Top 10 benefits of being a business owner

Business or entrepreneurship both are very attractive, responsible, amazing and popular words, professions, careers, and income sources. But these are also challenging, risky, competitive.

People think of business is a challenge, and others think it’s the way to become rich and earn more money. While many think it’s the way for luxury, joyfulness, and power. And almost all are true. But it really depends on the person what they like to do. Many want to do the job and others want to business so then it’s ok. People will do and keep doing what they like and what they know good for them.

Business, Job, Sport, entrepreneurship, Technology, designing, programming, teaching, Science, Medical, Agriculture, Environment, Music, Writing, spirituality, acting, engineering, and politics is the choice/need/desire/inspirations of people what they like to choose as a profession.

All these are professions. Many choose them as a hobby, many choose based on needs, Many choose based on life goals and many choose based on their family, fans, crowd’s demands.

These professions have their own advantages and disadvantages or comforts and challenges. It’s not sure that the benefits someone other had got you will get the same. It’s because of time, nature, situation, interest, demand, technology, test, habits change future results. Nature is not static. Even you can get different challenges and different benefits. It depends on you, how you use your profession or work in your profession.

That’s why it’s important to do what you like to do. So, if you don’t benefit as per the expectation then you will never give up and you will not change the profession after a failure. Many people change their profession because now they not like or enjoy what they liked to do 5 years ago. I mean no interest and not results as per expectations. Then it becomes very difficult to work, grow in a career and become successful in life.

But today I am focused to share with you the benefits of being a business owner.

Things to remember: Each of us can think different or common about the business benefits. Creativity or ideas can inspire you in this post to do the business. But make sure that you do what you like to do. Everything has its own benefits and losses.

So, let’s get started:

Benefits of being a business owner:

  1. You’re free to use your creativity:

The 1st benefit of being a business owner is that you’re free to use your creativity. You’re free to do the things that you like to do in your business. For example, you want to launch or to work on a new project. But your project/plan is not accepted in a job because it’s not inspiring and not looks profitable for your boss.

But when you do business, you can use your creativity, ideas the way you like. No one can stop you, it’s because you’re boss. All the profits and responsibility will be on you. But in a job, if you get the profit you will be appreciated, but if get loss the manager or boss will suffer.

That’s why I think to use your creativity, to work on your dream project and to grow your income it’s important that you’re in a position of power where you can get the freedom to work and decisions making.

And if you’re running a business and have a team then it’s important that you allow your team members to work on their ideas and trust in their facts and logic.

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  1. You will work hard more:

Hard Work is the habit of many people no matter where they are working. If someone doing a job and work hard more than definitely, he/she will be in a position to achieve more in a job or career.

But commonly the hard work doesn’t get opportunities to work hard more when working in a company and business. The business/office/company opening time is set by the business owner. The business owner decides which project is good to work on. A business owner decides what to work and how to work. And he/she will pay for that. And that’s why many people work on the things that their boss has said. And it’s good to obey your boss.

But the problem arises when an employee wants to work more but his boss doesn’t have the option to use the skills, time and passion of his/her employees.

For example, you want to grow your income. And for that, you want to work 12 hours each day. You want to take more responsibility in business in the hope that the boss/company increases your salary. But this doesn’t happen. If you work as a developer and also manage the company then you’re doing the job of 2 people. Now you deserve to get a 50% to 70% increment in your salary. And the company also becomes able to save a 30% cost that was the salary of the manager.

But the business is open only for 8 hours. And the company not satisfied with your option. Even they liked the idea, but then they don’t want to pay you more money.

Now in this condition what you will do. You don’t get options to work hard and grow your income.

But being a business owner, you have more responsibility, you to pay rent, you have to manage your expenses, you have to make a profit, you have to grow. In this condition, you work hard naturally. And achieve more.

That’s why being a business owner you have the opportunities, challenges to work hard more. And the more you hard you work the more opportunities will get to grow your income.

