Online Computer Courses for housewives

Online Computer Courses and important skills for Housewives that will help to collaborate in the husband’s business or to start their own business from home. Housewives are the real leader of the family. Due to their leadership capacity, they want to help the husband or in the family business.
With that in mind, I am writing some of the tips, methods and listing online computer courses for housewives that they can do to help the husband in business or even start their own online business from home.

So let’s start:

I am inspired to write this post after getting the mail from one of our readers. That’s why in this post, I am sharing the computer skills, ideas that you can use to grow your husband’s business online from home. If you don’t have these computer and business skills then I am also sharing the methods to learn them online. And I hope that this guide or post will be very helpful for you to start growing not only your husband’s business or but your career as well.

And the most important thing is that “your husband’s business is also your own business”. So be good to each other become the happiest, successful family and help each other with knowledge and experience. That’s the way to follow.

“Keep holding the hand of each other not only in success but also in challenging situations, and let’s take your love to the new level. And use the power of love to grow your family socially and financially. : By Vijay Sharma”

1. Document writing and editing – Microsoft Word Skills

If your husband’s business is related to Real estate, Construction Contracts, Civil Engineering, Cyber Cafe or any kind of business that require you to create, edit, print and share lots of documenting works then this is the first and easiest work that you can do. To do this work successfully you need to have the basic knowledge to create professional-looking documents in Microsoft Word such as applications, reports, bills, and many others. And you have to be familiar with the home, insert format, layout menus in Microsoft Word.

Most of the time, you have to create and edit sample documents. And if you think to update or want to learn Microsoft Word professionally then here, I have listed the best online courses to learn Microsoft Word.

Master Microsoft Word Beginner to Advanced

Learn Microsoft Word 2016 For Beginners – Basics to Advanced

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2. Mathematical and business calculation and data management – Microsoft Excel

I think Microsoft Excel is the most used application software in business for mathematical and inventory management worldwide. If you have Microsoft Excel and basic financial knowledge you can help in your husband’s business to manage the customer data, bills, employee’s salary calculation, loss and profit management, stock management, payments, and various details of distributors, retailers, products,  and services. And by using the advanced feature you can also manage accounts of the business and print efficiently looking reports or visualizations.

Here is the list of online Microsoft soft excel courses that you can do to learn these skills.

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3. Website Creation – WordPress Skills

I think 90% of the business that existed worldwide needs to have a website. A website builds an online presence of a business. It means more and more people can see and able to find out information through the search engine and social media. And in a result, it will increase the customers and brand value of the business.

If your family business is related to any kind of services/products sell then you must get into this. It’s not that difficult to build a website by using WordPress.

There are so many tutorials even available for free. And there are lots of people and freelancers providing WordPress website design support and maintenance services.

You can hire and manage other people and freelancers to build an online presence, promote and advertise the business online and help you and your husband to get more customers.

If you want to do it by yourself then learn WordPress. I am suggesting WordPress that it’s the easiest and most beneficial method these days to build information, educational, and almost any kind of business website. So to help in this I am listing the Following online courses that you can do to learn WordPress skills:

WordPress The Complete Business Web Design Course


Uses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

Best courses for starting your own online business

4. Blogging/Content Writing to educate targeted customers on the website.

If you found yourself a little back in technical things of the business then content writing and blogging are the best suitable for you. It’s so much easy and very beneficial for the business.

Actually blogging and content writing is a way to educate, inform, update, and help specific people to solve their daily life problems. It can be through a complete article like this, or through product and services.

When you write and do it consistently it will bring people to the business website to learn about the business updates. If your husband’s business is related to digital marketing, blogging, education, eCommerce, Web Development then blogging and content writing are just a way to help him as a writer.

And once you finish the writing, then your husband can proofread and edit the content. It will not only save money but also increase the revenue for the business.

Following are courses that you can choose to learn content writing and blogging at home:

20 Powerful habits for a successful Content Writing Career

5. Digital Marketing/Promotion/social media marketing:

You don’t have to become a perfect digital marketer. You just have to help your business to share its business and company products/services on the internet.

And digital marketing is an online marketing method that you can use to help in husband’s business to grow. And it will benefit both of you.

To do it you have to learn many skills such as Facebook marketing, Pinterest marketing, video marketing, email marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, and many others.

But practically, you have to learn each skill based on the demand. For example, ask your husband the following questions:

  1. What is that which you’re not able to execute in marketing especially related to online marketing?
  2. How can I help you through Facebook marketing?
  3. How can I help you in online advertising?
  4. What type of online digital marketer do you want to hire for your business?
  5. How can I help your business through the internet and my computer skills?


You will definitely get some kind of surprising answer and before that, it will surprise your husband too. 🙂

But seriously, business and marketing are not that easy as you might think right now. It requires competitiveness and a desire to win.

But one by one you will be able to help him. And it’s the actual work that will bring a new customer to your husband’s business.

If you want to learn all kinds of various digital marketing skills then please visit this post and select any course that you think will be good.

For example, you can start with Facebook marketing.

Then you can list his business on google listing.

After that, you can build a website for him.

and so, on other things.

The key here is to focus on your customers and their problems. And if you’re serious, then I know your husband definitely encourages you to do it.

Following are some of the digital marketing courses that you can do online:

Learn More:

6. Communication Skills/Online Sales/Support Skills

Communication skills are not directly related to computer and information technology skills. But without communication skills, you can’t get many benefits. For example, to market your husband’s business, you have to be good in written communication, to chat with potential customers you have to communicate, and to respond to customers’ phone calls you have to communicate.

Business communication skills are very important. The success of the business is relying totally on the way people communicate.

If you think or your husband thinks that you’re good at communication then you can help him in customer, sales, team support and management.

And there are a various online business, sales, customer support management tools, and online courses that you can do to learn the basics.

For example, the following are the best online courses that I think will be good.

So in the end, I can say that there are various ways to help your husband in an online and offline business. And it’s the greatest thing that you will do for your husband and I think they will love it more than your cooking skills especially if your husband is a really passionate entrepreneur and businessman.

Even, it’s also a good way for many women to use their free time to help each other grow in life and career. It’s better than using social media for hours on the mobile and I know that may be irritating to your husband when he sees you’re on the phone again.

So instead of using mobile phones for social media or gossips, use them as a tool for business, career, and income development. And if you learn and you use your knowledge and experiences then definitely it’s great. Above listed skills not only very beneficial to help your husband’s business, but you can also start your online business from home. It’s just awesome and many housewives are doing it.