Online Computer Courses for High School Students : Prepare for 2021 Success

Find out the list of best computer courses that will help you to get prepare for 2021 success. These computer courses will also help you in online studies, online classes and also give you a basic idea about the career choices that you can make after completing high school.

Students’ high school time is the best time for creativity, talent development, and identification of uniqueness. This is the time when students can test career opportunities and interests. There are thousands of creative, technical, management skills related online courses that students can do online, part-time, and during the summer/winter vacation at home.

So, let’s start:

1. Online courses for technology skills development in high school students:

The information technology field needs new leaders, innovators, inventors, scientists, professionals, and entrepreneurs. So that technology will keep helping humans, the environment, and economies. Even if they don’t want to specialization then at least basic technology education is important for them. So that they can get the benefits of technology in their education and career.

From that point of views, I am sharing a few basics and advanced online information technology-related courses:

Basic computer Courses:

Basic computer fundamentals, English typing, Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) Internet, Security, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, programming skills, and applications are important for high school and also for college students.

While these skills are taught by almost all kinds of private and few government schools from the 3rd or 4th class. But most of the time go to cover the theoretical portion. And few students even don’t get time to use the computer. Due to fewer computers and more students. And that’s why learning technological skills online are much more effective. And it’s also good for those who ‘haven’t joined computer classes in schools.

So, I am sharing the following basics and advanced skills or online courses for students:

1. Introduction to computers, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac:

This online course is best suited for those students who don’t know anything about computers, even if they don’t know how to create folders, copy, paste files, and how to use the computer.

Computer Literacy & Basic Computer Skills for Productivity

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2. Typing Course and Skills

While it’s time to control the machines and computers through voice input. But it will take 5 to 10 years. Still, the keyboard is the most used input device to operate, create, input data and information into the computer. I mean the keyboard is used to type the data or to create documents. But to do it fast students need typing skills. It’s because they need typing skills so that can do their homework, assignment, project work fast. If they type slowly then it will consume their precious time.

Typing Mastery: Learn to Type

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3. Internet Security Awareness Training:

It’s easy to search on Google and get an answer. But Google is not the internet it’s a search engine or you can say it is the input application of the internet. But what you do after a click on the top 10 search results will define the output. Where you enter your information, what things you buy, what you watch, where you communicate, what you share, and how. These things are really important for students to know. It’s because students are not alone. They are using the parent’s resources and devices. It means there are possibilities that they will get trapped or get into fake zones.

But if they are aware of the internet scams, fake websites, fake news, fake leaders then it will be good for them and they can use the internet safely. That’s why I thought that doing the following course online on security awareness will be good for all types of high school and college students:
Security Awareness Training

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4. Microsoft Office: 

Microsoft Office software is the most used computer software in computers in education, business, and daily life work. Microsoft Office is in the use for three decades and almost all the people who used computers have used Microsoft office.
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In Microsoft Office students can use Word for document writing and editing works, they can use Excel to perform calculations & data management and they can use PowerPoint for school projects, assignments, and public speaking, and for many other things.
I found the following online course for high school students to learn all in one.

The Ultimate Microsoft Office 2016 Training Bundle

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5. Adobe Photoshop/Graphics Design: 

Students are creative by nature. Some are creative in group discussion, public speaking, writing, tests, academics, and sports and many are artistic. In that case, to identify the creativity of students I recommended adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator application for students to learn.
So that they can edit, manipulate their own photos, they can create and use effects on the images. And they can create cartoons, drawings, layouts, structure and they can think really creatively.
In all these activities they will become content full and will produce effective educational content on the web, class and school seminars or group competition.
These will also help them to practice drawing class lessons on adobe photoshop and adobe illustrators. So, the following are the online courses for students to learn and nurture creative and artistic skills.

Photoshop Master Course: From Beginner to Photoshop Pro

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6. WordPress/Website Design Course and Skills:

The website is the identification of people on the web after email ID. If students learn to create a website in high schools then when they are in college, they will create web applications and tools. And after college, they will invent new technologies and many will become entrepreneurs before the age of 30. It happens when you present many interests in front of them in the beginning. And then they decide which one they can try.
The more subject looks interesting for them the higher and more they will learn. And that creates opportunities for new inventions and innovations.
I have already written about it; you can learn here: Benefits of creating your own website if you’re a student
So, students can learn to create a website so that they can produce educational, creative, entertaining content on the web. That they can turn into their part-time income source to pay higher college degree fees.

