank loans when you clearly know where you have to invest money and how much.

For that you can consider a few costs:

Initial Costs:

  • Advance office rent
  • Raw material cost if any
  • Business tools, applications such as laptop, apps, domain, hosting and website theme.
  • Furniture cost and other
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Production cost

Monthly Cost or fixed:

  • Office Rent if you need, even you can start from home or you can work in co-working space if it’s online business or related to Information Technology.
  • Electricity, water, garbage bill, etc.
  • Business internet connection

Marketing and Variable Cost:

  • Online Advertising Cost such as pay per click ads.
  • Content Marketing / Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

It’s important to define the initial cost as soon as possible so that you can plan better and start your business smoothly.

People invest all personal savings, loans, and funding all in once. The cost also depends on the nature of the business. But whatever, when you define and calculate the operating expenses of the business, to make a profit then you will be will able to plan your business better and you can use your saved money wisely.

You will be able to see, how you can save the cost. And how much you need to earn per month to grow the business and to make a profit.

Such as initial (one-time cost) = $10000 and monthly operational cost = $2000 then you can plan to earn monthly gross income between $2400 to $3000 per month with a 10% growth target and at least $700 net profit.

But if you’re investing $100000 from secured (bank loan) loans in business then it’s important for you to get the at least 25% minimum return, income, and profit so that you can pay loan installments.

Your business income and net profit have to be more than the interest that the bank can give you per month. What do I mean? I mean your business income and net profit have to be more than the interest that banks can give you per month or per year for the money, that you’re going to invest in the business.

If your profit or income is less than the bank’s interest rate then it’s better to put that money in a bank other than starting/doing the business.

That’s why you should calculate the income and expenses so that you can create a better business plan and goals.

3. Goal Setting:

Goal setting is most important to start, run, manage and grow the business. You can’t grow fast and become productive in business without clearly defined goals. It’s because you get lots of distractions while running the business and it’s best that you can define at least most important tasks to yourself.

When you think to start or run the business then you have to think about the goals. It’s time to think about the goals based on your part 1 and part 2 research, facts, data and thoughts.

You can also use business plan templates and goal setting apps for your business. But it’s important that you use your brain and experiences before using artificial intelligence applications.

Now the goals are based on the nature of the business, products, services, efforts, investment, cost, profit target, growth target, market condition, product price, target customer and teams.  Your goals have to be well defined, specific, above average, bigger than competitors, and connected to your big dreams.

But I will share some of the examples of various industries and business:

1. Content Marketing or Content writing or Blogging business goals:

  • Publishing new posts: Min.10-12 monthly
  • Quality improvement in old post min. 5 to 10
  • Replies to comments and questions of readers: Min. 10
  • Finishing of learning 1 book each month.
  • 2 hours of daily investment in learning new skills or upgrading old skills.
  • Traveling to a new location or 2-3 days leave from the work in a month or after a project.

Learn more: 20 Powerful habits for successful Content Writing Career

2.  Construction Business:

  • 1000000 yearly turnovers from the various building, walls, tours, communication construction work with 10% to 15% profit.
  • Registration as a vendor in big construction companies.
  • Use of tools and technologies to reduce operational costs in construction works such as video conferencing.
  • Networking and communication with professionals and leaders in the industry.


3. Accounts professionals:

  • Use of technologies to reduce cost and speed of the work such as by using cloud storage, accounting templates, faster internet connection.
  • Team building and training to multiply efforts.
  • Use of content marketing to get new clients to file the GST, Income Tax Return, Company Audit and Various other registration.
  • Time management – less talk and more work

4. eCommerce Website:

  • Publish at least 20 blog post that inspires the customers to visit your website, make a buying decision.
  • Use of $1000 in Pay Per Click Advertising.
  • Use of $1000 in Video Advertising.
  • Improvements in the landing pages of the products.
  • Time, Efforts and Money investment in team training and development.

Learn more: What is an eCommerce Website? How you can start eCommerce Store?

5. Web Developer/Designer:

  • 5-7 Clients for website projects per month.
  • Getting paid or payments from the clients regularly.
  • Networking and promotions in marketing, business, development boot camps, events, and seminars.
  • Bidding on 10-20 projects on freelancing websites per month.
  • Publishing of 10 blog posts that attract more visitors to the website.
  • More traffic to own personal website to get hired directly.