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  1. You will experience uncertain, surprising and challenging situations:

In Job commonly you have to follow a fixed routine and methods. You have to work in a fixed department and you will get a fixed salary each month. For example, your sale 3 cars or if you get 3 website clients or if you get 3 new customers then you will get a fixed salary and a 10% commission. It means you’re sure about your future gains. As you secure about your fixed deposit interest rate.

But in business, you don’t know what the work and challenges you will face today. Today, you might earn 50000 rupees or get 10 sales. But it’s also possible that you will get 0 sales and you will lose 10000 rupees.

The situation in business is uncertain. And if you’re working as a small business owner or solo entrepreneur then you have to do various jobs. Nothing is fixed. Everything needs to be fixed.

And this uncertain situation, work challenges, income opportunities make you excited, amaze, surprised. And you will not get the time to feel bored. You can’t get time to discuss the failures. You don’t get the time to use social media. It’s because you have the responsibility to save, grow and manage the business.

And in results, if you win. You feel happy. And if you fail you cry. But after that happiness/sad time, you start again. You learned the lesson. And then started defeating the problem through different angles.

It means learning, working, testing, success, and failure faster, more and bigger.

In business one day you’re happy. And other days you’re struggling.

But the difference is that an employee feels satisfied on the day when he/she gets a salary and or gets appreciated or accomplish anything big or small in a company. And gets fewer chances to feel sad because of loss.

But being a business owner, you have the chance to feel happy each day because you’re making a profit. But next month, you may be feeling sad because you have a low-profit margin this month.

So business is like an adventure sport. The one who likes it becomes a successful business owner and entrepreneur. And those who don’t like the uncertainty of profit/income keep doing the job and getting a fixed salary. No matter the company is in profit or loss.  They get the money for their work. If the company gets in the loss they will change the job. But business owners do and try everything to save the company and make it profitable. And when they succeed in this they get more rewards than the employees.

That’s why being a business owner is challenging, risky but very rewarding.

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  1. You will travel the world:

Being a business owner, you can manage your time. You can decide when to work and when to travel. As an employee, it’s tough to get holidays. But as a business owner and if you have a team working in your business then you get more time to travel the world.

Also, when you try to expand business then you have to travel to other cities, states, countries. You meet different people; you taste different food and understand the culture. Overall, it helps you to grow as a business owner or entrepreneur.

While you can also travel the world while doing a job. Maybe once you’re established strongly in a company you will get more opportunities. Also when you get on holiday you can travel. But you have the fixed time and fixed days to travel.

I don’t mean being a business owner you’re free from the responsibilities, it means you’re free to choose your time. If you get a loss in business then it’s your responsibility. But get profit and you’re able to automate the business then you will keep making the profit while you’re traveling London.

This kind of situation doesn’t happen immediately in business. It happens after you achieve many other small goals. And also, when you become an established and successful business owner.

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  1. You can buy the things that you want and like:

buying anything anytime is not easy even for more successful business owners. But they will not suffer from current and urgent needs for money. It’s because the cash flow in business keeps coming. If it’s a sole proprietorship business then the owner can use the money for urgent family or business or personal needs or desires.   Even this also happens in private limited companies.

But while doing a job, we can’t get the money immediately. There is a fixed date or sometime the salary comes very late. In that way, it’s tough to full fill all the desires and needs.

And during the job, we often expand our expenses and facilities. And don’t save or not able to save 5 to 10% income each month. Due to that, it takes years to buy luxury time for the family.

But in business, you can use the money on your own risk. And if you know how to manage the risk in business then you can do it confidently. But spending without thoughts even in business is not a good habit.

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  1. You can serve people in bigger and better ways in your own country and overseas:

In business, you get more chances to serve more people and in return, you get more money. For example, you launched or created a product that is helping 100000+ customers and getting paid 1000 rupees profit from each customer. And with 20% profit, you’re getting 20000 rupees each day.

I just mean that in a job or project we only help 1 client or 1 customer and get 30000 to 100000 rupees payouts once. But think if you will be able to work for 100 clients/companies then how much you will earn.

