How to Learn, How to use Computers

If you’re able to search on Google how to learn how to use computers and what to learn to use computers then it means you know a little bit about computers and the Internet. This is the most important computer skill, what to search on Google or how. Internet and search engines are within everyone’s … Read more

How to understand computers – Easy Introduction

To understand computers you need to learn more about the basics of computers. Computers provide everything for users and anyone can understand computers. I will try to explain here with simple examples and an easy introduction that helps you to understand computers better. Let’s start with the definition: What is a computer? A computer is an … Read more

How computer work – here is the easiest ways to understand

Let’s understand: Computers work on the commands & instructions given by users. A user is a person who is using computers to convert data into meaningful information. Users give instructions to computers by keyboard and mouse (input devices). There are various input devices such as microphones, scanners, light pens, digitizing pads, web cameras, touch screens, … Read more

English Typing Speed Practice Tips – Increase Typing Speed

You can increase your typing speed by doing regular practice. Computer typing in English & Hindi languages is one the most important skill a person can have, or rather, should have. People learn this skill by taking a typing course and self-practice. Not all computer-literate people type accurately with good speed. In most, IT or … Read more

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Importance of self study for students

Importance of self study for students