6. Hardware Store/Shop:

  • Use of internet, online business directories, social media pages, personal network and websites to promote and market products.
  • Contact and network with the painters, plumbers, and professionals to refer the customers.
  • Calls and get credit amount back.
  • Stock maintenance and management.

7. Travel Agencies:

  • Training in sales/customer support communication skills.
  • Use of CRM tools to follow and convert leads into customers.
  • Use of Pay Per Click Ads to get more tourists on the website.

The common thing in almost all the growing businesses around the world in their planning and goals are such as multiplication of marketing, production, management, and efforts.

In today’s era, it’s more floating to the use of technologies to reduce the cost and speed up the business growth and quality improvement in the products/services/teams and customer supports.

What kind of goals, strategies you can set if you’re starting small with an investment of your own saved income in business? I mean where you can focus to grow your small business to convert it into billion dollars company:

  • More products sales and clients. For that, you can use online marketing strategies, personal networking opportunities, and also traditional methods of marketing.
  • You can focus on reducing the cost by removing the unnecessary materials, tools, efforts, investments from the production, marketing, supply, deals.
  • You can focus on improving the quality of your products and distribution speed.
  • You can launch new and unique varieties of products and services for the customers.
  • You can focus on your own learning and personal development through books, online courses, boot camps. So that you will get more knowledge, facts, ideas that will help you to identify the business opportunities and you will be able to grow your business.
  • You can build a team, and use the business process software or method to run and grow your business automatically, without your much involvement.

Following are the online business courses that I hope will help in your business goal setting, marketing strategies and future planning:

Things to remembers:

  • Goals can be vary based on the size, cost, investment, profession and business plan of the business.
  • Marketing and promotion are important parts of the business. So always set marketing and promotional goals each month.
  • It’s good to set a business growth (revenue) target double from the inflation rate.
  • It’s important that you have employees and team training goals.
  • It’s important that you set the goals to provide great customer experiences.
  • When you start small, don’t compare your goals with big companies, instead, you can focus to do your best from your efforts and sources.
  • Take it easy, enjoy the ups and downs in business, think practically, don’t take stress, network with positive people, get help from business leaders and trainers and get expert advice if something is wrong.
  • Keep tracking the progress of yourself and the team.
  • Businesses are like trees and plants. They take time to grow. You just have to do what’s important. If you think another business is growing more than yours, then research, what’s that you’re not doing. And how you can do it more creatively at less cost and time.
  • There are no business books, courses, and pieces of training that are perfect and complete. Accept that whatever it is. It will teach you two lessons. If it’s good, it will show and teach you what’s wrong or what you’re not doing and missing in your business. And if it’s not good, then it will teach you to find what can be good. You don’t have to stop learning. This is the way to grow.
  • If one door is closed then find and knock on another door. If one customer is saying no, no problem finds and research for the next one. If not getting funded, then no problem, make certain and necessary changes in products and process, as per the feedback and then pitch in front of the next investor.

Part 3: Business Automation, Work Flow or Process and System

A business process or workflow is a group of steps to selling products, delivery of services, production and marketing activities and revenue-generating tasks in business.

The group of various businesses (finance, marketing, production, HR and support) process is a business system.

And business automation is a method in which the whole system works automatically without the presence of the owner. It means each step is assigned to a team member, app, technology and it work automatically. For a successful process, it needs discipline, time management, clear goals, skilled workforce, and modern technologies.

