SEO Pros and Cons: Is Search Engine Optimization profitable?

SEO is one of the popular online marketing strategies important for both small as well as large businesses. The goal of Search engine optimization is to make the website user interface, functionality, user experience, and content helpful for people. Google, Bing, Yandex, and Duckduckgo are popular search engines (applications/websites) that people use to find data, … Read more

20 small but important things to know to build a good website

1. Book shorter, memorable, easy to spell, and unique names and try to avoid more generic words or trademarks. If you already running a business with the name then try to find that name. 2. Having a .COM domain extension is not mandatory. You can buy .expert .shop .designer and with any type of extension … Read more

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Importance of self study for students

Importance of self study for students