Tips to become a successful web_app designer and developer

Tips to become a successful web/app designer and developer

To become successful in the web designing and web development field it’s very important that you use your knowledge, time, skills, current learning and earning opportunities online and offline effectively and faster. Having web designing skills is one thing and becoming successful in this field is another thing.

For an average skilled web designer, the field is very challenging. A web designer has to do many things. And clients don’t know much difference in designing and web development, they just want and need a website or they don’t know the role of web developer and designer. Even the people learning web/apps development is confused, which one to learn and why?

And when someone starts their career as a web designer, they unable to think about their growth and methods.

The success depends on how do you use the skills and available methods. And also, what strategy you’re following to be a web designer or successful web developer. In web designing, you use mostly adobe photoshop, illustrator, HTML, WordPress, CSS. In web development, you need to have the knowledge of these things but you must able to program in PHP, Python, javascript, MySQLi Etc.

Both have to learn and need each other skills. But instead of characterizing these 2 as a different profession, I am using it for one person that is a web designer/developer.

And in this post, I am sharing the best methods/guide/strategies that are most useful, practical and valuable to become a successful web designer and developer and that I know so far. I hope you will like it.

So, let’s start:

1. Define your role goals:

Goals are very important for all kinds of web developers and designers so that they remain competitive and successful in the field.

For example, you may have the following learning, professional. career and financial goals: 

  1. You want to become an expert in creating Artificial intelligence chatbots, functions and programs within 1 year.
  2. You want to learn more about robotics programming.
  3. You want to run a blog on web/apps development technologies.
  4. You want to have multiple income sources.
  5. You want to save money while working as a freelance or job so that when you get an idea about your project or business ideas so that day you can start the business or you don’t need initial funding or loan to start the business.
  6. If you’re doing the job, then you want to get promotions and want to become a senior web developer or chief technical officer.
  7. If you’re working as a freelance web developer or designer, then you want to get bigger projects and want to retain the old clients.
  8. You want to build your own team of web developers.

The above are just a sample. The point here is if you have goals you will be able to improve your skills faster, you will be able to achieve your financial goals faster, you will be able to become successful in the web development and designing field.

And in this post, I am explaining the methods and techniques that you can use to achieve the above goals.

2. Create and follow a strategic plan:

In freelancing, or while doing a job as a web developer it’s very important to follow one or two strategic plans to become financially, socially professionally successful.

Following are examples of growth strategies for developers and designers:

You can divide your time into 3 parts. You can use the first part to learn and improve your web development skills such as you can learn to program, build chatbots.

If you work or willing to work as a freelance web developer or currently doing a web development job then you can use the 2nd part of your time. And in 3rd part, you can use to build 2nd source of income that is your own project or part-time business such as a social media tool, WordPress plugin or a blog website.

You might say that the workload of the office is very high. You rarely get time for learning and side projects. And you might say that you’re earning well so you don’t need to start side work.

And that’s ok.

My point here is for those who want to become an entrepreneur one day, or who want to have multiple sources of income. But to achieve those goals it’s important that you value your time.

For example, in the morning from 5 AM to 7 AM, you can spend on learning.

Your office time is your 2nd part. And 3rd session is after the office or at midnight from 9 PM to 11 PM.

Now if you’re already aware and skilled in the latest web/app’s development and design technologies then you can learn the skills required for the project that you want to start part-time. For example, you can create a blog website, you run a podcast, YouTube channel, you can write eBook/books for web/apps development beginners or you can guide or teach them these skills you have.

I saw that many expert developers/designers have YouTube channels/blog websites that they are managing and updating after jobs or clients.

The benefit of using your spare time or getting spare time is the following:

  • Your skills and knowledge can help beginners to learn programming, web/apps development, and designs.
  • You can monetize those platforms through affiliate products, display advertisements.
  • You will gain online business knowledge such as video marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization.
  • You can build a team of beginners on the side that handles the work in your absence.
  • It will be another source of income for you and that you can reinvest to grow your financial situation.

And the biggest benefit of running your own projects part-time is that it will give job security or financial security. So, if the company wants to transfer you or not increasing the salary then you can switch your efforts from that job to your own project. And you can start the journey of tech entrepreneurship.