Let’s understand the business automation, process, and system in the following examples based on my personal experiences and learnings:

(A) Technical process in business:

  • List of products, images, prices, short descriptions, target customer detail in a spreadsheet that is in stock or drop-shipping.
  • Domain name research for website or the same name as per your business.
  • Domain Hosting: Specialized eCommerce website hosting services.
  • Web Development: Specialized eCommerce website development services. It can be CMS (premium eCommerce WordPress themes + WooCommerce) a completely new website from scratch (self-coded/ by web developer). Things are included: logo design, user interface design, payment gateway integration, product pages creation, blog page creation, contact page, partner pages, and many more other parts, based on the goals of the website.
  • Content Creation and uploading: Product images, product page descriptions, price setting and addition of various content as per the website design.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Ownership verification and submission of website sitemap.xml in Google Webmaster tools, creation or positioning of roboto.txt and .htaccess files in hosting control panel, keyword addition in products title, images, and meta description after using keyword research tools and the addition of google analytics tracking code and many more SEO things.
  • Testing: Site map submission tracking, website speed test, mobile responsibility, and user experience test and any other HTML, theme, program bugs and SEO errors.
  • Promotion and Advertising: Use of pay per click ads, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing and advertising, data analysis in google analytics.
  • Selling: Order tracking, delivery, instant payment, cash on delivery.
  • Performance Analysis: Most purchased products, highly ranked keywords, top landing pages, targeted customers, landing page bounce rate, per customer cost analysis.

But remember, after the creation of the process. You have to create another process that will grow your eCommerce website. It’s because creation and management processes are different than the growth process. The above process can be shorter, but I have written in detail so that you get a complete idea about the eCommerce website creation process or how you can create a process in your business.

That’s what I know so far about the eCommerce website process. But this is an example, in which I think you have learned some important steps such as marketing and technical aspects of the eCommerce website. Now you have to think and create similar business production and marketing processes for your business.

Let’s take another example:

(B) Computer Coaching Centre Business Process in short points:

  • Course Creation
  • Course Marketing/Promotion
  • Students Enrolment
  • Daily 2 hours classes
  • Test / Exams
  • Certification


(C)Search Engine user search process:

  • You visit a search engine, Google or Bing.
  • After that, you searched for “online business courses”
  • The search engine displayed you min 10 options in one screen as well as with ads.
  • You selected this website, to get the best information on online business courses

This is a process of finding information by using a search engine.

(D)Web Development and Designing business marketing Process:

  • You created a profile or website to market and promote your web development/designing services
  • You have done the SEO/marketing.
  • People visiting your website after searching on Google
  • After that, they learn and find information about the services that you provided, and if they are interested, they will contact you.

Above is a marketing process.

After that:

  • You communicated with clients through emails, chats or video conferencing.
  • You both finalized the websites/apps goals and project cost.
  • Clients paid you 25% advanced.
  • After that, you started working on the project.
  • Then when it’s 50% done, the client paid you 50% payments.
  • After that, you have completed the website and the client is satisfied.
  • And now client released your remaining 25% payments and leave the feedback.

What this all? It’s a process.

You can create a process to showcase new product lines in the showroom or website. It can be defined like this:

  • Marketing team and data analysis team, share a sheet in which demands for new products are written. And created a product sheet to follow.
  • Top management + finance department cleared the payments.
  • Supplier or supply management staff followed that sheet and bring the new products into the stock.
  • A stock manager or finance department verified and listed the products in sheet and shared with the promoter or website admin or showroom manager.

Importance of business process, automation for your business

There is no business, profession, company in the world, which doesn’t have a business process. It remains hidden until the owner identifies, thinks, and gets awareness about it.

The business process already existed in your business too. You only have to improve it by learning more about it. But if you’re starting a new business, then you have to create it from the beginning.

Today, due to technologies and availability of information, it’s not a big thing to create, manage and speed up the business process. You can automate almost everything in business. It can be automation through technologies such as chatbots, content marketing, social media marketing, online selling and integration of payment gateway on your website.


 5 Powerful Uses of Technology in Business Today

Benefits of artificial intelligence in business

Beneficial Uses of Cloud Computing in Small Business

What will be included in the business process?

As I said above you can create a process for each step that you will take in the future or the work you’re doing currently. Each business and industry have a different process. The eCommerce website process is different than a search engine, a blog website business process is different than social media website. Similarly, the dairy product manufacture process is different than car manufactory.

For example, if you’re doing the same business, that already exists or if your business idea is not unique, then you can create a unique business process different than the competition. It will also become unique.

