Online Digital Marketing Courses – Essential Digital Marketing Skills to Learn

Best online digital marketing courses for college students, freelancers, professionals, and small business owners to learn essential digital marketing skills. These digital marketing skills important to learning so that you can produce, advertise, market, promote businesses, services, products and content on the internet and get more customers and leads for clients or to your own business.

These methods and platforms of digital marketing required specific skills and expertise to get the most out of it. Digital marketing is a combination of marketing and technologies. Digital marketing skills are required nowadays for everyone.

There are thousands of businesses, applications, products and services in the digital marketing category on the internet. There are big career and business development opportunities for people in the digital marketing field. But to become successful in digital marketing they need the specific set of skills that I am sharing with you in this post.

Essential Digital Marketing Skills for Beginners

There is a wide range of skills to become a master in digital marketing. But in this post, I have included only the top 10 digital marketing skills that I think important for every digital marketer. So let’s get started:

1. Google Ads Expertise

Google ads is the biggest and fastest advertising service on the Internet developed by Google. In which you can connect with customers globally, locally, in most popular languages by using pay per click search ads and banner ads.

Google Ads is the new name of Google AdWords. It is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For maximum benefits from the Google Ads advertising platform, there are many skills in which an advertiser has to be an expert.

Google Ads is a big part of digital marketing. To become an expert in digital marketing you need to have great google ads skills. You will need skills in campaign creation, management and scale up according to the data analysis. To run Google ads pay per click campaigns successfully you need knowledge of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search console so that you can drive traffic to your or your clients’ website.

Not only that, but you also need creative skills to create, optimize, test and compare conversions rate on different landing pages for PPC campaigns. IT companies, real estate companies, retailers, online stores, marketplace and service providers, etc. use google ads to drive and increase website traffic and sales.

And if you want to drive and increase sales for your small business website or for clients, you have to be a master in Google Ads Paid Advertising platform. So that you can spend the marketing budget wisely and smartly to grow your or your clients’ business.

There are many ways to become an expert in Google ads. But following online courses will be helpful for you:

Academy for Ads – Google

New Google Ads 2018( formerly Adwords ) : Beginner to Expert

Google Analytics Mastery with Remarketing on Google Adwords

2. Keyword Research Skills

Keyword research is the most important skill to become successful in digital marketing. Keyword research is used in Search Engine Marketing such as Google Ads, Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Content Marketing.

Keyword research is the method in which you have to identify the right short and long-tail keywords, phrases to target people to your website or products and services. You also need knowledge of competitors’ targeted keywords strategies for similar or same products.    

Knowledge of Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Analytics (search queries, organic keywords), Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Kw Finder, Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, keyword spy etc. really helpful in finding the best keywords to optimize the website, products, PPC campaigns, content (blog post) and even you can also use it in social media campaigns and emails.

The following posts will be helpful to become skilled in keyword research:

3. Content Writing /Marketing Skills

Almost everything in Digital Marketing is Content. Advertisements, blog posts, emails, images, text, animations, ebooks, presentations, and videos, etc. all are content. Content is used to educate, influence, attract and engage people towards business goals.

And it can be in all the mediums that people use on the internet such as social media pages, emails, videos, blog posts, ebooks etc.

If you want to become skilled in digital marketing you have to be great at content writing and marketing. In content marketing, you need to research the audience, keyword research, content creation, and writing skills. These skills will help you to produce and distribute quality content around the product, services and business goals that increase brand awareness.

Creativity, quality and meaningful content increase brand awareness and increase the click-through rate on advertisement, links, display ads, website navigation, landing pages, product pages, email subscription box, blog posts, social media content, and search engine results etc.

At least you have to know how to write content around the product that educates people to buy certain products and services. In this case, you can use social media pages, images, email, blog, search engine, paid advertising and anything that educate people about the products and services directly or indirectly.  