Side projects or your own project also improve your portfolio and that can help you to get more projects or get hired by big companies or organizations on a higher pay scale.

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3. Consistently improve and update your skills:

The competition in web/app development and design is very high. But there is no competition for masters and hardworking professionals or beginners. Any senior position in a company such as a chief technical officer or CEO required leadership and management skills.

But from web development trainee to CEO position you have to work hard. You have to work on yourself. You have to outwork even the CEO or owner of the company through your work. I mean when you join or if you’re already in a company then think that company is your company. Don’t think you’re working there for a salary. Instead, think like a leader and entrepreneur. Don’t’ wait for deadlines. Don’t wait if the team leader coming to you tell what needs to be done. Instead, go to them ask for new challenges. And do the toughest work that is very challenging for the company in this situation.

In a job, you learn and mature. And it will help you when you start your own business. The experiences of your job will work.

But don’t just rely on experiences. Gain new knowledge and learn new skills. If you update your web/apps development skills consistently then you will be getting more career, financial, promotional opportunities.

If you know about WordPress development then now learn about android apps development.
If you know both then learn about online business. Learning never ends, and success never ends.

so Make it a habit or routine work to learn new skills related to web/apps development.

Even you can learn and improve the leadership skills that will also help you to become a successful web developer and designer.

There is not only you in the market who knows web development and programming. The competition is high. But to remain competitive, skilled you have to learn and improve your skills consistently.

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4. Keep your focus on the goals:

Don’t’ get distracted by watching others earning more money from the same skills. Nor get distracted by comparing yourself to the rich people. One day you will become the one. But for that, you have to focus on your current projects and strategies.

Whenever you’re focused, motivated then use that time as much as possible by doing great things on the web that help you to achieve your goals. The world is full of distraction, it’s natural. But you have to align yourself with focus on your goals. Not matter, what kind of offers available in the market. If something is helpful, useful for your career, financial situation and goals then do that. Else keep yourself dedicated and motivated to do big things in life.

5. Don’t delay, work harder and execute fast:

Laziness, procrastination is the biggest barrier to become successful in the IT field. All the time we’re in front of a laptop and computer screen. The work sometimes looks boring, no matter what you try.

So, don’t make your work that looks like you have to climb mountains. Take a break, go for holidays, try to learn something new that you don’t know.

And after a break just start.

Do every project, program in a new way. Try to do each day one different and interesting thing related to your work. It creates interest in you for work.

Following the pattern make us lazy. So, keep changing your working pattern. So that you don’t delay clients’ work.

The sooner you start and finish the project the better you will feel.

You have to do it. You do it today or tomorrow, it’s up to you.

No one comes to do it for you. So, when you know you have to do it tomorrow or only you have to do it alone then why you don’t do it right now.

You need to think like this.

6. Read the books of successful leaders, entrepreneurship and professional:

When you’re successful, getting results, promotion and appreciation then obviously you want to enjoy the moment. And you deserve that.

But during successful days and months, we forget how we became successful. We forget about our bigger goals, we forget about the new challenges. We forget about improving our skills, it’s because we are appreciated as a master and now, we think we’re the master.

We forget about reading books it’s because now we’re comfortable and want to watch movies.

But this situation doesn’t remain the same in the future. When you’re enjoying, sleeping, depressing yourself then someone in that time working hard. That person can become a competition for you in the future. And he/she will capture the opportunities before you.

I mean the enjoyment of success is important. But it’s not permanent and ends. The next day, you have to start again. When each day you do efforts without thinking about small success then you will be able to become a nationally and internationally successful web developer or designer.

Earning $100 is a success.

Earning $10000 is a success.

Earning $100000 is a success.

Earning $1000000 is a success.

Success is a process to achieve new success. It’s very tough to live the whole life from one success.

For example, earning $10000 is a success for someone. And he/she wants to just maintain that. But is it possible? Yes, it’s possible to maintain. But the inflation rate, desires, and needs never end.

The same person is capable of earning $1000000 dollars in a month or hour.

That’s why we need to learn from successful IT leaders, entrepreneur and professionals so that we will keep thinking big and we remain successful and get new heights in career.

