Scope for a web designer in India

The scope for a web designer in India is depends on his/her hard work and professional ethics. The job of a web designer is to create and invent the great UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). Thousands of offline and online sources are available to learn. Web designer is a habitual learner, creative, disciplined and professional when dealings with clients.

In my words the definition of a web designer is “A web designer design the body, face, colors, elements and functionality of a website. A website is like a human for a designer. Both are available with different features and functionality. Doctor’s work/dress/communications/ benefits are different than police officer. Both have to work according to their job and functionality. The same method is work for websites. A blogging business website and eCommerce websites look, typography, user experience, user interface is different. And this difference is designed by Web Designer.  And the functionality of the website design is developed or coded by Web developer.

There are two types of scopes called JOB and BUSINESS. In the job you can earn after Website designing course or training as fresher between 4000 rupees to 10000 in first year in india. But according to “A Web Designer earns an average salary of Rs 194,224 per year.” These all are data and analysis only.

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But it is not necessary that you’re education and expertise belong to above assumptions.  The more responsibility you take in the job will enable higher chances of salary increment. You need to be a master in web site designing. And you don’t need to follow the rules set by others. The more you create the deadlines for yourself the greater and different you become. If you’re following the paths of others, you know that what I mean. Work better than anybody else in your company, show responsibility, professionalism, deal with innovative ideas, be like a owner of the company. Do your job like you are the engine of the company and its scary without you. Nothing is easy, or nothing is tough. Start with small, look near, feel free and ask your boss, what you want from me? And note the answers do what they want. Then see what happen in few months.

Do business and earn as much as you want. It’s easy to think about job after the website designing course. But if you can early, it is better. I don’t think any job will make you richest web designer may be you’re the exceptions. But earning scopes in business as web designer is higher than you 10,000 monthly salary.

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In business, you have to master in your website designing skills, knowledge will give you the confidence, and confidence in marketing is important. Steve Job was once said, “You don’t love your product or services, no body love it. Simple if you are not confident about your web designing skills then please don’t do this business.

The simple steps are Learn- Learn -Learn the more you learn the more you earn in web designing field. Learning mean do mistakes, keep designing irritating graphics, keep writing float left, right, center, keep trying, do this for 1 or two months. Learn, talk, feel, dream, work, all related to web designing for a 1 month. And it will increase you confidence level and then check where you stand, see others design, be average no need to be perfect. There is no body. No one is perfect. Only god is perfect.

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