Following examples of content marketing will be helpful for you:

Content marketing, writing, and copywriting do not have a big difference, these all have one goal. And that is to grow business, increase website traffic, sell more products and services. Now it can be through many strategies such as education, entertainment, information, knowledge, celebrities, referral links, backlinks, comments, emails, Q&A websites, blogs, organic traffic, SEO, SEM, and videos. Both paid and free methods of digital marketing are available for everyone. But even paid marketers and paid media fails due to the poor quality of content and marketing strategies. Everything depends on your knowledge and content creation skills.

And to increase your content marketing knowledge and skills following online courses can be helpful:

Content Marketing Masterclass: Create Content That Sells

Content Marketing: Create Content That Generates Leads


4. Email Marketing Skills

Email marketing is the digital method to communicate with potential customers, what to do, how to do and what is the most beautiful solutions etc. all is the part of email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is the most effective method of personalized digital marketing and retaining clients or customers. Almost all internet users use emails. Most of them open and check emails every hour. Everyone is communicating through emails. Email is used for communication, learning, business deals, delegation, customer support, and business management. Similarly, it is used for email marketing.

Email Marketing is the most important digital marketing skills. For email marketing, you need data entry, web research skills so that you can create an excel spreadsheet database of potential customers, including name, emails, phone numbers, business address. So that you can use that list for an email marketing campaign.

After that, you need effective written communication and email writing skills so that you can convey your message to potential customers. For that, you need content writing skills, sales, and marketing skills.

To be successful in email marketing you need a great knowledge of email marketing methods, platforms, and tools. As personalized email automation, live chats, etc. are also very helpful in email marketing. You need to learn how to communicate better with customers through email messages. Obviously, great English writing and grammatical knowledge matter the most.

Following are helpful online courses to learn email marketing:
Sales Funnels Masterclass: Increase Sales With Sales Funnels

The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course

5. Google Analytics Skills

Google Analytics is used to track the performance of digital marketing. Google Analytics keeps the eye on the user’s behavior on website pages and marketing campaigns. It means by using Google Analytics you can find data and information about your audiences, organic keywords, keyword ranks, traffic sources, conversion rate, top landing pages, audience locations, bounce rate, and many more things. Almost all digital marketers, publishers, and website owners use this application to identify business, website, and marketing campaign growth opportunities.

Here you can learn more about it:  How Google Analytics Helps Businesses Websites to Grow More

To become skilled in digital marketing you need to have great expertise in data analytics or google analytics. For the expertise in Google Analytics, you need the knowledge of implementing proper conversion tracking and measurement system, A/B testing and need to find out key performance indicators in the data.

It means you have to find out the ways to increase website traffic and increase conversion rates. For example, the website is ranking on 9th numbers on google search engine for “best digital marketer with success stories, the keyword” but it is not the keyword that you’re using or has optimized the landing page for this, might be you’re using “best digital marketer with examples of previous works success”, and you’re ranking on 24th number.

Now when people search on Google for “best digital marketer with examples of previous works success” your website comes on the 24th link and the CTR is 0.7% and the impression is 10%. But the CTR for “best digital marketer with success stories, the keyword is 2.3% with 30% impression.

Now it’s a google analytics expert or a digital marketer who identifies this data. And take or forward the decision to website owners or managers. Now that one decision is best, it depends on the data reading and analysis ability of the digital marketer.

It means you need the research/experimental skills that identify “What is possible and how to do it? And how much you’re sure about the decision that is based on the data. You need to answer this question to website owners and managers or in the presentation. There is various kind of data analysis works that digital marketer does each day.

Here you can learn more about it: Importance of Data in Business

So specifically you need to learn to create, share, manage, analyze the audience, acquisition, behavior reporting and campaign, a conversion tracking knowledge to become an expert in Google Analytics. it’s possible through consistent learning and experiments.

For an experiment, you can do it on your own website or client’s website. Each experiment will be different according to the website and marketing campaigns.