For example, you can create, manage, correct and speed up following business process, that existed in almost all types of businesses:

  • Product development or manufacturing or apps creation
  • Marketing and Sells
  • Online Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Hiring, team training, retain, and development
  • Product delivery and Feedback
  • Finance and payment collection


You can consider the following things to create business process:

  • You can create a business process by taking the help of business consultants.
  • You can sign up to online business process management services
  • You can identify, learn from other existing businesses.
  • You can improve your knowledge and create it on your own.
  • You can use business process applications and information technology tools.
  • What does it take to create a business process?

The creation of 1 or 2 or 3 business processes is not complicated. It’s’ complicated when it’s not aligned or not in sequence as required. It’s as simple, as the process of creation of email account or contact form on your website, in which customers enter a name, then email id, contact number, message and then send to you.

But if you really want to understand the business process in more details or want to create or improve then I think following online courses can be helpful:

Things to remember:

  • The process can be bigger and smaller based on the nature of the business.
  • The faster is the business process, the quicker you generate the opportunities.
  • One process can contain 10 more processes.
  • The simpler you create each process, the better and faster it will be for you and your team members to follow it. And it will make a big difference in your business growth and profit.

Part 4: – Team Management, Build and Hire the Team

Finding, hiring, and management of talented and skilled people in business is not an easy task. Especially if you’re not clever, creative and not have effective communication skills.

But as along with the time, you became experienced and slowly but surely you will become master to finding the right talent and you will be able to manage as many teams of experts. No matter you’re an MBA in human resource management or not. And if you’re then you also face the difficulties in the beginning.

Today, you have technologies to find and hire people. You can hire people from any country and region for online work or IT related works and it will cost you less. But it can be a little complicated in the beginning, but later it will very effective.

But whatever, following tips, can help you to hire, manage and lead people effectively in your business.

  • Be clear about your goals. What you want to accomplish or what support do you need in your business. When you’re clear about the daily works and goals, then it becomes easy to search and find the right talent and expert for the position, no matter if he/she is having a degree or not.
  • Clearly written to yourself about the criteria for the person, is he/she is expert or fresher? If he/she is an expert how much you can pay. If he/she is fresher, how you will train them? You should have a plan before interviewing the candidates.
  • Define and understand your own business values, business culture, and work ethics. These are important points to consider to build a strong team that will work for the next minimum of 10 years.

Let’s understand this in an example:

  • Effective time management is important in your business – So now clarify this in your job description or analyze the interviewing candidate’s ability to manage time effectively.
  • Customer support, you work for customers until they are not happy. So, think, can your new hire or interview candidates/experts have the ability or have a helpful nature.

The above is just an example that fits in every business but the team has to be build based on the goals of the project, business, and task.

Obviously, you can train anyone. But remember, what you’re being?  You’re not a training company.

You can train those who are willing to learn and have a passion for excellence.

Else, your training will not work and that will cost big, especially in small businesses.

But if you want to learn modern (remote)hiring, team-building skills, and people management techniques then I think you can take a look at the following online business courses, if found helpful, you can do that to build such important skill in yourself as a business owner or manager.

Part 5: Online Courses to promote and market your business:

Promotion and marketing of the business is the way to help people. Marketing of products/services with the right mindset and message gives options to your customers that satisfy their needs and desires.

It’s very important to market so that they know there are better solutions for them in the market.

You do it online or you do it offline. But you have to do it. And that’s why you’re doing the business, you want to help and improve the living standard of people. And for that, you have to tell them, that your certain products and services will do that.

So marketing is the most important part of the business. It’s because it’s the way to help people.

To get more customers, to reduce cost, to make a profit, to expand the business, to hire new people and to innovate and automate the business, you need customers who pay you for your services and products.

And to get more customers online to your website or offline is simple. And the well-known secret is just to help them with full dedication and efforts.

But if it’s that simple, then why many people fail in marketing. It’s because sharing just social media posts, or writing blog posts or distribution of brochures in newspapers and magazines is not enough.

Even it’s not enough to use video marketing, pay per click advertising and many others.

