Time management and learning tips for housewife to achieve career goals

Many housewives have dreamed about the things before the marriage. Unfortunately, not all able to achieve dreams and goals such as government jobs, business, freedom to choose a career, flexibility in lifestyle, and wealth. And it’s because of their family responsibilities. Not all appreciate or reward the housewives for their efforts and compromises.  

So if you’re one of them who feel that If I am working and managing family, then it’s not a compromise and I can do that happily but along with that I want to study. But unable to get time to study with kids, family obligations. And because of that, I am feeling stress, anxiety, anger, confusion, and really giving up on the dreams.

I don’t know about your situation. But one thing that I know is that I can suggest you a few time management and learning tips in this article that will be helpful for you to get time for study. And I know when you get time to think, plan, study, learning then you will be able to achieve your goals and dreams that you thought when you were a teen.

So my more focus in this article is to share the tips with you that will be helpful in achieving your life goals as a housewife.

So let’s begin:

1. First, believe that it’s not too late to try again and you still have plenty of time:

It’s important to think and believe that you have plenty of time to achieve your goals. It can be 1 year or 2 years or just 1 last exam and done.

When you think you have time, then you will be able to reduce the pressure from your mind. It will relax you and help you to study effectively. And you will be able to handle all the works and situations.

Not only that, but you also need to stop listening to those who think it’s not good, it’s good or it’s bad. Stop thinking about others’ inputs especially negative or confused and just listen to yourself and your own voice.

It’s because others are not experts. They haven’t done that by themselves and they don’t be like you. They can be right, but it’s doesn’t mean you’re wrong. So think wisely with maturity. You’re now not a teen.

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2. Believe in yourself and be confident and humble:  

You just have to believe in yourself. You have to focus on yourself. You need to focus on your actions, thoughts. You need to analyze, are you too much negative? Are you too much angry? Are you happy or not? etc.

Take care of yourself and your thoughts. Always believe that everything takes time. Great struggle leads to great success. And I know that you will be able to do it.

3. Ask for a suggestion from the family members:

Marriage, husband, children, parents, and inlaws are not the obstacle, they are your support. But they don’t know how to support you. They don’t know what you want, why you’re stressed, why you’re angry, why you communicate aggressively, etc.   

So talk to them about goals and priorities. You’re now the leader of their family. You’re not an external member. They just want you and their son happy. But to do that, it’s important for them too to understand your priorities.

So talk to them that why do you want to study. How your study, job, business is helpful for their family. You also need to understand family goals and priorities.

When your husband, parents (inlaws) understand the value of your time, priorities, dreams then they can help you. When they analyze that they will help you in handling kids, help in cooking, cleaning, and many other things. But for that make sure you educate them about your goals humbly.

Else there are many cases, in which due to the interface of in-laws and husband affects the goals and dreams.

I don’t like it when others say that housewives have to compromise on their dreams.  I also don’t like it when someone says that after marriage you can’t do this or that, I mean job and study.

But whatever the case, understand your family and their beliefs. And if you do it then they will also do it.

And when your family understands then you will get more time to study. So don’t compete with inlaws (Sasural wale) else make them your support team.

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4. Do the housework one by one:

Clothing work, cleaning work, the relationship works, etc. don’t try to do all the work in one day. Divide your time and task for each day. On Monday for cleaning, on Tuesday for clothes, Wednesday for kids, Thursday for shopping, Friday for husband, Saturday for inlaws, and Sunday for nothing.

I just mean that whatever you do but get at least 6 hours daily. I believe that 6 hours of consistent study can be life-changing along with a private job.  

2 Hours in the Morning, 2 Hours in the evening, and 2 hours before sleep you can study even if you’re doing a private job. I know it’s easier to say but too tough to execute for housewives.

But try to get 5-6 hours daily and I think you can do it. And I know the powers of women’s’. Do you know yourself?

5. Don’t try to get free as quickly as possible:

It can take more time when you try too hard and something in a hurry. And most of the time we forget many things. If you’re late in everything, it means you’re trying to do things so fast, you’re trying to multitask.

Don’t do that.

Just do one work easily and don’t take pressure to finish and to get free from here. Be intelligent in managing works without losing focus. Everything takes time, so give time to the task.

6. Study while kids are sleeping:

Kids are creative. They are like you. But they don’t care about your studies and goals. They care about their goals it’s because they can’t understand what you’re up to.

So try to study at that time while they are sleeping and at school or playing with other kids. Even many try to give them a mobile phone or “Aalu kuchalu beta knha gaye thee” kinds of videos on youtube. So that they can get busy.

But that has many disadvantages too.

So instead of giving them mobiles, computers, tv to enjoy and entertainment. Let sleep them. And 2 hours of sleep helps them to get relaxed, creative, and less irritating.

And you can get time to study. You can also give them to parents to take care of the kids for 2 hours.

Your goal is to manage time. And in this goal, you need to be creative.

I know it’s a struggle. But that’s what you’re known for.

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7. Try fixed timings:

4 AM to 6 AM, 5 PM to 7 PM, 9 PM to 11 PM can be your study time while doing private or government jobs or managing housework. The benefits of trying to fix a time for the study will help your mind to prepare yourself for the study. It can be anytime. And your husband, parents can manage their time and take care of the kids at that time.  The Sooner it becomes a habit. And when you follow good habits then definitely it will be beneficial for your career.

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8. Save your energy from extra talks and thinking:

You need to manage many things. Kids, housework, husband, friends, brother, sisters, and many others. But one thing you need to learn is that the more energy you gain or save the better it will help to study more.

So for that, don’t try to talk too much, don’t try to respond to every WhatsApp message, don’t try to include yourself in every single gossips and conversion. Let others lead the works that are meaningful to them.

You have to set your priorities at this time, and it’s studying, not entertainment, gossips, and chatting.  So just focus on the value of your time. And spend it where it’s most demanding and important. And the enjoyment of success is greater than the short term entertainment of movies and funny videos.

I hope you got my point. 

9. Don’t try to control everything:

Don’t try to handle everything on your own. Don’t try to make others perfect. Don’t try to control and lead the situation where others can do. Many things are not in your control such as the mood of others, demand of father in law, mother in law, and husband. You’re important to everyone and everyone in the family important to you. So just learn and read the situation and make the best decisions.

The goal here is to let others feel the freedom, flexibility, and happiness. Don’t try to force others to do that or this. You can’t change the mindset by talk. You can only change it by your actions. And when your actions are silent then others can observe that you don’t like that or this.  

Your focus is on the study, so just study. And everything that compromising right now will come later to you automatically. It’s my promise. But always think big. If you become a Teacher, Professor, SDM, IAS, HAS, and managing family, then you will be the role model for thousands of other housewives. And it’s great. 

10.) Don’t try to study everything in one day:

Every learner has their own methods to study. Every exam and test required its own methods and techniques. But one thing that is common is that you need to study. So instead of thinking that you need to study, you need to work hard, you need to manage time, you need to do that or this, think you just need to read next 5 questions, you just need to study in next 1 hour, you just need to work hard in next 2 hours.

I mean here is that break your goals in small parts. If you have to study 1000 questions then just think about 5 or 10 questions each day. One by one, step by step you will be able to achieve the goal faster.

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And finally, if your husband is a professional trainer, teacher, or job professional, and a hard-working individual then he will support you and you need to get and work on his guidance and suggestions. Even your husband is not doing any job, not in any profession, but still, he will care for you.

If you have any question, suggestion let me know, I will try to write in my next article.