The Complete WordPress Website & SEO Training

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7. Programming Skills and Course:

Programming is advanced computer skills. It is used to create solutions/apps and software. Programming is the way to convert the design into the product. Students who are in the class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th must learn programming skills. So that they know what they can do or what they can create for them. In the future, it will also help them to program and create applications for robots.
Following programming courses are best for high school and college students:

JavaScript Basics for Beginners
Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3

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2. Online Courses for Leadership Skills Development for Students:

Leadership skills teach students to take responsibility for their success, happiness, passion in life, career, and business. Leadership enriches students in their social relationships, friends, class teachers, competitive exams.
If high school students get the knowledge of leadership skills then they will be more successful in their college, degree course, career, and professions.
Here you can learn more: Importance of Leadership Skills for Students
Leadership is the combination of many personal, professional skills and qualities. The world needs new political leaders for economic growth, the commerce and industry need leaders to solve business problems and explore new opportunities, the medical field needs new doctors with leadership skills who can not only treat people but also educate people about the health. And we need those leaders who invest in environmental development more than hospital inaugurations.
Students are like raw clay, you can make/inspire/educate them to become anything. So why not make them a good leader. Not a political leader but also an educational leader. Not matter what they will become. But if we educate them why we need good leaders? then they will automatically think to become a good leader in their interested trade and field. And At least they will pursue their education with competitiveness. And when they will face struggles, challenges later in their career, they will stand confident, focused, and decisive.
Today, around the world our students are depressed, unplanned, ill, and they don’t have the desire to fight back with the situation. Why?
There are thousands of reasons, and one reason is the lack of leadership skills development early in their life or during high school and even college.
But if we don’t teach today’s high school’s students’ leadership then after 5 to 10 years the problems of students around the world will grow. And I don’t want that personally.
Leadership skills make students disciplined, focused, passionate, confident, and resourceful. It builds a growth mindset in them. And they will start using their time in productive activities such as learning new skills and professions.
There are not particular online courses available for leadership skills for students. But I found a few online courses and sources to learn leadership skills:

Leadership: Practical Leadership SkillsAnger Management Techniques That Actually Work
The Complete Communication Skills Master Class for Life

3. Language courses:

Learning more than one language creates and brings new career, culture, and research opportunities. Not only that if you want to go into another country for higher studies then you can learn a foreign language in your free time during high school.

For example, if UK students want to come to India for higher studies then they can learn Hindi and Sanskrit.

If Indian students want to go to China for higher studies in invention and technology then they can learn Chinese.

If students want to go to America for Business management degrees then they can learn English.

Having a basic knowledge of the language is not enough. When you learn any language, you learn the behaviors of that language as well. Each language has its own behaviors.  And I personally find it very interesting to learn a foreign language. But for high school students, it’s really important that they learn any language in their free time online.

Following are the online foreign language courses for students that I found interesting:
Online Japanese N5 Course(All 15 lessons)
English for Beginners: Intensive English Speaking Course
Learn German Language: Complete German Course – Beginners
IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course

4. Entrepreneurship Education Courses:

Of 100 students, not all become doctors, scientists, programming, entrepreneur. Some will become artists, writers some find the path to grow in the music field and it’s our duty to help them to grow towards their interested field.

But those who want to become an entrepreneur, who want to start their own business after studies, who want to solve the problem of people through innovation, products, and services can learn about entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not only related to business. It a consistent activity to make anything productive and useful for people. If a farmer grows crops in the field and then sells them in the market is an entrepreneur.

For economic reforms and economic development, we need more entrepreneurs than politicians. And you could sow these seeds in children from a young age. When they are there for the learning.

Students are like a crop field. You can seed entrepreneurship and leadership skills. And after 5 to 10 years then they will speed the economic reforms in your country.

That’s why I shared entrepreneurship for high school students. It’s not easy and enough to build an entrepreneurial mindset and skills in students through online courses. Schools and colleges have to run various entrepreneurship development programs and higher degrees so that students not only get a scholarship for degrees, but they can also get platforms to launch their ideas.

Following online courses can be helpful for students:

An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Professor

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The list will never end but I think if high schools do any of the above courses or learn any skill shared above in this post then I think it will be a useful investment of their time online.

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