Top 10 tips to write an effective and professional resume

A resume is the record of your work experience, professional achievements, educational qualifications, skills, certifications, training, and other details relevant to your career that matter a lot for the job you are applying for.

A resume is the first document that reaches the recruiter before you to the company/recruiter and tells about you. In short, it works as a representative of yours. It provides your contact information to the employer. Though it’s a tough job to catch the eye of a recruiter through your resume as he/she has numbers of resumes for the same job.

There is not no certified way to write a resume. A resume should not be listed long, it works as a personal advertisement for you for that it should be short, to the point and crispy.

A resume doesn’t give you a job but gets you a chance to be interviewed by a recruiter. A recruiter hardly takes 7-8 seconds to give a glance at your resume just to decide is it worthy or not. Be cautious while drafting your resume, one little mistake in your resume could land your resume in the trash.

Here we are sharing some facts you should consider while drafting your resume so that your resume will get noticed at its first glance.

1. Apt Templates can Grab an opportunity for you:  

Templates are vital for creating a resume. An impressive template works as a spice; it seeks the attention of the employer. Be careful while selecting any templates to write your resume. A template in which you can categorize all your content differently is assumed to be an ideal. Nowadays there are various sites that provide free templates, you can select any of them to create your own resume.

Those days are bygone, when one needed to spend hours writing the resume, then corrections, layouts editing those things took a lot of effort in the drafting of an appealing resume.

Nowadays there are so many sites that provide you with Pre-designed templates for the drafting of your resume. You can put all the content accordingly. For example, you can use Microsoft Word to create a resume by downloading the resume templates into the document as you can see in the below picture. 

resume writing tips and techniques

2. Grab the attention of employer/interviewer through resume summary: :

This is the shortest way, to sum up, all your achievements in one or two lines. In it, you just summarize your career goals or objectives. The length of the sentence might be one or two.

This short description should quickly showcase all your skills and professional goals to any reader. From here you can clearly show out your most relevant qualifications.

The headline of a resume summary lets the employer analyze whether you fulfill the requirements or not. Tactful words choice can make you stand apart from the crowd.

For example,

Headline: Client relation officer with a track record of customer satisfaction.

Summary: Experienced in solving client’s concerns through chat, email, and phone; recognized by management for taking initiative, retaining customers, and enthusiastic approach. Excited to grow my career more in customer service.

3. Select Keywords to come in limelight:

The best way to draft your resume is to look for keywords related to the job that interests you. Be very particular when you apply for a job using only those keywords which are relevant to the job you are interested in. If you are applying for different jobs, must study each job description for keywords, it will help you to find out those keywords the employer is looking for.

While drafting your resume include the keywords into it, which might escalate the chances of your resume being selected at the time of the scanning program. Nowadays most of the recruiter find their employees online(through ATS: Application Tracking System), the recruiter just searches for the keywords if you have included those keywords in resume chances for shortlisting of your resume rises.

For example:

A customer service representative might include customer service, customer tracking system, computer skills, data entry, and order entry experience.​

A relationship manager might include relationship management, business development, sales improvement.

4. Tailor Resume as an Advertisement of your skills:

A resume is drafted in such a manner that showcases all your skills to the recruiter. This section of the resume needs more attention while drafting. It’s not just the long list of all your details instead of that it must be short, to the point, and qualifying enough to catch the eye of a recruiter.

You must highlight whatever skills you have learned during your studies, career or in your training. Those skills might be your soft skills, hard skills, transferable skills, job-specific skills or technical skills. Skills are considered to be the most important

While listing your skills whether they are relevant to the job or not. Carefully review what skills the employer is looking for in a candidate and include them in your skills section.

5. Highlight skills in chronological order:

In this portion of the resume highlights of career are involved like your work experience, professional experience, relevant training. List all your experiences in reverse order like where you have started working is listed at the end of the list. Only list the relevant work experience.

For example:  If you’re applying for a Mechanical engineer position, you should list your work history starting from your current employer and going back to the first job, then your apprenticeship and your Bachelor’s degree.

If you have skills related to the job or designated post like a foreign language, leadership skills, software skills. Try to classify them into sections.

Languages: French, Japanese, Brazilian etc.

Software / Technical skills: Microsoft Office, Graphic designing, JavaScript,  etc.

Leadership skills: Communication, creativity, presentation, public speaking, team building, goal setting, and execution.

6. Accomplishments create more opportunities:

A recruiter sees your resume and decides how you can contribute towards the growth of an organization. So you can answer the recruiter by showing your accomplishments. Accomplishments demonstrate to the employer that you are an achiever. Accomplishment doesn’t mean your job responsibilities.

While drafting resume penned down all the praise you received, awards and promotion given to you.

For instance:

  • Developed a marketing strategy to raise sales.
  • Develop software that locks & unlocks the door with internet connectivity.
  • Experienced in converting inquiries into customers.
  • Consistently awarded as the best employee for the last 5 years.
  • Provides training to the new employees.
  • Extensive experience in a variety of clientele with various levels of communication.

7. Research inspires to make a resume more effective:

Research helps in inventing new things. So while drafting your resume go through the resumes of the working employees if possible. It will give you a better understanding of the resume making if you are fresher. Visit the company’s website it helps you to understand the company’s core values and helps you to select the keywords to include in your resume.

Visit the LinkedIn profile of the company will give you a better understanding of the employees. Read the job posting carefully, and make the connections between your experience and the requirements of the position very clearly in your resume.

Reviewing resume examples for a variety of employment situations helps you to create your own resume by incorporating it into your own resume.

8. Do include your Non-traditional Work:

You can mention your non-traditional work in your resume, it’s not said anywhere that you have to put only full-time or paid work on your resume. If you’ve participated in a major volunteer role or worked part-time, were hired as a temporary, contract worker, freelancer, or blogger. Penned these things into your resume within your career summary.

Also, include your hobbies which can show, your other face as an individual. Do mention your achievements, other than work which can boost your chances to get hired like if you can sing,  do stand up comedy or do comparing these can help a recruiter to hire you

9. Don’t lie or over embellish:

Embellishing while drafting a resume shows a lack of honesty and integrity. Many times an individual faces a situation in which he/she has to compromise with his ethics.

Lying while making a resume is unfair to you and your prospective employer.

For Instance: If you got the job, but you wouldn’t be able to do the work accordingly to the designated post which will be even worse for your career.

In the long run, that can hurt your job satisfaction and career opportunities too.

10. Read and check it like an employer:   

The sharp eyes of a recruiter can find out your single mistake in the resume and throw it into the garbage. No one is perfect, mistakes happen all the time in the real world, but the presence of a single mistake in your resume proves that you didn’t care enough to proofread, or failed to catch your mistakes.

Read it and check it out before sending it to the employer. Look for the spelling or grammar errors and make sure everything is correct. Ask any experienced person to have a look at your resume before sending it to an employer, he might find out something fishy or error in it.

A resume is the first step towards your dream job, and let you have an interview with the employer. Keep your resume concise, organized and highlights the most important information does a keen observation for errors. When you have finalized your resume, it will enable you to get more callbacks, job offers, and interviews.

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