That’s why being a business owner you build the team, you hire people to work on your ideas, you hire people to manage your business, you buy technologies and tools to automate your business. You do almost everything to serve more customers. It’s because you know that the more you serve to people the better it will be your business and personal income.

But in the job, we only think about 1 person. We only follow 1 person. We only do the things that 1 person likes and that’s why we get paid only from 1 person. But in business, we have to think about 1000 people. We have to do things that 1000 people like. We have to follow the orders of 1000 clients. And in reward, we get paid from 1000 people.

That’s why being a business owner you have the opportunity to serve more people through your services and products.

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  1. Your growth is in your hands:

The growth is always in the hands of individuals. No one can stop them if someone wants to become successful. But in a job, many times our role as an employee is underestimated. We often don’t get the salary as per our skills and talent.  But in business, you can decide the price of your service. You can set a price for your product, apps, services.

You can decide how bigger you can grow as a human in business.  How helpful you can become for society, the nation, and the environment.

In a job in the early years, you will not get many chances to showcase your talent, responsiveness, leadership skills. But in business, you can try any field to experiment and create new opportunities.

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  1. You learn more and grow faster:

Not in all jobs you will get the support from your senior, boss in training and development of your skills. It just depends on you, if you want to learn or not. And many times, you will feel cheated, unconfident and humiliated.

Your boss can misuse you. For example, you work as a computer operator. Your role is to do all kinds of works related to computer-related business operations. But meanwhile, you will be used for house works, work as a driver and visit the mall with his wife. etc. And when you come please finish the work before you go home. It’s ok to do such things once or twice. You can learn the struggles. And it will empower your passion as well.

Also, in Job, you don’t get a salary on time especially in small companies and businesses. Sometimes I think these things are important to go through to be a business owner. But it happens with those people who haven’t done any bigger degree from IIT or IIM and started from zero without any knowledge.

But in business, you’re the owner of the business. It depends on you that you want to use money or not and when how much you want to get paid.

Both are difficult jobs and businesses. But both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Those who like business do the business.

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  1. You can make an impactful contribution to national development:

As a successful business owner, you contribute to the development of society, people and country. Not only in development but when the country is facing certain crises, environmental challenges, and diseases, you can help the nation the fight against it.

For example, these days around the world Corona Virus disease (COVID -19)  is the biggest challenge or problem in many countries. Now in this time, many bigger companies such as Reliance, Tata, Wipro, and many other donating money in crores in PMNRF(Prime Minister National Relief Fund) and in chief minister relief fund. Even small business owners and people are also contributing to all the possible methods.

So what is the point?

The point is while doing business you become capable to help others and your country in which your customer is living. It’s also mandatory for companies to donate some part of their profit. But in the situation of crises, it matters. Indirectly it also showcases the reliability of the brand.

The business gives new challenges each day. These new challenges become growth, income, success opportunities for the business owners. And in the end, that person becomes so valuable for the nation.

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  1. You can change the world:

The world-facing many problems. Even there are problems that you don’t like to happen. Also, there were cases when you haven’t liked anything that you have purchased.

The point is you can change the way things are working in the world.

For example, Facebook connecting people socially.

  • Google help to find information.
  • Amazon help to sell or purchase.
  • Tesla changing the driving experiences.
  • SpaceX trying to create travel packages to travel the universe.
  • There are lots of examples of innovative and new ways of living standards that technology has changed.

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The point is that being a business owner you can do the things you like. You can make your life meaningful and impactful through innovation, creativity, and freedom. And you get that while doing business.

I hope you understood the benefits of being a business owner and entrepreneur. And also, the difference between job and business.

In conclusion, I will say that no matter what you do. You do business or do the job. You can get all the above benefits even in the job. But for that, you have to become a master in your profession. And you have to diversify your profession and skills. I mean you can expand the uses of your skills/profession into an online business, part-time jobs, side business, teaching, writing, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

If you want to discuss then we can talk here through our Facebook business page. I will try