Think for a minute with me? to understand marketing fundamentals in just 1 minute:

  • Is my social media post/blog post/product/services title looking helpful? or it’s just looking that I am selling.
  • Do I am helping people to understand my product/services better?
  • Do I am helping them with high website speed to save time?
  • Is my logo, branding and business tag line just technical or it’s memorable?
  • Is my pay per click promising the solution that I am delivering?
  • Are my website user interface and experience being helpful to find/scroll my products/services or not?
  • What did I think today? Did I think to help people through products/services or I have thought to sell more?
  • Do I am understanding my products, customer behaviors, and their needs? or I am just understanding how much income I am generating?
  • Do I am planning for my holiday trip to the office or I am planning to improve the quality of products/services?
  • I have opened, decorated office to show my reputation or I have opened and built it to meet and solve the problems of clients?
  • Do I have hired the people to salute me or appreciate me or I have hired them to focus on to help more people?

I think you got the important business and marketing points and answers to the above questions. The real answer is already in you. I just only have reminded you. The theory of marketing is simple, just help your customer each step or journey to buy your products.


  • Help them to understand what they need in this 21st century? I mean what they need to buy and why?
  • Help them to inform where they can buy it?
  • Help them to think, why they should buy from you?
  • Help them to visit your store or website.


Marketing or helping or digital methods and tools that you can use to help your customers:

  • Record a video with facts and data, what they need to buy to solve their daily life or business problem.
  • Write a detailed article or blog post and publish that on your business website, in which you have explained why they buy from you?
  • Show them, how many people already purchased. I mean how many already satisfied with your products and services.
  • Create and answer frequently asked questions.
  • Use images, text, blogs, animations, videos or anything that you can use to communicate with your customers. And use everything that communicates the solutions of your business.
  • Be a brand that focuses on helping people, not focused to sell.

If you haven’t understood yet, then I think following online business marketing courses can help you:

Even if these courses are not helpful, you can ask the questions to me in comments, or direct contact with me on our social media page, and I will do my best to help each of you personally based on your business.

Things to remember:

  • Always think that you know less about your customers. So that you learn more about your customer problems.
  • Learn from online courses or marketing events, not to improve your marketing skills, but to improve your helping skills.
  • Customers need change, as our lifestyle and mindset change.
  • They are people like you, they get affected the way you’re getting affected. So that’s why important that you always learn to help people. And that helps them to become loyal to your brand and business.

Part 6: – Online Course of business finance

Finance is the other most important part of the business. You can say that the whole business system and processes depend on this. Especially in small business people focus on sharpening the earning tools, I mean to focus more on earning, it’s not bad. But many ignore to focus on managing the incomes effectively.

Not only it’s important to earn money, but it’s also more important to manage the money effectively that you’re earning.

You can consider the following things:

  • It’s important to earn more than the cost. I mean important that you’re in the profit from the beginning. You sell one product or service to 1 client or 1000 clients, you should have the profit.
  • The profit you’re making should be utilized effectively. Such as 20% to 30% on savings, 40 to 50% on marketing or stock purchasing, 10% to 20% on quality improvement or investment on the technologies.
  • If you’re doing business from the secured bank loan then you have to make 25 to 30% profit from the first month.
  • You have to invest more in those sources that help you to help more customers. Such as business communication tools, video conferencing, sales support training and investment, etc.
  • When you’re small or just starting, you should be careful about giving the services or selling the products on credits.
  • Before taking external investments or VC funds, at least you have the plan to use that money to grow your business with a 20% growth rate.
  • You have to consider the market conditions, demands, competition, seasons while investing the bigger part of your earning. For example, you can buy more stock to get a discount, and you can also buy the stock when prices are low or demands low. But sometimes certain changes in tax rates, technology, season effective for the stock management.

In conclusion, the main point is that the cash flow has to be fast. I mean you’re getting paid on the time so that you can save the money and invest it to buy new stock or market business and enjoy your lifestyle while doing the business.

If you’re finding any difficulty in financial management then it’s not good to ignore it. Just take some help from financial advisors. Even you can use financial management software to track income, expenses, profit, credits, and investments.

