Top 12 simple data visualization examples

Simple data visualization examples: Everything in computer and on the internet is data. We can represent all types of data in symbols, graphs, arts, tables, charts, digital graphics, diagrams, maps etc. Following are the examples that I think is the coolest example of data visualization:-

1. Signals Data Visualization

Signals data visualization is an interactive communication with the users. It’s so much easy to understand quickly mobile network status, battery consumption and Wi-Fi or internet signal through visuals.

It’s easy to understand line bars instead of reading 15dBm – 32 mW, 20dBm, 100mW. This method is also similar to laptop battery status and Laptop Wi-Fi network signal.

Signals Data Visualization

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2. Computer Hardware Monitoring

Visualization of computer CPU, Graphics Card and Ram etc. temperature, sensors frequency, used, cached, free and available physical memory etc. are some oldest and greatest IT example of data visualization.  Data is easy to understand in visuals. Instead of reading text and number such as Total physical memory is 1928, Cached 628, available 733, free 129 etc. But this data is visualized in Microsoft Windows task manager that is easy to understand. And this information is utilized by troubleshooter to find out the fault in computer and this example is similar to the cloud server. It’s easy to understand any fault after seeing real-time performance of server or computer.

computer hardware simple data visualization

3. Hard Disk Drives interactive Data Visualization

The blue line and empty space in horizontal bar and in pie chat is an example to inform about the consumed and free space in hard disk. Hard drives data status in interactive visualization is effective to understand even for a normal user. And that’s always the target of data visualization to make it so much easy and relevant for people to understand and take quick decision.

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4. Data visualization during updates, installation and uninstallation in computer

You can see the status of the data downloaded by an application from the internet during updates in real-time visualization. Whatever you download, install, uninstall in computer or upload to the Internet, everything is data. Every computer/mobile user technically uses data. Whatever you see on the computer is data. One data connection to another data.

When you see the green bar or blue process bar during installation, uninstallation in any application that is data visualization, representing the current level of data installed on computer or how much data is left to install.

simple data visualization example

5. Online and Offline shopping trends data visualization in Google Trends

The following data visualization is shared by Google trends on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping behaviour of people. In which you can clearly understand and able to compare the growth and shopping interests. In left side visuals, you can see that people search interests in black and cyber Monday on Google is growing. And on the right, you can compare search interest in online shopping versus offline shopping centre. In which grey colour covered the map indicating that people are more interested to buy online. And there are only less yellow signs those representing shopping centres in this visualization.  Now, this type of data visualization is important to compare results over time.

shopping trends data visualization

6. World Population, internet and mobile data (Google Data studio template)

Now following data visualization (sample) is a great example of informative reports and dashboard. In this data visualization, you can see data is information that creating knowledge.  For example, you can see that India on number 2 in population growth, but on number 3 in internet users growth, but number 2  in mobile users growth worldwide. And you can see the line indicating that it’s growing. And after such effective visualization of data, anyone can analyze and take a decision.

google data studio template - data visualization example

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7. Google Map Traffic visualization

The live traffic status in Google map is another simple example of what is possible through data visualization to make humans life simple and easy. You can see that dark red (maroon colour) indicating slow traffic area in the city on the map and green colour indicating fast etc. now there are many apps that you can use in mobile phones to check the traffic status in your area and as well as vehicles.

google maps live traffic status data visualization

8. Visualization of live world population growth rate by country

Now you can see that population and growth rate data is visualized on the world map and projected growth rate. You can see it live here.

world population clock data visualization

9. Real-time air quality index visual map

You can see it visually what the air quality in your area and this is another simple example to understand data visualization. Data visualization impact on users more than text. If you’re learning this in text or table format, it’s tough to remember and slowest to compare the air quality. But the following image indicating air quality level in green, yellow, red and purple colours. In which it’s easy to compare and analyze data in which country and region producing the level of air quality. See air quality data visualization live here.

real time air quality index visual

10. Facebook page data visualization

Online marketing data insights are very important for digital marketer. As you can see in following Facebook page data insights in which data is visualized automatically. Facebook page owners can analyze what they are up to. It’s easy to analyze that the page is liked by 30% people age between 18-24 years and 66% fans are men and other growing trend is an age in between 25-34 are 19% or 2nd best. Now Facebook page owners can use this information to make next decision. Might be they can advertise or sell products and services best fit for 18-24 age group males. They can also set goals to increase the fans in between age 25-34.

facebook page data insights in visualizationNow without following data visualization, it’s very tough to mine and report data manually about the fans, likes, interest, page views. That’s how effective data visualization makes difference in digital marketing.

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11. Google Analytics Website data visualization

Website data visualization is most important visualization for small business and e-commerce website owners. It’s because they want to see what people are doing on their website and from which country they belong. As you can see in Real Time (current) users on the website, type of device they used to visit the website (computer/tablet/mobile) and from which country and city they are in. Now the following type of data visualization is important to sell and produce content on the application/website in real time.

google analytics website data visualizations

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12. Yearly Income and expenses data visualization in Microsoft Excel Chart

In following bar chart you can see the income is growing in the first half of the year but then in the middle of the year it’s decreasing to the lowest level. And in red bars, you can see that expenses are always around 40000 per month. And blue bars representing the income.

This is manually created data visualization in Microsoft excel only for learning purpose. But if someone can track and visualize the data of their income, expenses, savings and cash on hand it will be helpful to compare and understand their financial pattern. And they can take an immediate decision as per their analysis. But it’s possible to analyze financial data more effectively if data is represented in visualization.

data visualization sample - income and expense chart reportRelated:Uses of Microsoft Excel in daily life


That’s it, friends, what I know so far about data visualization. Data visualization is a long and difficult process. Required lots of research skills form a collection of facts to the representation of data. As you know meaningful data is information. And meaningful information is knowledge. But after the involvement of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to collect and represent data and even data analysis are automated.

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It’s proven that data visualization of facts, theory, and creativity and imagination impact on people, students, and analysts more than text-based material. Such as the use of images in advertising, use of visualization in sports statistics (cricket scorecard), and even when you learn any story, you start visualizing the picture in your brain.

Similarly, in goal setting practices and in low of attraction told you that visualize your goal. Why visualize it’s because when you visualize it will clear your mind about what you want to achieve.

So there are many examples and explanation of data visualization and that’s why it is science and art at the same time. And I think a collection of data is a science and representation of data is an Art.

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