Top 10 Personal Development Goals That Will Make You Successful

Personal development goals mean to access the inbuilt powers of body and soul. Personally developed people do productive things. They know the power of good qualities. Personal Qualities help a person to grow in life. Developed people are aware of their skills and qualities.

A developed person consistently does the hard work to convert weaknesses into strengths. People who know their responsibilities(family, relationships, village, nation, world or people who know the importance of goal setting in life are more successful than others. Average people often create resolutions at the beginning of each year. They do goal setting and create plans and processes to follow. But some fail to follow.
Failure is a part of life. A person can grow after failure by setting personal development goals. Any failure will be successful if he/she follows their goal setting worksheet. There are hundreds of obstacles in the path but developed persons clear those obstacles by doing consistent hard work with a focused approach towards their goals.

Economic development, social development, health development, environmental development, skill development, etc. all depends on personal development. One developed person can develop thousands of persons.
We all are trying, listening, and seeing thousands of lectures, blogs, news, etc. on development, development! development! everywhere but nothing is happening. I think we’re (professionals, entrepreneurs, students brands, business) missing one big thing. The big thing is that “We depend on others for our own personal development”. I believe that personal development is depending on the person rather than on others.

Yes, social and governmental approaches and policies are important too. But personal development starts on our own. I also know that family, socialism also help and support a person in their development. I even say that “outer or socialism plays a very important role in human development”. But the first step for personal development is taken by the person (who wants first own development)  then family, relations, village, socialism, and government can help.

You can’t teach personal development to a person if he/she doesn’t want to learn and you can’t develop a person he/she doesn’t want to develop. Only interested in growth can learn, analyze, think and do the personality development courses, learn personality development skills, follow the personality development tips, can talk about personal development topics, discussion and ask a question about it and set personal development goals.

No one else. Others don’t do it because they don’t know the importance of goal setting in their life or they’re living their life or they are happy and it’s OK. They don’t want improvements, changes (mean growth) and they are happy. And I think don’t disturb other people or don’t force others to develop. They don’t act by listening from us or from other sources about personal development goals. To make them interested we have to act. Listen again; we have to show them, yes. Maybe it sounds a little selfish/hard/dominate able. But be like a leader, lead people in their development.  Be a captain of your own souls.

For example, A teacher was a student, a leader once a follower or if I want to help my brother or sister in their personal development or in life then I have to be developed first. I have to be a developed person first mentally, physically, financially, socially, spiritually, etc. to help others like my own brother. They learn from our actions, they learn by seeing us, but for that don’t first focus on others for your own development do not depend on government policies and never on politicians.

They are speech or speechless robots. But you can learn from those people who do actions, who inspire you by actions, not by speech or lectures. I think you got my point. Remember, I don’t mean that uneducated or less educated people are not developed. Development means what is important to do! and it is be known by a kid, school students, professional or anybody.

If you didn’t understand yet, let’s see this example: What I mean to developed? or important things? 

What is important to do? One of below known by personally developed people

1) It is important to work hard to earn money.

2) It is important to save water to live more.

3) It is important that the area around you should be cleaned.

4) It is important that we know the responsibilities for family, relations, village, state, nation or for the world.

5) It is important to vote, it’s important to vote right candidate, it’s important to save electricity, it is important to save money. It is important to plant new trees.

6) It is important to share knowledge, happiness, success, and failure lessons with others. It is important to know how to handle a tough situation in business and life.

7) It is important to know “union is a strength”, It is important to listen to what your parents tell to you to do. It is important that we know the importance of parents in our life“.

8) It is important to value parents, teachers, people, girls, kids, elders, etc., and their views.

9) It is important that we know the importance of education in our life.

10) It is important that our common sense is better, it is important to save nature, it’s so much important to know about the importance of the above things in your personal development.

Etc. (Sorry, if I am wrong)

Developed people act on these above 9 things or similar. They don’t only goals, but they achieved all goals successfully and proudly. Because they do, important things. Do what is important!


10 Personal Development Goals That Will Make You Successful

1. Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself. Believe in what you do, what you’re trying to do. No matter how difficult or impossible it is looking, it’s still possible if you consistently believing in this. If you do not believe in your dreams then who can? If you can read this, think about this then you can do it.
Exercise: See yourself in the mirror, check that God forgets to add something to you. Do you need 4 arms, 2 brains, 4 eyes, Are you not completely human. What you’re missing. If you think you’re complete then talk to yourself about your dreams and goals, tell yourself in front of a mirror that I can do it, I can make it possible, my dreams come true. Always try to talk to yourself, that I can do it, I can do it, and I can do it. I can do it. Yes, you can do it and stop worrying about others’ thoughts.