For your convincing, I found following online financial management course helpful, please take a look, it’s possible they will be helpful for you to manage your business effectively:

Part 7: – Online Courses to Expand and innovate business

Innovation in business processes, pricing, business models, products, earning tools and machinery is important to capture the business opportunities in the market.
With the use of technologies, you can innovate almost anything in business. It can be a new sales system, data analysis tools, new business models for the old products, new products from the existed product, new apps, machinery, and many more thing.
Following are the videos in which you get inspiration for the innovation:

But if you’re interested and really want to do something different and or effective from the beginning or to grow the business, then following online courses can be helpful:

Top Videos on Business Expansion:

How to Expand Your Business | Step by Step Formula | Dr. Vivek Bindra | Hindi

How to Grow Your Business and Sales Faster!

How to Scale Your Business

How To Scale Your Business

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Part 8: Online Courses for Leadership, Personal, and Entrepreneurship Skills Development

Personal development as a human and utilization of your skills and capabilities as a human is what’s nature demands. You’re running a business is part of your personal development. You’re leading the team and encouraging the visionaries’ culture in the workplace to help people and help to achieve national development.

Awareness, curiosity, dedication, identification of business opportunities, understanding of the current situation and customer demands and self-dependency are important ingredients of personal development and start-ups.

But these types of personal development ingredients are naturally in all of us. We act and react based on these ingredients. But actually, we’re not able to align all such actions and reactions to achieve our goals and dreams.

The root of Leadership or entrepreneurship is in our personality, it’s our habits, it’s our belief system. The more we’re are aware, the higher we set the standard for our dreams, goals.

For example, you don’t set the goals for your business to become one of the successful fortune top 100 companies. Instead, many of us think, can we able to pay rent next month? We think, what are people thinking about my dreams and business. We care about fake social reputation and many others.

It’s because to become successful in business is one thing. You can be successful in your city, but are you successful at a state level, are you successful at the national level? Or are you planning to become successful at the international level?

The real problem is our boundaries and limited thinking.  We think to do become successful in front of our villagers, neighbors, city and state level. It’s not bad. It’s the way.

But why not many of us are not able to think bigger about our business, why don’t we think that we can operator business in many countries.

We think we’re not eligible for such things and that is, that’s our life.

So, what’s the way?

It’s simple. Learn and improve.

Improve your thinking, install a growth mindset, set your standard above. And think about how you can grow.

I can be wrong in many above explanations, but I admit it.

But one thing in which I am sure and I can guarantee you that if you spend your time on learning and improve your technical, business or entrepreneurship and leadership skills daily for a minimum 2 -3 hours then within next 10 years, your business will be in the world’s top 100 businesses.

How does this happen?

  • It happens after the execution of knowledge.
  • It happens after following good personal habits.
  • It happens after positive thinking and growth mindset.
  • It happens when you win yourself.
  • It happens when you dedicate yourself to help people.
  • It happens when you do what you think.

Online courses that can help you to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills that will help you to grow your business as big as fortune 500 companies:

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Things to remember, if you want to grow your personal, leadership and entrepreneurship skills:

1.) Always believe in yourself that whatever the situation and culture, you will fight and do your best to win or turn a challenge into an opportunity.

2.) Never, ever think that you’re rich, you’re knowledgeable, you’re powerful, you know everything and you’re successful. Think, how can I help more people, how can I improve my knowledge to create innovative and helpful ideas for the people or customers, how can I use my money, income to solve the natural or conditioned business problems.

3.) You will become successful not by learning, but you become successful in business by executing and testing the various data patterns or lessons or your ideas.

4.) Don’t forget, you’re born with the natural and gifted powers of the god. You have talent, opportunities, tools, platforms and there are people ready to pay you if you’re ready to help them.

5.) Don’t compare you’re small or they are big. Don’t’ think you know less or you know more. Just use and help with the knowledge, tools, products, services that you have.

6.) Things take time, sometimes we have to try more, we can fail, and we can fail many times, and it’s ok. accept the truth. But along with that, try again with learned lessons and knowledge.

7.) You just have to remove all the tensions, desires, hunger for social reputation from your brain. Remove the unnecessary thoughts and comparison. And think what matters the most.


So, at the end of this post, I am sure that the online business courses, guide, and inspirational ideas will work for you. Just use the tips and sources as thoughts or raw material, and do what is best for you. Just keep taking action.

If you want to know or if you want to ask questions, then ask in comments or ask with me on our Facebook page and I will try to do my best to help you to grow your business.