If you want to improve your Google Analytics and Data Analysis knowledge, the following online courses will be helpful for you: 

Google Analytics For Beginners

6. Marketing Strategy Building and Execution skills

Content is only king when it’s distributed after certain digital marketing strategies. No content is a king without the execution of marketing strategies or you can also say that content is the only way to execute marketing strategies. It means to become successful in digital marketing you need extraordinary in strategic development and execution. For example, your competitor is using social media marketing. In this case, you will try to follow them and most of the business owners and marketers follow the competitive strategies. But at the same time, they will track you too.

In this case, you will keep doing social media marketing, but at the same time, you will invest in content creation, content writers, and blogging. And surprise the market with your strategies when everyone thinks you’re gone. And you can move faster than competitors. It’s because they are focused on social media more than content marketing or blogging. You have to think about how you live one step ahead of the competition.

No matter how skilled you are at using digital marketing tools and platforms. Everyone is skilled and expert but not all can win in the digital marketing field.  Until you don’t have great marketing strategy skills.

Following Online Courses will be helpful:

[2018] Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (version 5.2)

Blog Post: 16 Awesome Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

7. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the method to communicate with customers by using a search engine. It means content on the website will communicate with potential customers and the search engine will help to connect you and your business website with customers to communicate. And this will happen through search engine optimization skills.
Following Online SEO courses will be helpful:
SEO 2018: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

The Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites

8. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the leader in social media marketing. They are the leader it’s because their platform is used by millions of people daily. These people buy products and services thousands of times in a day, week, months, and years on the internet and offline. And when they see advertisements, promotions, and content related to their interest, they buy, like, comment, share and follow the brand. That’s it, how Facebook is the leader.

Users’ data is the key for Facebook and advertisers. Both depend on this. And in this case, Facebook provides highly targeted consumer data, such as location, age, gender, interests. That’s why advertisers are willing to reach customers locally and internationally.

That’s why to be successful in digital marketing you also need knowledge of Facebook marketing. You have to learn the basics of Facebook advertising and ways you can connect with new customers and drive more sales.

You need to be skilled in target the right audience, build awareness, generate leads, select the best ad formats, write and produce creative content and management of ads and performance are keys on Facebook.

Following online courses will be helpful for you to become an expert in Facebook marketing:
Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2018 Coursenvy


9. Basic Graphics Design Skills

Graphics designing skills are not mandatory to become successful in digital marketing. But it is a bonus if you know how to create display banners etc. Digital Marketers have to generate leads via paid search channels. They need beautiful, creative and high converting landing pages for PPC.  That’s why if you have the basic understanding and little graphics designing skills it will be more than helpful, not only when you’re working, but also when you’re delegate clients’ homepage design to graphics designers. At least you should know what you want from the graphics designer.

At some point, you don’t have a specialist graphics designer, at that time you can work on designing banners and landing pages on your own. It will save you money and also give you more edge in the digital marketing field. Basic knowledge in any of these adobe photoshop, Corel draw, adobe illustrator is a bonus for digital marketers.

10. Enthralled in the art of enchanted conversation

Communication skills are the most important skills in digital marketing. Successful execution of digital marketing strategies depends on how effective you communicate and listen through your content, emails, social media, text, images, description, and designs. In digital marketing sooner or later you will need to delegate many works to your assistants. At that time you need communication skills to train your employees and delegate work effectively. As a digital marketer, you have to communicate/listen to your digital marketing strategies to your clients and employees. And to run these digital marketing operations effectively you will need to improve communication skills.  

Following are the solutions to improve your communication skills for digital marketing:

Best Online Courses that will improve your Communication Skills

In nutshell, I want to say that you need various technical and business skills to be successful as a digital marketer. But you don’t need to learn all the above skills in one day. It will come automatically within time by learning and experiments. Start with one skill, become an expert in one thing then try the next one. And keep doing it, don’t forget about the time when you’re a star digital marketer.

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