2. Focus on important things first

When you start following your goals, you start getting distractions. Distractions test your commitment to your goals. Never allow distractions to control your brain rather than control distractions by using the power of focus.
Exercise: List every important thing, and actively takes action, don’t look here & there, look on the list, stop listening to what coming to your ear, stop thinking and start acting. Take the first step and keep taking the 2nd and 3rd. This is practice and you can do this practice daily, hourly. One day you will become the most focused person in this world.

3. Get up early in the morning

You are not on this earth for sleeping. You did not come on the earth to sleep. 4-5 hours’ sleep is important for everyone. You do not want to achieve dreams; you don’t want to work on goals. Then why you created the list of goals for this year, it is for a showcase or you really want to do it. If yes, then get up friends, everything is possible, your dreams come true.
“Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep.” ― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Exercise: – Before sleeping tells to god, that I want to achieve my dreams. Tell to God that please helps me to get up early in the morning. Share your dreams, your goals, everything that you think God can help. And believe in me, friends God help you to get early, without the ring of the alarm clock. But if this is not possible for you to believe then set an alarm clock and practice 2-3 days until it will become one of the great habits.

4. Do Exercise & Meditation

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.–Benjamin Franklin” Yes it is right, after getting up early do the exercise and meditation. If it’s essential for you to achieve your dreams then it is really important for your personal development that you’re physically fit and fine. It’s important for the goals that you will take the prize or proud in front of millions of people.

Example: 1. Wake up at 4 am 2. Drink Luke warm water. 3. Add headphones in your ear. 4. Play high-speed motivational songs and act on that song. Act e.g. exercise, dance, feel, react.

5. Will Power

Will power make us determined. Will power makes a determination. Everyone has the willpower but only a few can control this. It is your inner emotion and generated in the inner. Control this power. It is must require in a tough situation. Add this quality to yourself in 2016. More info about will power

Example: Read your goals. Think about positive results. Think that you can do it. Now you start feeling positive, and passionate. so it will the right time to take action towards your personality development.

6. Discipline

If you’re not disciplined to achieve your dreams then it remains in dreams only. If your goal is to be physically fit and smart then you need to get up as you decided at 4 am or 5 am. If your goal is fluent in English then follow the time you decide each day for practice. When you follow your own created rules, it means you’re disciplined. So, add the discipline in your personal development goal setting for 2016.

Example: 1) Create a time table or schedule for your daily task. 2) Talk to your wife-husband, talk to your parents that please remind me or please encourage me if sometimes I feel negative about my goals. And also tell them if sometimes I feel distracted or not acting what I schedule then treat me like a schoolboy, student.

7. Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are the force behind our actions. You did goal setting because of emotions. You’re reading on this blog because of emotions. You’re feeling actions because of emotions. When everything you do is because of emotions, and then why not uses these emotions to make dreams come true. Why not use these emotions to act, why not convert lazy emotions into productive actions. Control over emotions gives us immense power. That helps us to grow, positive feelings, and productive actions in our personal life. So, add controlled emotions into your personality in 2016.

Example: 1) Ignore negative people. Do not think about or act on negative news or comment. 2) Do not act on the things you’re listening to, seeing until it is not important to act. 3) Live and work in a silent place distraction-free place.

8. Complete Each Days Goals

Don’t’ sleep until you have not completed the daily goals or tasks. Don’t worry about the results, it is negative or positive. Do it with honesty. It makes you productive. Make this habit and it will help in achieving your goals within time.

Example: 1) Use sticky notes, mobile apps or any other tool that reminds you about your daily goals and tasks. 2) Add motivational quotes wallpaper on your desktop and mobile screen.

9. Punish Yourself

If you’re not following your set rules of goal setting worksheet then punish yourself for indiscipline.

Example: Don’t eat or drink or watch TV or use Facebook, stop every entertainment until you do not do the next task.

10. Believe in God

God is your best friend. Do the meeting with God every day. Tell to God that please give me the power and knowledge to complete today’s task with quality and success.

Example: 1) Walk-in nature, See birds. See waterfalls, see this sun, see the mountains. Everything in this nature is the imagination of God and the hard work of thousands of people. Learn a lesson.

2) Always think positive, always talk to yourself.

3) You can also visit Temple, Masjid, Gurudwara, Church to find peace of mind.


Follow any one quality and other qualities come automatically into you. For example: To install any software on the computer we only play “setup file” or one file and other files installed by that one file. It’s simple.

Keep acting on your goals. Be aware of the changes happening in your career and personal life. Keep learning daily. And try to execute lessons you learned each day from various resources.