Top 3 basic uses of data

There are unlimited uses of data in daily life, business, profession, research, education, media, development, science, and problem-solving works. The most important thing in all of this process is decision making in which data analysis, data mining, data science, analytics helps. In general, here you can read and learn what is data. Data is most … Read more

What is data in Computer

Get a basic overview of what is data in the computer. How does data work, how does it collected, managed, and used in business and various works, and many other basic points? So, let’s begin and discover the science and art behind data: In simplest words text, images, videos, audio, games, documents, software, and any type … Read more

Computer Typing Lessons for Beginners: Essential Typing Lessons

In this post discover the best basic and advanced computer typing Lessons for Beginners. These are the lessons that students, professionals, beginners and adults, and even kids can also try and practice. Also, find out the computer typing tips and methods to create typing lessons on your own for practice. The keyboard is the input … Read more

What is computer programming language

A Computer programming language is a method of communication with computer hardware, operating system, server, browser to achieve specific goals of one or multiple users. Operating system, application software, web application, browser, server application, games, virus and antivirus, and various other software and apps are created with the use of programming languages. Software is a … Read more

What is a Computer? An Introduction to Computers

A computer is an electronic device in which you can create, collect, store, access, calculate, manipulate, manage, arrange, present, share, transmit and automate data and information with high speed and accuracy. A computer is a magical machine in the Technology world. Almost in all types of technologies and industries computers is playing the biggest role … Read more

How to learn computer skills at home

You can learn any type of computer skills at home by using YouTube, Online Courses, Books, and Live computer training classes. Anyone can learn computer skills online at home whether you’re a student, professional, business owner, investor, housewife, or senior citizen. There are various options that you can choose to learn computer skills online. You … Read more

Best methods to select the best online computer courses

Learn how to decide, how to select the online course, online courses website to learn new skills or to update your existed skill. What are the key things that will help you to select the best online computer course and platforms? I was teaching basic computer, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and computer repairing skills to … Read more

Top 10 Characteristics of best online computer courses website

Online courses are the quickest method to learn and build new computer skills systematically and effectively online. Computer skills that you learn in 6 months offline, now you can learn through online courses on online courses and marketplace websites within a month. There are so many online course websites that you can choose to learn … Read more

Why learn the computer basics before joining the Degree Course?

Why having basic computer skills and knowledge is important before doing computer science, computer engineering, computer programming, digital marketing, and any other diploma or degree courses? Learning computer basics will help you to build strong foundations and clear your basic technology concepts. If your basic computer education is good, practical, and creative then you will … Read more

How to take a screenshot on a computer

How to take screenshots on the computer, windows pc or laptop, and browser. How to capture, edit and share screenshots in a quick time. In this post and video, you will learn about it. What is a screenshot on a computer or mobile and how does it work?  What you see in front of your … Read more

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Importance of self study for students

Importance of self study for students