7. Learn from other web developer and designers:

You’re beginner, intermediate, expert or master, don’t think you know everything. Each professional has their own ideas and methods to achieve clients’ and companies’ goals. To become a leader in the field, you need to learn from other web developers and designers.

You have to learn what they are currently doing, what they are learning and sharing on twitter. What kind of things they talk about. What is the career perspective? Learn from their failures, successes. Learn from their habits.

But don’t forget, who you’re are, where you from and what you want to do. You can be influenced by the success of others but everyone’s success path is their own.  Every successful person identifies and builds his own path.

No problem, if you’re currently not seeing your future. Just take one step towards your goals. And from that, you will see the next step.

So learn fro, those who are self-made billionaire, millionaire, and even web developer and designers.

Learn from everyone but do what’s best for you. And the best for you is your next step.


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8. Invest or save 20% of your income:

When we’re in a job we feel safe and rich. And that’s ok.

But in this comfort, we forget to save a minimum of 20% of the money in the bank that you will not use to achieve your personal material goals in the next 5 years. And you will use 80% of the money for living and desires.

But we buy more expensive phones, cars and we spend money on parties at PG and even we start giving money to others, whenever someone wants. Nothing is wrong in that, everything looks important as per the age and career situation.

But life is not always easy. Spending, investing and saving money wisely makes you more successful financially.

For example, if you save min. $200 each month for the next 5 years then you will get $12000 + compounding interest. For example, if your age is 25 and you’re unmarried. When you will be in the 30’s you become married. In that time new expenses, desires, and needs grow.

But if you’re financially stable and have 1 to 2 years of financial backup then you will able to take new risks or you will be able to fight with any challenge. I know you got my point. Save even 10% if you’re not able to save 20% of your income but save and you already have the savings account.

9. Train 2-3 people to work with yourself:

If you want to get big financial success or you want to start your own startup one day then you have to start that from now. It starts by investing your time and money on beginners.

You can build a team of freelancers or even you can hire people offline in your city. While you keep doing your job as a web developer/designer. But that team of 1 or 2 or 3 people will keep working for you. It’s also good for those to learn from your experiences and expertise you and to work in a startup.

But don’t disclose everything about web development and designing business until they are not in that position or it’s not important to you.

Today, people don’t have employment and there are many people who can’t spend money on higher degrees and diploma courses. But they want to grow and they want to become successful. You need this kind of students or beginners.

I know it’s very hard to train them, but the skilled and hardworking team is very important to grow and become an internationally successful web developer and tech entrepreneur. They will learn from you. The way you inspire and teach them to matter to them. Learn about leadership, delegation and business management.

10. Build and use the network:

Networking and links with experts, rich people and CEOs, Managers and business owners play a big role in getting new web/apps development projects, jobs and challenges.

It’s very important that you build or join a network of those people who are willing to do big things in life or currently doing big things. From them, you will learn to grow practically. You will not learn that in any course. Even that network can also help you to build the team, start your own web/apps development business or get new projects and jobs.

11. Follow good habits:

Everyone human in this world has good and bad habits. Habits of the person depend on its environment, situation, and mindset.

For example, the person thinking about “I am happy in my current situation” will not get up early.

For example, the person has needs and desires will get up early in the morning.

It’s no guaranteed that getting up early will make you a successful web designer and developer. The important thing is what you do after getting up early. You might learn new skills, you can do exercise and yoga that is good for health and physical fitness, etc.

And the most important thing is that you will get more time in a day to work hard and become productive that help you to achieve your current and future career goals faster. It’s important to achieve goals fast before it gets faded. That’s why following good habits matter. And you’re intelligent enough to identify and create habits to achieve your goals.

12. Work on your own ideas:

People on the web can give you 1000+ part-time and full-time business ideas. But it’s not about which idea is good to start a part-time business. It’s about how much you believe in the idea and does you have the capacity or skills to make that successful business. If you’re in doubt, then learn about that. If you don’t have the skills, then learn them. There are thousands of skills that can help you to learn to start your own online business. But whatever the ideas, your own idea, and belief are very important in any initiative.

There are thousands of ideas to share. But you don’t need to know 1000 secrets of success. You just have to follow one or two suggestions that you believe are right. And then have to follow that to become a successful IT professional, Web developer, and designer.

If I missed something to say then please let me know.


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